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The Apples were a normal farming family living in Ponyvile. Up till a young boy name Naruto suddenly appeared out of nowhere. Megan the mother remembers well what happen the last time someone showed up on the farm out of nowhere. Now in a world without ninjas or a need for them. Naruto will learn what it means to have people who care for him and find what he had always wanted. Crossover with MLP, Strawberry Shortcake, and Rainbow Brite.

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Pinkie Pie has a better personality than Apple Jack. There are incorrect spellings and grammatical errors. I have neither like nor disliked it.
If Megan is from G1, I find adding her was a nice touch.

This isn't bad. At least Pinkie's in-character.

Sunset Slimmer? What happened to Sunset SHIMMER!?

Student gamers exist? Now, this is interesting...

I wants amore!!

I don't like it one bit.

i saw a naruto crossover and thought this looks good.. then i saw all the other stuff its supposed to be crossed over with and i said NOPE.

I thought this was a Naruto crossover. >:C

i hope this means your updating again

Needs more chapters

I love this story. Will there be any romance or shipping in this story? Also, does Naruto still have his ninja training and powers?

Also, when will the next chapter be out?

P.S. I love how you have the little cliff notes in the author notes. They are so awesome and interesting!:pinkiehappy:

"I can spin my hand around," Sunset said as she spins her robot hand like a drill.

Okay I want Sunset to pull this off in the near future:

(Play at 5:01)

Actually I was thinking Guilty Gear when they mentioned using magic as a energy source.

I love this story! Just please don't let any of the mane 6 or their friends and family die.:fluttercry:

:rainbowhuh: They had human characters in G1?

I haven't seen Megas XLR in practically a decade. Half the stuff they had on that show made me laugh!

Awesome chapter. When's the next update?

I am at least interested but while Pinkie is random and unpredictable I feel it's a little bit off here not in all of it just in the parts were she's saying about the spiders and the dragon, it made little sense even for Pinkie Pie, also the other thing that was off is the part where Pinkie introduces us to all those other students but (and I know the point is to show us or at least chaos Inc about the town) if they have no point in the plot then there's no point in the scene, though I'd have to see if any of them are in later chapters or if anything they did here comes up again, but other then that I'd like to see this threw

Welp I am hooked hope to see an update soon :pinkiehappy:

Missing a few tenses in there but it's good

nice work.:twilightsmile:

They also couldn't use any jutsus, as the seal completely cuts off chakra using seals for prisons for ninjas.

They were all thrown into the Leaf Village septic tank, after they had their hands and feet cut off, with seals place on them preventing them from using chakra.

They already weren't able to use any form of chakra at this point.

Reading this chapter felt a lot like playing Resident Evil:pinkiecrazy:

I'm surprised there wasn't any undertale references with how many you been throwing around

but good job with the story

This feels more darker than I remember:rainbowderp::applejackunsure::derpyderp1:

Wow, the ninja world is a very dark place...

Karma will strike

The cross overs is heavy in this chapter

Yay, a new chapter! For a while there I thought this fic was dead.

Uh...Ponies don't eat meat.

Me thinks they're going to be hurting. O_o

They are so fucked

This seem to be set in an AU Equestria Girl side of the portal.

any idea when we can expect an update and new chapter?

I can't wait for the next update!^^

Well said Granny Smith, well said

Nothing much to say except excellent fight and keep up the good work!

Sure riding on top of a tank in a online match does make you a target. But it's sure fun to do like in the matches in Battlefield 1.

Or in certain anime like Girls Und Panzer.

Golden fox? Kurama is more orange red(to me) then gold. :applejackunsure:

Also while Naruto world speaks English they write in Japanese. It's so that Naruto will only have to learn to write in English and not learn to speak it. And it makes as much sense as the normal plot line of any manga and anime. They just make things up as they go, not even trying to make logical sense in how that would work in real life.

Here a quote from discord:

"What fun is there in making sense."

Or perhaps the red is in part because of his chakra. Karumas power is so massive it "bleeds" through his fur. With most of his power now sealed or supressed the natural colour is visible which is golden?
Or is is just a mistake...

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