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While imprisoned in Tartarus during the events of "Twilight's Kingdom,", Celestia, Luna and Cadence are visited by a strange and mysterious figure from Celestia and Luna's past who attempts to comfort them in Equestria's darkest hour.

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6013213 Can you give these kinds of grades on all my fics? :twilightsmile:

So Starswirl the Bearded was Jesus. Interesting idea.

6013299 When I get the time to read them, then yes.

Feet should be hooves, unless this is an anthro story.
Front foot should be foreleg, horses don't have feet, only apes do.

Otherwise, good story.

3/10 Too much water

Interesting... So a Jesus in equestria story, that's not really a Jesus in equestria story... that is a Jesus in equestria story.... huh.


No! Not just no, but FUCK THE HELL NO!!!!!!:twilightangry2::twilightangry2::twilightangry2::twilightangry2::twilightangry2::twilightangry2::twilightangry2:

That the child of prophecy will be the one to defeat the enemy that harms others.

Wow, that is so generic sounding. Next, the child of prophecy will vanquish the shadow that is dark, and the evil that is bad.

Jesus, they were helped by Jesus.

That's not so strange as Twilight's victory being 'in accordance with the prophecy'.

Religion needs to stay as far the fuck away from My Little Pony as fucking possible, and never should the two meet in any serious capacity. Any story that tries automatically gets hate and a downvote from me.:twilightangry2:

6129737 Well, Tirek draining Twilight of all the Alicorn magic is like Jesus being crucified on the cross and the release of the Rainbow Power is like Jesus resurrecting from the dead.

6103397 Nah, it actually is proper terminology to refer to forelegs as arms and hooves as feet, just not nearly as common and is generally avoided in most sources.


Tirek draining Twilight of all the Alicorn magic is like Jesus being crucified on the cross and the release of the Rainbow Power is like Jesus resurrecting from the dead.

Huh. The more you know.
I'm not a Christianity person - in fact, I'm not really a religious person at all (except the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster) - but have my upvote for the somewhat inventive allegorical thinking involved.

It seems that stories that rely heavily on religion are less lovable in this community. Quite ironic if you ask me, as religions usually preach about love and tolerance, but I guess that only applies to the ones believing in the same religion

second best religious story I've read
first going to a story called http://www.fimfiction.net/story/162976/michael

6250332 Well this is also badly written... and poor storytelling at best.

I am a religious person and I find this story very amazing 10/10
Keep up the awesome work

6454442 Thank you for liking this. I will say that it is much better than my other Jesus featured fanfic, "Cries of a Self-Tormented Soul."

Jesus Christ!

Jesus Christ.
Add a dayum spoiler tag.

6595504 Please see my last comment as I have made some changes.
Is this revision acceptable for you?

It's great. No more praise than that. Why people hate this kinds of stories?

This story is now part of my headcannon. Thank you for writing this and plz make more like it!

Just kinda curious on why choosing the Alicorn sisters to call the lord their master? In the Bible is often the lord or the messiah. Does it come from the twelve disciples? They call Jesus master yeah? Often thought it was teacher.

Wait a minute, were they talking to Jesus?

So there’s religion in mlp?

I guess. It's never brought up in the actual show, so who knows?

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