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Following the events "Do Princesses Dream of Magic Sheep?" Celestia, with the help of Twilight and her friends, tries to get Luna to open up about the feelings she carried after being released from her Nightmare Moon persona.

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Get the next chapter out soon this is good. I want to know what Luna is gonna do next:pinkiehappy:

hope you get that next chapter out soon it has me on edge:raritystarry::derpytongue2:

I hope it's Jesus Christ. That would be quite the plot twist.

What will luna do hope you get the next chapter out. I'm desperate to rad it :derpytongue2::raritydespair:

It's JESUS?! I thought this story was gonna be good, and I guess it would be for Christians, but I stopped being a Christian LONG ago and I will NEVER be a Christian again and I keep a list of the reasons I'm not a Christian with me at all times so that whenever I hear something that makes me consider becoming a Christian again I can read that list to remind myself of all the problems I have with Christianity. I refuse to read a Christian MLP fan fiction, but I will not give you a thumbs down because just because I won't enjoy it doesn't mean Christians won't. If I was still a Christian I'd probably be thinking "OH MY GOSH THIS IS SO TOTALLY AWESOME!!!"

6246685 One of my goals is to reach out to the Christian Brony community at large by including Jesus in some of my stories. They may result in a mixed bag of up and down votes like this story, but that really doesn't matter to me. What is most important to me is getting the idea of adding religion into stories out to fellow writers and readers who have a somewhat similar interest and point of view to me.

The problem here is that you are claiming to speak for Jesus. I can't help but view that horrifically sacrilegious.

You know how when someone wants to make some kind of point and they pretend that Albert Einstein said something along the same lines so that it has more punch? That's an awful thing to do. It's lying about the point, lying about Einstein, and when it gets found out, whatever point it was that was trying to make gets associated with lies.

I'm sure you mean well, but putting your words that you wrote into the mouth of God and pretending that He said them is a morally dubious idea at best.

I love happy endings.

6253329 I'll take that into account for future stories that feature religion. I mean well, but you do have a point. Perhaps maybe instead of incorporating Jesus directly, I'll just focus on Christian values like (Good Samaritan, Parables, etc). I've said it before and I'll say it again, this is a never ending learning process about the joyous profession of writing.

6246685 I am sorry for you, that you won't read this. I hope that one day you may change your mind on this matter. In the meantime, peace.

6334288 I guess adding Jesus was a bit of a risk. I was considering writing an alternative to this story, but what good would that do? A lot of people seem to like it and one discipline as a writer is to focus on the positives and not the negatives.

Ugh Pinkie, Fluttershy learnt the lesson of being assertive during the whole breezies incident. All you did was scar her and make her cry.

Oooooh! What's Cadence gonna do?

When has celestia ever help the mane 6 :applejackunsure: she just told them to do things like the wedding, nightmare moon, disord. I mean really all she dose is sit on her flank doing paperwork. :trixieshiftright:I mean really u can do so much more plot-sitter:trollestia:

:trollestia:I like the story their are many possibilities:raritywink:

Melody5687 im sorry you dont belive anymore.

Why thank you.
I do enjoy make people smile :pinkiehappy:

Overall, I liked this story, but I really disliked how, in the end, the others made the whole situation more about themselves than Luna. For example, Celestia saying she can't let herself see Luna that way. That's... kind of a self-centered thing to say if you're trying to help someone. Cadance flat out sounded like she was blaming Luna for their fighting when all three were essentially ganging up on Luna. Their intentions were good, but they still verbally beat her down and guilted her into it, which was what they were supposed to be getting her to stop doing to herself. Ironic, to say the least.

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