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Princess Luna raises the moon. She had not done it for a thousand years, and even after over a year of returning to doing so, it does not come quite so easily.

Princess Celestia raises the sun. She raised the moon for her sister when she was in exile. She worries just a bit too much about her little sister.

Princess Luna has had enough.

Written for the EFNW 2015 Contest.

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Comments ( 32 )

I just happened to be online when this was uploaded, but I'm afraid I've already done my nightly dose of binge reading (specifically a full 10 chapter story, if you must know...) :rainbowwild:
I do plan on reading this sometime tomorrow, as it does look interesting just by reading the cover page.

I was almost ready for this.

Nothing new or ground-breaking, but solidly constructed and a good read. Well done.

You release something and the feature-box doesn't explode? How times change.

5781151 I have been featured 12 times out of 144
I do not see the feature box often

5781223 That surprises me to hear. I somehow remember to have seen you in there quite frequently. But then again the last thing I remember of you as featured was Cute without the E, what's far further in the past than I thought.

Anyways, I rather liked this one for it's classic character. Not really the kind of story I can get tired of.

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Oh, so it turned out to only be 11, then, nevermind, spaced over 2 years. I guess I should be thankful, more than most people get.

Anyway, I'm glad you enjoyed it. :heart:

Ohh my, you've captured my interest with the title. My long-time favorite Radiohead tune.


I liked it.

Then again, I like anything with Luna in it...

still, this was really nice. Nicely done.

The forgiveness she needs the most is her own.
Poor Luna.

Nicely done, Regi.

You keep beating me to the punch with using all these Radiohead songs. :V
Admittedly, it would help if I actually wrote stuff. :derpytongue2:

Anyway, that aside, this is a lovely little look at Luna's guilt complex. Good luck in the contest! :twilightsmile:

You had me at the Radiohead, you cemented it with the story.
The people downvoting this are dirty commies.

5781367 Oh man, "The Fragile Art of Bonsai Trees" came out almost a year and a half ago? Geeeeeeeeez.

Anyway, this is a good character study. Luna's voice bothered me some, but... it was good.

Radiohead song or not (and I do love me some Radiohead), this story still stands on its own merits. I'm reviewing it as a candidate for the Everfree Northwest community choice award and this is my review:

The prose is excellent (with some minor mistakes - it should be "thou art" not "thou is," and "thy" instead of "thou's"), but the dialogue is a totally realistic take on what Celestia and Luna might have gone through when they first reconciled. I sort of wish there was more to this story than just a conversation, but it is a wonderful bit of drama and the descriptions are beautiful.

For these reasons, I'm adding you to my list of nominees for the Award. Good luck!

(I'm also competing, for the record. I hope you enjoy my story if you come across it, but I won't plug it here.)

Even though I feel like you're cheating on the "new" friends aspect; it's nice to read and a nice take on Luna. I like it.

5841608 "Cheating"? I like to think of it as "Toying" :rainbowkiss:

5841440 I'm glad you liked it! I'll go through the fic and edit some of those "thou is"

Daww shit, that was nice.

Dude, awesome work on this! :D
Quite nice, quite nice.

5871986 hey, thanks!

5872173 No problem man! :D

it looks like celestia has grown up, as she realizes that luna is no longer the little sister, she took care of all those years ago. she must now accept luna, not as a sibling, but as a significant equal partner, with her own life to lead, as well as her own destiny to fulfill. things have changed between them, but they have both matured, and must now lead adult lives. their days of fillyhood are now behind them.

This story started off feeling like what would be a painfully mundane slice of life, but did a 180. What a surprise! I loved this story although some of the things such as referring to characters with titles or adjectives (i.e. Moon Princess) irked me a little bit. The only question I have is:
Does this take place when Luna is newly returned or somewhere closer to present time?

Also spotted this:

"...Dream are our territory, and we may defeat the nightmares as we so please!”

Do you mean dreams?

6296724 It is sometime before the Canterlot Wedding. I make mention of that in the story, I believe.

Do you mean dreams?

I did, let me correct that.


That is right, I should have been paying attention to that. Luna and Tia were too well-written to ignore. :twilightblush:

6297214 hehe, thank you


You're welcome.

Though may I ask what how the title ties into the story? It seems strange as the theme is forgiveness yet I cannot think of a literal or metaphorical meaning for the title.

6297522 It has no real ties, I suppose; it's just a song that I really like and I felt like the mood of the song fits the mood of the story.


Ahhh...I think I have an unpublished (as of now) story where I did that.

Fuck EqD for not accepting this. It was great.

6313741 haha, thank you

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