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Obvious ending is obvious. Still, very enjoyable. I loved your take on Pinkie.

I'm glad you enjoyed it, and that you liked Pinkie, too. She's a fun character, I need to write more stories about her. :pinkiesmile:

She can be a hard character to do well I find. I think you kept her empathetic and caring while still being her rather random self. Pretty impressive considering the short length of her appearance.

She's fun! The only other published story where I've used her really is Shotgun Wedding, which is, alas, unfinished.

Are you familiar with Absolute Anonymous's work? If you aren't, you should go check her stuff out; she does a pretty decent Pinkie Pie in some of her stories as well. So does HoofBitingActionOverload.

I loved Pinkie watches paint dry. Haven't read all that much else by her though.

I follow HoofBitingActionOverload and have read a bunch of his stuff, though not all that much about Pinkie. My favourite of his is Spring is dumb, though I am a bit biased in favour of RariDash.

Spring is Dumb is beautiful, so you chose wisely there for HoofBiting.

Regarding Absolute Anonymous: if you like Pinkie Pie, you'll probably like Magical Pony Ultrasounds; it is a silly PinkieDash story about Pinkie wanting a baby.

Thanks for the recommendation. Surprisingly it wasn't even on my read later list.

Darn it, Scootaloo!

Frankly, it is hard to go wrong with Absolute Anonymous's stuff; most of it is pretty good, and some of it is great, though almost all of it is shipping with a few exceptions.

She just wanted to be included!

I was looking for an ending, but instead the story just stopped.

Where were you expecting it to go from where it ended?

I'll admit that the entire story was written because of Rainbow Dash's line at the end.

I wasn't necessarily expecting anything, but I thought there'd be more of a resolution than "Ha ha, Scootaloo's dumb!"

Excelsior, keyboard. Excelsior.


Hope the new one's treating you well.

Alas, the poor thing.

I actually ordered a new one which is pretty much identical to the old one - I figured, if it held up for 12 years, that's probably a good investment of $30.

The keyboard I am using RIGHT NOW, however, is actually even older still - it is a whopping 15 years old, and is old enough to have that old special round plug-in keyboard port thing. It still works (mostly - it does like occasionally omitting spaces) but it shan't have to stand in for too much longer.

Thank you for your help with this.


Yeah, I was wondering if that story was still alive; it's one of my favorite Rarijack stories.

It isn't cancelled, though I should probably put up a "on hiatus" note on it (though seeing as how long it has been since the last update, that almost goes without saying). I plan to finish Mistletrapped first, but I do plan on finishing Shotgun Wedding... I hope to start updating it again sometime within the next few months, but it is really a question of gumption, to be honest. I have two chapters written for it which I've been sitting on for two years... I really should edit them up and ship them out, but I've sort of been wanting to finish the rest of the story and then post chapters periodically, rather than tease people with a few chapters and then not update again for ages.

So does your avatar make you itchy?

Yeah, straight hair Pinkie Pie is a rarity in the show; she's only done that twice (well, three times if you count her backstory). It is a bit overused in fanfiction (or it was, for a while). I was punning playfully there, really.

I was not aware of Edna, but that does explain the fish.


Name's Harvey.

Of course it is.

Yeah, Dash doesn't really have a hand in this. Hoof. Wing? Regardless, that one's on Scootaloo and any parents she may or may not have.

Still, a most amusing little story and a very well done Pinkie. At least it wasn't hard candy. That would not have ended well at all.

be glad it isn't school food that stuff is carp :ajbemused:

5740571 OH I thought you were referencing The play/movie Harvey:twilightblush:
Shows how much old populate i know that I thought you were referencing something and I'm only 14!:pinkiegasp:

The moment they started bemoaning about how "if only I had made something different" I knew where this was heading. Especially since I realized Scootaloo had never actually said who made her lunches. :rainbowlaugh:

Thank you. It was a silly little idea, I'm glad folks liked it.

FYI, any time anything refers to a rabbit named Harvey, it is probably a reference to that play/movie.

Basically, it is about a guy who claims to have an invisible 6'3.5" tall rabbit as a friend. He's harmless, but his sister tries to get him institutionalized because his constant talk about him is driving her crazy... to the point where every once in a while, SHE sees Harvey. And by the end of the movie, one of the doctors at the institution is seeing him (and talking to him) as well.

And then, at the very end of the movie, after all is resolved and the protagonist's sister has given up on him being institutionalized or "fixed", we see Harvey open a gate on his own.

This is an excellent story :3

I love it :3.

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it. :twilightsmile:

5741492 Your welcome :3.

If my oc saw Apple Bloom getting bullied, He would say to Silver Spoon and Diamond Tiara "Hey!, Leave Apple Bloom alone you bullies!"

I can't believe you turned that joke into a story! Or that it took me until the sisters showed up to realize it.

I did the same thing once (different joke) but I was in high school. What's your excuse? :derpytongue2:

Cute story though. Got a chuckle and a groan in the end.

Excuses? What are those? I don't make excuses for genius! :pinkiecrazy:

Not the first time I've done it, either (and not the first time people didn't realize what was going on until the end). Glad it got the chuckle-groan I was going for. :duck:

Good characterisation. I feel like this could have been an episode, if it were a little lengthier.

Thank you, that's a really high compliment to receive. :twilightsmile:

And finally, I'd like to thank my keyboard of 12 years, which finally gave its life to the cause after this story was finished. It shall be missed

wow... i'm only a little older than that thing... that's crazy...

My backup keyboard (the one I'm using right now) dates from the year 2000. I'm sure there are a fair number of folks on this site who are younger than the keyboard I'm using right now.

yep, that's a year older than me. And I think the rules say you have to be thirteen.

I believe they do, or require parental permission, perhaps... not sure which.

I know at least one person claiming to be 11 has showed up on the site.

It's just the fact that when bronies talk on this site about old things I'm reminded that they're mostly adults.:derpytongue2:

Yeah, a lot of us are young adults or actual like, adult adults. I'm 30 now.

I still have to wear glasses though; apparently I never got adult supervision. :fluttershysad:

5740338 I know! Fish sticks. Fish sticks everywhere! So, so many fish sticks...:pinkiecrazy::fluttercry:

Ah yes, everyone's favorite obviously-frozen, mass-produced food.

5746944 That was incredibly quick. I don't think anyone has ever replied to a comment of mine that fast!

It blinked up on my screen.

Of course, maybe in Equestria they have square fish... though goodness knows if ponies like it.

5746963 It would probably depend on how much bloodlust the pony in question has. I was under the impression that they were herbivores, so any meat would be for kicks and giggles.
or maybe some cupcakes.

Man, this makes me wonder what a chocolate table would taste like. Probably chocolate, but I wonder if it will be dark chocolate or milk chocolate? Good story by the way.

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