Calamity and Ponyville go together like peanut butter and jam, this everyone knows. Though it is a little strange that demons are getting involved, then again whenver the cutie mark crusaders are involved things tend to go south. Just not usually this south.

Done as a request for a patron! Head on over there if you want your chance to get a story like this written for just five bucks.

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........okay....... That happened.


Aside from that, a lovely bit of madness. I'm always in favor of Best Pony having surprising talents.

Mirvra #3 · 1 week ago · · ·

... You know... With that cover image... the mention of demons... and the fact we're talking about the Cutie mark crusaders...... I just can't get this image out of my head that has the CMC rushing straight into tartarus while shouting ''DEUS VULT!!'' <.<


Sure, why not. She's been worse things.

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