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I love the MLP fandom, and I love all of you! I'm so grateful to have all my followers as we go down a rabbit hole of romance, adventure, and world-building!

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So far... glorious! Cant wait for more.

LOVE IT! my god great writing does not die! cant wait for more, heres a like, fave, watch, EVERYTHIGN!

Now if that is not an amazing and promising premise, I do not know what is. I will greedily await more of this, as well as your other stories!

Love this, Cody! I praise you and our dear Taelea for a job well done so far! You guys make a great; no, make that an excellent team!

Consider this Especially Special Favorited, Followed and Up-voted, sweetlings! Can't wait to see what happens next!

Oh, and give our dear friend our good wishes and love, okay? We miss her, and can't wait for her to be back with us.

And not a single down-vote on this! Excellent!

5681655 Hey, what can I say? I'm just awesome that way.


Seriously, though, I absolutely adore Taelea's stories, and this one, done in collab with her friend Cody, is great.

That's why the majority of hers wind up in my Especially Special Favorites Bookshelf. They're that good.:pinkiehappy:

*Flight of the Valkyries starts playing*


This certainly has my attention. There are a number of minor grammar glitches, but nothing too distracting to the story. I also think your stand in "/" instead of an italics tag is hurting you a bit...

The speech at the beginning felt a little forced, but so do most presidential speeches, so I can't fault you there.

I do think that the pacing may be a bit fast, I think the arrival would have been far more poignant had we seen more of the Equestrian side of the conflict before they got the message. I think a full chapter of struggling Equestria would have been worthwhile.

Anyways, I look forward to where this story goes from here. :pinkiehappy:

YOu better continue this cause Im telling you right now. *Turns and looks behind me as my Forgotten Forest Chatroom starts to go to Combat Alert* Cause the Humans arent the ONLY ones ready to respond!!!!!!

Now THIS is a story I can like! :pinkiehappy:

hmm this has grabbed my interest hopefully humanity comes out on top!

Can't wait for the next chapter. as pinkie would say, I'm so nervouscited :pinkiehappy:

"Ladies and gentlemen, I will make this brief. Words cannot express just how proud I am of my race at this moment. And by race, I do not mean Indians. I do not mean one singular people... for we are beyond that now. We are all... simply... human. This fleet proves that. And today, we shall prove that to our allies on the other side of the portal. Many of us may die in this attempt. I may die. But let it be known... that all those that die this day are heroes, for they go forth bravely to fight an unknown enemy, to save the lives of-"

this particular quote reminds me of this scene from the movie Independence day

When I looks for stories where Humans and Ponies meet, THIS is what I look for! Thank you!

When I first saw this story I thought "Hmm this may be interesting."

I'm glad I read it.

"To the Princesses of Equestria, and to all those still alive. I do not know if you can hear this message. But if you can, just hold on. Humanity is on its way."

YEEEAAHHHHH! Humanity comes to Equestria to kick alien ass and finally meet their pony friends. I expect much heroic pony saving, hugs, and pony petting...

I think I'll keep an eye on this. Looks promising.

This story is similar to an idea I had with interstellar war with humans and ponies as allies. If this turns out the way I picture it, this is gonna be the most badass story I will have ever read. So far I loved this chapter, I felt a smidge of adrenaline reading this, my blood pressure went up, it got hard to breathe lol, this story is legit!

"Worry not, children of Equus, the Space Battleship Yamato is here to save the day!"

This is looking to be pretty damn epic. Can't wait to see what an army of one BILLION humans can do.

Also, that president's appearance... white hair, goatee... Discord!?

You know, I saw this story when it was first posted, and I passed it up. It looked good, but I've been let down by too many stories that had good premises.

Then I saw it in the feature box, and I still passed it up, because it's let me down even more than the new stories list has.

But eventually I caved and read it anyway, and it was definitely worth it. That was one hell of a first chapter. If the rest of the story is as good as this chapter, you guys will have one hell of a story on your hands. I noticed a few errors here and there, but nothing too egregious, so keep up the good work.

5684699 It is. :3 I would like to thank everyone who helped this story get in the featured box so quickly! Also, Taelea, the author, is transgender. One of her life's dreams is to have some kind of miracle potion that could make her fully female in body so... yeah. XD Go magic?



I see a mistake, not enough of this story! I need more!

As a sci-fi fan, i need more.

And what the hell is the sex tag doing there...:rainbowhuh:

Did this seriously appear in the last 2 minutes!?

I wanted another, did not expect it this quickly

5684951 There will be human/pony relationships as the story goes on.

This story is like drugs. I got my fix already but I still nead more from it. Keep up the good job man I realy like this story so far. Btw will be there some world building too the onlything this story will contain is the war part?

5684977 *chuckles* Oh, yes, there will be world-building. So much world-building.


Is this story set in a pre-existing universe? (Are there other stories set in the exact same universe and this is just one event in it?)

5684998 Not that we are aware of! We created this setting from scratch.

5685007 Well this is a good place to start!

Maybe a prequel that shows their first few interaction?

Quick I'm signing up to be in the offensive! Must.Save.Derpy!

Oh and, you're featured for a while now...

Was listining to this while reading...

Many feels were had.

But seriously i love these kinds of stories. Where humans and equines (including the inhabitants of the Griffon lands, Zebrica, etc...) all join forces. I can't help but feel that in some small way if we were to find Equestia we would opt to befreiend them.

I also notice these types of stories tend to be in our relative future, perhaps this is a precurser to how we would react to an alien ally? Humanity has been alone for so long and stories like these really give me hope that humanity can bee better, that we can fight FOR someone instead of for greed.

My only complaint is the enemy. They sort of come out of nowhere, and seemingly have no motavation. Hopefully that will change as the story progresses.

I hope this story gets tons of views and likes

Stay Gold...

Just one question, is one of the ships gonna be based on this can of whoopass?


Cause if there is one, then all i have to say is:
MAC rounds loaded!!

Eh. I'd say starting in the middle like this weakens the story. Seeing how things go downhill in the war, and how the humans and equestrians build trust and support would give these scenes much more impact.

5684924 Y' know, that's kinda what I was wondering about mine, too! It seems like I don't get notifications on anything that I have up in my "Especially Special Favorites" Bookshelf, except for when it comes up in my "Tracking" Bookself!

And that's not only weird, it's aggravating!

Now, that said.........

Well, alright! A second chapter?! So soon?! Ohhhh, yes, please!

And this chapter was absolutely great! Loved it! Like I said before, you guys make an absolutely great team, Cody! Keep up the rad work, okay? I'm hungry for more!

And it looks like the Seraphs are starting to get their slimey tails kicked! Good!

Hopefully, they get them kicked clean off of Equus, and back to wherever they came from!

went online to see if I could find something that mimicked this battle and I could not find anything better then this

but still a good find:twilightsmile:

Now this is just nine kinds of fun.

Oooh, sounds interestin--- wait, she was assaulted?!

Taelea- Hey everyone. I just want to apologize about... everything. Cody has been a huge help on this project, and I want you all to treat him like you would me.

You have nothing to apologize for, hon. You and he are doing an excellent job with this story, and when I found out about your accident, and what you've been going through since, I consider him as much a friend as I do you. He's just being your hands right now, and I love him for being such a wonderful friend to you.

(You ought to try to get him to get his own account here, if he doesn't have one.:raritywink:)

And on the note of your accident, you just worry about getting better as much as your writing, okay? We love you, and we're pulling for you. *hugs*

But on a story-note, you two...give them lousy Seraphs hell!!!

humanity and Equuskind have traded through a portal which opens once a month in deep space: technology, letters, food and so much more. This trade has fostered an incredibly friendly relationship between the two civilizations, only stopped by their inability to send anything living through the portals.

No one ever thought to put on a space suit?

If all this other stuff makes it through intact and functional (especially the technology), I can't fathom why a human or pony wearing a protective outer covering would have any issue.

5685390 There was a type of radiation produced by the portal that killed any living thing that passed through it. As such, they only recently discovered a way to counter-act that.

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