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I am dislexik


Jet moves to Equestria as he learns to live with a magical atmosphere. He friends with Luna the most. Expect lots of third person write, and some first person. Jet become superstrong in his thaumic studies. He can manipulate time, space, and make people his puppets. He eventually " accidentally " banishes Discord. He also goes into the past and plays with the ponies memories. He does go to the gala, in Lelouch's zero costume. He get a pet and destroys it by tossing it into some death water, he plays with Celestia with a laser pointer(sister's choice). He takes a job of exploiting others for his needs. And finally he annoys pony and makes them angry at his face.

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lol I haven't read your story yet...but I just wanted to show my support in the utter hatred of trolls

Aha... What?
Do you even speak English?
I'm sorry, but this is barely describable as language, at this point. I can hardly understand...

Jet is my name :0 2spooky4me

5639256 He's supposedly dyslexic.

Let's give this wish-fillfilling, self-insert Gary Stu a read.

The description...It scares me. Bad grammar. Mixed with Gary Stu and a large unhealthy dose of unoriginal ideas.

I also see reference to Lelouche's Zero costume (commendable choice of anime at least) without a crossover tag

5640373 I think this story is trying to be a trollfic, but its English is so bad that the other trollfics are embarrassed to even be associated with it. That's what I think.

Comment posted by Charles Spratt deleted Feb 18th, 2015

This is only meant between my sisters fic and mine. I can't write as I'm only 11. I don't go to school and I'm also dyslexic. I only wrote this to an animation I'm doing so that animation will have a story behind it.

Trust me when I say: I am doing you a favor.

Delete this story.


just because you're 13 and dyslexic doesn't mean you can't write! if you really want to write something, it just means you'll need an editor. <3

I'm a troll with people, but seriously the title kinda made me laugh. But I'll read the story later.

Shitty cliche count by the description alone:
1.human in Equestrian
2.OC becomes crazy skilled Ina specific field
4. No characterization aside from hate and crazy power
5. Killing a crazy powerful character and looks to them as weak.
6. Warp the minds of the masses who are unnecessarily weak.
7.horrible failure at a "funny" chapter
8. Pranks and torments with utter ease

5642593 it's not his fault doe. He just likes to kill

This is is good.

Will they ever learn not to underestimate him

This is too funny, a true hater jet is, I like it

The story is called "A True Hater of Equestria" I'd be surprised if it didn't have a lot of dislikes, but don't let that stop you, if it's wrighters block I get it, but I do so hope you return to this, I'm dying to know how it all ends

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