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Watch as the people who love SS&E but hate Flash Sentry spontaneously explode.

Nice work, man.

Nice little tale of a guy just going home.

...Assuming I read it right.

~Skeeter The Lurker

Comment posted by TinyPootisman deleted Jul 10th, 2014
Rust #5 · Jul 10th, 2014 · · 1 ·

I know this feeling.

There are no words.

This was nice.
Soldiers going back home to the embrace of a family that may or may not be there.


An interesting story. It is indeed likable and thus liked. :pinkiesmile:

djthomp #8 · Jul 10th, 2014 · · 5 ·

That was excellent.

Good on you, Rarity, that was very much a needed intervention.

Edit: I see the anonymous comment downvoters have arrived. Classy guys, very classy.

Flash Sentry going to Ponyville? That could only lead to disaster.

I should have known if anyone could make me care about Flash Sentry it was you. :raritywink:

Ah, good old SS&E. A nice enough tale of homecoming. Seems generosity herself had to make sure he didn't have to sit there by his lonesome. Though I gotta admit I thought it was all building up to him trying to say hello to Miss I Like Bumping Into You.

That's why we put plastic over the furniture.

Yeah, no. Fuck flash sentry, Why did this even get featured?:ajbemused:

Better than a flashlight.

Is there some sort of Flash Sentry Fic Appreciation week/contest going on? This has got to be the second story where I didn't grimace or gag during a Flash Sentry focused story.

Nice story. Still liked the one with him as Archer's brother. But this is pretty nice Flash Sentry focused story I can get behind. Thanks for not making me vomit!

Then again, any character can be awesome when people actually apply themselves to the characters they're writing. Way to lead by example, SS&E. :duck:

4670007 Because Skirts is both a good and prolific writer and thus has a legion of followers who don't instantly hate a character just because he's underdeveloped in the show.

Its a very nice story, you did do a good job with Flash's character.

A well-written Flash Sentry story? Awesome!

The beginning dragged a bit and for a while there I wasn't sure what the heck I was even reading. The ending was heartwarming, though. The hinted Flarity is unusual - Rarity isn't my first or even second choice to pair Flash up with. But, eh, what the heck? It's kinda cute. And anyway, I'm just glad this story exists. :twilightsmile:


The theme seems to be that Flash doesn't have anypony to return to, but it's not directly stated for most of the story. Rather, it comes across by contrast to the other soldiers. I personally think it could have been hinted a bit stronger, but it's still good.

He is not alone.

I don't know why, but I took that to mean this is a crossover with the Cthulhu mythos. It obviously isn't, but I'd think that'd be entertaining.

*still doesn't see why everyone's always up in arms about Flash Sentry*

It's amazing how an author who writes so many words can also say so much in the things that are left unsaid. :raritywink:

For everyone who dislikes this because Flash Sentry is in it, grow up! The Flash Sentry from the Equestria Girls world is not the same as pony Flash. Why do I say that? Because pony Flash barely had any screen time and basically has no character development.

Excellent story, SS&E. A follow-up would be interesting.

By the way, when are you going to fix your profile page?

Flash Sentry leaves the Crystal Empire, nobody notices or cares.

Flash Sentry arrives in Ponyville, nobody notices or cares.


I'm okay with this.

Wonderfully written, SS&E.
I found this to be a genuinely "feels-y" story, with lots of subtle world building and character development hinted at throughout. Enjoyable all round. :twilightsmile:

A couple of minor typos I detected that you may want to fix:

guaging pegasus years


I'll be sure to write you sappy dumbasses.

Missing a comma between "write" and "you".

Yeah. Haven't read just yet, but I feel like my appendix is already gonna 'splode from Ass Entry (kinky). The only think keeping me together is the knowledge that there's a cat-pony reference prolly somewhere in this fic.

Ok, Flash/Brad/Francis ain't that bad. I mean, he did give Twiley a corn dog when she tripped over in one EqG trailer, although I guess they edited out in the movie.

And he can do stuff.

Stuff is good.


Countdown to Dimmet implosion...


Because it's Skirts. Skirts is fantastic. The main man. But Flash should go die though, really.

Edit: Damnation. Except this one. THIS ONE may live. Curse you Skirts, what are you doing to me? I'm supposed to hate Flash because he was as bad an insert as any Gary Stu. What have you DONE?

Hmm, that was nice. Kinda sad, but then nice.
It did a really good job at evoking all the proper emotions it seemed to be going for, that's for certain. Weird, complex sort of emotions that I have a hard time conveying properly. Not-quite sadness, not-quite loneliness, kinda-sorta-nostalgia. Then the ending came along and wrapped all that less-nice stuff up in nicer, more hopeful feelings. This is the sorta fic I'll probably stew on for a little bit. Hell, I am stewing on it as I type this.
I dunno what to say, honestly. This fic made me feel things. It was... nice.

I just want to ask this because I have always wondered . . .

Do you ACTUALLY care that much? Do you really get that mad over something like this?

Because I hope not.

Not a fan, Don't care.
I'm not angry. He's really no better than a character invented as a sub-par love interest in a spin off version of my little pony that was made in a movie.
If people made an actual PONY movie, without those EqG abominations, and had him have decent character customization, maybe. JUST MAYBE. As it stands, he literally has none and his existance as far as I know is just limited to being there and being sunset's ex in the movie. Whoopdee doo.
Saying "You just don't like him because he's flash sentry and you're just mad" is like what happened a while ago when reviewers for DmC started crying that people were crying about the hair being not white, which wasn't even the tip of the iceberg. It's the same in this case: You just saying "You mad because all flash sentry haters are mad lol" is just skimming the tip of the iceberg without looking at the ice underneath and going "Man, this fuckin' ice. Where did it all come from!?"

And to the people who keep downvoting my admittingly unpopular opinion;
Guys. I'm not going to change my fucking mind just because my opinion on a character is different than yours. And the simple act of downvoting someone's message is as pointless as flash sentry.
It's there. Good job. You've done all you've wanted to accomplish in life. Clap fuckity clap.:trollestia:

Since I don't have the pathological hatred for Flash that some folks seem to (something I still don't understand, but whatever)...

You've got my upvote. This is well written, and evokes many feelings that soldiers returning home have to deal with. Especially soldiers without family to meet them at the station/airport. Well done! :twilightsmile:


Because he shattered their fragile lesbian fantasies about the mane 6 by establishing that Twilight is attracted to males and the rest were teasing her in a friendly manner about her apparent "crush", instead of descending in a mass of jealous mares plotting for the stallion's, who caught her eye, demise? :ajsmug:

Flash Sentry...:pinkiesick:
Seriously though, I'm sure you know that most of us aren't FS fans. Maybe this story is trying to convince us to give him a chance, but I think I'd need more than a one shot to do that... and would need to give him a chance before I read a full story (let the catch 22 begin!:pinkiecrazy:).
No offense when I say I love your characterization, but hate the character choice (if that makes sense). Honestly, the story could work perfectly if you had simply changed the name to an OC... On the other hand, it might've lost something had you done so (couldn't say what exactly, though). I enjoyed the story, but that was mostly because I was able to simply think of this 'Flash Sentry' as a pony completely separate from the Flash Sentry of EQG (and Fim cameos).

P.S. Thank you for not pairing him with Twilight.


The last one does work without the comma, though, in the sense that "he'll be sure to write those sappy dumbasses." In fact, I think a comma there would kinda mess with how the line reads since there is already a pause in it.

I hope to god this is more than a one shot, this could be something even better if you want it to be, and god do I feel bad for flash, an empty home, nopony cares he's there, its kinda sad. But good story nonetheless, I hope to see more and again, this is the best flash story I have ever seen, ever. YOU ROCK

Ah, this must be one of those American English-language foibles, where "to write someone" and "to write to someone" mean the same thing. In which case, yes, you are quite correct and the mistake is mine. :twilightsmile:

I'm just saying that it is wasted thought. Why do you care so much that his character was shit? Even better, why do you care so much when someone else writes Flash Sentry? You should actually be happy in many cases, because that means someone can make a good Flash Sentry character. Make him relatable and not simply the random love interest.

I just don't understand your viewpoint on this. And that's fine. But I hope you can understand mine.


We were told that nothing about EQG would make its way into the show. That it happened in a bubble and not one single element would persist into our beloved canon. The staff assured us of this multiple times 100%. So while many of us don't mind/don't hate EQG, we were more okay with it anyway because we were told it was just its own thing entirely.

Then Cadence came to Ponyville. And Flash walked off the train. That's when the rage started. Primal and unending. We'd been lied to! We may not mind, or may even like EQG - but the vast majority of the fandom wanted EQG to have nothing to do with the series just like we were promised. He was created for EQG, and now exists in canon after we were told it would not come to pass. We were livid! Many of us still are, yet there's people running around with hoity-toity comments about how they 'aren't like those others who hate Flash Sentry'. There's nothing to LIKE about Flash Sentry since he doesn't have a character! There's only what authors portray him as. What we dislike about him is the fact he exists and that he was just inserted into the EQG story as a pointless love interest (a point that didn't belong in the movie because it wasn't pursued and there was no 'girl meets boy' romance subplot at all) and then showed up in canon where we were happy with knowing he wasn't going to be.

I hope now you understand where we with said 'pathological hatred' are coming from.

... Still, Skirts does write one feelsy Flash. So I can allow this. D:


See, that makes more sense than the last person who tried to explain it to me, so thank you for that.

Myself, I don't hate him, but I don't like him either. As you said, he has little to no character, as such. Nothing to like, nothing really to hate. Just my $0.02, there. I'm willing to give him a chance, as a character, to grow and develop. I rather doubt he will, though, and therein lies my issue with him. He seems, to me, to be a throwaway character that they decided to just insert into canon and then not do anything with. If you're gonna insert him into canon, do something with him, like Cadance! She grew, matured, and has become a rather popular character, last I checked.

I enjoyed this story.


Oh come on; it's fun to hate Flash Sentry. :rainbowwild:

Granted this guys gone way too far.:ajbemused:

You aren't trying to understand my viewpoint on this, and I don't care if you do. Drop it, Leave it alone. Let it go.
Not everyone is a bloke on the internet.
And Flash isn't fun to hate on. I think he'd be a lot more FUN if he were fun to hate on. It's just eternally tiring to do so because the people that like him are simply liking him because he's a shallow, thoughtless character. It's literally exhausting to hate on a one dimensional character that everyone else loves because he's easily hated on because other people love him, and it's an endless circle of just
Fuck you okay? Just fuck you.:ajbemused:

Nice to see a Flash story that isn't swimming in downvotes for once :twilightsmile:

Ok, did get around to reading this. Despite my joking earlier, I'm actually pretty indifferent to Flash. I mean, he's got no character, per se, so I'm up for whatever direction the author throws me in. Usually, it's as some sort of villain, Twi's lover, Shining's secret lover, or some sort of comedy relief. So to have Flash's military background actually taken seriously for once came as a bit of a surprise, and a welcome one. Actually, a refreshing one.

It did evoke a lot of emotion from me, pushing the right buttons right until:

It's a fairly ugly construction: a cylindrical abomination covered in jewels, ponyquins, and multicolored stained glass, like some carousel of vomit.

Had to "boo" Flash at this point. What? Rarity is best pony. Well, alongside Pinkie.

I also had to simultaneously rofl at this part. A carousel of friggin vomit. That's the most hilarious description of Carousel Boutique I've ever heard.

It's doubly hilarious and ironic in what follows.

I'm pretty sure were suppose to feel melancholic throughout the whole thing til the end for Flash, and maybe envy and happiness as everypony is reunited with family, but that one instance of the vomit derailment carousel did me in a bit. Pretty sure that wasn't the intention of Flash's little quip.

It's just too funny, though XD

She smiles. There is nothing flirtatious about it. Nothing coy, suggestive, or bubbly.

How very pony themed this is. Don't you love how a generous act of sharing would be misconstrued in RL?

I was actually prepared to stew a bit in sadness about Flash's sad lonely life and be content and appreciative about simply that until Rarity showed up. She proved to Flash that the cake is not a lie.

Silver does his stoic best to remain resolute, a noble act which crumbles around the time his mother joins the embrace, nuzzling him closely with multiple "Welcome home's" and "We're so proud of you's" donated in between tender kisses and cheek-rubs.

There. Sure. That's the cat-pony reference for this story. Close enough. Next thing you know, Skirts will have them chasing after laser pointer dots and scratching up carpeting with their hooves (a complete accident, btw). Well, I can hope, can't I?

But yeah, this was a great building on of Flash's character.

Is the hate Flash gets comparable to X-Pac heat, randomly?


Oh come on, Flash is basically the equivalent of a red shirt, without the 'dying on a mission' thing. He's just there. He's not even a one-dimensional character, he serves no purpose but to thumb a nose at fans.

Also, it's called 'making a joke', no-nuts; I do that from time to time.

And your dropping an f-bomb at me only serves as a reason to completly ignore your point and any further ones you plan to make.

So congratulations on that, I suppose.

This story actually made me like Rarity (if it was her) a bit more. Also, Flash Sentry! He really needs more love. I do hope one day people would get over their irrational hatred of him. It's getting really tiresome.

Great argument.
I agree though. That's what I'm mad about. Him being there and just a red shirt that doesn't die, yet is popular enough that people love or hate him instead of him just fading into the background.
It's like a terrible OC in a star trek fanfiction dude!

This was a good story, a soldier that returns home. But like all stories that feature Flash Sentry there's drama in the comments. And for once, instead of ignoring it I'm just gonna put my two scents.
I really hate Human!Flash Sentry, or by his real name, "Brad", because really that's all that there is to him, he's just the cliché handsome, popular guy, with the show off car and ex-boyfriend of the mean popular bitch. He is a joke basically.
But pony!Flash is another story, he can't be "Brad" because he's not in high-school, he doesn't have a show off car, or is the ex of the mean bitch. So why hate him? Why can't he be given a chance? And I don't mean just shipping him with Twilight, but letting him grow. Must he be despised because he's counterpart is a joke? That's unfair.
And about the personality thing, can't the fandom make their own for Flash? You know, like they did with the background ponies? Because at this point that's what he is, a background pony. Time Turner, Octavia, Vinyl, DERPY! None of this characters have a "canon" personality, the fandom gave it to them, and that's why their popular. But Flash must be stuck with the "waifu-thief!!!!!" forever, and any story that gives him a personality or try to make him into a decent character, like Bad_Seed_72 stories, must receive automatic downvotes despite being actual, good, well-written stories. And a shame too, since he could have been a decent male character, something the show needs.
But that's it, that's what I think about Flash and the hate he receives.

But anyway, like I said, this was a really good story, and Rarity (best pony :raritywink: ) is such a good neighbor! Congrats author!

I only like Flash because of his colouring and his hawtness!
Did I say only? I meant I worship with great devotion our lord and savior Flash Sentry!

4671258 Heretic! Thou must repent of thy sins, heathen! Praise be to Flash for He is kool and hawt!

Comments here are a war zone. Haters going to hate, but I like Fandom/non canon Flash Sentry.

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