Wallflower Blush asks Flash Sentry to pre-read her latest fanfic.

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Never have I empathized so strongly with every character in a story.

I love everything about this. Please, for the love of fwoofy lacey bedazzled dainty dresses everywhere, PLEASE write more stuff with Wallflower. Your depiction of her is so pure and perfect and precious and she needs to be loved and cherished and protected and GAHHH I LOVE THIS SO MUCH

Oh my god. I can't wait to read the rest of this.
I'm on "Chapter One", by the way.

“What exactly would... motivate them to become such passionate lovers ?”

Her reason is probably good enough, as evidenced by the grin afterwards.

A twelve chapter fanfic about a rock band touring outer space


Flash hated Thursdays more. It was always a sore thing: twenty-four hours after the Hump.

I see what you did there. :raritywink:

“Nobody's gonna take Link seriously if he's monologuing a detailed paragraph about his lonesome childhood as a fairy-less orphan in the Lost Woods... while he's being forced against a tent pole by his bigger, well-muscled lover.”

Somepony’s never read the original Conan the Barbarian novels... which... is not necessarily a bad thing.

His, was a tale of sorrow.

Even though I know what Wallflower’s deal is, I didn’t realize she was stealing his memories until this chapter. Although I should have know after chapter 1’s title.

And this, readers, is what it is like getting advice on stories that you write as you are learning the craft. And also, what it is like being someone giving advice on other people’s stories. This particular story accurately catalogues the frustration experienced by both sides. And Wallflower’s ability essentially turns Flash into a different reviewer each time. It’s really masterful, in a way that I’m not adequately eloquent enough to describe properly.

Oh shoot, I hadn't even realized what was going on until someone pointed it out. That's clever. I already enjoyed this story quite a bit, but that tidbit is gold. Well done.


Oi. Wallchan is NOT "frumpy!"

It feels like there should be more to this. Flash is slowly wasting away under the strain of loosing memories after memories. Wallflower is clearly not done and she already invested a lot into Flash.

And is it me or does she erase other stuff from him? She is getting more and more sure of herself around him so I am curious if she is only using him for reviewing her story and not other activities too. If she is, she might want to come clean after the stone is broken in the future.

And she is always cutting him at the lecture at the end. Tired of listening to morals or good advice Wallflower? Seems like the power is getting to her head.

This was a really cool use of Wallflower :raritystarry:

Right?? I was a little confused by the last chapter and wondered what it's association with the first chapter was but after getting through the final hints in this one it all clicked wonderfully and I got a good laugh at the reveal.

While I like feeling 'clever' and figuring out things early in a story I love it when I get played like a fiddle and my author is able to perfectly predict my thoughts and help me figure it out exactly when they want me to. This story is adorable.

This was so cute and weird and meta. Poor Flash. Poor Wallflower.

This was really cool!

It's a shame Wallflower felt like she had to erase Flash's memory after each interaction, especially the one before last when he said he'd be willing to read each chapter she'd write thereafter. The whole scenario is easy to sympathize with though. It's not the easiest thing in the world to receive such harsh critique on something you've worked hard on, but the fact he acknowledged her passion and encouraged her further was really good on Flash's part. At the same time, he was trying really hard to give her good advice on something he was pretty disinterested in reading in the first place. And as he said, that's not Wallflower's fault either.

“Yeah. Burnout is a very real thing. Trust me... eheh...” He rubbed the back of his neck. “I know.”

Rip. : (

Have a cute Disney princess picture, skirts.


(Wouldn't let me post the actual image. :P)

Hmmmm Wallflower and Flash Sentry hmmmm... ... ... I ship it.

“However—! A twelve chapter fanfic about a rock band touring outer space... heheheh ... now that I'd binge in a heartbeat! Lemme tell ya...”

Change that to a fanfic about a rock band that tours parallel dimensions inhabited by magical pastel ponies and you'll get half the EQG fics on this site...and also Flash's real life.


The central concept of this story is so brilliant, I can't believe no one has thought of it before.

I really want to see you write more FlashxWallflower fics!

Brilliant work on every level, from showcasing Wallflower's self-defeating spiral to the frustration of trying to master the craft of storytelling with little more than yahoos on the Internet providing feedback. Thank you for a fantastic little...


Wait, how many chapters was this again?

Author Interviewer

Wallflower wept, Blush 11:35. “Is that so doofin' hard to do?!”

Either the English language is breaking down, or I am.

Author Interviewer

Oh shit.

A previous comment primed me to see it, but everything suddenly falls into place here. Damn.

Oh man, that was great.






You never saw someone cuddling their waifu, sirrah?

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