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What do you mean I have an addition to horse fiction?! I can stop whenever I want to, mom!


Alright, listen up and listen good because I'm only going to say this once. We are not a highly classified government organization. We do not operate above the System, over it or beyond it. Our primary objective is not to monitor, license, regulate and police extrademensional activities and beings on this great country. These interdemensional beings are not cartoon ponies from a kid's show called My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. We do not officially exist.

You don't exist.

Got that?


Never heard of it?


Good. Welcome to the U.S. Department of Strategic Extradimensional Enforcement

Inspired by Tales Of The Canterlot Deportation Agency: A Typical Day by Estee.

[Warning: Tags might be added and/or removed as the story progresses]

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This story has me wanting more already


You wanting more has made me want to wanting more! :rainbowwild:

This story is most amusing
I look forward to reading more.
Have a fave, like and watch.


Thanks! :pinkiesmile:

I hoped you enjoyed reading the prologue as much I enjoyed writing it.

I'm looking forward to reading this:rainbowkiss:

Ah Dont tase me bro!

i rember how hard i laughed the first time i saw that video

Have you been playing Second Son?


Sorry, no. I've never played Second Son. If you don't mind me asking, what made you think I played the game?


Seriously. This looks great. I want to see more of this. Why are ponies working with humans? Why is Twilight here? Why is this dude super mentally strong against brainwashing? Why did they almost delete his entire memory?


lol It looks awesome. Hope to see more soon.


4209933 it was something about the chapter that reminded me of the beginning of Second Son. All I can say is go watch the first episode of any Second Son play through.

This better not be another cob story.


Just watched the first 15 minutes and I have to say, I can see the similarities.


Cob story?


You could say the reason why I added the 2nd POV is an experiment to see weather second-person past-tense narrative can be applied. But I like to think people will be more sucked into the story when it's more about them and not about anybody else.


4249728 If they wipe his memories completely clean then maybe, but I guarantee that won't happen...goddammit I'm itching to know what'll happen next.

:rainbowlaugh: By the nine.... I can't.... Stop laughing XD

MG Lelly. Bringing the lelz one bullet at a time.

4207907 Love the story; nice use of a memory wipe to leave details of the protagonist (the reader) open.

The bit about how brownies seemingly being the first to find alien ponies was brilliant!:pinkiehappy:

Its just a touch meta, but not enough to be a bad thing.:twilightsmile:

Man that chapter was so short. The worst part is it didn't have to be! You could have cut out the entire "prank" where he was beaten because it serves no purpose in the story, and shortened chapter 2 and chapter 3 into a single decently sized chapter. And if the whole beating segment applied so much padding and filler that it wouldn't make that much of a difference to the chapter length, you could have used that space to advance the plot a little farther then... well... this.

"I had to blow it up" is the answer right? or something along the line, great chpater,

4217793 Hi, Could You Please Continue Revising the Fimfiction.net story....U.S. Department of Strategic Extradimensional Enforcement and the Do rest of The Operator Trilogy in the Peacekeeper Chronicles saga.....and I Think There should be 3 Main theme songs of The Operator Trilogy which are....
Orchestral Theme:

Epic Rock Theme:

Main-Titles/End-Credits Theme:

and I Also Think You Should Draw Inspiration of the 2 Next Installments from the 3rd and 4th Michael Bay Transformers movies Dark of the moon and age of extinction as well as The Ponies of Dark Water Storyline from My little Pony IDW Comics and The Apocalypse Wars Storyline from ANAD-Marvel...

...as well as Include 2 Other Universes....1 from Video Gaming and 1 From Film and 1 from TV and most of all one other Toyline universe Which Are....



Max Steel Live Action Film Universe:

and that is why I Highly Recommend for you to Continue The Operator Trilogy from the Peacekeeper Chronicles Saga On The MLP Fanfiction Website Fimfiction.net...
Nuff Said.
with thanks and hopes up,
From Your Biggest Fan of all time in the history of all of existence,
Shane Nokes aka James Plasma aka Dark-Pulse

I'm getting a serious "Man in Black" vibe from this. Im enjoying myself so far, can't wait for this to be continued!

1. shoot on sight policy should be put in place immediately
2. bronies should NOT be put in charge of anything. actual US government agents are better, MUCH better

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