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This is a story about a stallion.

Though most stories involve some sort of conflict, not all have to do so.

Sometimes, the most mundane aspects of life are worth noting.

Sometimes, stories can be about nothing at all.

[A collection of drabbles about ponies doing mundane things.]

[Note: Feel free to leave any suggestions for future stories you may have. Even though I'm no longer actively writing this anymore, I may get around to it someday.]

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Now this is the story all about how my life got flipped-turned upside down.

What if the stallion fell asleep one night and never woke up?

(I don't know, this is a really intriguing story but apparently I suck at story suggestions.)

What about a story where the stallion wakes up to go have a midnight snack before returning to bed.

Or one where he goes buy something.

This is the best story ever. Period. :raritystarry:

Okay, to be honest, I do have one complaint: So far, there has been little content in this story that would demand it to be a pony fanfic. It could just as easily be original fiction, completely unrelated to MLP. However, we aren't that far in just yet, so I'll hold back my criticism until later. :raritywink:

Meanwhile, here's a few suggestions for that stallion:

#1 Making breakfast
#2 Public transit
#3 Friday night in a pub
#4 Going to the store
#5 The changeling attack on Canterlot

Aww... and it was getting so good... :raritydespair:

But seriously: I think this chapter should have been used later on. Compared to the previous ones, this one kind of broke the pacing. Though the writing is still good, it did not allow all the details to slowly come to the surface like before. It's not that I don't like that we get to know any more about him, but to have all of it dumped on the reader so abruptly, and then killing the guy off... :unsuresweetie:

And yes, I do realize it was written based on a commenter's suggestion... :raritywink:


[Do not fret.]

[Just because the stallion died in one story does not mean he is dead in all of them.]

[This is a story about a stallion.]

[But it is not the same story about a stallion.]


Thought you were hot, guess what: you're not!


[You really like talking like this.]
[Don't you.]

[You're welcome.]
[This story is so normal that it is almost disturbing.]

I really like unique stories and this is a prime example of "unique". Short, but to the point. It betrayed everything I expected out of it, which is not necessarily a bad thing. Slightly confusing, but maybe that was the intent, and that's what I like about it.


[I am glad that this Story has managed to both confuse and intrigue you.]

[Thank you for allotting some time to use your highly advanced senses to read this.]

[Write a story about the stallion getting the mail]

Comment No. 1

a man woke the night and browsed Fimfiction.net through his phone.

his night anyway. the time in his country is half a day faster than New York's

after checking up on updates, he decided to check the updated stories feed. he saw a story invitingly titled 'this is a story'.

curious, he proceeded to read the synopsis much to his confusion and proceeded to even read the pre-story - even more to his confusion

after finishing the first story, he likens its style to Mitch Albom's Father Time - a book that he decided to browse at his school library one day which he then threw back at its shelf after reading only the prologue. this story was not like that book. he couldn't explain why. he felt that the author was knowingly screwing him over but instead of being angry he rather finds it funny.

he continued all the way through 9 more chapters making him highly rethink his priorities.

he had gone through 11 uninteresting stories if read when out of context. finishing up, he then realized a solid fact.

the author of the story is a genius.

the man thought how else could a person make such bland stories so immersive?

he remembered a timely thought "work smart. not hard" and felt very stupid indeed

he didn't fought the desire to glorify the author - much to his folly - and proceeded to heap praise upon his work by commenting. if only he was at his computer he would have given awkwardly convenient emoticons.

he was finishing up his comment and realized that he couldn't continue with his story. how he wished he had the power to break the fourth wall! but alas, he is no more unusual than the stallions in the story.

and the mare. the author lied. this is not only a story about a stallion. there is a story about a mare. unless that was really a transvestite, then the author is also a liar

It's amazing how "uneventful" and "harmless" these chapters are, and yet they still manage to create a tense atmosphere. Even though I know nothing bad is going to happen, I keep expecting it... :pinkiecrazy:

I revisited a few portions of Slaughterhouse Five recently. The way this story gives us these "snapshots" of this stallion's life kinda reminds me of that.

Hmm... okay, how about a chapter where he is just a kid? :duck:


[If you enjoyed this Story and their simplicity, then you would probably enjoy one of my other stories, 'A Day in the Life of Average Statistic', because it was the story that inspired me to do this one.]


[That story is currently being developed.]

[Please hold.]


[If everyone had a fashionable cellphone booth like that, then the world would be a moderately better place to live in.]

Please do a story about a stallion trying hard to take a dump.

I am dead serious. like expecting 3000 words serious.

if you can do that in 10,000 words though (only about the stallion fighting his diarrhea), I will give up writing. there would be no more reason for me to do so

This reminds me of a certain Roald Dahl book...

One small thing:

He gave a neighed quietly


Thanks. It was 'He gave a quiet whinny,' but then I realized I used that a few sentences up, and I hastily changed it.

Aww... I was actually hoping that suggestion would lead to something fun (e.g "having a few drinks with his buddies", just to avoid the "drink his sorrows away in a bar" trope) :derpytongue2:

Oh well... "depressing chapter" works just as well... :raritywink:

How about a chapter where he's traveling somewhere? Perhaps somewhere where he really doesn't want to go, but has to? :trollestia:

This is a beautiful one.

Wow, I had forgotten about this...

Write one where he invents something.

One where he confesses his illiteracy.

One where he drowns in his bathtub.

One where he finds a bit on the ground.

"Now right here I was born
In the place where you kneel
In the burning white sand
In the blood that you spill"


Great chapter, by the way!

This (is a) story... it gets me every time... :trollestia:

This reminds me slightly of the Stanley Paable for some reason.

I like it :trixieshiftleft::trixieshiftright:

Woohoo I was mentioned!

I just read The Old Man and the Sea again today, and now this.

There are never too many depressing things to read, I suppose...

Anyway, how about a story where he teaches his child(ren) something?

Glad to hear this'll be returning to normal.
That said, great series of stories, thank you for writing this!

Damn... sucks to be him... :trollestia:

How about a story where he invents something?

This tends to happen around my campus... except scaled up by about a factor of ten... :derpytongue2:

I can relate to this.

This was rather depressing... :pinkiesad2:


Unfortunately, hospitals often are...

I think you came to calm down. This was a exciting chapter with that bit of almost-conflict. Let's try and keep true to previous chapters.

Are those walnut trees, of all things? Man, do I hate working with the one we have at home... :twilightangry2:

Where is Captain Planet when you need him? :trollestia:

You have tempted me to write something like this myself :eeyup:

Its so normal... it just might work:pinkiehappy:


its so normal its entertaining :rainbowkiss:


You should try my other story, A Day in the Life of Average Statistic, because this story is a sort of spiritual successor to that. It's even more normal.

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