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U.S. Department of Strategic Extradimensional Enforcement - WarKing76

The Strategic Extradimensional Enforcement (SEE) was established to protect America from all interdimensional threats. Sadly for them, most of these threats are magical pastel ponies.

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Chapter 2: The Enrollment Syndrome Part 2

Chapter 2: The Enrollment Syndrome Part 2

Written by WarKing76

Edited by Silver Page

Yup, you were definitely sure you chose the wrong words.

After the woman got your legs unbounded, the large man pulled you off chair and tossed you out of the room, landing face first onto the flooring. You were now groaning in pain, tasting bitter defeat. And to some extent, the floor.

“Thanks, Ramirez.”

“Ma’am,” Ramirez acknowledged.

Now she was really pushing your buttons. Who does she think she was? If you weren’t cuffed right now you’d—

“What is the meaning of this?!” You heard someone shouted in front of you.

No, really, it was not as if someone was standing above you. You literally heard someone shouted in your face at ground level. You raised your head and found yourself staring at Rarity, the Element of Generosity.

A very, very small Rarity.

She was so little you bet you could even fit her in your palm. Save for her size, there was no other physical differences you could see. She had the same amethyst purple and curly style mane, cool grey-white fur, crystal blue eyes and her three diamond cutie mark from the show. What she was wearing was a totally different story. She wore a violet red sweater, a black military beret laid on top of her head, teeny-tiny black gloves covered her hooves and a barely noticeable see-through band encircled her horn.

“Sergeant Williams! You of all people should know the procedures of recruiting new members into our ranks,” said the tiny Rarity. “Do you even know how many regulations you had breached?!”

“Whoa, whoa, whoa! Relax, will you?” She squatted and looked down at the teeny-tiny Rarity. “Nobody needs to know, okay? It’s just a little prank.”

You could feel the Rarity’s anger radiating at this point. “Just a little prank?!” she reiterated with venom in her tone. “Preposterous, simply preposterous! Why do I have to deal such negligence from a hooligan who does not even follow the simplest of protocols?”

“Aw, that’s because you love me Marshmellow,” the woman teased as she rose up.

“Why you—!”

“Ma’am,” Ramirez interrupted.

The tiny Rarity and the woman faced toward the armored figure. “Ma’ams,” he corrected, “is this really the best time?” He gestured toward you.

“The guy has a point, you know,” you uttered. “As much as I love listening to you two chit-chat, I prefer not doing it on floor.”

The tiny Rarity cleared her throat. “Yes, very well then.”

“Up and at ‘em.” The armored woman pulled you up and brushed the dust off your shoulder. You took this opportunity to observe your surroundings. You looked around and found yourself along a gloomy hallway, a couple of metal doors were along the way with a few fully armed guards standing beside them and plenty of hidden cameras—you could see them thanks to your near perfect perception—were along the ceiling. Wherever you are, this place must have people and eyes everywhere.

“Before we continue,” you said as the woman unlocked your cuffs, “I would really like to know why am I looking at a miniature Rarity.”

“Ah yes, I know this may be rather…baffling.” Rarity trotted her way toward Ramirez. “But I assure you, we will bring you up to speed.”

“Marshmallow here is from another dimension where ponies are tiny as fuck; you are about to be initiated into the Strategic Extradimensional Enforcement—or SEE for short—which primary objective is to police extradimensional actives and if we don’t everyone on this planet will die,” the woman bluntly said it all under one setting.

You blinked and simply stared at her in confusion.

“Sergeant!” Mini-Rarity exclaimed as she was steadily lifted by the large man and placed on his shoulder.

“What? You wanted speed, right? Well here ya go, fast and simple.”

“It may be so, but there is a great deal of details we need to discuss to the young recruit.”

“Alright fine, whatever.”

The woman—Sergeant Williams, was it? Nah, you’ll just call her La Madam Cranky Pants the Pain in the Butt—began walking down the narrow hall and signaled you to follow. You looked behind and saw the muscular man—Fat Man, you were definitely going to call him Fat Man—glaring at you, waiting for you to move onward. Meanwhile, the little Rarity merely gave you a reassuring smile. Complying, you marched along the hallway between Cranky Pants and Fat Man.

“So, where am I exactly?” you asked.

“Can’t tell you that, brony. Not until you pass initiation,” said Madam Cranky Pants.

You could feel Rarity scowling toward Cranky Pants behind you. “Please, forgive the sergeant’s vulgar personality. What she meant was we are not allowed to disclose our facility’s location due to many security reasons, but we can guarantee that you are still in California and you will be informed about the subject once you are employed into our services.”

“And what’s with the brony deal?” You continued with your questions.

“Brony, pegasister, fat geek watching a girl’s cartoon show about ponies. What’s the difference? They’re all the same to us.”

“They’re all the same to you, sergeant,” Rarity responded. “They are still people, and people—”

The sergeant looked back at Rarity, boredom plastered on her face. “Have feelings and should be rocked gently from side to side in their mother’s arms. Yeah, yeah I heard ya.” She mocked as you passed a saluting guard.

You looked back at the guard clasping his automatic rifle. “Who are you people?”

“Oh pardon me,” Rarity politely excused herself, “I am Lieutenant Nadira—”

“Also known as Marshmallow.”

“—the hooligan standing before you is Sergeant First Class Williams, and the strapping young man presently carrying me is Corporal Ramirez.”

Fatman greeted you by tipping the brim of his combat helmet.

“Nadira? Aren’t you Rarity from the show?”

“Ah yes, I will explain about it more shortly. In the meantime, let’s just say I changed my name due to…inconveniences.”

“It’s great to meet you at least, unlike some people I know.” You glared at the sergeant for a split second before returning to Rarity. “But that wasn’t what I meant. Who are you people, exactly? SEE, was it?”

“US Department of Strategic Extradimensional Enforcement, yes,” Rarity confirmed. “We specialize in containing extradimensional anomalies, operating under the jurisdiction of the Department of Defense.”

From what she just told you, it was obvious—in a nutshell—they were government spooks… That or they were bunch of nut jobs with a tiny pony.

“Well that’s great and I’m sure you people do a fine job doing what you do,” you said with a sly smirk, “but I rather go home and figure out who I was before the little incident I had with Cranky—I mean, ugh, Sergeant Williams.”

The Sergeant halted, stopping both you and Fat Man. “Oh yeah…about that…”

Oh boy, that did not sound good at all.

“What did you do?” you replied.

She scratched the back of her neck. “You see… It’s about your car—”

“What happened to my car?!” you interrupted her.


Author's Note:

Hey guys, remember the time I said I wouldn't go overboard and write until I feel like it's enough?



I may have...

Wrote more then I should.

Heck, I thought I would write down this first half of this chapter in under 700 words. At least I've finished half of the Enrollment Syndrome arc, right?

Minor fixes to previous chapters

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Man that chapter was so short. The worst part is it didn't have to be! You could have cut out the entire "prank" where he was beaten because it serves no purpose in the story, and shortened chapter 2 and chapter 3 into a single decently sized chapter. And if the whole beating segment applied so much padding and filler that it wouldn't make that much of a difference to the chapter length, you could have used that space to advance the plot a little farther then... well... this.

"I had to blow it up" is the answer right? or something along the line, great chpater,

4217793 Hi, Could You Please Continue Revising the Fimfiction.net story....U.S. Department of Strategic Extradimensional Enforcement and the Do rest of The Operator Trilogy in the Peacekeeper Chronicles saga.....and I Think There should be 3 Main theme songs of The Operator Trilogy which are....
Orchestral Theme:

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and I Also Think You Should Draw Inspiration of the 2 Next Installments from the 3rd and 4th Michael Bay Transformers movies Dark of the moon and age of extinction as well as The Ponies of Dark Water Storyline from My little Pony IDW Comics and The Apocalypse Wars Storyline from ANAD-Marvel...

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Nuff Said.
with thanks and hopes up,
From Your Biggest Fan of all time in the history of all of existence,
Shane Nokes aka James Plasma aka Dark-Pulse

I'm getting a serious "Man in Black" vibe from this. Im enjoying myself so far, can't wait for this to be continued!

1. shoot on sight policy should be put in place immediately
2. bronies should NOT be put in charge of anything. actual US government agents are better, MUCH better

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