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Jack Crest couldn't care less about the bureaus. He just didn't care The way he saw it, they should keep to their own and he would his. Now caring for his sister and his aging mother, Jack is under hard times. When a scientist named Otto Chesterfield claims he has a solution to the Conversion Crisis and Celestia decides to take even more action on the human condition, the Crest family must make a leap of faith to land among the stars.

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You need a editor man.

Interesting story however

How I would've gotten past the road block: Ram straight through the two guards, and reverse over them, then repeat several times to be sure before continuing on my way.

How I would have gotten past the road block: Take out one of my AR's and shoot them both

so how flawed is celestia plans going down crash burn or slow and painful with a lot of unexpected draw back with consequence's like ponies dieing because magic can't fix every little detail like soil fertility or other thing with a possible dire consequence by playing god with nature all the time one mistake and bam! burn.
I always wondered about what tbc would really be like realistically like the barrier just going on to turn the land to nothing but dangerous wildness with dangerous magic alliterated animals with new smart for better survival and competing for resources bad news for some of the animals of equastria.... or the fact equastria has to expand it resource's to house it new populations witch can take years... equastria was a nation not the world I don't think celestia can run the whole world without being overwhelmed and add death rate due to limited and strained resources or strain out of stock public services native's being unable to supplies.... problem in the future.
so many possible problem I never every get to read about in tbc like here a lot of possible one's.
like I really don't think pony earth magic can really keep up with the population no more with the old ways adapt or die situation now that ponies need more land but animals lose home ponies can't help but feel bad cause animals will die or ponies will die so it a impasse moral crowded ponies cities town just to small all the sudden not enough space in the ponies native cities all ready full with native now new foal o boy drama not enough so im guessing celestia can't feed her new population and her little native not really playing nice cause they don't like the new change's that happening so fast o man I hate to find out the listing for unemployment and homeless poverty those poor soul are facing in the future it be like old days but I don't think the native ponies or equastria can take the strain for long with there sudden new responsibility there gonna be a lot of mistake's... so many complicated dilemmas are "genius" has not really consider possibly for the future and no quick fix.... unless her plan b if it get to much for her she deport a lot of new foal to the magic mirror world unless it gone...

I like this so far. But, wouldn't it make more sense if most major countries also helped with the project, not just us

The thing is, most other major countries have already been consumed by the barrier. In the story, Equestria spawned between Japan and Indonesia. The barrier has expanded through Asia, and parts of Africa and Europe. Since the Pacific is so big, this is why it has only just arrived at North America.

I hope that humanity comes back after a few thousand years and brings a giant capital ship with it!

Complete with thousands of guns!


So the field went left instead of right

I imagine that it spread out in a circle. It is a bit off center though, going west into Asia a bit more than to the west.

3795147 grammar not my strong point sorry.:fluttershbad:

Ah, if only that fictious space agency I made up existed here, because if it did, ponies would have to be wary of orbital targetted delta waves. Let's see them convert people when their brains are melting.

hmmm so are the mystical dangerous creature of equestrian migrating around the whole world? like unexpected dragons attacks dangerous monsters to changelings and other species sentient or not who are wondering around the world now and the natural balanced ecosystem is now upsetted by the new creature's invasions and vise versa?

AH HA HA! YES! ZE BRAINS ARE MELTING! OUT OF ZE EARS! OUT OF ZE EYES! SO VUNDERBAR! Oh... excuse me. I am shtill learning to control myself in zis new body.

It's MY body! I had it first! Get out!

Now now, Herr Direktor, you know zhat is not how zis vurks. Oops! It seems I have interrupted a comment session. Ha ha... session. Anyvhays, I vill leave you alone for now.

Fine, just go! God I hate that guy. Regardless, that is a rather interesting idea. I do love the smell of cooking meat in the morning. I might not eat it, depending on what it is... was... but it smells good.

3801639 Well I doubt they'd even exist in this universe, their timeline dictates that they fully moved off of earth in 2067 and currently reside on a massive moon base and a terraforming mars. That and the fact their main base is in Antarctica, so even if it did, the facility would probably have been wiped out by the barrier.

So, a story about ponies forcibly converting humans for no presented reason other than "humans are ebul"... I'll give you a smidge of kudo for going the spaceship route, but this kind of story is not one that The Conversion Bureau group is interested in showcasing. This story more accurately belongs in the Alternative Conversion Bureau group.

I see. I will try and act upon your suggestion. Thank you for bringing that to my attention.

Delta. Wave. Lasers. How hard is it to design a weapon that is essentially a fuck you to anything it hits? Or at least some form of higher powered carbine, hell maybe even caseless electronically fired guns?

it be funny if they made a pony dog whistle...

I don't mean to be rude, but this seems to be slightly irrelevant. Interesting, none the less. :twilightblush:

3826243 Interesting indeed, especially since I don't actually think humanity has made any technological advancements aside from potentially cryosleep.

Be patient. :ajbemused: You will learn more about that in the next chapter. We have made some improvements in the next 48 years, I assure you! :twilightsmile:

So the world's being destroyed/conquered and the only other option besides ponyfication are colony ships...which have basically just been opened to a first come first served basis for seating? Yeah that wouldn't go HORRIBLY wrong if this were a real situation. :facehoof:

3826399 I'm not seeing anyone using graphene tablets, or having graphene super capacitors to store electric current to power their electric super cars. And yes, graphene is a real thing, it's likely to make the internet faster, tablets better and cheaper, and electric cars much more viable.

Get the F-22's, F-16's, F-18's and F-15's in the air

I hope humanity escape the solar tyrant:pinkiehappy::pinkiesad2:

and is not converted into pony:rainbowkiss:

are they going to get switched spices and or gender because they were holding hands in the teleporter.:moustache:

4060177 Hmm... interesting, but no. No species swapping for Jack and his pals. That's why they're running from the bureaus.

won't celestia try to chase the ship down?

You do realize this story has taken a lot from the game Half-Life. Not story wise of course but Tau-Cannons, Airboats, old Cold War Bunkers, Teleporters. The fact that you combined all of these together into one story is why I can't help but feel like this is something out of Half-Life.

4065020 That is actually not intended, believe it or not. I didn't realize all of the similarities (besides the Tau Cannon, that was taken from Half Life intentionally).

Why didn't he just keep driving when the unicorns tried to stop him?

I'm sorry for saying this, but i don't think unicorn magic would rally damage air boats or throw them into the air.

"Don't make me put a bullet in yeh, you prancing show pony." The man threatened.

Omg is that the sniper from TF2.

4082913 Yeah. I doubt a regular unicorn can stop a ton on metal doing at 60 mph.

3792882 I just watched a movie called first action hero where the protagonist or a ticket and this ticket allowed him to go to other dimensions, now what if we took that ticket and made a hub where we could go to neighboring dimensions, we learn technology from another race and make a inter dimensional alliance.
10 years later aliens come and attack earth, but they have the ships from halo basically and we have like 2000 capital ships.

3806852 Dude! That's what all Contemptible Bureau stories are about. Four legs good. Two legs baad! Ask your high priest/ess. A higher species can not commit a crime against a lower one, so genocide is completely justified.

*shrugs* believe what you will, but last I checked, I don't support that mindset in any of the stories I've written. Furthermore, there is no one individual who leads the TCB group(s). We're simply a group of folks who enjoy a particular concept. But hey, I suppose it's fun to generalize :ajbemused:

I knew it sounded too much like half life 2 with the air boats and stuff, and the tau cannon confirmed it lol. Been playing through black mesa, they're doing some really good things there. Great story though, please update if you can.

4932450 don't feed me that crap, your group is basically a subtle aattempt at genocide. At best some get away with few good stories iin this group but the rest is an inevitable genocide of humanity or ponies.

If I was the USA president or the president of any nuclear power i would unleash a nuclear armagedon . I mean, if we are going to die at least we can go with a BANG

6963904 What part of "looking at canon" don't you understand?

6976647 show me an instance where a unicorn has failed to throw an airship with magic

6977017 There has been no evidence proving that any Unicorn besides twilight is magically strong enough to do so.

6977492 *Trixie? wait... no not her, she had a =n amulet. so, maybe Sombra? he's a unicorn

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