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Hwhat...? I don't even... Hwhat?

This was hilarious! And Hawt! :rainbowwild:

I got to the "She ran her hooves through my chest, stopping right on my waist. Oh god, the shivers..." part before I lost.

Generally massive blood loss from having hooves enter your chest forcefully will give you the shivers before a sudden case of death. :rainbowlaugh:

*imagines Lyra playing in a tub full of blood"

"Dear Celestia, its as if I went and stabbed Mr. Bubble. How delightful." :pinkiegasp::pinkiehappy::rainbowwild::rainbowlaugh:

3940441 Huehueheheuhehee :rainbowlaugh: I have to fix that!!

Wow... I hope they don't put the guy in some kind of Mental Hospital.:pinkiecrazy:
I was entertained though. Great job.:twilightsmile:


Oh, and:



As accurate a description of my reaction to this story...

Loool very good fic, haaha

I see what this was inspired by.

One day, you take a shower. While you take that shower, you think of my little pony. And when you think of my little pony, you think of Lyra. :twistnerd:

First thing I thought when I read that title was, "Hope it's not the push-pump kind."

A work on parallel of other great works, like "The Day my Bead Turned into Pinkie Pie," I am sure.

Aneurysms are pretty serious... I'd be extremely upset with Lyra.

I think my mind left my skull and jumped on the train to crazyville...which is good...i think


Hwhat indeed man, hwhat indeed.:trixieshiftleft:

What...What is this story? Should I read it? Should I just pass it up? SOME ONE HELP ME I CANT DESIDE!!!!!!!!!!

Quite a funny read, but i could have even faved it, if there wouldn't have been these errors. You should certainly search an editor, you have potential.
3940447 i've got another one of these:

Slowly, Lyra crawled into my chest

i'm getting the feeling that Lyra has a (human) gore fetish,with her crawling and grabbing into human chests.

3943053 This Fic really exists???

3944021 Oh god, those grammar mistakes are killing me! :facehoof:

3944335 LOL I need to read that!

Edit 1: Holy guacamole, it's true!

3943958 READ IT!!! :flutterrage:

I must downvote this because of the factual disparities!

Irish Spring does not smell like mint!

It smells like... fresh soapy stuff... of something. Definitely not mint. I'm at work smelling some right now. I keep several bars with me to smell now and then. It smells better than the lab, which smells like mice and chemicals. :pinkiesick:


3945148 Green = Mint (or lemon) Purple = Lavender (or grape) . Its how the universe works! LOL

3944149 you know what? I'm gonna fave this. The concept and the jokes are worth it. This and the fact that I'm practically throwing around with faves and upvotes. On the entire time of me beeing on this site, i have left ONE downvote. Why? Because i see myself as a nice person, and I'm trying my best to be nice. Also I'm a very accepting person, and even if something (a fetish for example) get's too much for me, I'm not voting at all or voting based of what i read already, and only counting mistakes, writing style, jokes, etc...
This way the writer gets at least a view.
Oh,and the too much thing happened once or twice.

3945191 Green can also be sour apple.

Or lime!

Like lime jello!


3945452 Hmmm.... This looks tasty...

3945452 dude....... Did you just come up with a Lyra goo girl/pony story? Lyra MADE OF JELLO!!! Oh the possibilities........

I this left me scratching my head... funny but begs for at least another chapter to prove bob wasn't dreaming

3953829 Yeah, I was thinking about some kind of 'spin-off' about how Lyra came to earth :rainbowwild:

3953913 So it will be a Prequel/Sequel? or a different Human?

3954772 Probably a prequel, some kind of flash-back

3946714 Slime Lyra... absorption/vore story! :fluttershbad::raritydespair:


3959426 And I thought I had some weird fetishes! Oh, and just for the record, new clop coming soon. This time about :flutterrage: and :eeyup: (with no soap involved)

3959434 If you believe you can survive it, browse Furaffinity sometime.

You will know fear... :fluttershbad:

3959470 Is this some kind of e621? There's fur everywhere!

3959478 Kinda like that. Except better organized and free of viruses and Trojans. :trollestia:

3959619 Sounds good to me...

I see what you did there , however I had a aneurysm awhile back but it went like this

haha,, think about it, Lyrysh Spring Soap. lol

Well, that's one more thing to add to the list of things I never thought I'd read about.

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