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Twilight's in some pretty deep trouble. It's bad enough that she put on a lot of weight, really let her mane go, and seems to have picked up a bad habit of chewing on anything. No, that really doesn't compare with the claws that have replaced her hooves, the fact that she can stand up to about 25 meters tall, breathes fire, and had an involuntary species reassignment spell cast on her.

Mostly thanks to Trixie, looking for means to prove herself the more powerful of the two, they've both found their ponyhood lacking due to a transformation into dragons by the Bag of Tirek. Worse yet, Trixie has fallen to his corrupting influence, and become his new lieutenant in the world, preparing to release him from his adamantium tomb.

Now, it is up to Twilight and her friends, and anypony else they can drag kicking and screaming into the fight to catch Trixie and save her from her from the taint that has corrupted her, and that threatens to corrupt the world. A tall order, to be sure; but when the odds becomes so great, the fight needs to go big, lest ponykind go extinct.

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This is awesome! I can't wait to read more! Seriously, Tirek/Tirrac is the most awesome G1 villian there is and to see him and his Rainbow of Darkness, even better now that it has been unleashed on an unsuspecting Twilight and Trixie. Have an upvote and a favorite!

I remember reading this on Fanfiction.net two years ago. Does this mean you're going to continue it?


*Looks back to his muse, who has recently come back from outer space wearing a helmet looking like Gipsy Danger, looks up to the big 'To Be Continued' sign, and to the 'Incomplete' tag. Then looks to Trixie's Super-Bad Day, which just entered it's third act*

Hmm, I dunno man, Outlook is hazy with a 50% chance of awesome.:rainbowdetermined2::twilightoops:

2990504 You think you're punny huh? You think you're soooo punny with that title and shit, oh son you just walked into a whole lot of likes coming from me... dick

I am very very interested in where this will go. I love stories where Twilight turns into a dragon and her seeing Spike as her son already makes this one of the better ones to me. I do look forward to any future chapters you write for this.

I'll follow and see where you take this

Haven't seen this one in what feels like forever...
Yay, just yay.

I was really confused until I got to the end and realized that an explanation was going to made about how everypony got to this point... I actually thought I was losing my mind and this was a sequel or something :twilightblush:

2989888 What... Never mind I need a wikifix...

Are the transformations permanent? I've read many a promising "Twi gets turned into a dragon and learns to accept herself again" only for them to pull a last-minute switch-back, making the rest of it sort of meaningless. Also cool start. It was confusing at first, since it almost seemed like it would be a chapter you'd find in the middle or latter half of a fic, not the introduction, but once I finished it it made more sense. Anyway, tracked! :pinkiehappy:


Maaaaaaybe. Of course, even if she does turn back, there are always... consequences of actions.:twilightoops:

Started reading, experienced immediate grammar spaz on line 2 - "its" is the possessive, not "it's". :pinkiecrazy:

Proceeding with reading...

EDIT: Reading complete. Fav'ed and liked, this looks most interesting.


Timeline goes funky at 'Magic Duel'.

Trixie can't get the Alicorn Amulet because Celestia had it safely locked away, so she goes to the old castle, finding the Bag of Tirac.

This is a bad thing, as it turns things into dragons. Twilight and Trixie are both exposed, resulting in bad things (TM).

Trixie falls to the dark side after getting kicked out of civilized society, Twilight just barely hangs on until her friends show up and get into a situation that needs her to save them.

Trixie is now brainwashed and crazy and can't control herself, looking to free Tirek (Tirac? Hell if I know) and bring about Eternal Darkness.

And Luna has a bitching Deathmetal Flying Superfortress.

2992665 OOOh, okaaaay

As a further note, there most likely will be a bad infestation of Cashew-loving ponies with hypersonic tendencies.

You had me at the cover art XD :rainbowwild:


The cover art is a placeholder.

2992866 well the cover art IS Relevant.

I was saying that all i had to do was glance over the summery and I was immediately interested, not that i was only interested in the art.

WAY TO KILL A COMPLEMENT! :pinkiehappy::rainbowlaugh::derpytongue2: lol


*Stands over compliment-horse with a blood-dripping short-sword.* Uh.... oops. :pinkiesick:

I remember reading this on Equestria Daily, shortly after I joined The Herd. I'm glad that you're picking it back up. Also, have there been any changes to the original version of the chapter?


No, no changes. Those come next. All the changes, ever.

Of all time.

Some change not included, some changing may be required.

Consult your doctor before making any chan-*SMACK!* Ow! What was that for?:facehoof:

2992924 O.K. thanks, I just noticed the "Shining Armor" tag and wondered if he had been added, and if so, if anything else had been added as well.

Before making any chan-? What's that? What am I supposed to consult my doctor be making any. W-WHAT IS IT?! *Devolves into unintelligible stuttering and muttering*

Faved just for the premise! :twilightsmile:

And now I'm wondering how Dragon!Twilight would have handled, say, the Crystal Empire, or the Changeling fight... (Maybe I should start brainstorming.....)


Happens after both of these.

But don't worry. You'll see:pinkiecrazy:


Dragon alicorn? Now there's something to fuck with my already drunk and sleep deprived mind.

2993107 Ill hazard a guess or two:
Chrystal Empire: Fights Sombra over the...er, crystals (dragon greed and all that) :twilightoops:

Changelings: Eats Changelings. :twilightsmile:

2990933 Your avatar is soo fitting. :pinkiehappy:

Not sure how I misread adamantium tomb as titantium womb, but hey!

Of course, if we're including G1 in this with Tirek, are we absolutely sure Applejack isn't secretly an immortal from those times playing dumb? (Who's a silly pony, who's a silly pony, who is, you is APPLEJACK) :ajsmug:

...gather up everypony in Twilight's inner circle of friends...

Spike looked...

Christ, that's heartening. Most people seem quite satisfied thinking that Twilight only has five close friends, and that Spike is either nobody's friend or just not important enough to be given context.

"You! Will! NOT! HURT MY SON!"

"Twi... M-Mom?"

:facehoof: [rant]I assume this silly relationship was established in the story that precedes this one. Twilight has never fully behaved like a mother toward Spike in canon. She's acted like his sister, boss, partner, and friend, and has treated him in ways a decent mother wouldn't dare. Does anyone seriously think a filly who'd just been enrolled in school would be permitted to raise a newborn? Of a species they know nothing about? Anyone who gets a mother/son vibe from watching them interact in the show has got to be projecting pretty damn hard.[/rant]

Trixie's transformation into a rogue Tirek beastie sounds interesting, especially since it yields the possibility of a scene in which she would deal with being a threat to Ponyville a second time; and it's usually pretty cool to see G1 characters and concepts adapted into FiM. However, the odd relationship between Spike and Twilight kinda kills my interest. Though I shan't be continuing, I wish you luck with the rest.

2994142, to respond to your rant, it might be the fact that Twilight raised spike coupled with the fact that she seems to have gained some of a dragons personality with the change. :moustache:

2994177 I highly doubt Twilight raised Spike.

2994254 she was the one to hatch him, and even if she most likely didn't raise spike herself until later, now that she is a dragon she might think of him as her son. Heck, she might of thought of him that way at times, and i repeat, AT TIMES in the cannon.

On a side note, i killed a endangered bird on accident just now and have no clue what to do with the body before the police come. Any ideas?

2994302 That's, uh...quite a pickle you're in. Leave it lay and explain what happened, maybe?

Anyway, hatching him with her magic and taking as much a part in raising him as any big sister would does not a mother/son bond create. No matter how much bigger than him she is, no matter what species she is, she's still only five or six years older than him and wouldn't be thinking of him any differently than she has throughout the show.

2994305 time for my ace. Its a fanfic. It don't have to follow the cannons portrayal all the way, just enough that it ties together (even if badly)(no offense to the author). :moustache:

PS: I i got rid of the corpse. GLaDOS let me borrow her incinerator.

First of all, the implication that twilight has to of raised spike to consider him her child is ridiculous. What about adoption in real life? Do those mothers not consider their adopted children their sons? Furthermore, I personally, do get a mother/son vibe, after all, he's stated multiple times to be a baby, or at the very least still very young developmentally, lives alone with twilight, she provides for him, helps regulate his behaviour, is shown to love him, and he runs away from home when he feels she doesn't love him. It's completely possible it's a mother/son relationship even if it's only one that's evolved relatively recently in twilights life. Maybe she didn't used to take care of him but had to when they moved to ponyville? Regardless, you're entitled to your opinion, but that's how I feel

2994388 It's fine if you feel that way, but there's a lot you're missing. Twilight shows little concern for the cartoon violence he endures, lets him work himself to the bone for her, and is only 5-6 years older. No motherly traits present.

For his part, Spike interacts with her as a peer, shares the same group of friends with her (whom all treat him as an equal, rather than a child in the care of adults), looks after her probably more than she looks after him, and was never called a baby dragon after season one (and it was really just a general term for his indeterminate developmental stage; he's clearly nearing his teens).

lives alone with twilight, she provides for him, helps regulate his behaviour, is shown to love him, and he runs away from home when he feels she doesn't love him.

These are all things that could just as easily happen within a brother/sister relationship with no parents around. Watch them compliment each other, work together, or sing their duet; that's not a mother and child, that's a partnership.

First of all, you can't really use cartoon violence as a point, considering that that characters fairly give it any weight and twilit suffers Thr most anyway. Furthermore

These are all things that could just as easily happen within a brother/sister relationship with no parents around

...really? if I though my sister didn't love me, I'm firmly certain, I'd just yell at her, I sure as hell wouldn't have run away from home. Also, it seems to be like you're reaching. Yes all those things can be brother/sister indicators, but they just as easily fit in a mother/son dynamic. Also, why aren't their parents around? If twilight is so unfit to be his parent that there is no way she could be a mother figure, they why isn't spike with one? Like celestia or twilights parents? And I also think you're projecting a very narrow definition of motherhood onto twilight. Imagine a scenario where a successful, well off (as I imagine twilight is) young woman decides to adopt an older, but still defiently young, child. Their age gap may be narrow, and their interactions fundamentally different but that doesn't make them any less mother and son. Also I feel I should end this stamens by saying I need to shut up now and actually get to sleep II I was supposed to be an hour so...:twilightblush:

Oh and I just remembered 'shares the same group of friends'....no, not really. He rarely interacts with the other mane 6 without twilight there to initiate the interactions, and I don't really remember many instances of them treating him as an equal, in so far as two adults would

2994491 You've cited maybe two or three major problems with his role in the show, but this is the most aggravating:

He rarely interacts with the other mane 6 without twilight there to initiate the interactions, and I don't really remember many instances of them treating him as an equal

This especially needs to be fixed in canon. They're the only friends he has. And contrary to how you've interpreted it, he's always been pretty on par with them.

Fact is, Twilight acts like all of the above: mother, sister, friend, boss, and partner. Their relationship is too ambiguous to pegged as any one thing. But she only acts motherly as much as an overbearing sister would, and she only has to because Spike's actual surrogate parents aren't around.

"Huh? Mommy?"
"Winter Wrap-Up!"
"You're not mommy."

Luna shouldn't even care if this guy wants to bring Eternal Night (tm) or not. She should at least tell him off for stealing her idea.

Or is it his idea, since Tirek is G1....or is it still Luna's because she had the idea a millennium ago...I'm confused.


They're the only friends he has.

I'm pretty sure he's the one that was talking to Hoity Toity on his own to get him to come to Ponyville for Rarity's fashion show, was he not? Perhaps most of his friends still live in Canterlot, seeing as that is where he's spent 90% of his life, and so when the Mane 6 are having adventures, he takes the train to Canterlot to hang out with old pals for the day...

It's... a very very very bad start... You put us into the middle of an event without any explanation or anything, 'and end it with Well it all started with...', already making it one of the worse starting chapters of any story I have ever read. Worse, because we were thrown right into the middle of it, I feel confused, frustrated, and down right bored out of my mind. I skimmed through most of it cause there was no point in reading any of the details at all cause they have no meaning at all to begin with.

Then I hear in the comments this is on another site, from a long time ago, and was never even finished, and now you are porting it over here... and not all at once either... :facehoof: the seeming sheer stupidity of the author too does not bold well for this story at all. I will watch... Lets see how far this story makes it before it crashes and burns.

2995258 that was Hoity Toity but yes you are right

So I saw this and I said "I vaguely remember seeing this somewhere before..."

So I looked on Equestria Daily, and sure enough, this was posted there on the 8th of September all the way back in 2011.

Sadly, all the comments there were apparently deleted (probably during one of their many site updates), along with my critique of it. :raritydespair:

So I guess I'll just have to give it again.

This... isn't a very good start to this story. While I do love the general concept behind it, the premise, and the connections made between G1 and G4, the format of it leaves a lot to be desired. While it's true that starting "in medias res" (in the middle of the action) and then flashing back to the beginning of the tale is a legitimate format for writing a story, you went a fair bit too far with it here. The point of starting 'in medias res' is to tease just a tiny bit and make your story look incredibly awesome, but reveal almost no context causing readers to say "what is going on? How did this happen?"

This story delved far too deep into the current action and explained far, far too much. Hence, you've basically spoiled the story for us. While, yes, we still have a few things to deal with obviously, we know for a fact that Twilight is going to be okay. We know what most (if not all) of the drama is going to be in advance and we know it'll all work itself out. We know that everypony will end up accepting her. We've been given a ton of exposition about the nature of dragons and magic and the contexts in which they apply to this story. We know what the big bad of the story is and intends to do. All of this is far too much information being dumped on us this early in the story, and certainly in an "in medias res" format, because now there's really very little reason to read the context of it, since we know everything about its conclusion.

This chapter, quite frankly, should have ended during the fight with the manticore. With Twilight crashing into the clearing, a rage-filled dragon and us not knowing if she's there to make the fight better or worse. Or perhaps with Twilight falling unconscious, us not knowing if she's dead or not. Or another good choice would to have this be the final battle with Dragon!Trixie and Tirek and have Twilight get struck by a bolt of magic or something and fall over and reflect on "just how all this could have come to pass" or something. But as it is, it simply went too far. We should have been allowed to experience the drama unfold for ourselves rather than be told what it is in the prologue and immediately be told that it's not an issue. The exposition about dragons, Tirek, and magic should have been left to the story itself and let it unfold with the story as needed. The question of whether everypony will accept her should have been left up in the air and only been explored in the main story rather than the prologue. As it is, it feels like there's no point to read the rest of the story.

I dunno. I'm a little upset because I know people were giving such comments way back when this first showed up on EqD. I know for a fact that I did at least. I gotta say, It's a little upsetting to see that after so long, none of the criticism given on that chapter was paid any attention to and that this is just a copy/paste of the original (or at least enough of one that there is no major context difference). Frankly, if I were you, I'd go back, delete everything after the manticore fight (and maybe the conclusion to the manticore fight as well), and THEN start from the beginning. Because as it is, you simply give away too much.


You don't need to be THAT harsh. Admittedly, as I just said, this is a pretty bad start to the story, but Richardson has written some particularly good, fun fics. "Scootamom" and "I Have No Friends and I Must Scream" come to mind.

wait wtf i remember this ancient fic one of the first i read and pissed me off since it never updated

hopefully it will now

hmm.....not many stories just jump right into action at the beginning, unorthodox, but you made it work pretty well. so FAV!:pinkiehappy:

2995601 Nice as that would be to believe, Hoity Toity was probably just a connection, not a friend. In "Secret of My Excess", it was heavily implied that Spike didn't have anyone apart from Twilight who thought his birthdays were important enough to give him any presents. Not Shining, not Celestia...

2995258 ...not even you! The heck, Cadance? The kid's birthdays had all been boring disappointments up until Ponyville. Whomever his surrogate parents were, they were not very attentive.

The title should just be "Dragon Her Hooves".

2995715 I disagree with the being harsh... Both those stories you listed were started last year, updated very rarely, and are STILL incomplete. So what we have to look forward to here is.... Long wait times between chapters, with a high chance of the author focusing on one of the other stories instead later down the line and making the chapter update time even higher or even put it on Hiatis (aka will never be touched again), to a story that will probably never be finished anyways.

No offence to him or you, but that isn't a very good track record, especially since the prologue, before the story even starts, is bad and couldn't even be bothered to rewrite to make it better. Uploading it to a new place, after it not being touched in so long, would have been the perfect time to rewrite some chapters, and maybe even other stuff, to make them better if he can. But he chose not to.

I am not very good with.... Words and expressing myself to get my meaning across a lot of the times. If I was good at it, I would be writing stories myself xD. You have said a lot better what I wanted to express, but this is not some... first story never written before newbish 14 year old. By now he should have learned, and getting better, and thought ahead a little even. But he hasn't it seems like. It might be a little harsh, but if you keep just giving people a slap on the wrist for doing something wrong, they will never learn.

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