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I am a thousand tiny ponies operating a mobile human suit for giggles.


Twilight has been having her study sessions with the Cutie Mark Crusaders for some time, and has been remarkably pleased with their progress. And kind of worried, as they keep getting better and better. She might be a princess now, but TEACHING THE CUTIE MARK CRUSADERS? She'd rather not become their formal mentor. Yet.

A letter is sent out, and Princess Celestia gets a call for help. And, an opportunity is born. After all, why not? After a thousand years, perhaps it is time to do something else, just for a bit. She does have a rather wonderful younger sister who hasn't been ruling a land for a thousand years, and who has been studying how to rule for the past four rather intensely. So, teaching three fillies undercover? Sounds like fun.

And Luna. She's wanted to be as respected as her sister so much that she once went mad over it. But now, she's simply being handed the power that she once coveted for so long and no longer wants. What kind of a world does she live in now that her highest desire has been so casually granted?

With all of this, What Could Possibly Go Wrong?


Escape: When Celestia hears the call, she jumps at the chance to teach again, especially three fillies who might surpass her grandest student. But first she's got to escape her own identity...
Examination: So you want to find out what a filly does? Time to test her silly, so long as you don't taunt the Happy-Fun Filly.
Excitement: So, you've found the Happy-Fun Filly. Great, but the other two need help as well, and Scootaloo has this ~Great!~ idea for how to use her new-found magic...
Encouragement: Cometh the Bubbles, and a whole load of new headaches as they find out just what being a Happy-Fun Filly really means...
Exaltation: Where's Luna been this whole time? She can't be very happy about being left in the lurch holding Equestria. She could really use somepony to talk to.
Exercise: 'Sunbeam' is looking to teach the Happy-Fun Filly more, but first she needs to start taking care of the wagon-tire she keeps around her middle so that certain Unfun-Time Fillies don't interrupt her. And there's this big draft stallion looking for help...

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Twilight's in some pretty deep trouble. It's bad enough that she put on a lot of weight, really let her mane go, and seems to have picked up a bad habit of chewing on anything. No, that really doesn't compare with the claws that have replaced her hooves, the fact that she can stand up to about 25 meters tall, breathes fire, and had an involuntary species reassignment spell cast on her.

Mostly thanks to Trixie, looking for means to prove herself the more powerful of the two, they've both found their ponyhood lacking due to a transformation into dragons by the Bag of Tirek. Worse yet, Trixie has fallen to his corrupting influence, and become his new lieutenant in the world, preparing to release him from his adamantium tomb.

Now, it is up to Twilight and her friends, and anypony else they can drag kicking and screaming into the fight to catch Trixie and save her from her from the taint that has corrupted her, and that threatens to corrupt the world. A tall order, to be sure; but when the odds becomes so great, the fight needs to go big, lest ponykind go extinct.

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It's been uncounted millenia since the last of Twilight's first friends passed away. Even their names have passed into legend and myth, forgotten by the slow march of time. Now on a far away planet, she finds her musing upon all of her friends over the long years interrupted by her latest faithful student, Calming Waltz.

Now if she can only get that silly pony off to her wedding, and maybe teach her something about why her romance and wedding to come is so special and wonderous... Or at least something for Twilight to get a laugh out of, anyway.

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Sidestory of the Scootaverse

Ever wonder what goes on when the focus of a story isn't on it's main characters?

Ever wonder what a family does for fun when you're not watching them struggling on against life? Wondered what silly dreams and ideas come from their heads? When Scootaloo, Luna, and Celestia aren't out and about trying to find their true places in a world that would have them stand upon a pedestal, they do their best to spend time with their family. All of their family, from the Elements of Harmony, to Cadance and Shining Armor doing their best to drive each other crazy. They scheme, they plot, and they have fun in the time that they can spare for each other.

The stories here are one-shots, slices of life from within the Scootaverse, points in time that don't fit into the narrative of Scootamom, or it's sequels, but still took place. Enjoy!

Chapter 1: Celestia Vs. The Great Devourer: It can't possibly be that hard to walk into Sugarcube Corner to order some normal bread and trot out without a bucketload of cupcakes, right? Pinkie and Celestia seem to think so.
Chapter 2: Luna would disagree with Pinkie's treatment of Celestia. But first, she must do battle... with the Pinkie Sense! Can she escape becoming a full moon?

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"Is anypony out there? Please, my name is Trixie! I need help! I think... I saw a cockatrice. I can't move, I can't see. Please, somepony, anypony.... Help me."

Laid low by circumstances beyond control, trapped in a cruel and unrelenting prison of flesh made stone, can anypony hold out hope to see the day once more? When their life rests in the hooves of one whom they tried to humiliate and belittle, can they trust in them and make it right? When they can only see through the eyes of another pony, when only one other can hear them, can they stay sane? When the only chance for their freedom is a fool's hope made incarnate, the impossible made improbable, can they beat the odds? Trixie is going to find out.

Pride can lay one low. Stubbornness can leave somepony friendless. Anger and Sorrow can turn others away. And yet, they can give strength. And Hope, in the darkest hours.

If you're afraid of Dark tones, or find them distasteful, or can get stabbed easily in the feels, I suggest reading on only with caution. This is not a happy tale.

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(Now with Fanart!)

Scootaloo's rather embarrassed by her Mom. Not because she isn't cool, arguably she's both the hottest and the coolest mom in Ponyville. It's not about the fact that her mom serves on the royal court either, though that doesn't help. Maybe it's got more to do with the fact that the reason her mom is almost never seen after sunrise or before sunset, or because before the Mare in the Moon returned to Equestria, she knew her name.

Or, you know, that her mother is a chocoholic, an embarrassing know it all that's actually lived it all, owes personal favors to Princess Luna, and has the unfortunate job description of 'ruler of the land and day'. Sure, having Celestia as your mom is cool and all, but at the same time nopony can know who she really is. Nopony gets to 'know' her, and every moment is guarded against snooping visitors. And yet, there's still hope for a better day to come. Even when all your mom's enemies and rivals finally come home to roost and ruin your day. It can't be all bad, right?

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And Fanart:

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