• Published 21st Jul 2013
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Trixing Switch - Windburst

When Trixie visits you in a dream and tells you that she wants to change places for half a year, you accept thinking its all a silly dream. Little did you know just what you agreed to.

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Five quatloos on Blueblood being human.

Now, what kind of human.. I call Surfer Bro!

it's possible that he's human, but i get the feeling that his wife might be a changeling.
i could be wrong, but we'll never know until later

Wonderful. Can´t wait for the next chapter. :yay:

Great chapter, looking forward to the next one!

I don´t quite undertand why "Trixie´s" ignorance of the recents events mark her as a possible spy in the eyes of the Mare Six. Any spy should be very informed of the basic situation before begin her work.


Old trick. Feign ignorance and let your mark fill you in what they know or think they know.

Warning, get mad = world ending rampage.

Good luck Conrad.

I do hope our poor protagonist gets to keep Trixie's body. Even losing his thumbs and Rod of Lordly Might, he's got a pretty sweet deal. Awesome digs, a talking hat, royal pornography(and I hope that somepony finds that eventually), and phenomenal cosmic power? Cha-ching!

And since Trixie is probably destroying his life as we speak(my money is on 'locked up in a mental institution), I think he deserves it.


Could be a hippy. Blueblood might come back to find himself the owner of Equestria's largest collection of bongs. And bongos.

We really hope the mc will get to stay in the end. With all of her relationship building, it seems Trixie would just throw that all away when she returned.
Still, she got a hat out of it, that will help a bit
You can't imagine how good it can be to have a reassuring voice in your head. Wait, reassuring? As if!
Keep going! ;)

You know what Windburst.
I don't know if you ever read the story "A (Fe)male Perspective of Equastria" , but I highly recommend it (I know it starts of cloppy but it turns out much sweeter and no clop in it so hang in there if ya read it :D). Your story has a very similar feeling to it with a better character/scenario building to it. A small emphasis on the serial side of things has really improved the quality of the writing..
Small errors however..
Princess is a title which I am sure should be capitalised.
Other random typos throughout the story have been found, some of which really make a sentence difficult to understand..
In terms of fan work.. You totally would have to merit a 8/10..
Looking forward to how your story progresses.
Please post an update or date soon for the next chapter :)
Have a good one hey :D

Nope, never read it, though will check it out. As far as typo's and spelling errors go... well, I'll sadly always have those as I'm not a native English speaker, and don't have a proofreader (though in my defense, I've seen stories with English speakers AND proofreaders still have tons of errors :derpytongue2: ) of course that doesn't mean that I'm not looking out for those, but with certain cases (like the simply case of or off were both sound similar but got a different meaning) I always seem to struggle, and while I do check Google for help there, it doesn't always seem to be correct either >_<

Anyways, feel free to point any big mistakes out so I can edit it accordingly!

Also, I wouldn't mind fan work :twilightblush: helps to know people like my silly stuff and will boost my ego confidence


4321911 4322138
Welp, that was an unexpected comment to see when I decided to finally catch up on this after a hiatus... Horacio, this story is actually better than FeMale from the get-go, mostly because even with some of the errors you mentioned and Windburst attributed to being a non-native English speaker, this story is more serious from the start. Mine is definitely of the 'crack-fiction' quality for the first half dozen chapters or so, as I just didn't care one bit about it, and its posting was meant as an inside joke that exploded into what it is now. Hell, the cover started out as a picture of Luna with a rape face with the words "Prepare Thy Anus" on it. So yeah, there is the comparison of R63 involved, but I think this succeeds a lot more as it has its focus and direction decided from the start, and not 25,000 words in.

Windburst, so far I've got to say that you're doing an excellent job of things. Like you said, small things do slip through. I think the largest errors I've seen so far are the word choice in dialogue with Twilight, which throws some of her characterization off as a result. There are other instances with a word missing, or the wrong word or a 'poor' word (other ones would fit better), but for the most part everything else is indeed solid. I actually enjoy this story thus far, and this is coming from someone who completely hates Trixie, too. Keep up the excellent work, I'm glad to see that you've found more time to write lately, plus you've got some intriguing things going on that should prove interesting in the future.


Wow :) I didn't expect to see you here lol. You have put into better context and words exactly how I feel about this story.
It has a much more serious feeling to it...
Still an incredibly interesting read too :)
Yeah, your story was lot less serious. More joke oriented as you put it. I still find yours an interesting read and always look forward to your updates.
I understand better now, with your language barrier and all. The fact you pieced this together with help from google, that shows passion and determination.
As I mentioned above, your story is awesome and the way SpaceCowboy explained your story is a far better explanation for how I feel about your story.
Keep it up :) . Still waiting on the next chapter :P

About 6k words in, so should be out soonish I won't set a date because I tend to never make those...
Anyways, thank you for the praise, helps to keep going :derpytongue2:

Might take you up on that offer. Lord knows it might save me a ton of typo's and spelling errors

First of all, thank you for the praise. Secondly, that name :heart: Actually read a few things written by you already it seems, but I tend to forget who writes what and all that :derpytongue2: I've started reading A [Fe]Male Perspective of Equestria, both out of curiosity, and also because it had been sitting on my read later list for ages. So far it's funny, but a tad too random for my tastes :rainbowlaugh: doesn't make it bad though, so I'll keep reading it to see how it evolves! As for weird word uses and such, I actually noticed that as well but it has it reasons. One of my major errors is that I tend to use the same words over and over at times, which makes for an awkward read very fast. You should see some of my chapters before I edit them... but I suppose it turns into weird dialogues and wrong word uses. Funny, these things sound a ton better in my head, till I want to write it down >_<

Oh well, back to writing!

Onwards to the next day! surely nothing weird will happen!

LIES! You are a LIAR!

Wonderful chapter.:twilightsmile:

Hmm, I wonder how the real Trixie will switch them back when the time comes anyways without there being magic on her end? I would say she has an accomplice but if she is the only one who can reverse the spell... :trixieshiftright:

The red dragon... Interesting name for a hat.
Am I detecting a Welsh vibe? Maybe some inspiration from the Mabinogion?

I read your summary for this story, and I can't help but feel that you don't quite get what "bashful" means. As a matter of fact, bashful is pretty much the opposite of what Trixie is.

MOAR TRIXIE! :trixieshiftleft:

GIVE US MOAR! :trixieshiftright:

Ok. Problems, (in order from least important to most):

1.You mess up the tense several times. It's gotten to the point where I'm not sure if you missed the class where you learned about them.

2. Twilight about to curse. Its a problem with characterization. It feels less like your character was speaking to Twilight and more another random person.

3. Starting your sentences with and. That doesn't fly, my friend. It's about a big a faux pas in writing as pulling down your underwear and twerking is at a formal ball. Never start a sentence with and.

4. Repeat, redundant, ridiculous spam paragraphs. If you say the same things over and over again and your character still doesn't get it, they need to be beaten over the head with a Snorlax-sized hammer. The conversation with 'The Hat', are like this. It's basically a conversation in which the only thing one of the party says is 'ARGH! WHAT, WHY?!'. It's, frankly, the most mind-numbingly dull back-and-forth I've ever had the displeasure to lay my eyes upon.

4489098 Sort of what I was trying to say...but better. Thanks, Samaru. ...I found your Skype...

Dat Welsh...

Balch o fod yn Gymro, baht! :heart:

We needs new chapters.

in am really inerettd and want to read a good Trixie story, i just wanted to ask if you let it continue soon, to make sure i still have something to read if i catch up to the lastest Chapter:pinkiehappy:

Know i really want him to stay in her body, maybe he can tell them in the end that this is nothis real body.
Whatever happend in the end i really want him to stay.

That´s a thing i hate if good animes or books do it, first the mainchar get into another world end in the end he get back to his own world without even the possibility to visit the other world somehow. Let say i don´t want them to like someone or something and then puuffff nothing.

I really like the story and i want to read more.:heart:

Now it get´s really late, i had to rush a few sentence because i have not time right now, but i am happy how it turned out so far.
PS: And i think i get all the infos in my mind somehow.^^

I more prefer he stay in her body forever because vengeance!!! :pinkiecrazy:
No magic for you, bitch!

5130616 well i maybe written that comment a while ago and don´t remember all of it immediately, but i could bet i would like it exactly like you say it right now.

I only remember that they switched bodys and well a few things that happened in ponyville, oh and of course that he still tries to get his Body back. But yeah i would prefer it if his experience with ponyville weren´t for nothing.:twilightsmile:

Y Ddraig goch? Mae'n Celestia ydy George Sant? XD :trollestia:

Is this NSFW? I want to know so I know which folder to put it in on my group.

5377575 ive come across this comment from you on sooo many stories lol:rainbowlaugh:

5569048 I make the comment that's either marked incomplete and hasn't updated in over a month or more or on hiatus and hasn't updated in six months or more.

Allot isn't a word.
Other than that, I'm keeping my eye on this so I won't miss any updates.

You lost me at the talking hat. I'll still wait for an update, though...

5962982 Are you talking about the bird? 'Cuz in that case it's spelled "geese", or if there's just one, then "goose"

Welp, 56 weeks later, nothing weird has happened. Soooo... Not a liar?

It says cancaled :fluttercry::fluttercry: :fluttercry:

Is this really cancelled or just going on a hiatus?





Such a wonderful story. Tis a shame it was cancelled.:raritycry:

She actually smiles at the thought “He seemed to just have turned around one day almost as if he just obtained a new personally overnight.

*personality btw :twilightsheepish:

Awesome story!
What a shame it has been cancelled :(

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