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Idiot from England who writes bad TF stories sometimes. Gilda is the best.

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Alright! Good to see you back, I enjoyed this story and now I'm looking forward to the rewrite.

Out of the dead fics now

Damn de oublished that sucks I likes them and no you can save them so time for one other story that I respect to hopefully not go down bust but im doubting and is the main character a male now great no more female perspective dammit well at least I still have zombies... :ajsleepy: :fluttershysad:

But I will still support this cause I wanna know what happens...

Ooooo, this story again, but now better? Definitely count me in! :pinkiehappy:

I thought the old version wasn't bad, but it's always nice to see a drive for improvement.
And your general writing technique, at least, has improved a lot.

Like the rewrite! Looking forward to the next chapter.

Welcome back?

Gonna take the transformation slower this time, I take it?

7143505 A little bit. It's going to be a lot more interesting this time, but the main focus is still the consequences that come afterwards.


Certainly different from the original.

definitely better then the first version.

That was a awesome read, And his reaction to this all was so real. Like how Id feel.

So Twilight has never heard the word "fuck"? Is that because this is going to tack closer to the "TV-Y" version of Equestria or because she spent most of her high school experience in the library?

7148137 A bit of both, there are cultural differences between Earth and Equestria so a lot of the language is different, but Twilight isn't the kind to use profanity anyway.

So... post EqG since Twilight barely shrugged at the human saying his world has no magic?

Still, enjoying this rewrite so far. A slower burn, but in a good way.

yay, an update! cant wait till the next one.

Interesting, waiting for the next chapter with great anticipation.

I'm loveing this so much.

This story is in my favourites, but all the chapters are unread. Was this story rewritten?

Woah, I love this writing style.

This kinda works with my theroy on how equestria started. :twilightsheepish: and stuff

That was so funny /awesome read.

I'm always glad to see a new chapter of this in my notices.

loving the rewrite of this so far, going really good so far.

This is like The Fly, except with the promise of hot horse sex!
Which would have seriously improved The Fly, IMO.

"I couldn't get out of bed this morning and it looks like my left foot is about to drop off," I contested, holding it up for her to see.

"It ain't meant to look like that?"

"No? It's meant to be kind of... skin coloured like the rest of me. The skin is peeling off now." I winced slightly as some more of the skin fell away, dried and white, revealing more of the black surface underneath. Damn, it looked nasty. Maybe it was some kind of infection? But why would it change the colour of my hair and eyes if that was the case?

He pulled out a scalpel like tool and did the same to the hardened area. "Hm, this is very tough. Like the bottom of a hoof."

At a guess: Chitin.

You're doing fine.

The pacing is a definite improvement over the original.

Nice to see more of this.^^

really happy to see an update. It's cool to see a story with a "realistic" slow transformation from human to pony. Really like the details your putting in.

this is going well, more please

Time to get the transformation started!

Is that what hooves are made of?

7497751 I was guessing that you were hinting at him becoming a changeling.

And no, hooves are like fingernails, hair etc. and made of keratin. :ajbemused:

I think the guy is turning into a regular pony, just with black hooves.

7498835 We'll find out, but (joking) if i'm right, you owe me 5 bits.

Glad to see updates, I like this story a lot.

Guess it was just a matter of time before the explosion.

Still, I do hope our protagonist soon finds something he actually likes slash enjoys about Equestria. (Cough, cough. :eeyup:) The Negative Nancy thing is understandable, but quite draining in anything but small doses.

Oh, and I do really enjoy how much bigger AJ's presence is in this new version. Really like the connection she and Gerry is slowly but surely striking up.

"Do you need some time alone?"

I think that was a given

those months when everything shouts "screw you" and wants a bite out of you, the problems cant spread out over a larger period of time because some one likes a good laugh. I feel his pain.

He doesn't seem to happy about this :unsuresweetie:


"So what's the issue here?" the optician asked, "I'm not seeing anything too out of the ordinary."

"My sight is fine, the colour of my eyes changed a day ago, and I don't know why."

"Well," he sighed, "I've never seen anything like that before. The only explanation I could provide is that you're under the effect of a spell or curse; they're known to change the colour of the victim's eyes on some occasions."

So what? (serious) My eyes change colour with everything i wear. :ajbemused:

Welp, this explosion would've came anytime and now it's here.
You know, I did read previous version of this story. There would be Mac. Can't wait when his introduction here comes!

I think someone needs a hug...

kaboom. well, when the steam buids, it has to release eventually
but hey, at least they found out it's not death, merely transformation.
I know I don't really comment much (I feel bad for it now) but so far this rewrite goes great - the story has improved a lot thanks to it. good job :twilightsmile:

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