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Investigating primitive radio transmissions detected on a long-range Federation listening post, the Enterprise investigates a planet far in the unexplored border space of the Alpha Quadrant. There, they discover a primitive planet just starting its industrial revolution--a planet complete with extensive lunar colonization and in the process of launching its first warp-capable ship.

The failure of the alien ship initiates first contact--with a race of adorable talking horses. A first contact with some unique diplomatic idiosyncrasies--and hints of a more sinister plot behind the warp-vessel's destruction.

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When Twilight first began her experiments in trying to figure out better ways to access the Aether, the realm of magic and souls just outside their physical realm, she did not expect to make significant progress. After all, pony kind has been trying to find out the answer to that line of thinking for centuries.

When she felt herself connect to the other realm Twilight accidentally manipulated its energies in a different sort of way. The Aether bent to her will much easier than before. Getting just a bit too excited, Twilight played with the Aether a tad too freely and the reality-bending powers of the outer realm sucked her into its bottomless depths.

Fortunately Twilight was able to direct herself back to the material realm using the closest, and brightest, soul she could find as an anchor. And the second she looked up at the skull of the skeleton sitting on top of a golden throne, she knew life was about to get more... interesting.

(A crossover with "If the Emperor had a Text-to-Speech Device")

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When the time came, choices needed to be made.

Consequences be damned.

These are a series of short vignettes set in the Negotiationverse by Rated Ponystar. Windows into events briefly mentioned throughout the long journey of Equestria’s tumultuous time on planet Earth. From their encounter with the humans to the war that followed, bear witness to the choices made and the ripples that nearly destroyed Equestria.

You can read the original story here

Check out the Negotiation-Verse TvTropes page here.

(Featured 2/6/2021)

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This story is a sequel to Future

My name is Private Halberd Wings of 139th Arial Spear Regiment's 2nd Platoon.

My home, Equestria, came to Earth fourteen years ago in order to help a species called humanity who was on the brink of destroying themselves with their hatred, technology, and greedy ways. The Princesses, in their great wisdom, offered a chance to save them from themselves by making them ponies like us. However, they rejected us, and now we're at war.

I have joined the cause to defend Equestria and see these humans are given a proper future guided by friendship and harmony. It doesn't matter what comes our way for Equestria has never lost a war and we will not lose one now. With the fires of friendship, and the guidance of our Princesses, we will be victorious!


A Prequel to Negotiations

Please Help Out The NegotiationsVerse TV Tropes Page

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Megan Richards is a normal, everyday wife and published author of 'My Little Horsey'... however the tales she writes about aren't fiction, but stories from her past. She thought she put the world of ponies behind her, but sometimes the past has a habit of catching up with you...

G1 meets G4 in a hopefully epic tale of the past, the present and the future.

I own nothing, also, minor cameos from other Hasbro properties such as Jem and the Holograms, Transformers G1 and GI Joe.

Cover image made by the very talented Egophiliac and from here.

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Sequel: The Conversion Bureau: United We Stand

Side-stories and mini-arcs not able to fit into the main narrative: Side Stories of First Contact

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Now with a TVTropes page courtesy of CMR Rosa who helped write the tropes, while his friends created the TVTropes page.

After the Battle of the Bands, things have been going good for the Rainbooms. Sunset Shimmer herself has finally gained the acceptance of her classmates. But she feels like she is missing something in her life.

Their peace, however, becomes short-lived. During a basketball game with Dimmsdale High, they witness some buck-toothed boy utilizing powerful magic.

Fearing the boy has gotten his hands on some dangerous Equestrian artifact, one of the Rainbooms steps up to babysit the boy and keep on an eye on him until Princess Twilight can come up with a solution.

However, the kid's secrets go much deeper then that. And, to their misfortune, the Rainbooms aren't the only ones interested in the power he holds...

Timmy Turner has the struggles not typical of 10 year old boy. On top of dealing with bullies, evil babysitters, and evil teachers, he must also keep his fairy godparents a secret.

When Vicky goes away for three weeks, Timmy sees this as a time he can relax. Much to his consternation, however, his parents hire a temporary babysitter. While she and her friends seem nice enough, Timmy will learn there is more to them then meets the eye.

And as other forces close in on his fairies, the Dimmsdale Elementary School student must decide who is friend and who is foe.

Equestria Girls: A Fairly Odd Friendship is an Equestria Girls/Fairly Oddparents fusion fic.

Set between Rainbow Rocks and Friendship Games. Also set around season 5 of FOP (with some changes to canon). This is after Channel Chasers and before Poof.

All rights are reserved to Viacom and Hasbro.

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A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away....

Sunset Shimmer, the former pupil of Princess Celestia, entered the mirror hoping to find a place where she could plot her revenge and prepare to enact it.
Instead she finds herself face down in a swamp, cold and alone, lost to the machinations of the dark, that is until she comes face to face with a being almost as ancient as her old mentor, and maybe just as wise.

Spoilers in the comments
Original Art by Bakki
Featured 5/30/2019

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Twilight Sparkle has cast loose the magic of Equestria and has been corrupted into a being that craves knowledge, no matter the cost. So, it’s up to Sunset Shimmer to save the day, right?

Yeah, about that…

Thanks to Tired Old Man, Nova Quill/Firimil, and
Steel Resolvefor their edits and suggestions!

Wonderful cover art by shonuff44!

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The shocking death of Princess Celestia came and all of Equestria mourned. None could explain, either scientific, medical, or magical, could explain the utter failure of her body and her demise. After her passing, Twilight Sparkle finds herself plagued with answers of how and why this happened. In order to find out what happened, and prevent such a thing from happening again, Twilight use the same potion Zecora gave her during the vine incident to step into the past and find the answers she seeks.

Yet the answers are nothing she ever expected, and what she learns will shatter everything she has known about Princess Celetia and her thousand year rule since her sister's banishment.

Co-Written with Black Hailstorm

Edited by Roker12

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"To the city of Titans you will go, to the days of future past and back through Apocalypse. See the end of ends, and then battle my illusion.

Twilight and friends find themselves in a world of heroes, changed into their power ponies selves. There they must ask, who sent them and why? Meanwhile, two young women deal with nightmares from their past, reminding them of the horrors that they have wrought. United, the trio must go through challenges and many battles to find the cause of all of it, and save the universe once again.

They will travel through hell and back, seeing once and for all the heart of a hero and why friendship will never fail.

A crossover between X-men, Teen Titans, and MLP.

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