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An unflattering article has led Celestia to have to come to terms with an uncomfortable truth; that she has a big butt. Luna Finds this hilarious and torments her sister.

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Scootaloo—the pony one—takes a holiday trip through the mirror portal. Scootaloo—the human one—tries to not pull all her hair out. 

A story about being yourself. A gift for Dreadnaught for Jinglemas 2023

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This story was inspired by the Poem
"Twas the Night" before Christmas.
I felt inspired to try my hand/hoof at this, I hope you all enjoy!

Pre-reader: Calypso

This was a BREEZIE assignment for Unity Bringer for Jinglemas 2023

Art credit: Elsia-pony

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"Sweetie, Are ya okay? Ah took a medical kit if ya need help?" Apple Bloom said as Sweetie kept totally still, the pair in front of her making no move to enter the small cave.

"Please do not harm this unit." The voice was distorted, damage to the vocal box giving a metallic tang to the request. Both Bloom and subject 2 jumped back from the entrance, their eyes wide at the distorted voice.

"S-Sweetie?" Apple Bloom stammered, reaching for the shotgun strapped to her barrel. Sweetie pressed herself a little deeper into her hiding place.

>Updating survival odds: 37%

"Please do not harm this unit." Sweetie tried again, various subsystems starting to simulate the most optimal way to fight in her current state.

"H-Hey Sweetie, t-that's you, right?" subject two asked, sounding even more terrified than Apple Bloom.


A small Sweetie Bot story I had in the back of my mind and have occasionally dotted down things for for the last 9 months. Hopefully a fun read!

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Now with physical book print!

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Marble Pie has been waiting to hear three words for a long time. But today is the day she will hear them from the one dragon she cares about the most in the world.

Normally don’t do this but; featured 9/8/2023 — 10/8/2023

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It's been a year since her coronation as queen, and Twilight Sparkle has a lot on her mind. Most importantly, the actions of a certain draconequus and how they helped her along her journey.

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Twilight Sparkle still isn't used to having friends, and one of the side-effects of never having anyone to share her hobbies with means that she has no gauge whatsoever of what's "normal." To her, cobbling together something like her camera drone is just a fun project to spend some spare time on, nothing that's worth a lot of fanfare.

Her friends beg to differ, and after she's convinced to go to Fillydelphia and show off her skills to her fellow robotics enthusiasts, she leaves with a pile of business cards and a whole different perspective on something that had previously been just a hobby. This is something valuable, and once the cheques start rolling in, Twilight isn't quite sure what to do with herself.

Well, no, that's a lie. She knows exactly what to do.


Written on commission, for Spamotron. If you'd like to commission me yourself, my rules are right here.
Also check out author Patreon and Ko-Fi

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There is an eternal longing within each pegasus as they come of age---an insatiable desire to break free from earthly bonds and soar into the heavens above.

For most, answering the call is easy. But what happens when you cannot rise to the challenge? What happens when you cannot rise above your physical and mental limitations?

For Scootaloo, this is her reality---a voice that screamed in the back of her mind as she looked enviously at the other pegasi soaring freely through the deep blue, unburdened by any lingering doubts.

With nothing left to lose and everything to gain, Scootaloo takes a leap of faith.

Written for the 1000 Words Contest under the slice of life category.

A big shoutout to INeedSleep and Orderly Dissasembly for proofreading!

And ProjectRabbid for the cover art!

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In the year 1253 Rane Shackleton was born however, her parents couldn't pay the child fee for the circus. So, a pony sold her to a royal family as a slave at the Black Market. A strange stallion appeared in her school one day and now he is in the house hold that she's in as a maid. A long life awaits Rane as she works towards a relationship with the prince.

A retrospective fiction.

Takes place in G2. Since there isn't a tag for (G2) I placed MLP FIM instead.

My oc's with hasbro G2 toys.

Beginner Proofreader No Name 13

Music theme artist by Flora Blossom

Artist Cover Drawn by Flora Blossom

This is the new series.


Second Half of 5-9.3

Second half of the story from 5 through 9.3 is all about Rane Shackleton friends in their relationships.

Chapter 10 will be the Final chapter with 3 parts and it's about meeting at the gala.


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Following King Sombra's defeat, a crystal pony contemplates her newfound freedom.

This story was written for the Thousand Words Story Contest . It did not place. This story has dramatic readings by StraightToThePointStudio, Pony&Wolf Productions, and TheQuinch. Thank you to all.

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