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    Rane Shackleton is a mare that is a pegasus slave, her parents couldn't have her while they were in debt to the high society. No matter how they wanted to do this. So, a pony sold her to a royal family at the Black Market..
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News to fellow mature followers · 9:43pm Dec 16th, 2021

I think I jest a little bit but, however, due to the writing skills I have is now pretty much good in every way like right now. I am confidant about fix the pre-quals of the first franchise after chapter 5.3 of clown mare.

yes that's pretty much what's taking so long for chapter 5.1 to get done... hahahaaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahashahahahahahhahahahahaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!

ooooooof the chapter 5.1 is going to get some people attention. Where am I taking Clown Mare in chapter 5.1 through 9.3 is the slave side of her old friends story. It may not be for some people and it is true but... This is a violence and sex tag so.... be prepare that I might get some kind of flag for it. Not so sure about it though but who knows.

Please do know that this fiction is a world scale building story.

Do note this as a serious jest though... MLP did have adult stuff but it was also hidden too... Now for the tags that I truly mention... The violence in the first half I thought I might of got a red flag but however it seems not too bad so I'll use that... as for the sex there will be only kissing since there were kissing in the show... however, not sure how far I can place it only the face. There will not be porn, but cuddles I hope it is an alright standard. Oh yes you people should know where I am going with this...

MLP did also made a detour story in the cannon and it was the 100th episode.

Report Flora Blossom · 120 views · Story: Clown Mare · #sex #violence.
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Can’t wait to read it, :pinkiehappy:

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