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Luna is best Pony


An unflattering article has led Celestia to have to come to terms with an uncomfortable truth; that she has a big butt. Luna Finds this hilarious and torments her sister.

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Ok you are great.

You know I think I know why Luna eats everything on the fruit maybe she spent so long without any food that she eats everything because she doesn't remember the taste, or maybe back before she was banished they had to eat everything because throwing food away was waist full and to show respect they had to eat everything.

Maybe they didn't know any better back then lol

As Discord would say "one of life's delightfully mundane mysteries".

Have you read anything else of mine? I think the most similar piece is the Pizza Eclipse one with Luna.

Ok I just got done reading it and I love it, although it kinda reminds me of my least favorite thing anyone has ever wrote, the time Twilight pranked Celestia don't read it if you want to remain sane, basically it's April fools day and filly Twilight knows about Celestia loving pranks so Twilight puts a Carolina reaper in Celestia's cake, unfortunately at dinner Celestia's sense of smell detected the pepper so Celestia gets back at Twilight by distracting her using Cadence while Twilight isn't looking Celestia puts the pepper cake in front of her so Twilight eats it and starts screaming she even ends up drinking toilet water to try and feel better, all that is bad enough but the real kick in the nuts comes when Celestia reveals she actually likes eating pepper that is hotter than the sun so in actuality she hurt Twilight for no reason at all and thought it was funny, I was furious.

Bendy, is this an alt?

Don't get me wrong, it's absolutely hilarious. But the story felt, well... a little too lean for properly addressing such a heavy topic.

Celestia is so huge that there isn't really a medical precedent to say whether or not she's actually fat. The charts simply don't reach her stunning heights.

Nonsense, there appears to be no growth macro in this story.

Comment posted by Dan deleted Dec 24th, 2023

I never peel potatoes, mangoes and carrots. That's where the nutrients are.


Now I'm depressed remembering how https://www.fimfiction.net/story/9135/a-slice-of-life was abandoned.

The story opened with that scene from the episode "A Royal Problem", but then diverted into something else.
What is curious to me is that I found the other day on Derpi that someone had created a 3D short animation with Twilight Sparkle being asked numerous questions by an unseen Human, and one of the questions was about whose butt was bigger: Celestia, or Luna? Twilight gleefully answered with Luna, adding that Luna herself told Twilight.
I just wanted to share the animation (sorry, I have don't know how to link it), as the story reminded me of that animation.


I'm not bendy. Looking at his profile, it looks like he does M rated stuff. Not my style.

That was funny! The real question would be is she fat or is she an average weight for a horse?

"Ew, Tia, you only eat the guts and not the peel? Gross." Celestia glanced back at Luna, a perplexed expression on her face. What could possibly be wrong with her younger sister?

Horses, and by extension ponies, can eat and digest the banana peel.

Also, nice reference if a bit cliche.

"Better than having a box cutter for a butt like you, Luna,"

Was that a DWK reference? From his Totally Legit Recap of the Royal Problem episode?

Ten bits say Bigbutt Celestia goes back to her usual diet of eating pancakes and cake again in a month.:rainbowlaugh:

Tia, nobody's complaining about the size of your ass πŸ‘πŸ˜˜

Yes it was, good catch.

Yeah, I try to have karma be logical and proportional.

…And she cannot lie. 🎢

You other bronies can't deny
That when a pony trots in
With a little bitty waist
And a round flank in your face
You get sprung.
:trollestia: 🍌 πŸ‘

That was fun.

"Ew, Tia, you only eat the guts and not the peel? Gross." Celestia glanced back at Luna, a perplexed expression on her face. What could possibly be wrong with her younger sister?

A lot

Tia... got... BACK!!!

I may have been drunk when I posted that comment.

I regret nothing.

It's ok, I much enjoyed the comment

I much enjoyed your story!

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