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The events of this story take place during and right after Firendship is magic parts 1 and 2.

On the eve of the Summer Sun Celebration, three Royal guards fought valiantly to save Princess Celestia from Nightmare Moon. But were struck down by the mare on the moon's magic and were transformed into toddlers. Now as they try to find a way to prove to Celestia that they can still be her royal guards. She tries to teach them that they're foals and keep them from causing trouble.

Editor Superpinkbrony12

Chapters (11)

After an accident with her best friend, Rainbow Dash is visiting her best friend Fluttershy in the hospital daily after she takes the blame on herself. Everything doesn't exactly go as planned when her condition worsens, bringing day to day depression.

Chapters (3)

"Mind thy work. Honor thy kin. Stay away from Holder's Boulder."

Marble disobeyed the warnings.

* * *

Audiobook by Scribbler Productions.
Edited by GaryOak.
Cover art by Mica Halligan.
Written for Scribblefest 2016.
Titanium Dragon
The Hat Man

Chapters (1)

Garble's mother, Aase, has never told her son about his father, and for good reason. Now that Garble has gotten older since he last asked about his father, Aase feels it's time for Garble to know about his father.

(NOTE: Contains the topic of abusive relationships. If you are sensitive about this topic, then you may leave this story if the topic makes you uncomfortable.)
Cover art is by me. Aase (shown in cover art) is an OC made by me.

Chapters (1)

Wilting Posies stars Sunburst and Posey from G1 MLP as the fanon parents of Fluttershy.

Sunburst spends the evening with his daughter, Fluttershy, for her birthday. Part of the annual tradition has him visiting Posey's room and trying his best to dwell on their happier times together.

Fluttershy surprises Sunburst by asking after her mother and the unknown parts of her past, invoking a stroll down memory lane and a tale of love and loss.


This is...not my masterpiece per say, not yet anyhow, but once I finish touching it up I think it will be safe to call it that. At least until I out do it. I'm currently in the process of updating it where i've caught errors and had some help working on dialogue. I've decided to not dwell on perfecting this piece and instead will be focusing on future works. I did enjoy writing this, but when my motivation to write dwindled, so did the will to edit it properly. I'll instead look on it fondly as a sign of improvement as I move forward.

Please leave comments; they give great insight! Also, please visit my DA account if you wish to keep a lookout for more stories that I haven't uploaded here yet, as well as updates on when i'll be adjusting or adding content to anything i'm writing!

Chapters (1)

Button Mash finds a video game that kills him in real life if he dies in the game.

He can't stop playing it.

Proofread by BootyPopperzZz and DrOcsid.
Edited by Dreams of Ponies.
Original source image by yuji8sushi, the artistic trashy edits were done by yours truly.

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He's lost his memories, and he can't remember quite a bit. Savra, his name is. He finds himself spiraling through the deep water of mirrors. He doesn't understand what's happening, what that strange stone necklace is, what it means, or what he was forced into this world for. He wants his mother, and he wants to go home, but how can one know what home is if you don't remember?

Chapters (23)

Princess Celestia is very concerned about Equestrians’ lack of visits to their primary care physician, and Twilight and her friends are happy to help out on a public health campaign by filming a documentary about their visit to the doctor.

Thing is, they might not be the best ponies for a health campaign...

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After months of silence, Coxa, or as he's known to ponies, 'Rustic Rumor,' has finally heard word. Chrysalis has fallen and Thorax has become the new king. Plotting to overthrow Thorax from within his hive, Coxa meets a young changeling named Ocellus.

Chapters (2)

Fevers, hoarding, and throwing up the strongest acid any toilet has ever seen. These seemingly innocuous symptoms (okay, maybe not so much the last one) are the telltale signs that Twilight Velvet recognizes as part of the family medical history. There was a strange branch of the family tree that had been handled discreetly. But the time for such discretion is over, Twilight’s symptoms aren’t responding to the usual treatment. It’s time to explore that branch, learn from it and bring her life back to a new normal.

This is the story of Twilight and her secret dragon heritage.

Amazing! Cover Art By: Anonpencil

Chapters (6)