• Published 27th Jan 2017
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Royal Guards in Training - Foal Star

On the eve of Nightmare Moon's return three royal guards were transformed into toddlers. Celestia now has to raise these three foals and keep them in line.

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Chapter 4: A Nighttime full of trouble

Shining Armor was wondering the halls of Canterlot palace mumbling, ”’Cadance has been gone all day. I hope those foals didn't knock her out.” He opened the door to their new room and peeked in seeing Cannon Feather, Bucket Bridle and Bright Wing climbing all over Cadence and laughing while doing it. Cannon Feather shouted, “We got the pink monster!”

“Yeah I got her wings!” Bucket Bridle replied.

Cadance playfully growled, “No, you can’t defeat the pink monster from the crystal empire!”

“Na uh.” Bright Wing taunted as he held onto her neck making her fall on the ground with fits of laughter. They all clambered on top of her hugging her and shouting! “Yeah, we beat the monster!”

She laughed and hugged them. “Oh, you three did it! You're still so great at protecting royalty.”

Cannon Feather nuzzled her. “Tanks Cady, ya the best foal sitta ever!”

She laughed and nuzzled him back, “And you three are the best little colts I've ever foalsat.”

Cannon Feather’s smile turned to a frown as he whimpered, “No, I made wetties in my twaining pants. I the wowse colt ever.”

Cadence gave him a tender smile and cooed, “Sweetie, you're still in potty training. I told you that accidents happen.”

Cannon Feather cried some more as he ran off. Bright Wing and Bucket Bridle shrugged as she took them into her embrace and she kissed them. “Alright you two, I need to talk to Cannon Feather and see if he’s okay.”

She came over to him sulking in a corner, and she called, “Hey, Cannon Feather?” Cannon Feather grunted and lowered his helmet she came over and hugged him. “Hey, what’s the matter?”

“I hate potty twaining!” He grumbled. “Is so stupid, woyal guards dun wet themseves!”

She replied in a motherly tone, “It’s not that bad, you're doing rather well, actually.”

He looked up with a pout. “How do ya know?”

Cadence explained, “I've helped potty train a lot of foals. and I have to say from my personal experience, you may have trouble holding your bladder. But you realize when you have to go. That’s the first step of potty training.”

He turned and said, “Okay, ya got ta teach me to be potty twained fast! I got to show Cewestia I good colt, so I can go to the amusement park!”

She laughed now realizing why he was so worried and replied, “Sweetie, even if you're not potty trained, I’m sure Celestia will take you to the amusement park.”

Cannon Feather eyed her as he asked, “How do ya know so much?”

She laughed and ruffled his mane. “Celestia’s my aunt, silly. Besides you got potty trained before, right? I’m sure you will be able to do it again in time.”

He smiled and chirped, “Yeah, okay. Bu I stiww wanna be potty twained fast!”

Cadence then heard Shining shout. “Princess Celestia!”

“Captain Shining!” Celestia replied in a warm and motherly tone.

Cadence turned and asked her coltfriend. “Um Shining, what’s going on?”

Shining Armor entered the room with Celestia as the sun princess replied, “He was outside the door, probably scared by the pink monster and her heroes.”

They all giggled as Shining grumbled. Cadence came up and said with a giggle, “Oh Shining, if you wanted to play, you could've just asked.”

“Oh come on you two, you’re setting a bad example,” Shining mumbled. “They may be foals but they’re still technically royal guards. The only reason they’re not still on duty is because royal guards can’t take potty breaks every few minutes.”

The mares laughed as Celestia then instructed, “Alright, you two can leave. I’ll care for the foals tonight.”

Before they left Cadence whispered to Celestia, who nodded as Cannon Feather cried and went under the blanket as Bucket Bridle mumbled, “Ya think we in trouble? We aw made wetties in owa diapees.”

Bright Wing blushed. “I made a witte messy, potty twaining is tough.”

Celestia just smiled as she turned to her foals who were now all looking at her as she told them, “Now that I’ve got a full report from Cadance, you three seem to be making progress in potty training.”

“Weawwy, bu we all made wetties ow messies.” They said in confusion.

Celestia replied in a motherly, “You forget that you all noticed you felt the urge to use the potty, which means we're making progress. Knowing when you have to go is a good start,” They all smiled at this as she continued, “Now, how about I tuck you in?”

They all squealed and raced to go under the blankets. Soon, they all snuggled under their blanket, as Celestia came over, put the sheets up to their chins, and snuggled them with her muzzle, “I’m so proud of you three.” She motherly cooed.

Cannon Feather looked up. “Weawwy?”

“Yes really,” She said, and kissed him on the forehead as she continued, “Besides, I will never forget how you three risked your very lives to save me. This is the least I can do to make up for it..”

They all blushed as she continued, “How about a story then?” She took a book with a white cover in her magic. “Now I have a wonderful story about guards. It’s called ‘The Guard from Whiterun’.”

“Whitewun? Whas tat?” They all asked together.

“A far away place, one that you’ve probably never heard of,” Celestia told them. “Now, do you want to hear the story?”

Cannon Feather happily shouted, “Yeah, wet’s hewe it!”

Celestia nodded and obliged, “Alright you three, now lay down and relax as I tell you the tale.” She began to read the story, as the foals all snuggled in, listening.

“Then he fought the falmers with his long sword, keeping them at bay as he rushed along the dark tunnels,” Celestia narrated. The foals were all shivering underneath their blanket when she added, “At last, he escaped, went up the elevator to the mountain, and sighed in content. ‘Yes, I made it!’ He said proudly!”

The foals all shouted! “Yeah, he made it!”

Celestia nodded and narrated. ”Yes, the brave adventurer had finally made it, but now he knew he must prove himself to the champions,” She then closed the book as she asked. “So, what do you think?”

Cannon Feather replied, “He wowkin hawd and vewy bwave by goin in that scawy pwace aw awone.”

Bright Wing nodded, “Yeah, he weally bwave. But I thought ya said he’s gwad not a adventurer?”

Celestia giggled. “Oh, he will be eventually, but for now we’ll stop the story there,” She then bent down and kissed their heads, as she nuzzled each of them and whispered. “Now get some sleep my little guards,” She then began leaving the room, but when she had shut the light off she turned her head and added, “I’ll post a guard outside the room. If you need to go potty ask him, okay?”

“Okay.” They all mumbled, as she gently closed the door behind her.

In the darkness Bucket Bridle whispered, “Hey Bwight Wing, ya the smartest. Aw fawmas real?”

Bright Wing shook his head. “I dun tink so, they fake.”

Cannon Feather turned his head to Bright Wing and asked, “Bwight Wing, is evewyting in books weal?”

Bucket Bridle retorted. “Na uh, have ya wead Dawing Do? Those books couwdn’t be weal.”

Bright Wing whispered, “There’s wumors that Dawing Do is weal.”

The foals gasped as Cannon Feather replied, “No way, ya mean thewe is weally monstews, twaps and aww tat stuff?!”

Bright Wing shrugged, ”Tey wumors, but some ponies say Dawing Do is a weal pony and wha happened in her books actuawwy happen.”

“How many did ya wead?” Cannon Feather asked.

Bright Wing blushed a bit as he explained, “Weww, I wead every Dawing Do book when I knew how to wead.”

”Ten, awe fawmas weal?” Bucket Bridle asked in a worried tone.

Bright Wing shook his head, “Tey not weal!”

Cannon Feather laid back and babbled, “Bu you said Dawing Do might be weal. If fawmas are weal, then Cewestia is in trouble!”

Bucket Bridle agreed and asked, ”Wight bu if they weal, why wouwd tey attack?”

“Cause tey hate the sunwight and Cewestia contwols the sun! So if tey foawnap her the sun wiww be gone!” Cannon Feather squealed anxiously!

Bucket Bridle nodded, “We got ta pwotect her!”

But Bright Wing retorted. “I dun tink so! Fawmas awen’t weaw!” Unfortunately, neither Bucket Bridle or Feather Cannon listened.

The two buried themselves under the blanket, shivering as Bucket Bridle asked. “Wha if fawmas attack the caswel whiwe we sweepin?!”

Cannon Feather nodded. “As woyal guawds, we gots to protect the pwincess no matter what!”

Bright Wing sighed and protested, “Bu, we gonna get in big twoube! She wans us in bed!”

But Bucket Bridle firmly replied, “It doesn't matta! If monstas awe out thewe, we have to pwotect Tia!”

The others giggled as Cannon Feather asked, “Why ya call Cewestia, Tia?”

Bucket Bridle blushed and whispered, ”Is noting, now wet’s go!” He jumped out of bed, went to the toy closet, and began putting on his plastic armor. Cannon Feather also jumped out and began putting on his plastic armor.

Bright Wing mumbled, “Weww, didn ya two hear? Thewe’s a guard outside. He won wet you two go.”

Cannon Feather turned and said with a smile, “Weww, if ya dun want to get in trouble, then you go distwact the guawd by saying you got to go potty.”

Bright Wing got up and grumbled, “Fine, bu I stiww tink this is a dumb idea.” He waddled out the bedroom door, and found the guard from the party that had escorted Bucket Bridle.

The guard turned with a grin. “Hey little guy, need to use the potty?” He asked.

Bright Wing smiled, “Yeah I do..was ya name?”

The guard blushed and bowed, “I’m Battleheart, at you service young hero.”

“Hewo? I no hewo.” Bright Wing babbled, humbly rubbing his hooves off the carpet.

Battleheart shook his head. “Captain Shining Armor explained how the three of you risked your lives to save Princess Celestia’s life and got changed into foals as a result,” He bent down and nuzzled Bright Wing as he added, “Helping you to the potty is the least I can do.”

Bright Wing hugged him and said, “Ya weally nice.”

Battleheart ruffled his mane and smirked, “Always did have a soft spot for children. Now then, kid, let’s get you to the potty.”

Bright Wing turned to see his training pants turning a bit green, and blushing he nodded, ”Yeah, wet's go.” They rushed off to the bathroom as Bucket Bridle and Cannon Feather snuck out the door and headed to Celestia’s bedroom.

The two foals were now outside of Celestia’s room standing alert, pumping out their chubby chests and looking around for suspicious activity. Bucket Bridle turned and asked, “So the pwincess said they wook wike big, ugwy monkeys. Is tat twue?”

“Yeah, tey sound scawy” Cannon Feather whimpered, “I bwave, bu I hope they dun come.”

Bucket Bridle turned and said confidently. “Dun wowwy, we can hoof it Cannon Feathew, we woyal guards.”

“Okay,” Cannon Feather whimpered as he rubbed his eyes trying to stay. They look around some more as Cannon Feather then replied, “I dun get one ting though, whewe is Skywim anyway? I neva heawd of it.”

Bucket Bridle shrugged, “I dun know, bu it sounds wike the Fwozen Nowth. But it might be a pwace we haven't found yet.”

Canon Feather replied, “Weww I dun want go there, they got dwagons, twolls and scawy wolves.”

Bucket Bridle pufffed out his chest! “I not scawed of them!” He boasted!” I wiww go ta Skywim and defeat those meanie dwagons.”

Cannon Feather laughed, “Well, we gots ta get back ta nowmal before tat, because no pony will take ya seriously in pwastic awmor and twaining pants.”

Bucket Bridle growled, “Take tat back, piddwe pants!” He slammed into Cannon Feather! As they rolled around, they heard clopping comong from down the hall, and both stopped fighting and looked up in alarm.

Cannon Feather whimpered, “Bucket Bwidle, sompony is coming down the hall.”

Bucket Bridle whispered, “I’ww go check it out.” He slowly got off Cannon feather and waddled down the hall. As he turned the corner he saw a shadow reflecting on the wall by the light of moon.

”Who waks awound the caswle wate at night?” Cannon Feather asked in a whisper.

Bucket Bridle whispered in reply. “Onwy te woyal guard, and I dun think tey have wings and howns.”

“Wha about Woona?” Cannon Feather asked with concern.

Bucket Bridled shrugged, “I dun know.” He replied as the shadow came closer.

“It couwd be a monstew!” Cannon Feather exclaimed!

“If it is, we bewwer get it before it eats Tia!” Bucket Bridle shouted!

Cannon Feather began to shiver and felt his bladder leaking as the creature came closer. But Bucket Bridle fixed his helmet on his head and shouted, “Alwight we'll tackwe tis monster!”

Cannon Feather whimpered, “I dun know, I scawed Bucket Bwidle.” He was going to cry, when Bucket Bridle hugged him. “Is okay, now I need your hewp.”

They both nodded as they looked back at the createur and Bucket Bridle whispered, “On thwee we chawge, weady?”

Cannon Feather whimpered as he nodded in agreement. Bucket Bridle whispered, “One…” Cannon Feather felt more urine leak and his legs shaking as he nodded again. Bucket Bridle continued “Two…” Cannon Feather was now shaking all over, he felt his training pants leaking as Bucket Bridle shouted, “Thwee! Charge!”

Bucket Bridle ran forward, as Cannon Feather waddled behind but felt his sagging training pants. They caught the monster's forelegs and it came tumbling down! Then Bucket Bridle smiling, turned to Cannon Feather as he happily shouted! “We did it! We got ta monstew!”

Cannon Feather waddled over, grumbling, “I made wetties in my twaining pants again.”

That was when Bucket Bridle heard. “What be the meaning of this?” Bucket Bridle and Cannon Feather turned, gasping as they realized who they’d attacked “Woona!”

Luna got up and eyed the two foals, “And why arest you two up?!” She demanded of them.

Bucket Bridle gulped. “Um, we’re um just…”

But before he could reply, another voice asked, “Yes, why are you two up?” The two guards turned and saw Celestia standing over them as Bucket Bridle groaned. “Oh tis isn good.”

All three foals were now sitting on the bed in their room, as Cannon Feather and Bucket Bridle were crying with sore rumps (in clean training pants).

“Now what in Equestria are you three doing up?!” Celestia demanded, sounding very serious and angry. “And why did you tackle Luna?!”

Bucket Bridle cried. “We wewe wowwied about you, Tia. We scawed abou the monstews fwom the stowy.”

“Yeah, we wew wowwied they wewe going ta eat you.” Cannon Feather cried.

Luna came in and asked, “Wait, thouest were trying to pull night shifts?”

Bucket Bridle nodded and whimpered, “Yeah, kind of.”

Celestia sighed. “It's my fault,” She told her sister. “I read them an adventure book I came across, I think their overactive imaginations took hold.”

But Luna replied. “It’s okay, I am quite amazed that these foals still see themselves as royal guards,” Celestia subtly glared at her sister who began to sweat and added “But thy should be still ashamed of thyselves for getting out of bed! Such an act would be punished severly one thousand years ago! A few spankings is mild compared to what parents used to use for dolling out punishment!”

The guards all looked down in shame as Celestia told them in a gentler tone, “It’s okay you three, nopony got hurt. But now I want you all in bed, and no more getting up except if you have to use the potty,” They all nodded and sulked as they climbed back under the covers. Celestia came over to them and re-tucked them under the sheets as she added,, “Now i'd rather not catch you three up again until I raise the sun...do you understand?” They all nodded and Celestia told them, “Good, now get some sleep.”

Luna turned and winked at the guards, making the foals all smile. She closed the door as Celestia commented with a sigh, “I should've known taking care of foals would be hard.”

Battleheart looked up and bowed his head as he said, “Princess Celestia, I apologize. It’s my fault the foals were able to escape.”

Celestia smiled, “It’s alright, you were just escorting Bright Wing to the bathroom, you couldn’t have known or done anything. I’ll assign another guard to help with keeping our foals safe. That way if they try this again, it will be much harder.”

The guard nodded. “Yes, Princess Celestia.”

Celestia walked off with her sister as Luna spoke up, “Well, you have to admit, they were just trying to protect thee.”

“Yes, it seems they still truly believe they are royal guards despite their age regression,” Celestia commented, and a frown formed upon her face as with a reluctant sigh she added., “I must tell them that there is no cure, or find a cure rather quickly. Their confusion of what’s going on could cause trouble later on.”

“What will happen if there is no cure?” Luna whispered in concern.

Celestia continued, “If that is the case, I would...I would consider adopting them. But I don’t know how I could be their mother and support Equestria at the same time. Also, if their parents are around, they deserve to know what happened to them.”

Luna bowed her head, “I see…”

Celestia then continued with a smile,”Luna, I know you’ve grown quite attached to them. If you wish, you could play with the foals as much as you want. Just as long as it doesn’t interfere with your royal duties.”

Luna sighed, “It will be quite difficult, being The Princess of The Night and all.” She dropped her head in dissapointment as Celestia continued, “Luna..” But Luna just walked off.

Celestia wanted to comfort her sister but couldn’t think of anything that she could suggest.

As the two sisters were walking away, Cannon Feather opened the door. Battleheart looked down and said to him, “Cannon Feather, unless you need to go potty, I don’t think you should be up.”

Cannon Feather whimpered, “I know...but I fowgot to say sorry to Woona.”

Battleheart smiled and sighed, “Alright, but let’s be quick about it.”

Cannon Feather giggled, as Battleheart escorted him down the hall.

Luna was laying in her bed in her room on the top floor of the palace. Looking at the night sky she wondered to herself, “Why, why did Nightmare Moon turn those guards to foals?!” She then heard something and turned her head to see Cannon Feather crawl up as she shouted, “Cannon Feather! What arest thou doing-” But then she saw that he had tears in his eyes as he ran to her hooves crying, “I’m sowwie… I’m sowwie for tacklwng you.”

Luna hugged him close as she hushed him, “Hush now it’s alright,” She cooed, delighting in feeling how soft he was.”

Cannon Feather looked up and whimpered, as she picked him up and hugged him back. “It should be we...I mean I… should be saying sorry for turning you and your friends into foals.”

He looked up and asked, “So um..ya okay?” He then got off the bed and slowly crawled away as Luna replied, “Um, Cannon Feather?”

He turned as she smiled and asked, “Would thou..would you like to stay up with me for a bit longer tonight?”

Cannon Feather smiled, “I wouwd wove that!” He happily exclaimed, but then whimpered as he realized, “Bu Cewestia, wiww give me spankies if I don get back to bed.”

Luna bent her head down and nuzzled him with her muzzle, “Not if i’m here with you.” She told him.

He smiled and thought for a second before nodding his head “Otay.” He ran up to her and hugged her. And she let him nuzzle her chest making her laugh. She then laid him down in her lap, letting him nuzzle deep into her chest as she whispered, “There there.” He slowly put his hooves around her, making her tear up a bit as she looked down at him, and he drifted to sleep.

Battleheart smiled as he turned and walked away.