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Garble's mother, Aase, has never told her son about his father, and for good reason. Now that Garble has gotten older since he last asked about his father, Aase feels it's time for Garble to know about his father.

(NOTE: Contains the topic of abusive relationships. If you are sensitive about this topic, then you may leave this story if the topic makes you uncomfortable.)
Cover art is by me. Aase (shown in cover art) is an OC made by me.

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great fic, you will make a sequel of this fic?

7962104 Thanks. this is my first submitted fic, and I intended it to just be a one-shot, but we'll see what the future holds.

7964056 you are welcome, i don't think that Garble be someone bad.

Intriguing. I like this idea. This is a neat one-shot, and I definitely wouldn't mind seeing a sequel!

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