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Have become a big fan of the series and the fandom since I was introduced to it. Probably the best decision I have made.


Spike has always been very helpful to his friends, The mane six. But now that he is older and nearly stands as tall as his pony friends, they still consider him to be a baby dragon, and it begins to frustrate the young dragon. But during a visit to the Dragon Lands, Spike gets into a confrontation with his Dragon rival Garble which causes Twilight to interfere and make him feel that he can't take care of himself and that makes him even more angry and upset. But then during his birthday, he loses his temper showing his hidden dragon rage which scares all the other ponies including his friends. Spike then leaves ponyville and goes on a personal journey to figure out what is wrong with him. But when his friends discover that he has disappeared, they immediately go on a search party to look for him. But then they get overtaken by Garble and his group of thug dragons and captures them and overthrows Princess Ember. When Spike discovers what Garble has done with his friends, he knows what his true purpose is and what he must do.

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A great beginning to a great story. It's funny that they keep thinking of him as a baby dragon especially since ponies know nothing about dragon's biology. Will you have Spike find out about his origin like he a different breed of dragon.

Trust me, I have everything lined up to how I plan to finish it. I already have a sequel planned.

Yes Spike. Let the anger boil to the highest level.

Hmm. An interesting start. Better then i expected given the overly long front page summary.
My one critique is that Chapter 1 could use some modification. It would be better if it played out more like Chapter 2. Fallowing Spike through the as he visits his friends as they repeatedly wave him away.
As it stands Chapter 1 being entirely narration based makes it seem somewhat rushed.

welcome back mate. hope you up date more soon. great story. the story good on itself.

I noticed a lot of errors this time: did you not pass it through an editor?

And I HIGHLY recommend Spike bringing Ember, Starlight, possibly Thorax, and maybe Cadance and Shining with him when discussing his issue with them, since they are VERY likely to rationalize his reasons as something akin to a temper tantrum... and perhaps have him start off by asking how old they think he is, and pretend to be shocked when they don't think he's 5 years old, because that's how young they've been treating him

No as a matter of fact I haven't. Could you possibly tell me how to do that as I have not done that before.

now you done it twilight pinkie applejack rarity rainbow dash fluttershy. this is all your fault

They DEFINITELY deserved it... but I'm honestly surprised Ember didn't do ANYTHING while he was rampaging... unless she's never seen a dragon do that before? But if that's the case then he'd have to be a different type of dragon than her...

8599891 well why should I feel sorry for them. They chose to think stupidly and brush off his concerns. Now they face the consequences of their actions.

what? Why are you replying to me, as if saying that you disagree with me; like you thought I was saying that we should feel sorry for those horrible excuses for friends

I agree with you. Sorry misunderstood what I said

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DAMN IT TWILIGHT!:twilightangry2:
I was really wanting to see an enraged Spike in action.

Hell has no fury like a Dragon's rage:pinkiecrazy:
But I'm wandering if Spike's anger transformation has anything to do with his wish?:unsuresweetie:

Wooow !!!! I can not believe how much potential this story has !!!!
  going to wait until the next chapter to see what's going to happen 😆

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