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Rainbow Dream

I don't know what else to put here... :T


"Hello. My name is Sparkler. That's the name I'm going with while I'm living here. Look, things happened while I was young and I ended up here in Ponyville. It's been... interesting... especially since that lavender unicorn with the baby dragon showed up."

An "orphaned" unicorn filly showed up in Ponyville one day, a family took her in, and everything's fine now. Perhaps there's more to her than she's let on, But no one needs to know about that.

Years later, things are about to take a turn for her on the eve of the Summer Sun Celebration.

Sparkler will become more involved with the main cast as time goes on, so that's why the A.U. tag is present. Oh, and there might be some swearing, so that explains the Teen rating. :twilightblush:

There will be some artwork (coming soon!) by me.

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