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The Life and Times of "Sparkler" - Rainbow Dream

The story of my ponysona and her experiences living in Ponyville during the events of the show.

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Season 1, Chapter 1: The Summer Sun Celebration

Author's Note:

Edit 6/3/17: Sorry, I forgot I was actually 9 when the show started...:twilightblush:

It was the eve of the annual Summer Sun Celebration, which was being held in Ponyville this year. It was late at night, and everypony in town stayed awake all night in order to watch Princess Celestia raise the sun the next morning. A young pastel turquoise unicorn known as Sparkler had already found her spot in the town hall to watch the sunrise. She was a bit shorter than an average mare, being 9 years old, and she had a long, brunette mane that draped over her shoulders and partially over her eyes. Her cutie mark was a paintbrush painting a trail of glittery violet and magenta paint up and around her leg. One thing abut her that always stood out amongst other ponies was the lavender, curved diamond-shaped blaze just below her horn, and the aquamarine growing out of it in the shape of a rhombus pyramid, giving it the appearance of a second horn.

It was almost time for the princess to raise the sun, and out of the corner of her eye, Sparkler noticed the lavender unicorn, who she learned was named Twilight Sparkle, and the baby dragon named Spike had arrived for the sunrise. She started to move a little closer to possibly make some small-talk before the event began, but the energetic pink mare she came to know as Pinkie Pie had beaten her to the lavender unicorn.

"Isn't this exciting!? Are you excited 'cause I'm exited I've never been so excited--well except for the time I saw you walking into town and I went *GASP* but I mean really who could top that?"

Mayor Mare came up onstage and everypony went quiet.

"Fillies and gentlecolts, as mayor of Ponyville, it is my great pleasure to announce the beginning of the Summer Sun Celebration!"

Everypony cheered loudly before falling silent again for the mayor to speak.

"In just a few moments, our town will witness the magic of the sunrise, and celebrate this, the longest day of the year! And now, it is my great honor to introduce to you the ruler of our land, the very pony who gives us the sun and the moon each and every day, the good, the wise, the bringer of harmony to all of Equestria... "

Sparkler looked over to where Fluttershy, a pale yellow Pegasus with an affinity for animals, was hovering near her small choir of various songbirds.


The birds started chirping as Mayor Mare pointed her hoof towards the curtains behind her.

"...Princess Celestia!"

The curtains were drawn back by magic, only to reveal...


Nopony was there. Everypony began quietly and nervously chattering amongst each other while Rarity went backstage to look for the princess, and Mayor Mare was trying to keep the crowd calm.

"This can't be good."

"Remain calm, everypony, there must be a reasonable explanation!"

Sparkler, meanwhile, just seemed to be confused. True, she might not have seen Princess Celestia yet, but she was still concerned for the land's high princess. And of course, at a time like this, Pinkie Pie just started spouting off some nonsense as usual.

"Ooh, ooh, I love guessing games! Is she hiding?"

-Really Pinkie? Now of all times?-

Rarity came back out from backstage with a startled look on her face.

"She's gone!"

The crowd gasped in astonishment of their princess being missing. Sparkler's eyes widened at the statement.

"Oh. Okay then. The high princess isn't here. Should we start panicking yet?"

Spike turned towards her, noticing her for the first time, but turned back forward to try to keep Twilight from worrying too much. And Pinkie just kept being Pinkie.

"Ooh, she's good."

Sparkler was just looking about the room as everypony else was when Pinkie let out a yelp of surprise. Everypony turned forward as a blue-violet cloud of glittering smoke made itself visible to the crowd.

"Oh no... Nightmare Moon!"

Just as Sparkler heard Twilight speak, a tall, midnight black alicorn clad in sky blue armor appeared out of the smoke, which then became her mane and tail. At the same time, Spike fainted, and the dark alicorn began to speak.

"Oh, my beloved subjects. It's been so long since I've seen your precious, little sun-loving faces."

Her voice was practically dripping with venom, especially at the mention of the sun. Then Sparkler heard a brash voice shout out from the crowd, whom she identified as belonging to the cyan Pegasus named Rainbow Dash.

"What the hell did you do with our Princess?!"

She was about to fly forward to possibly tackle the dark alicorn, but an orange farm-pony grabbed her tail before she could fly out of reach.

"Whoa there, Nelly..."

The black alicorn chuckled a bit, then spoke again.

"Why, am I not royal enough for you? Don't you know who I am?"

Of course, once again, Pinkie was oblivious to the threat before the crowd...

"Ooh, ooh, more guessing games! Um, Hokey Smokes! How about... Queen Meanie! No! Black Snooty, Black Snooty--"

...Before promptly getting her muzzle covered by Applejack's hoof. Sparkler leaned over to her and lowered her voice down to a whisper.

"Thank you."

"No problem, sugarcube."

The dark alicorn moved over to where Fluttershy was still hovering, but the sudden movements of the dark alicorn towards her scared the songbirds away.

"Does my crown no longer count now that I have been imprisoned for a thousand years?"

Fluttershy cowered in fear at the midnight alicorn being right next to her. Then the alicorn moved over to Rarity and part of her smoky mane placed itself under Rarity's chin.

"Did you not recall the legend? Did you not see the signs?"

As the alicorn's mane flicked Rarity from under her chin, Twilight spoke up.

"I did. And I know who you are. You're the Mare in the Moon – Nightmare Moon!"

The entire crowd gasped, and something sparked from Sparkler's memory.

"Wait - Nightmare Moon? As in the corrupted princess who was sent to the moon, Nightmare Moon!? Okay, I think we're doomed...shit..."

Nightmare Moon's line of sight was focused on Twilight, though since Sparkler was next to her, she was in her puerperal vision as well.

"Well well well, somepony who remembers me. Then you also know why I'm here."

Everypony turned to Twilight, waiting for an answer.

"You're here to... to..."

She fell silent and gulped nervously, not being able to finish. But Sparkler remembered the legend, and she knew all too well what Nightmare Moon was here for. Nightmare chuckled again, before speaking in her sinister, venom-dripped voice again.

"Remember this day, little ponies, for it was your last. From this moment forth, the night will last forever!"

She began cackling maniacally as her mane and tail swirled upwards and began throwing lightning bolts throughout. Twilight could only look in terror, while Sparkler's anxiety meters were rising dangerously fast.

This is the night everything changes.

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