• Published 27th Jan 2017
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Royal Guards in Training - Foal Star

On the eve of Nightmare Moon's return three royal guards were transformed into toddlers. Celestia now has to raise these three foals and keep them in line.

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Chapter 2: Foal guards at a dinner party

Celestia and Luna were sitting next to each other as their chariot moved across the sky as the three foals were sleeping contently in her lap. She watched them peacefully rolling around in their dreams when Luna asked, “Um Dearest sister can thy…”

She turned her head away in embarrassment as Celestia with a small smile asked, “Sister what is it?”

Luna turned her head again and asked, “Would thou allowst us to hold one of the foals?”

Celestia levitated Bright Wing into Luna’s lap, as Luna smiled down at the sleeping foal snuggling into her underbelly. She took him into the cradle of her hooves as he kicked his back ,legs making his padding crinkle. She blushed as she whispered, “Wow, this feels weird.” She watched him grasp her fur as she gave him a motherly smile. Luna turned and asked, “So. thouset never had children?”

Celestia turned and said with a sigh, “Sadly, no. I just never found the time or right stallion.” She continued to look over the foals as Luna turned her head, “We, did not mean to pry we were just curious.”

Celestia turned her head, “It’s alright. You’re my sister, we used to talk about stuff like this all the time.”

Luna looked back and asked, “Thouset still doesn't hold a grudge for what Nightmare Moon has done?”

Celestia turned to her sister with a empathetic look and replied, “Of course not, I’m just happy that you're okay and back to normal.”

Luna gave a small smile as she whispered, “Thank you.” She then heard a hissing sound, looked down and saw that Bright Wing’s diaper was filling up and turning yellow. She replied, “Um sister, thouest foal guard has umm wet himself.”

Celestia turned and giggled, “Oh I didn’t think they would, it was just a precaution.”

Luna asked, “Should we halt and change thy’s soaked undercloth?”

Celestia shook her head, “No, not yet. I'll wait until we land, I'd rather not change a diaper midflight. I didn’t bring a diaper bag or any changing supplies.”

Luna let the soggy foal cuddle into her as she dawwed and nuzzled him, “Well we do not have any problems that thy’s little colt soaked his swaddling clothes.”

Celestia joked, “Oh Luna, I’ll have to teach you that ponies don’t talk like that anymore.”

Luna didn’t seem to listen, as she was kissing and brushing the colt’s soft mane, as he put his mouth on her fur and began to suckle.

Celestia herself felt the soft pucker of lips suckle on her fur, making her look down with a soft smile. She whispered, “Well I have to agree with you Luna, I don’t mind them at all.”

“Time to wake up, little one.” Luna called.

Bright Wing’s eyes fluttered open. He gazed up at Luna staring back at him, making him ask, “Luna, did we arrive yet?”

Luna nodded and nuzzled him, “Yes little one, thouset made it to the castle.”

He smiled as he kicked his back legs, feeling his squishy diaper. He gasped, looked back up at Luna, and whimpered, “Luna, did I make a wettie?”

She smiled and whispered, “It is alright little one, we are going to get you all cleaned up,” She then lifted the tabs of his diaper and her horn lit up as wipes appeared and she wiped his exposed crotch, making him shiver. She whispered, “We apologize, arest these cold?”

Bright Wing nodded and whimpered, “Yea, they cold, Luna. Also, umm.” He blushed and put a hoof in his mouth.

Luna asked, “What does thouset want?” As she removed the soggy diaper from his rump.

Bright Wing asked, “Um...well, I did a wetties in my sleep. But that doesn’t mean I not potty trained, right?”

Luna gave the foal a bright smile, “Of course, thouest may still be toilet trained. A little night time accident happens to everypony, even adults sometimes.”

“Really?” How do ya know?” Bright Wing asked.

Luna gave him small smile as she helped him up, “Believe it or not, we used to be the princess of the night, and we went though the dreams of many a pony, and witnessed many nighttime accidents.” She then helped him down from the carriage with the rest of his comrades who were also having their diapers removed by Celestia.

As she threw them away in a trash bin she lightly lectured the foals, “Now, I promise that for now you don’t have to wear diapers while in the castle. But if you have too many accidents, I will have to take proper precautions. So please tell me if you have to go.”

The guards all nodded and saluted Celestia, “Yes Princess Celestia, we will use ta potty.” They promised.

Celestia laughed and smiled down at them. “Okay then, a promise is a promise,” She looked at Bright Wing, waddling slowly up to the other gurads as she asked, “You doing okay, sweetie?”

Bright Wing nodded his head, “I fine.” He said, while Luna winked at Celestia.

Cannon Feather immediately asked, “Bright Wing, did somthing happen?”

Bright Wing looked up and whimpered, too embarrassed to tell his comrades what had happened.

Bucket Bridle looked across to Cannon Feather and told him, “He don wan talk about it, let’s just go and get back ta normal.”

Celestia then led the three up the stairs. When they got to the throne room Celestia spotted Shining Armor giving orders to all the guards going about their duties. The three foals all gulped and ran behind Celestia.

“What’s wrong?” Celestia asked the guards, careful to speak softly enough to avoid attracting attention.

Bucket Bridle babbled, “We dun want Captin Shining Awmoa to see us wike this.”

“Yeah, he’s gonna make fun of us, and tweat us like foals.” Cannon Feather mumbled.

Celestia reassuringly cooed at the three, “Now now, I’ll give him specific instructions to watch you and keep you company, while Luna and I research what turned you three into foals. Somepony has to watch over you while Luna and I go about our duties, we certainly can’t bring you to day and night court like this,” And she added. “If Captain Armor does make fun of you, you can tell Luna or myself. I can imagine he won’t be laughing for long when he is put on probation for an entire month.”

Bright Wing hugged her back leg and gave her puppy dog eyes as he asked, “Ya promice?”

“I promise.” Celestia dawwed and nuzzled the three in the crocks of their necks.

The guards all squealed in laughter, causing Shining Armor to turn and see Celestia kissing and nuzzling three foals. Shining eyed the scene as he came up to her. “Princess Celestia?” The young captain asked.

She looked up with a sheepish smile, as the foals scurried behind her tail, “Oh Captain Shining Armor, thank goodness I found you.”

Shining Armor turned to Luna, and then there foals quivering underneath Celestia’s tail as he bowed and with reverence in his tone he replied, “Princess Celestia it’s wonderful to see you're alright. With the lack of intel from Ponyville we were worried that something might have happened. It’s a relief to see that you weren’t harmed.”

Celestia nodded, “It’s great to see you too, Shining Armor. I apologize for the delay in the sun rising, but I had a bit of, let’s just say ‘sudden family issue’ and leave it at that,” She then asked her captain of the guard. “I take it you had things under control while I was gone, correct?”

Shining Armor looked up and replied, “Of course, Princess Celestia,”Hhe then turned to Luna and the foals quivering underneath Celestia’s tail, “Ummm, I didn’t expect we would have visitors. And just who are these unannounced guests anyway?”

Celestia immediately toldd Shining Armor, “Well, it’s a long story. I’ll explain what happened in Ponyville in due time. But for now, I need to tell you about what happened to the guards we assigned for security at the Summer Sun Celebration. It’s urgent.”

Shining growled slightly, “What happened, did they slack off or something?” He asked.

Celestia shook her head as she replied, “Oh no, in fact they were quite loyal and brave...and were turned into foals because of it.”

Shining’s eyes went wide as he nearly exclaimed, “Wait, what?!”

Celestia lifted her tail, and Shining looked upon the quivering foals. He immediately asked upon noticing the familiar eyes, ”Wait, those three are the foalified guards?”

Celestia nodded and whispered, “They’e a bit nervous,” She lowered her head and soothed them, as they gave their captain pouty faces. She cooed, “Tell him your names...it’s alright.”

“I Seargeant Bucket Bridle!” The angry little foal shouted.

The super excited foal squealed and put his hooves in his mouth, “I Private Cannon Feather.”

The more lazy foal, still being moody over wetting himself whimpered, “I Captain Bwrght Wing.”

Shining’s eyes were still wide open as he could only bring himself to mumble, “Wow, they really did turn to foals.”

Celestia nodded as she continued in her tone of authority, “Now Shining, my sister and I need to research what spell was used that turned them to foals, and how to reverse it. So while we're away I need you to watch these three.”

Shining Armor grimaced and groaned as he muttered, “Princess Celestia, I will do my best, but I’m the Captain of the Guard, not a foalsitter.”

Celestia grew a bit stern, “Now Captain Shining, these guards risked their very lives for me, and you will care for them. Or I will find somepony who will and I will put you on probation for a month, how does that sound?”

Shining looked up, gulped, and reluctantly said, “Very well, Princess Celestia. I will look after them if that’s what you want,” He then turned to the grayish blue coated alicorn and asked, “And you are?”

Luna raised her wings and shouted in a deep ,powerful voice, ”We are Princess Celestia’s sister! The princess of the night! Princess Luna!”

Shining Armor covered his ears, as the foals squealed and ran underneath Celestia’s tail again.

Celestia asked, “Um, sister, please don’t use the Royal Canterlot voice inside the castle. And if you could, please stop speaking in the ‘Royal We’. It is no longer common royal conduct.”

Luna blushed “We… er I mean… I apologize, sister.”

Celestia giggled and turned to her sister ,”Luna, there is so much I have to catch you up on,” She then looked back at Shining and said to him, “Now, I’m afraid we must be off. There is much that Luna and I have to do.” She then lifted her tail once more, revealing the shivering foals.

Luna felt a bit worried as she lowered herself to their level, “I apologize for scaring you.”

The three looked up at Luna as she gave them a smile. They all smiled back and hugged her face, and she nuzzled them as Bucket Bridle and Cannon Feather ran off. But Bright Wing stayed and whispered, “Luna, can ya promice one more thing before ya go?”

She gave him a loving smile and asked, “What does thouset desire?”

He babbled as he hugged her muzzle, “Don't tell anypony I made wetties in my diapee. Please.”

Her response was to nuzzle him, making him giggle, “I shall keep thy’s promise.” She then kissed him on the forehead making the two blush at the same time. Bright Wing kissed her on the muzzle, as he jumped off her face and he ran off with his friends.

Celestia was smiling at her sister, as Luna blushed and asked, “What?”

Celestia turned her head, seemingly displaying a faint smirk, “Nothing, sister, but don’t get too attached, they will hopefully be stallions again soon.” She replied.

Luna turned to the foals all standing in front of Shining Armor wagging their tiny tails. She smiled and sighed, “Well, it was fun while it lasted.”

The two alicorns soon left the throne room, with Shining looking at the foalified guards with pleading eyes, and not knowing what to do with them..

Shining turned to the three excited foals gazing at him as he reluctantly said, “Alright you three, I know that you’re foals now but um..do you still want to help?”

The guards all shouted in excitement, “Yes sir, Captain!”

Shining smiled, “Right. Okay then,” He turned to Bucket Bridle and instructed him as follows. “Sergeant Bucket Bridle, how about you go help with guarding the front entrance? With Princess Celestia busy, the Summer Sun celebration for the nobles is still ongoing in the palace garden. Just remain at your post and try not to cause a scene, I will send a royal guard to accompany you for protection and he will be your superior. So if you need to take a potty break, you let him know so he can cover for you, got it?”

“Yes sir Captain Shining Armoer.” Bright Wing saluted and scampered off.

Shining turned to Bright Wing, “Junior Captain Bright Wing, I want you to go help with looking after Princess Cadence. She’s in the garden drinking tea with some noble mares. She’s an expert foalsitter, so just ask her if you need anything.”

“Yes sir, I on it!” Bright Wing gave a clumsy salute and waddled off.

Shining Armor turned to Cannon Feather who was sucking on his hoof . He rubbed it on the floor as Shining sighed, “Cannon Feather was a nuisance before. Now, as a foal, I don’t know what he’s capable of. Probably best to keep a close eye on him until further notice.”

Shining then spoke up and said to Cannon Feather, “Private Cannon Feather, you’re staying with me. You were the youngest member when I sent you to Ponyville, and that hasn’t changed now that you’re a foal.”

Cannon Feather nodded, and waddled along with Shining Armor as the captain asked, “Now Cannon Feather, can you tell me what happened to you and the other guard members?”

Cannon Feather babbled as he looked up at Shining with his bright eyes, “Is a long story. I landed in Ponyville and the Summer Sun party happend, Then this big, scary alicorn appeared, and we thought she foalnappie the princess. But we got hit by a lightning bolt, then we got turned ta fowls, and then I got snuggled by Luna. Then after tha Cewlstia took me into a chariot where she strapped us in diapees.” He blushed and hid his face with his hooves, realizing what he’d just said.

Shining turned to the foal and he couldn’t help smirking as he asked, “You have a diaper, huh? Whatever for?”

Cannon Feather crossed his forehooves, “Well I still potty trained, the diapees were just in case of an accident.”

Shining mumbled, “Right.” In his mind he was thinking. “I didn’t even understand half the stuff he just said.

The two soon came upon Prince Blueblood, walking down the hall and shouting to the servants trying to get out of his way, “I have an engagement, move aside!” He bellowed.

Shining had to resist smirking as he came up to Blueblood, it was no secret that he couldn’t stand the prince. “Prince Blueblood, I see you're heading to the dinner party in the garden?” He asked.

Blueblood sneered, “Yes, Captain Shining Armor, and why does that concern you? You're not invited are you?”

Shining rolled his eyes, “No, but I see you have no escort.”

Blueblood scoffed, “Escort? Please, Shining, I don’t need your disgusting, grimy guards to escort me anywhere.”

Shining smirked, he had just the plan to make Blueblood see sense. “Well, Princess Celestia has assigned me one of the most trusted guards to keep you safe .”

Shining then revealed Cannon Feather, giggling as the private shouted, “Do ya mean me?!”

Blueblood recoiled in shock, “Shining, if you think you’re going to make me watch a foal, you're mistaken! Foalsitting is my adopted sister’s job, not mine!”

Shining replied, “Okay then, I’ll just inform Celestia that you're refusing to obey her orders.” He then started to walk away.

Blueblood, grinding his teeth, shouted, “Fine! I’ll let this little foal accompany me if it’s what Aun Celestia wants! But I’m not running a daycare center, this is the ONLY time I’m doing this! Make sure Aunt Celestia knows that!”

“Of course,” Shining nodded. “And don’t worry, I’ll come back to check on you when the celebration is over. You can manage until then, or is the high and mighty Blueblood afraid that a foal has more manners than he does?”

“Just shut up and give me the foal!” Blueblood snorted. “And I swear, if I have to change diapers, it’s your funeral!”

Cannon Feather jumped into the air, like Captain Armor he really didn’t like Blueblood and longed for a chance to have some fun with him. “Yay. I get to foalsit Blueblood!” He cheered, as he hugged Blueblood’s back leg,the prince scooted to the side andcontinued to walk away as Cannon Feather waddled by his side.

Shining sighed, “Now I can concentrate on security for the rest of the Summer Sun Celebration. Those three were stallions of the royal guard before, I'm sure they’ll be fine. Even Blueblood knows better than to make trouble for a foal.” He then trotted down the hall with a smile on his face. A part of him felt guilty for pawning the foalified guards off onto others, but he told himself he’d left them in capable hooves, more or less.

Bucket Bridle came up to the royal unicorn guard with a guest list at the entrance of the garden. The nobles came in with their wives, while classical music echoed in the background. Bucket Bridle looked up seeing the adult chestnut coated unicorn guard and shouted, “Hey mista, I gots ta help ya!”

The chestnut coated stallion looked down and laughed, “Sure, kid. Run along now, your parents are probably worried about you.”

“Nah uh! I sewegant Bucket Bwdile, and Shinin Awmoa assigned me hewe,” Bucket Bridle cried, “I gots to prove, I a big stallion still.”

The royal guard laughed, “Oh, you're the kid Shining told me about. Bucket Bridle, huh? I guess you can stay, but I must warn you that this is very boring.” The adult guard continued checking ponies off with a list with his magic.

Bucket Bridle stood there for some time, but he soon got bored looking around at the sky, and gazing at the nobles who came by and had their names checked off. He tugged at the adult guard’s back leg and asked, “Hey, is this all we gots ta do?!”

The guard laughed, “Yep, told you this was going to be boring.” He went back to checking off names on his list making Bucket Bridle groan.

Bucket Bridle started gazing at the nobles with intense eyes, watching them closely. He then turned to see a noble stallion with a glass monocle in his left eye and a mare with a long horn and a slim body trotting up to the entrance. That was when he spotted a giant bag strapped around the mare’s back and he mumbled, “She looks suspicous.”

Bucket Bridle ran at the mare and pounced on her bag as she turned and gasp, “My word!”

Bucket Bridle, undettered, shouted, “Hold it, missy! I gots to check ya bag for contraband!”

The mare and her husband laughed at this as she cooed, “Of course, I wouldn't want to bring anything illegal,” She lowered the foal to the ground, and laid the bag at his hooves.

Bucket Bridle sniffed it, waddled in, and took out something soft and crinkly with his hooves. As he crawled out with a diaper in his mouth, he spat it out and asked, “Why ya bringing diapees?”

The mare’s husband smirked, “My dear Fleur, did you bring your diaper bag to the party? You know your cousins are not visiting for a few days still.”

“Oh, my mistake, Fancy Pants, darling,” Fleur chuckled. “When we left the house I must‘ve grabbed the wrong bag,” But she instantly took the foal and the diaper in her magic. “Now, I don’t think foals should be running around without proper padding.” She then slipped it through Bucket Bridle’s legs as he fought back!

“Let me go, I potty trained!” Bucket Bridle protested.

Fleur ignored him, then plopped Bucket Bridle onto her back as she cooed, “Now, how about we find your parents? They must be worried sick!”

Suddenly, the chestnut colored adult unicorn stallion came up and asked Fleur, “Madam, are you alright?”

“Yes, I’m most certainly fine.” Fleur smilied, as Bucket Bridle scrunched his cute white diaper.

“I was just trying ta check for contraband!” Bucket Bridle complained.

The guard sighed as he spotted the foal, “I apologize, madam. This little guy just popped up and he‘s been assigned under me.”

Fleur picked up her diaper bag and asked, “But where are his parents? I’m sure that they’re worried.”

“I don't need parents I a royal guard!” Bucket Bridle shouted, making the ponies laugh again, and causing Fleur to coo, “Oh look, he wants to play royal guard.”

“Maybe, but I fear that I’ve been put in charge of him for the time being,” The guard replied. “Now please put him down.”

Fleur cooed as she took him, nuzzled him, and kissed him on the cheek, making him groan and rub his face. “Alright.” She then drifted him to the ground.

Bucket Bridle turned and asked, “Can ya take the diapee off?”

“Are you sure you’re potty trained? You look a bit young for that.” Fleur commented.

“For the last time, yes!” Bucket Bridal growled.

Fleur untaped the diaper and slipped it off. “Alright dear, take care.” She called. She and her husband then continued through the party.

The guard turned and looked down at the glaring foal in front of him, “Now Bucket Bridle all the guests have arrived. So we are to go to the party and make sure ponies have their tickets.” He told Bucket Bridal.

“Really?! Ya want me going around the party with ya?!” Bucket Bridle asked.

The guard sighed, “Yes, now come along. And try not to embarass me anymore if possible.”

Bucket Bridle giggled and ran through the entrance to the garden, as the guard sighed and followed along. “Can’t believe the captain’s stuck me with foalsitting,” He thought to himself. “If this is his idea of a joke, it’s not funny.”

Bright Wing found Princess Cadence talking to some other mares at a table in the garden. She was wearing a pink party dress, and laughing at a joke, when he ran up and nudged her leg.

Cadence looked down and dawwed,” “Oh, I didn't know foals would be at this party. What’s your name, little one?”

Bright Wing giggled and replied, “I Bright Wing, I a royal guard.”

The mares dawwed, as Cadence lit up her horn, and placed him on her lap as she nuzzled him and cooed, “Are you playing royal guard?”

“Well no, I was sent hewe by Captain Shining Aromor to watch ya.” Bright Wing told Cadence.

“Oh really?” Cadence smirked, “Sounds like Shining is trying to get out of foalsitting, again. You’d think the Captain of the Royal Guard would be willing to change a diaper or two once in awhile.” That prompted the mares to giggle, and then Cadence asked Bright Wing. “How about you join in on the conversation?”

Bright Wing nodded, “Okay, as long as I with ya.” He snuggled into her lap.

One mare, a pale yellow coated unicorn with a brown, curly mane and tail, bright red eyes, and a cutie mark depicting what looked like a box of chocolates in the shape of a heart asked, “So, how did you join the royal guard at such a young age?”

“Well, I was twasnfowmed to a fowl by the eviw Nightmawe Moon!” Bright Wing shouted with excitement, bouncing up and down.

The mares laughed as a unicorn with a pure white coat, a light blue mane and tail with pink highlights, emerald eyes, and a cutie mark depicting a gemstone asked, “And were you trying to save a princess?”

“Yeah, we were twying to save Celestia!” Bright Wing babbled.

The mares laughed as the pale yellow coated one from earlier asked, “Oh, he has a wonderful imagination, don’t you think?”

Bright Wing gasped, realizing that the mares were making fun of him. He got mad and shouted, “But I did, I was a big Royal Guard!” The mares laughed again as he got flustered, jumped off of Cadence’s lap and said to them, “I'll prove I a royal guard!” He ran off, making Cadence sigh.

“I should go after him and make sure he doesn't get into trouble. Excuse me for a moment.” Cadence said to her guests, as she reluctantly got up from the table and went after the foal.

Blueblood couldn’t help but feel embarrassed with a toddler at his side, babbling on and on, “Well I didn't have a great foalhood before, so this time I want to go to an amusement park! I never gots a chance to go to one and I weally want ta go on a carousel, eat cotton candy, and play games! I always wanted to ride a roller coaster!”

Blueblood groaned, then he turned in time to see a young white coated unicorn mare with a lovely gold mane, blue eyes, and a lovely blue dress that covered her cutie mark approach to him as he smirked, “My dear, I’m Prince Bluebloo-”

But the mare ignored him and went straight to the foal, “Oh, he’s so cute!” She hugged him, making him giggle as she asked. “Did I hear right that you wanted to go to an amusement park?”

“Well yeah, but after I watch Blueblood,” Cannon Feather replied. “I still a royal guard after all.”

That made the mare giggle, “Oh really? Watching the prince like a big pony?”

Cannon Feather giggled and nodded, “Yeah, I want to prove I still a great royal guard.”

Blueblood growled, “Excuse me, but aren’t you intre-”

The mare looked up and asked Blueblood, “Is this foal yours?”

Blueblood blushed, “No, he’s a cousin of mine.”

“Really, and what’s his name?!” The mare exclaimed.

“I Cwannon Featha!” The foal answered, as the mare smiled and ruffled his mane, “Oh, that’s a lovely name,” She turned to Blueblood and asked, “Well, I just love foals. Is it okay if I hang with you two for a while?”

Blueblood gave a sly grin. “That’s fine, now come along Cannon weather.”

“Is Cannon Feather!” Cannon Feather protested, but Blueblood ignored him, taking the mare in hoof as Cannon Feather followed them.

The mare suddenly used her magic and placed Cannon Feather on her shoulders, “There. That’s better, huh?” She asked.

“Yeah, if ya say so.” Cannon Feather hugged the mare’s mane as she followed Blueblood through the garden.

Blueblood turned to the mare with a charming smile and asked, “Now, how about you get me something to eat?”

“What?!” The mare asked, astonished at the prince’s rudeness!

Blueblood turned to her with a glare “You heard me, I would like something to eat or didn’t I specifically say that?”

Cannon Feather tugged at the mare’s mane and babbled politely, “I can go get him someting ta eat, I watching him anyways.”

The mare dawwed as Blueblood rolled his eyes. She nuzzled the foal and whispered, “Okay, dear,” She looked back at Blueblood. “Um, we’ll go get you some food.”

Blueblood rolled his eyes as he muttered, “Okay, just don't take forever. I’m famished!”

The mare trotted along to the buffet table. Cannon Feather eyed the food on the platters and stuck his tongue out! “Ya eat that stuff?! It looks gross!”

The mare nodded, “Yes, I’m afraid they usually serve this bland food at parties like this. But Blueblood probably won’t mind if we stray from his usual preferences. What do you suppose we should get for him?”

Cannon Feather turned to a small stand where Donut Joe was shouting “Donuts! Get your donuts here! Finest donuts in all of Canterlot!”

Cannon Feather bounced “lets get Bluebwood some doughnuts!”

The mare smiled,”Sure, I’ll tell him it was your idea. And if he doesn’t like them, well it serves him right for using me as a delivery girl.” She hugged him as Cannon Feather babbled, “Than ya, missy.”

Bucket Bridle was looking around as he tugged at mares and stallions asking for their tickets while the guard escorting him just smiled and chuckled. “Hey, mista!” He tugged at a stallion wearing a suit. As the disgruntled noble looked down at the foal, the foal looked up and said to him, “Ya gots ta show me ya ticket.”

The noble stallion scoffed, unlike the previous stallion he no eye glass and his coat was a dark blue in color. The only thing that made him similar to the previous stallion, was that he was also a unicorn. “How outrageous, a foal giving orders!” He remarked.

The escort guard shouted, “Hey, that royal guard just gave you an order!”

The stallion gulped and quickly produced a ticket, making the foal nod. “Ya good, enjoy the party.” And he waddled away with the guard chuckling.

They turned to see a mare with a foal on her back ordering doughnuts. The foal looked quite similar to Bucket Bridle and his older companion asked, “Hey, Bucket Bridle, do you know that foal?”

Bucket Bridle looked up and shouted with excitement while bouncing up and down, “Yeah, that’s Cannon Feaather! What's he doing with that mare?” He ran at her and tugged at her dress, until she looked down at the foal who shouted, “Hey, missy!”

The mare looked down at the foal and cooed, “Oh, another foal?” She asked.

“Yeah I a fowl, mowe impowtant why ya gots Cannon Feather?” Bucket Bridle asked in return.

Cannon Feather looked down, “Bucket Bridle? I thought ya was watching the front gate?”

“I was but we done now and we checking ticwets!” Bucket Bridle shouted. This made the guard and the mare laugh.

The guard came up to the mare and blushed, “I apologize ma’am, I’ve been ordered to watch him and-”

The mare placed Bucket Bridle onto her back as well as she said with a big smile. “-It’s quite alright, I adore foals.” She sighed, looking across the grass to the impatient Prince Blueblood walking back and forth with his head in the air. She then turned to the guard, “I believe I was lied to by our prince. He told me Cannon Feather was his cousin, but I’m not seeing the resemblance.”

The guard smirked, “Well, that’s Prince Blueblood for you. He hasn’t changed a bit.”

The mare rolled her eyes as she replied, “Well, I’ll give him these donuts to him, then play with these foals. I’d rather do that then stay one more minute at this boring party.”

”Ma’am, could I assist you?” The guard asked.

She turned, “Can you hold the donuts?”

The guard turned to Donut Joe and a box filled with donuts, and he smiled, “Sure thing ma’am.” He took them in his teeth and the two went towards the grumpy Blueblood.

Blueblood growled, turned to see the mare, and shouted, “It’s about time!”

The mare eyed Blueblood and grumbled, “Here’s your doughnuts.””

The royal guard gave Blueblood a box of doughnuts who threw them aside with disgust, “Doughnuts?! You dumb mare, you think I’m an uncivilized swine?!”

The mare became enraged, clencing her teeth! “Cannon Feather got those doughnuts for you, jerk! And for the record, I think you’re lying about him being your cousin, no way a spoiled brat like you is related to a little gentlecolt like him.”

Blueblood turned to Cannon Feather, “Well, should’ve expected a little brat to have such disgusting tastes. Never send a foal to do a stallion’s job.”

This made Cannon Feather bawl and, then the small group heard. “Ya hurt, Cannon Feathear’s feelings! Ya big meanie!” Blueblood turned to see Bright Wing throwing doughnuts at him.

Bucket Bridle crawled over and shouted, “Yeah, ya big jerk, take this!” He threw a doughnut into Blueblood’s eyes.

Blueblood retreated, and fled into the crowd of ponies knocking several guests aide, until he fell into the middle of the grass field, with Cadence flying up and putting a hoof to her mouth!

Bright Wing came up shouted, “There, now ya believe me?! I stopped ta meanie from bullying my comrade!”

The crowd laughed, as Blueblood got up, seething in rage! The foal crawled away as he roared, “You are in big trouble you little brat! Nopony makes a fool of me and gets away with it!”

But before Blueblood could do anything, he was pulled into the magical grasp of his adopted sister, Cadence. And she was anything but pleased. “How dare you yell at a foal like that!” She scolded. “Picking on a defenseless foal, have you no shame?!”

Blueblood turned with a “humpf” as he walked away.

Cadence picked up Bright Wing,and cooed, “What happened?”

“Well, I thought that stallion was picking on my friend ,Cannon Feather.” Bright Wing explained. He buried himself into Cadence who hushed him as she patted his rump. She kissed him and turned to the other foals who were crawling up to her asking “Is Bright Wing okay?”

“He’s fine, but let the adults have their party,” Cadence kindly told them, “I’‘ll get you three somthing to eat.”

She levitated them onto her back and carried them away as Bright Wing whimpered, “I am so gonna gets a spankie.”

Canon Feather hugged him and said in reply, “Don worry, I’ll tell Celestia is my fault.”

Bucket Bridle joined in the hug as they got carried away, all shivering at what celestia’s spanks would feel like.