• Published 27th Jan 2017
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Royal Guards in Training - Foal Star

On the eve of Nightmare Moon's return three royal guards were transformed into toddlers. Celestia now has to raise these three foals and keep them in line.

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Chapter 3: New Adjustments

Celestia and Luna were sitting in a library, going over hundreds of books on age regression and dark spells. When Luna opened one book, she gazed through the book as she gulped and shouted “Sister, look!”

Celestia came over and asked. “Sister, what is it?”

Luna looked up with a worried look on her face as she explained. “We.. I mean...I...performed the Flash Regression Spell.”

Celestia took the book (which was dark blue in color), looked at it and read outloud: “The Flash Regression Spell is a high powered curse created by a unknown unicorn. Notes from Starswirl the Bearded: The curse will turn its victims into foals, usually between the ages of two and three. It has mixed results. As there is little knowledge of the spell, it was only used once, and from the test results it seems the spell will regress its victim and they must restart their life from that age. Since a cure could not be found and seeing the dangerous affects of this spell, it is recommend not using this spell under any circumstances.”

Luna groaned as she loudly exclaimed. “Oh no I hast turned your royal guards into foals forever.”

Celestia looked up from the book and reassured her sister as she replied. “Maybe not. There is a chance we could still undo it Starswirl’s notes say he never had time to find a cure.”

Luna nervously asked. “So thy believes a cure may still be possible?”

Celestia nodded as she placed the book down. “Maybe, from my research the spell is at the moment irreversible. That means we must make the guards time as foals comfortable.”

Luna smiled, she had always wanted children. “So what doest you have in mind?” She inquired of her sister.

Celestia thought for a moment, tapping a hoof to her chin. “There's a spare room here from when Blueblood visited as a colt. I can spruce it up and get some things for them,” She then turned to see the sun was high in the sky, indicating around noon. She sighed as she added. “We’ve left those foals with Captain Shining for some time. I think we should go see how they’re doing.”

Luna nodded and added with a smirk, “The book also said they are foals currently between the ages of two and three. I trust thy knows what that means?”

Celestia turned as a blush grew on her face. “Dear sister, I don't think they would like being back in diapers.”

Luna giggled and replied. “Surely thou knows that foals their age may not be fully toilet trained. They will need something to keep them from leaving messes all over the castle.”

Celestia pondered this fact as she turned to her sister and suggested. “Well, toddlers their age could use training pants.”

“What are training pants?” Luna asked, having never heard of the term before.

Celestia laughed as she realized, “Oh right, those weren't invented a thousand years ago,” She the explained. “They’re kind of like diapers except they can be pulled down easily. They’re specifically designed to help foals in toilet training.”

Luna happily replied. “What a wonderful invention! Foals a thousand years ago could’ve used those. Especially during the night.”

Celestia nodded. “Yes, but I believe that nighttime diapers are designed for foals that wet the bed, not for foals in the midst of potty training. Training pants and pull-ups were specifically designed for that. And there are even these things called training potties, which are plastic bowl shaped objects in foal size. They often have bright colors.”

Luna was amazed! “Wow, so much innovation for foals has occurred in my absence! I’ll go and search for these ‘training pants’ thou speakest of. I must see them for myself.”

“If that is what you want,” Celestia replied. “You should find them at any foal care store, just mention you need something for foals two to three years old.”

Luna nodded, as she quickly went out of the room, excited like a little filly!

Two of the foal guards waited outside a bathroom in the castle hallways, with Cannon Feather whispering to Bright Wing. “Ya think he made it to ta potty?”

“I hope he did,” Bright Wing whispered back. “Remember what Cewestia said. If we make too many accidents she'ww put diapees on us.”

Cannon Feather nodded nervously as he whimpered, “Yeah, I remember. I gonna cross my hooves.”

The bathroom door swung open. Cadence trotted out, helping Bucket Bridle, who waddled from the bathroom as the other foals asked together. “Did ya make it?!”

He looked up and nervously said. “Um…I um…”

Cadence quickly replied with a concern look. “Darlings, he doesn’t want to talk about it. Let's go eat.”

They all continued down the hall, with the other two foals looking back at Bucket Bridle, who was looking at the ground, sniffling. Cannon Feather whispered “I dun think he made it.”

Bright Wing, knowing how Bucket Bridle felt, went back to him and hugged him making him grumble. “Wha? Nothing happened.” He insisted

“It’s okay,” Bright Wing insisted. “Ya know I made wetties in my diapee coming here?”

Bucket Bridle softened his expression. “Really?” He asked.

“Yeah, it’s okay. I think we forgot how ta use the potty.” Bright Wing whispered.

Bucket Bridle then looked up and pleaded, “Bu I was so close when I peed on the floor. But I got most of it in ta potty.”

Bright Wing replied with a shrug. “So, I guess we half potty trained?”

“Maybe, bu I dun want to wear diapees!” Bucket Bridle grumbled.

Before they could do anything else, Cadence shouted, “Alright you three, time for lunch!”

Cadence had lead the three royal guards to the dining room, as she helped them get settled around the dining table. They jumped up and down in front of their plates of steamed vegetables. They were all groaning as they looked down, as Cadence stared at them. “Now, you better eat all your vegetables or no dessert.” She told them politely.

They all mumbled, “Yes Cady,” They took up their plastic forks and began eating. Cadence then placed three sippy cups full of juice in front of them. Bright Wing giggled and said to Cadence, “Ya know we Royal Guards, right Cady?”

She smiled and nuzzled him. “Even if you were a royal guard I can’t give you a real cup, you’ll spill your juice all over yourself.”

She kissed him on the cheek, and he just smiled, “She really thinks we’re just foals pretending to be royal guards.” He thought, as he took the sippy cup and began to suckle on the tip.

Cannon Feather was having fun munching on his food, he giggled in delight. Bucket Bridle was eating his steamed carrots, but was avoiding his peas as Cadence turned and asked “Bucket Bridle, are you avoiding your greens?”

“They yucky, Cady! Can’t I just eat my carrots?!” He whined. Cadence gave him the glare. “You eat those greens right now, little one! Otherwise, no dessert!”

Bright Wing turned and taunted Bucket Bridle, “Yeah, ya have to eat evewyting.”

Bucket Bridle groaned and whimpered, as he sat back down with a humph and started to eat his greens, as Cadence came over and hugged him, “Well there’s always a picky eater. But it’s nice to know no dessert is still a valid threat these days.”

The other two guards giggled as Bucket Bridle blushed.

Shining Armor came upon the scene just a short time later, but when he saw Cadence he blushed and backed up, “Cadence?” He asked nervously.

The foals turned and shouted in horror, “Captain Shining! They all ran behind Cadence.

Cadence giggled, looked up at her colt friend, and asked him,”Shining, what is it?”

Shining slowly regained his composure and replied, “I was told those three made quite a show at the garden party. I just wanted to know if they were alright.”

They all looked up at him as Bright Wing asked, “Wait we not in twouble?

Shining gazed at them with a downtrodden look as he mumbled “We’ll have to see. I will have to tell Princess Celestia what happened though. And I’m sure I’ll be in more trouble,” The guards all groaned and looked down. But Cadence looked up, and pointed her head towards them. Shining gulped and smiled, “But um...you three did a swell job at making Prince Blueblood look like the fool he is.”

The guards all giggled and ran up to Shining, who blushed as they hugged him. He looked up at Cadence, who smiled and shrugged as she said to the guards,”Alright you three, get back to eating your food.”

“Okay Cady.” They all said in unison, climbed back into their high chairs, and resumed their meals.

Shining came up to Cadence and whispered, “I'm so sorry for leaving them with you. I didn't know…”

She eyed him and kissed him, ”It's okay. I know how uncomfortable you are with foals,” She turned to the guards before looking back at Shining Armor as she asked. “Are they really royal guards?”

Shining and Cadence both looked at them as he whispered. “Yeah, surprisingly they are. I didn't think that something like this would happen.”

Cadence turned to her colt friend with concern and asked. “So, how long will they be like this?”

Shining shrugged as he responded. “Who knows? I’ve heard that Princess Celestia and Princess Luna are working on a cure as we speak.”

Cadence looked back at three foals, eating their food with little grins and bouncing up and down. She giggled. “Well I don't mind watching them, they're so well behaved for foals their age.”

Shining scoffed slightly. “Well behaved?! They threw doughnuts at Blueblood, not that I think he didn’t deserve to be made a fool of..”

Cadence turned back to her colt friend and growled slightly. “I saw the whole thing, Blueblood was picking on Cannon Feather for giving him doughnuts.”

Shining gasped, he hadn’t heard the full story just the basic details from the complaining Blueblood covered in jelly and powder. “Really?!” He turned to Cannon Feather, who was currently sucking on his sippy cup. Shining came up to Cannon Feather and said to him. “Hey, Cannon Feather.”

Cannon Feather looked up. “Hey Captain Shining. Whas wrong?”

Shining hugged Cannon Feather and profusely apologized. “I'm so sorry for leaving you with Blueblood, I would never think he would've stooped so low as to bully foals.”

Cannon Feather smiled and hugged Shining. “Is okay, I’m a royal guard.”

Shining looked at him with concern. “You sure you’re okay?” He asked.

“Yeah, I sure….I went through worse.” He looked up at his captain’s giant blue eyes as Shining ruffled his mane. “Well, I promise I’ll never leave you with Blueblood again.” Shining told him.

Cannon Feather hugged him, as Shining held him close. Cadence dawwed at the scene, as Celestia and Luna came in. Celestia looked up at the foals as they all shouted “Cewestia!”

The guards all ran up to her! She eyed them, making them all quiver as she said seriously, “I heard that you three made quite a mess at the party.”

“We're really sorry.” They all whimpered. Celestia bent down and nudged them as she told them, “But, I won't spank any of you.”

“You won’t?!” The three all asked in surprise.

Celestia nodded, “Indeed I won’t. In fact the only one who's getting punished is Shining,” She turned to the captain, and as he backed up she replied, “I specifically asked you to watch the foals, not pawn them off onto others.”

Shining bowed his head, “Yes, Princess Celestia. I understand. Guess I’m going on probation, huh?”

But Celestia replied, “I won’t put you on probation, seeing as I don't feel like it. Besides I might need you to watch the foals later on. However, I think cleaning up the mess hall in the barracks after dinner time tonight should be punishment enough.”

Shining bowed his head and nodded. “I accept your punishment.”

Celestia smiled, “Good.” She then went to Cadence and they talked in hushed whispers.

The three foals trembled even more, especially Bucket Bridle who whimpered, “Oh, Cewestia is gonna put me back in diapees.”

Cadence went to the foals as she hugged the three of them and whispered, “I’ll see you three later. I'm going to get some stuff and then I’ll bring you dessert, okay?”

“Okay!” The three shouted together.

Shining then walked off with his mare friend as Celestia turned to the foals, and they all cowered before her gaze as she said to them., “Now, I know that you three were trying to help at the party. And I heard how Prince Blueblood was rude to you three.”

Cannon Feather whimpered. “Yeah, I got him doughnuts and he yewwed at me. Bwight Wing just twied to hewp, is aww my fault.”

Celestia dawwed and hugged Cannon Feather. “It’s okay, it’s not your fault,” He smiled as she added. “Now that we’ve got that out of the way, I want to tell you that my sister and I didn't find a cure just yet.”

The foals all groaned as Bright Wing asked. “Bu wha tuwned us into foals?”

Celestia continued. “The curse used on you was very powerful and complicated, it could take some more time before Luna and I can turn you three back to normal,” She then turned to Bucket Bridle who gulped as she said to him. “Now, I heard that you missed the potty,” Bucket Bridle blushed, as Celestia smiled and told him. “But, I don't think that you’ll have to wear diapers.”

Bucket Bridle eyed her and asked. “So if we not going to wear diapees, wha are we wearing?”

Celestia gave a motherly smile. “Follow me. Luna should be back soon with my little surprise.”

The guards were now in Celestia’s room, where Luna laid out a package of unopened training pants. They all gasped “Training pants!” They exclaimed.

Celestia nodded. “Yes, dears. I figured out that you three are around three years old. And we don't need anymore accidents, especially not on the castle floors.”

They all sighed and grumbled, as Luna took up the package and opened it. She took out three pairs that were bright blue in color and made of a padded plastic material. She blushed as she asked. “Now, will thou turn thy rumps towards me?”

They all reluctantly turned, and felt the plastic pants be pulled up around their rumps, and their tails threaded through the tail holes. Luna smiled. “Thouest are now protected from accidents.”

They all turned and grumbled at their new blue padding now tied around their chubby waists. Bucket Bridle cried a bit. “Tia, I really sowwy for making a mess earlier? Can we not wear the training pants, pwease?”

Celestia cooed. “This isn't a punishment. These are just to assist in your potty training. Once you start getting better at making it to the potty on time, then we can talk about taking them off,” They all still looked at their new little blue plastic pants in embarrassment. Celestia bent down and nuzzled them tenderly as she continued. “Also, I put training potties in every bathroom. So just ask an adult if you need to go, okay?”

The guards all looked at each other, unsure about the new rule. At last, Bright Wing asked. “So, we can't go potty by ourselves?”

Celestia continued with her tender tone, “You're really young, Bright Wing. And for us to see how you're doing, we need to have an adult assist you. I'm sorry, but this will help you three in potty training.”

They all sighed, as Luna replied and offered. “Now that that's done how about I show thee to thy’s new room?”

“New room?!” Bright Wing exclaimed. They were led down the hall across from Celestia’s room. Luna opened the door, revealing a room painted blue with clouds covering the walls, making it look like the sky. In the back of it was a large bed with three small white pillows, and a giant blue comforter. There was also a toy chest near the bed brimming with stuff, with some plastic objects poking out. And on the right side of the room, was a closet filled with stuffy suits and foal clothes made for young colts.

Bright Wing asked. “So, we going to live here?”

Celestia happily replied with a smile. “Of course. The cure may take some time so I thought we could get you settled in here for a while.”

The guards all perked up a bit upon seeing the room, and then Cannon Feather squealed “Tis is awesome!” He climbed onto the bed and started to jump up and down!

Bright Wing got onto the middle of the bed, and just snuggled on the sheets and began rolling around.

Bucket Bridle growled. “But we ya royal guards we not wittwe cowts.”

Celestia replied while trying to suppress a smile. “Yes, I know that. But from the fiasco at the party, I think it's safe to assume you can't perform your duties at the moment.”

Bucket Bridle lowered his head. “I guess not. But you will get us back to normal, right?”

Celestia sighed, but she didn’t dare reply truthfully. “I promise I'll do whatever i can to find a cure,” She lied, knowing full well that there was a good possibility no cure existed. She then hugged him and asked. “What did you like doing as a colt?”

Bucket Bridle looked up. “Weww...I did wike pretending I was a royal guard when I was wittle.” He mumbled.

Celestia went over to the toy chest and they all turned to see three sets of plastic gold colored armor come out. “Di you get us armor?!” The foals exclaimed to her! Celestia giggled. “Well, it's not real armor,” She then helped the foals put on the plastic armor. Bucket Bridle even smiled upon seeing himself in the gold armor, even if it was made of plastic gave him a sense of pride. Celestia dawwed. “Ohm now you are my cute little guards,” She took out three plastic helmets and set them on their little heads. Then they ran to a small mirror and looked at themselves in their toy armor.

Celestia then cleared her throat as she announced. “Now that you’re colts, I have a few more rules that you must follow,” They all looked up at her as she said to them. “Now I’m going to be your caretaker for the most part, which means you're going to have to follow my rules. That includes going to bed when asked and eating what I put on your plates.” They all nod their heads in agreement.

They then all came up to her as Bright Wing asked. “Wait, now that we're cowts, do we have to go to school?”

Celestia smiled even as she shook her head. “No, I think you three are too young for that. You'll stay in the palace, and I'll find some ponies to keep you company and play with you. And I’ll sometimes have to get somepony to else to watch you while I attend to my royal duties.”

They all nodded, as Cannon Feather blushed, rubbing his hoof on the ground “Umm...can...can we go to a amusement park?” He asked.

“Maybe,” Celestia told him. “Tell you what? If you're a good little foal, then I'll see if we can.”

Cannon Feather giggled and squealed happily! “Yes!”

Celestia turned to the guards and she said to them. “Now, I have a lot to catch up on with my royal duties. Cadence will be by soon, but can you behave and play nicely by yourselves for a bit?” They all nodded, so she replied. “Good. I'll be back to tuck you in tonight.”

Celestia left, and the guards all sighed. Bright Wing pouted. “Now, we'll never prove we’re royal guards.”

Canon Feather happily replied! “So, didn't ya hear her?! We get to go to an amusement park if we behave ourselves!”

Bucket Bridle growled at him. “Ya kiddin me, wight? Why ya acting wike such a foal?”

Cannon Feather stuck his tongue out and muttered back. “Because we awe foals, we might as well enjoy ourselves.”

Bright Wing replied. “I dun know, I think we can at least help out, even if Celestia thinks we can't.”

Cannon Feather mumbled. “Wike what?” Bright Wing shrugged.

Cannon Feather groaned as he held his plastic blue training pants and babbled “Howd that thought, I gots ta go to ta potty,” He waddled out the door and bumped into Cadence as he exclaimed. “Cady, ya back!”

Cadence smiled. “I told you I would be, didn't I?” Then she noticed his training pants growing a little green as she asked. “Cannon Feather, do you need to use the potty?” He nodded, kicking his legs and bouncing up and down. Cadence quickly lead him to a bathroom across the room.“Come on, dear. You can make it.” She encouraged him.