• Published 27th Jan 2017
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Royal Guards in Training - Foal Star

On the eve of Nightmare Moon's return three royal guards were transformed into toddlers. Celestia now has to raise these three foals and keep them in line.

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Chapter 5: who's protecting who?

Luna was watching Cannon Feather sleep peacefully in her lap. as she saw Celestia raise the sun. She sighed as she thought, “Dear sister that was beautiful, I’m also shocked that it’s morning already.” She looked down at Cannon Feather and gently brushed his skin and fur, touching it ever so slightly, feeling how soft and gentle it felt on her hoof, and realising how fragile the little foal was. The princess of the night still couldn’t believe she would ever hold a foal in her life, despite having the little guard sleep in her lap all night. He eventually started winking his eyes and he turned to her with a smile, “Hey Wuna. Is it mownin?”

Luna giggled as she peered back at him, “Yes it is little one, you waking up?”

He rubbed his eyes with his hooves as he smacked his lips and looked up at Luna. “Hey whew am I?”

She giggled and continued, “Well you fell asleep in my lap last night, dear.”

He gasped and cried! “Oh no, I gonna get spankies!”

Luna hushed him and whispered, “It's completely fine, I'll explain to Celestia that I let you sleep with me.”

He garbled while smacking his lips, “Ok Wuna, bu stiw seweepie.”

Luna lowered her head and nuzzled him, making him groan as she cooed, “It's time to wake up sleepy head.”

He giggled as he kicked about, she couldn't help but smile down at him some more. He then mumbled, “Okay Wuna I’ww get up.”

She then gently laid him on the ground while patting his training pants with a hoof as she replied, “Looks like they’re dry.”

He giggled and blushed as he looked back up at her, “Weally, they weally dwy?”

Luna giggled and nodded with a smile “Yes, they’re dry.”

He squealed, “Yeah!” He then jumped up and hugged Luna, making her smirk, “I changed him twice last night, but there’s no reason to tell him about that.” When he finally let go he asked excitedly, “So Wuna, what da ya wan ta do?”

Luna thought for a few minutes tapping a hoof on her chin, she replied, ”So how about you and I go play in the garden for a bit? Does that sound like fun?”

He nodded and chirped, “Yeah that sounds wike awot of fun!” He squealed and ran off shouting “I’w wace ya!”

Luna laughed and galloped after him! “Oh no, thouest won’t beat me!”

The two eventually arrived at the garden after running through the palace. Cannon Feather was trying to catch his breathe, as Luna came up to him still full of energy and asked “You okay?”

He nodded and said. “I guess I not used to my new body, besides I beat ya!”

Luna smirked. “Oh, did you? Well I guess I shall have to beat you next time.”

He giggled. “Okay, do ya want ta pway hide and go seek now?”

She gave him a gentle smile, “Yes, let's play hide and go seek, little one.” Luna then went to a tree and placed her hooves over her eyes as she counted, “One...two...three…”

Cannon Feather quickly scurried into a bush and watched as Luna finished counting. “Eight...nine...ten! Thou is coming!”

She looked around the garden and wandered about, while Cannon Feather, in his bush stifled his giggling by putting his hooves over his mouth.

Luna peered over a few flower beds as she asked, “Where oh where is little Cannon Feather?” She came up to a random bush and was looking through it, when she heard Cannon Feather’s giggles. Trotting over to the bush the giggles were coming from, she shifted through it until she found him. But when she got close to him, he squealed and ran off, prompting Luna to shout, “Hey, get back here!”

He nagged back, “Na uh! Ya can’t catch me!”

Luna giggled and ran after him while shouting, “Oh, thouest can't escape from the Princess of the Night!” She flapped her wings as she chased after him. Cannon Feather tried flying himself, but his wings just flapped rapidly while his plump little body stayed where it was. Luna picked him up in her hooves and kissed the crock of his neck, making him squeal in laughter. She then turned over and complimented the little royal guard. “You’re such a good hider!” She told

“Yeah and I guess ya a good seeka.” He babbled.

She smiled, “Yes I arest a great seeker.”

Cannon Feather gave her puppy dog eyes as he asked. “Wuna? Can we pway again?”

Luna couldn't help but let a daww slip when she replied, “Maybe, but does thouest need to use the potty first?”

Cannon Feather looked at his training pants to make sure they were dry and mumbled, “Yeah, wet's go! I don wan ta make anotha wettie.”

Luna held him close with her right wing as she cooed. “Alright dear, I'll escort you to the potty.”

He nuzzled her fur and followed along. Luna just blushed and continued to walk back into the palace.

Celestia came down onto the town square where a few ponies were watching her. But she ignored them and flew back towards the palace, for some reason she just wanted to get back to the foals and see how they were doing. She quickly flew back to the palace, went up through the halls and slowly came through the door where the foals were sleeping. She looked up at Bright Wing who was already starting to wake up in the bed next to Bucket Bridle (who was sucking on his hoof with drool pouring down his chin). Celestia couldn’t help but daww at the two with a small smile forming on her face. Upon seeing her Bring Wing gave her a giant, loving smile, making Celestia’s heart stop. She whispered, “Morning you two.”

Bright Wing ran out of bed and shouted, “Mownin Cewestia!” He ran into her and hugged her forelegs. She couldn’t help but hug him back and nuzzle him as she cooed, “How are you doing, Bright Wing?”

Bright Wing giggled, “Gweat! I had a gweat sweep wast night!”

Celestia replied with a smile, “That sounds wonderful,” Then she asked. “Did you wet the bed?”

He blushed as she patted his rump, felt that it was quite damp, and cooed, “It’s alright, a child’s bladder can be unpredictable. How about I get you cleaned up?”

Bucket Bridle mumbled “Wha’s goin on?” He rubbed his eyes and looked up at Celestia, he also smiled at her, making the princess’s heart flutter with maternal love. He then saw Bright Wing hugging Celestia and jumped off shouting, “Hey ,I wove ya too, Tia!” And ran up to hug her legs as she laughed. “Oh Bucket Bridle, I love you too.”

He just nuzzled her leg making her laugh. “Alright, now I’m betting you're wet too.” She patted his damp training pants, as he blushed and turned his head in shame. She just smiled and said, ”It’s alright, it’s quite natural for foals your age to wet themselves overnight. Now let’s get you two cleaned up,” She then escorted the two to the bathroom as she turned her head and asked, “Wait, where’s Cannon Feather?”

Bright Wing turned and explained, “Oh, I saw him weave, saying someting about saying sowwy to Wuna.”

“Oh, did he?” Celestia asked, as she thought. “I was wondering where Luna was, I guess she has our missing foal.”

Just then, Cannon Feather smiled, as he saw his friends being escorted by Celestia. He shouted. “Bucket Bwidwe! Bwight Wing!”

They turned their heads as he ran into them, giving both of his fellow guards a hug as they giggled together. Bucket Bridle asked. “Whewe have ya been?”

Celestia looked up at Luna who blushed and turned her head down. The princess of the sun came up to her sister and nuzzled her as Luna explained, “I’m sorry I was going to take Cann-” Celestia hugged her, interrupting her sister as she whispered. “It’s alright, I’m glad you spent time with Cannon Feather.”

They both turn their heads to the foals all laughing and talking to each other. Celestia then whispered and asked, “Luna, do you feel something weird when you're around them?”

Luna blushed. “Yes, dear sister. Thy can’t help but nurture them.”

Celestia nodded her head. “I feel exactly the same. I almost have half a mind of taking today off and spending it with them.”

Luna smiled, even though she was surprised. “Thou is a princess, can't she do just that?” She questioned.

Celestia sighed. “There’s a few matters I need to take care of. As much I would love to spend time with them all day long, but I can’t.”

Luna gave a yawn as she responded. “Yes thou feels the same. And I must rest soon.”

Celestia continued, “Did he keep you busy last night?”

Luna shook her head. “He wet himself twice but didn’t wake up.”

Celestia laughed a bit. “Looks like all three of our foals have zero bladder control at night. Bucket Bridle and Bright Wing soaked their training pants and the sheets.”

The two laughed together, while Bucket Bridle was the first to ask. “Cannon Feather, whew have ya been?”

Cannon Feather blushed, “Oh I just swept in Wuna’s wap tat's all.”

Bucket Bridle hugged him while shouting. “Why di ya do that?! Tia is gonna spank ya now!”

Cannon Feather with a pout shouted, “Na uh! Wuna said, as wong as I with hew I get no spankies!”

Bright Wing shouted back, “Na uh, she wying!”

Celestia came over and said to the guards, “Alright you three stop fighting, no pony is going to get spanked,” She then bent down and whispered, “In fact I think all three of you should spend more time with my sister,” They all perked up as she asked, “Luna, would you like to feed them breakfast?”

“Of course!” Luna immediately replied. She scooted them with her muzzle as she said theom. “Come on you three, time for some num nums!”

Luna was now watching the three as they climbed onto the royal dining table, where three bowls of steaming porridge waited for them sprinkled with sugar and strawberries. Luna bowed her head and encouraged. “Go on, dig in.”

They all began digging their spoons into the porridge, and ate their food happily. Bright Wing suddenly turned and asked. “Hey, Wuna, afta bweakfast, can we go pway with you?”

But Bucket Bridle protested. “We can’t, we gots mownin dwill.”

Luna just laughed. “Bucket Bridle, thouest no longer has to worry about morning drill,” Bucket Bridle grumbled and went back to his food, as Luna turned to Bright Wing and told him. “Yes dear, I would love to play with you three before I retire for the day. But you must eat all of your breakfast first.”

Bright Wing and Cannon Feather started eating their porridge as fast as they could while Bucket Bridle reluctantly picked up his spoon and resumed his meal. Before long he looked up and asked. “Hey, Wuna, um... wha happen on the Summa Sun Cewebwation? How di ya tuwn good?”

Luna smiled at him and replied. “Well that’s a long story and to tell you the truth I don’t remember much.”

“Bu wha about those six ponies? The ones that Cewestia was talkin too? Who wewe they?” Bright Wing asked.

Luna smiled as she continued. “Well, from what Celestia told me, they used the Elements of Harmony to purge the evil Nightmare Moon from me.”

Bucket Bridled groaned. “Ya mean tose six mawes saved ya and Cewsta’s wife?”

Luna nodded. “I believe so. It is likely that those six did indeed use the Elements of Harmony.”

“Wha awe those?” Cannon Feather asked out of curiosity.

Luna laughed. “Oh, such curious foals you are,” She then replied, “I don't know exactly. But my sister and I used to use them to keep Equestria safe from monsters. Unfortunately, my sister and I lost our connection to them when I became evil.”

Bright Wing babbled. “So if the Ewememts of Hawmony awe back, does that mean we can't be woyal guawds?”

Luna laughed again. “Oh no, dears. We still need royal guards to help keep the peace and maintain law within Equestria.”

Bucket bridle sighed in relief. “Okay, at weast we stiw got a job when we get back ta nowmal.”

Luna nodded, as Shining Armor came into the dining room, prompting the foals to all shout, “Mownin Shing Awmoa!”

Shining blushed as he coughed and greeted. “Morning to you as well,” He then turned to Cannon Feather and asked. “Cannon Feather, can you come with me please?”

His friends turned as Bright Wing asked. “Whas happenin? Is Cannon Fetah in twouble?”

Shining shook his head and continued, “No, but from what Princess Celestia told me it’s a private matter.”

Cannon Feather reluctantly got off his chair and waddled up to Shining as he shouted, “Wait, I gots to pway with Wuna though!”

Luna dawwed as she came up to Cannon Feather and told him. “It’s okay, thouset must go and see what my sister needs of you, we shall play when you return.”

Cannon Feather ran up and gave her a hug then he scampered off with Shining, following him down the hall.

As the two walked together Cannon Feather looked up and asked, “So, um, Shining. Can ya tew me why Cewestia wants me?”

Shining shrugged,”I don’t know,” He replied. “She just sent for you and that was it. She wouldn’t tell me anything else.”

Cannon Feather nodded and mumbled. “Okay.”

He started to shake a bit as Shining replied to him, “Hey, it’s okay, I don’t think you're in any trouble.”

Cannon Feather gulped, “Ya suwe?” He asked.

Shining smiled, “I’m sure, now come on, we don’t want to keep the princess waiting.” He continued on as he looked back at Cannon Feather. Perking up a bit Shining thought, “Cadance talked non stop about those three, I haven’t seen her so happy in a long time. I’d actually feel kind of sad if Celestia found a cure already.”

The two finally came upon the throne room, where two pegasi stood before Princess Celestia. One was a blue coated pegasus stallion with gold eyes and a curly black mane. On the left was a pegasus mare in a simple blue dress. She had a white coat with a swirly blue mane, and blue eyes, Cannon Feather gasped, he recognized those two! “Auntie?! Uncwe?!”

The two pegasi turned and smiled. “Hello Cannon Feather.” They greeted warmly.

His aunt smiled at him as Cannon Feather shouted, “Why ya two hewe?!”

His uncle growled a bit. “Well now, that’s not how you greet family.” He lightly scolded.

Celestia, sitting on her throne, responded and asked. “So Cannon Feather are these two your uncle and aunt?”

Cannon Feather nodded and stared at the ground as he growled. “Yeah, they my auntie and uncwe.”

The stallion turned to Princess Celestia, “Thank you for caring for our nephew.”

Celestia smiled and bowed her head, “It’s my pleasure,” She then continued, “Now, what can I do for you two?”

The uncle continued, “Well, let me introduce myself. I’m Gold Feather, the uncle of Cannon Feather. Due to Cannon Father’s age regression and your inability to find a cure I oblige that we take Cannon Feather back under our wing.”

Cannon Feather immediately shouted in protest, “No, I neva goin back with ya!” They both turned as Cannon Feather ran behind Shining, “I woyal guwad! Ya going to twy to make me into a noblw pony again!”

Celestia cleared her throat and replied, “Gold Feather and…”

The mare bowed, “Silver Wing.” She answered.

Celestia smiled, “Gold Feather and Silver Wing, I do see that you are Cannon Father's family. But until I find a cure, he is still technically a stallion and can therefore make his own decisions.”

Cannon Feather shouted happily, “Weally, Cewestia?!” He asked, to which she nodded.

Gold Feather growled, “Clearly the royal guard didn't teach you any manners.”

Celestia lost her patience and shouted, “Enough! As long as you're in my presence, I won’t hear such insolent remarks to the royal guard.”

The noble stallion and mare bowed again as Celestia continued, “Now Cannon Feather do you want to stay with your aunt and uncle, or here in the palace?”

“The pawace! I neva goin back with my auntie and uncle agwain!” He shouted. His uncle growled as his aunt gave a humpf.

Celestia smiled, “It seems Cannon Feather made his decision, good day you two.”

They both gave Cannon Feather angry looks as his uncle growled and warned, “When we do get you under our custody, you will be punished severely.” Cannon Feather stuck his tongue out at them.

When they left Celestia, turned to Cannon Feather who ran up to her and hugged her making all the royal guards blush. Celestia tried not to smirk. “Cannon Feather, thank you for that.”

Cannon Feather immediately asked, “Cewestia, can ya pwomice to neva give me back to my aunt and uncle?”

Celestia grew a bit concerned. “Why? Did they abuse you as a foal?” She asked. Such incidents were rare but not unheard of.

He looked down as he mumbled, “No, not weally, but they wanted to tuwn me into a noblw pony and I wantad be a woyal guwad.”

Celestia cooed, “I see, well you don’t have to worry about them right now.” She then asked, “So you gave up being noble for being a royal guard. Why?”

He smiled at her as he whispered, “Weww...um...becaswse of ya,” Celestia eyed him curiously as he continued, “Well it was a wong time ago..I was a colt and bein waised wike a noble, and I hated it.” He paused for a bit, before turning back and continuing his story, “It was a duwing a pawade, and I saw ya in ya chaiowt with ta woyal guawds all wined up. Ya told the ponies how greatful you awe and all that. But I wiked the pawt when ya named the woyal guawds that did the best. Ya towld us that they pwotect ya and help ya. And if somepony foawnapped ya, that would be awful. So I decided that I wanted to become a woyal guwad, and pwotect ya and Equestwia fwom monstas.” He giggled.

Celestia cooed, “Oh, wow, that was a lot! You sure are a fast talker. But that was a good story, did you get your cutie mark that day?” She asked.

Cannon Feather giggled and added, “Well ya! I got a cannon shooting feathers as a cutie mark,” He smirked, before turned to his blank rump and said, “Hopefuwwy I get it back one day.”

Caelestia couldn't help but smile, before she turned to the long line of ponies lining up and reluctantly sighed, “Alright, I have work to do. Captain Armor, can you escort him back to Luna please?”

“Oh...alwight.” Cannon Feather moaned, he really didn’t want to leave the princess.

Shining smiled up at Cannon Feather, seeing him hugging Celestia as he thought to himself. “I always wondered what motivated him to become a royal guard? Now I see he just wanted to protect Celestia, and made that his goal in life.” Cannon Feather waddled away as Shining replied, “Cannon Feather, that was pretty brave of you.”

Cannon Feather giggled. “Thanks, besides I gotta keep my pwomice ta Wuna befowe she goes ta bed!” He then ran off as Shining laughed. “Hey, wait up!”

Luna was tiredly playing hide and go seek with the other two foals in the palace gardens. She lazily was looking around and yawning. “Come out, come out, wherever you are.” Suddenly she heard, “Wuna!” She turned to Cannon Feather rushing into her hooves. She smiled down at him and yawned, “Cannon Feather, it’s nice to see you. Is everything alright?”

Cannon Feather looked up and said, “Yeah, evewythin is fine but ya wook tiwed.”

Luna nodded as she mumbled, “Yes, I am a little. But I can still play a game of hide and seek.”

“Otay! I’ww go hide!” Cannon Feather replied and rushed off!

Luna she turned to Shining, and as he came up she asked, “Shining Armor that is thy’s name, correct?”

Shining Armor nodded and replied, “Yes it is...you seem a bit tired. You should go get some sleep. I can watch the foals until Cadence arrives.”

Luna yawned again, “I guess I am tired, but I promised Cannon Feather a game of hide and go seek, and I my keep thy’s promise.”

Shining bowed, “Alright, princess, if that is what you wish.”

Luna continued to the tree and yawned. “One...two...three...four...five..” She then swayed a bit and collapsed into the bushes, causing Shining and the foals to all gasp and rush to her side!

”Don't worry, I’ll get her to bed,” Shining offered, as he strained himself but still managed to pick her up in his magic, “How about you three play together while I tuck in the Princess of the Night?” He offered. “And if you have to go potty, well try to make it to a bathroom, but if you really can’t hold it in that long just go in one of the bushes. I don’t think anypony will notice, just be careful not to use any strange leaves for wiping.”

The three foals all shouted together. “Otay, Captain Shining.” They gave their clumsy salutes. Shining saluted back to them and then he walked of with the snoring Luna, now having propped her upright

. Bright Wing immediately asked once Shining Armor had left, “Cannon Featha, wha happen with ya and Cewestia?”

Cannon Feather turned his head and said, “Wong stowie showt, my famiwy twied to take me, but I not weaving, I staying.”

Bright Wing whispered, “Weally?”

Bucket Bridle groaned. “Ya mean, they told owa families we tuwned ta fowls?!” He asked.

Cannon Feather shrugged. “I guess so, but Cewestia said we can stay hewe untiw she finds a cuwe, and we can decide who to stay with.”

Bucket Bridle blushed and whispered, “Weww, I hope my famiwy doesn come.”

Bright Wing sighed, “My dad wouldn't cawe, I’m not too wowwied about him.”

Changing the subject Cannon Feather asked, “So how about we pway tag ow somthin?”

Bucket Bridle growled, “I onwy pwayed with Wuna becawse she’s a pwincess. I not gonna not twy be a foal all the time.”

Cannon Feather poked Bucket Bridle’s chubby side and shouted. “Ya it!”

He ran off as Bucket Bridle groaned, “I'm not gonna pway tag!”

Bright Wing stuck his tongue out and shouted, “I bet ya can’t catch me!”

Bucket Bridle shouted back, “Hey, come back hewe! No faiw getting a head stawt!” And he chased after Bright Wing with fierce determination.