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Through his early life, Harry Potter wasn't even sure what his name was. And once he was sure, he shortly became sure it was wrong- that there was something very, very different about him.

About her, actually, to hay with biology.

He never told the Dursleys. Just like he never told them the friend he made at school was magical. Then of course, right when Hogwarts was getting ready to address first-year letters, the pulse of magic it generated to build the list of potential first-years met with Harry's determination, and that of a few others, and gave them some very unique opportunities to change their situations.

This story is actually a rewrite, believe it or not. The original version was a straight-up girl-harry story, and HP-only, so it never reached this site. It got stuck after just a few chapters, and has sat for months on "writer's block". And then, I got this idea, which made it into a crossover- and I believe it is a unique twist in the world of HP/MLP crossovers.

And if you're wondering why it was published with two chapters, that's because there are no ponies in chapter one. It went live with the first chapter on my Patreon, where my patrons have early access to future chapters.

Note that, even though I expect many of the same OCs to appear, this story is NOT connected to my other HP/MLP crossover, On the Implications of Parallel Worlds, in any way.

This story will update on Wednesdays, when ready, or simply when ready for patrons. Tags may be updated as the story progresses. Additional character tags not available on this site: Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, Ginny Weasley, Draco Malfoy.

This story has been cancelled for far too many character and plot developments that just wouldn't. I can no longer stand to work on it.

It could be argued that the phrase “based on a true story” applies to this story.

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Navigating the world as a trans person wasn't easy. Emotional challenges notwithstanding, the legal and medical decisions you'd have to face were enough to make your head spin. Twilight Sparkle was lucky then that she had a brother who had already lived through it all. Her own knight in shining armor.

Thank you, really.

Written for the Quills and Sofa's Pride contest and posted here with editing while also serving as an entry into the Pride and Positivity event. Follow these links to see what you can do to help. It falls on all of us to help each other through whatever means we have available.
Black Lives Matter - Where To Donate
Support Black People MasterDoc

I cannot stress enough the role that Dreamer Deceiver and wishcometrue played in making this fic what it is. Without their support both as editors and as friends, I don't think this fic would be what it is.

And thank you, especially, to my brother; my real life Shining Armor. You're the best brother a trans girl like me could ever hope for. Thanks for passing me the torch, bro.

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Fluttershy has never been good at talking. which is unfortunate, because she has some very complicated things to say. Things about her feelings, and her relationships with other ponies and her... gender identity. It's not exactly easy to talk about no matter who you are. But she can do it, because she has to. Maybe it'll get easier to do the more she does it, right?

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On the longest day of the thousandth year, only Twilight Sparkle really knew what she was getting into. That didn't stop five mares she'd met less than a day before from insisting on tagging along. They'd all go on to be heroes, but it's not like they knew that at the time. What went through their minds on that dark summer morning?

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Sunset Shimmer's been informed of the Cozy Glow debacle, and now she's worried about Cozy’s human counterpart. Is it wrong to suspect someone based on their parallel self’s sins? Snappy character vignette that gives equal POV time to Sunset and human Cozy trying to figure out just what the other’s deal is.

Teen rating for depictions of mental illness and Cozy’s casual use of crass language. Cover image made by me slapping some EG vectors on top of each other in Microsoft Powerpoint.

:pinkiegasp:Written reccomendation by a very reputable user:pinkiegasp:

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That's right kids! My Little Pony Generation 5 is here with The Starlight & Pals Magical Half Hour! Join Starlight Glimmer, Spike, Rarity, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, and all the rest for this fun-filled magical adventure. With this week's special guest, Applejack!

Be part of the adventure with Starlight & Pals as they learn valuable lessons, including: friendship, magic, small claims court, probable cause, sorcery and Nichomachean Ethics!

A collaborative anthology with GaPJaxie, offering a helpful path for Hasbro in case they need ideas for how Generation 5 should go.

Chapters (24)

Smolder is not a changeling. But sometimes she feels like one.

Being a dragon can be downright exhausting.

Cover Art by Dashy21
Thank you to Ice Star, Meridian Prime and Pascoite for their help putting this together.

Chapters (2)

When Celestia told her that she was planning to retire, Twilight was understandably upset. But that was nothing compared to when she found out just what the process would involve. And the rather direct and frankly regicidal role she needed to take.

Cover image compiled from here and here.

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Twilight has settled into her new castle, which now feels like a home thanks to her friends. The only problem is she's still not sleeping and still finding excuses to keep herself busy. The last few weeks had been particularly stressful. She thought that once everything calmed down her life would get back to normal, but something that happened affected her more deeply than she thought.

Rainbow Dash can tell something is wrong. She wants to know if she can help.

Editing by Formerly Committed and JetstreamGW.

Also available in Dramatic Reading form! Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3.

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Equestria is rather notorious for its historical illiteracy. A thousand years guarantees anypony who wasn't there to witness the event won't remember it. Even the passage of a few generations runs the risk of events falling by the wayside.

But some things ponies remember, even if they don't always retain the reasons why they hold onto those memories. Twilight Sparkle just found one, and now she's going to try to find the reasoning behind it.

It's worse than she could ever imagine. On so many levels, it is so much worse.

Inspired by "Corn & Peg," a Nick Jr. cartoon that G4 very well could have been in a much darker timeline. Set in very early Season 8, during the School of Friendship's construction, and assumes that "Spring Breakdown" took place during that time. Blame/thank Estee for this story's existence. No heretics were BLAMMED in the making of this story.

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