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    Created by Stiggerzz
    - October, 2014
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Flash Sentry took a cookie from a plate meant for Shining Armor. There was something else in those cookies.

Warning: Ogaudno.

Flash proofread by Minds Eye. Inspired by TL chat. Celestia help you all.

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This story is a sequel to Sunset Shimmer's Unpleasant Discovery

Twilight Sparkle returns to the human world intending to take a short vacation from her princessly duties, and to catch up with her non-Equestrian friends. One sleepover at Pinkie Pie’s house later, Twilight comes to learn something fascinating—and horrifying—about her very human body.

This story now has a spiritual prequel: Sunset Shimmer's Unpleasant Discovery, by Bootsy Slickmane, rated [mature]. While mine pokes fun at the characters, his offers the more serious take.

Preread by Stiggerzz and Majin Syeekoh.

Rated Teen for sexual references.

Featured on:
Fimfiction.net Feature Box (11/01/2014)

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A Pegasus, born on accident and left to die in the freezing blizzard of the Forbidden Ice Mountains. Adopted by Eskiponies, and then kidnapped. For 6 years of torture, she lived, until she discovered her power to create ice daggers with a wave of her hoof. Gone into hiding, for fear, until she is accepted as the Wonderbolt's student.

An Earth Pony, born to a Wonderbolt Family. Thrown out as an outcast, he ran away, finding himself at the edge of the world, and falls into a pit of lava. Amazed that he's alive, he finds he has the power to create fire and lava with a wave of his hoof. He goes into hiding, until he meets the pony of his dreams. His life seems happy, but his power still haunts him.

One mistake from both ponies, is about to change everything. Equestria is about to crumble, and they are the only ones who can stop it.

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Join our manly protagonist as he goes through his manly day, and eats his manly lunch! Oh and also kills discord with his bare hands...

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Private is called to aid King Thor when a pair of his guards are murdered and a mysterious package seems to be at the center of it all. Thor's brother and popular lord Baldur is being threatened by this conspiracy, can Private solve it before the young prince sees the end of his immortal life? To make matters worse, an old foe of Thor's seems to be pulling the strings from behind the curtains, giving Private his greatest challenge yet.

(Crossover Tag is due to the large amount of Norse Myth present in this Story)

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Rarity discovers Sweetie Belle reading an inappropriate comic and decides that it is her moral obligation to tell the world that it's not allowed to exist due to immoral material, but not all of her friends are on board.

Will she succeed? Or will Rarity realize that she's blowing things out of proportion.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: I'm not sure if this is a good idea or a bad one. All I know is I had the idea to write it at three in the morning and I did so in one sitting so let's see if my tired brain is smarter than my not-so-tired brain? Not just a reflection of recent events so much as my view on censorship as a whole.

AUTHOR'S SECOND NOTE: I did not intend this as a trolling thing or anything, but I have to say the reactions I am getting from this fic are positively delicious! Your collective love/hate is enough to make this writer shed tears of joy!

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After his death, South African former president and national hero Nelson Mandela finds himself in Equestria. However, it looks like he has some work to do with ending apartheid in the afterlife, as well. After all, none of the unicorns and pegasi own farmland, and none of them farm. And Cloudsdale is an exclusively pegasus city. Being an equality-minded person, Mandela won't rest until all races of ponies can live there.

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Earth's final downfall is imminent. Celestia and several other ponies watch with bated breath, as the final few acres of tainted land are swallowed. The last remaining humans are cornered in, no way of resisting their conversion.

But, just before Celestia orders the potion to be applied, the humans unite in an act that will haunt Celestia forever.

Warning! This story was written in fifteen minutes, and was not proofread before publish. It is easily my worst story. If you do not enjoy TCB or ACB stories, you will most likely not enjoy this story. Tags are accurate. There is no happy ending here. Viewer discretion is advised.

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The Everfree Forest has invaded. Ponyville is in disarray and Celestia and Luna have disappeared. While Twilight and the others scramble to find the cause of it, Private is caught in the middle of the invasion. When an old enemy returns, can Private Eye defeat him this time? All while this is going on the Everfree is hiding a dark secret from the past. It's up to Private to uncover it. But, should some secrets remain unfound?

(New Cover Art by gent777)

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This story is a sequel to Dusk's Dangerous Game

Twilight Sparkle, known to all but the three Goddesses as Lady Everstar, the Evening Sage, has ruled over her kingdom for nearly five centuries with all the wisdom and grace of which she is capable. Her lands are wild and exciting, the prospects good for those with brilliant minds and daring hearts. But now something has changed in the Evening Kingdom, something has changed the balance of power so profoundly that even Twilight herself cannot tell how events may unfold.

Across the ocean, an ancient evil is stirring, its dark hunger can finally be realized. Its servants are many, brutal, and cunning. They are found among the lowest of lows, and the highest of highs. With the balance of power so disrupted, it is at last time for their shadowy plans to come to fruition, to cast off the darkness and strike against the night.

It will take the power of goddesses, magic both familiar and ancient, and the most unlikely of heroes to save not only the Evening Kingdom, not only Equestria, but the entirety of Creation as we know it.

Sequel to Lines and Webs and Dusk's Dangerous Game. Knowledge of the previous stories is not needed, but reading them is, of course, encouraged.

Followed by Courts of The Magi.

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