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Equestria Noir Season 2 Case 10 "Forest of Death" - Jacoboby1

When the Everfree Forest begins invading, Private discovers that the mysterious land has a lot more secrets to hide then he thought. Private must brave the dark forest that has since come alive in order to discover the truth.

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Chapter 1 "Invasion of the Forest"

Equestria Noir 2
Case 10
“Forest of Death”
By Jacoboby1
Chapter 1
“Invasion of the Forest”

Perspective: ???

“You’re late…”

“Sneaking around has become a thing of mine. I had to make sure that none spotted me, or my companion.”

“How do you show up late for a meeting that you asked for?”

“I’m here now, so let’s cut to the chase. It’s going to happen right now.”

“Yes, he told me that the seeds would be working right now. To think Discord could be so careless.”

“With Celestia keeping him on a leash he’s no threat to us. The reason I came is to ask, have I not proven myself?”

“Your supposed victory over him proved nothing except your own ego. Last time I checked, the battle was a draw. We will not deviate from the plan to satisfy your wounded pride.”

“Remember who you are speaking to, old stallion.”

“Bah, if you were truly the one, you would’ve killed him by now.”

“And that would have gotten us nowhere and you know it. I just don’t see why it has to be him.”

“Do you not have ears? I told you this a hundred times. It has to be him. Nopony else can summon our master.”

“I have ears, that doesn’t mean I like what I hear.”

“Don’t argue with me, if it wasn’t for me you and your sister would be pathetic little orphans on the street. The only reason you are even breathing at this point is because you will serve a purpose.”

“Fine, but I have one request.”

“Oh here we go.”

“Let me face him again…”

“What will that accomplish? Another draw?”

“No, I simply want to see...just what makes him more worthy than me….”


Perspective: Private Eye

Nothing! I’ve been digging through the libraries books for hours and nothing. I’ve been reading every single book about history, magic, anything to help me understand Prometheus. But nothing, there’s no mention of him in any history textbook, paper, or compilation stored here at the library.

I slammed my head onto the open book in front of me and groaned. I’ve been at this for hours. Ever since I got back from the Summit yesterday I’ve been trying to find something to occupy me.

Twilight was in Canterlot hoping to take part in a Sunrise Festival with Celestia and Luna. The girls were with her, I spent most of my time here catching up with Tailspin. Dad looked after him while I was away and he was on a train back to Manehatten.

Everything was going swell until Tailspin had to go to school. Then, the itch to try and solve this whole ancestral mystery came back. I moved myself to the library and started digging through every text I could get my hooves on. I didn’t want to worry Twilight so I didn’t tell anybody I was here.

Frustration gripped me, how hard was it to find a stupid unicorn who lived over a thousand years ago?

“Quite difficult if you ask me.”

I turned and saw a sight I was not in the mood to put up with. Discord was lounging on some invisible couch above me. The bizarre creature smiled at me, “So, on to your pet genealogy project dear Private?” he asked. “Seems you and Twilight share the same investigative nature.”

“I’m not in the mood Discord.” I said, turning back to the book. Suddenly one line of words transformed into a tiny Discord. He stood on the book, his arms crossed.

“Oh really now, how silly of me to think you had a fun bone in you. You and Twilight Sparkle are the perfect match after all.” He said, picking up letter on the page and nibbling the corner on it.

Don’t. Ask.

“What do you want?” I grumbled. “I’m trying to work here.” I flipped the page and crushed Mini Discord in the process.

Discord phased through the page and grumbled himself, “Now that was just rude and uncalled for. Why can’t you be more like Fluttershy and accept that I have truly changed? We could be friends! Write letters to each other! Enjoy long walks on the-”

I flipped another page on to him out of sheer spite. “Like I said, not in the mood.”

A flat Discord came out of the book and blew himself up with his thumb. “That’ll teach me to try and be friendly to hardboiled Private Eye.”

“What are you really doing here Discord?” I asked. “Don’t you have some bunnies to give steroids to or something?”

“Oh heavens no, this was just me sating my curiosity about why you are here, when Twilight is at Canterlot.” He said.

I sighed. “Twilight is doing work, and so am I,” I said.

“Right, the Sunrise Ceremony. Where dear Twilight Sparkle becomes a pretty pretty princess,” He said, summoning a really scary looking gold cane with Twilight’s head on it. He twirls it around as he says, “Shame that your duties are keeping you apart don’t you think?”

“It’s what I signed up for,” I said firmly. “I knew marrying Twilight was going to be tough. But I put up with it because I love her.”

“Oh love,” Discord said, the cane suddenly sprouting a bouquet of roses. “Ah, one day maybe I’ll find a nice draconequus and settle down somewhere in the country.”

Trying to imagine a female version of Discord’s species made me want to vomit.

“Look, if you don’t have anything to contribute, go bug somebody else.” I said, looking through the book.

“And miss seeing you continually fail at your project?” Discord said with a smirk. “You do seem to have trouble with a certain ancestor of yours, what was his name again? Oh right, Prometheus.”

I stopped and suddenly realized. Discord was immortal too. He’s been around longer then Celestia and Luna. He would know what happened to Prometheus.

Now I just need to turn off the higher functioning part of my brain that prohibits me from asking Discord favors. Or just the part that prohibits me from playing nice with him, instead of treating him like he’s an unexploded bottle of nitroglycerin.

“If you know something, Discord, just say it,” I said, looking down at him.

“Well, since you asked so nicely… Well nicely for you at least,” He said, tossing away the cane, somehow it passes through the wall and I thought I could hear Opal screeching outside.

“What do you know about Prometheus?” I asked firmly.

Discord looked at his claws as he said, “Well, I didn’t know him personally. Though with the chaos he caused to Izanagi’s kingdom I would feel compelled to give him a medal.”

“I know he attacked Equestria.” I said. “Using, dark magic.”

“Well, you probably know a little more than I expected what with your haphazard way of peeking into secrets. But, to sate your curiosity I’ll tell you what I can. Yes, your dear ancestor did attack the Unicorn Kingdom, he had plans to take over all of Equestria but for some reason he stopped after capturing a castle. One with dear Izanami, Izanagi’s wife, inside.”

I heard this part from Lunard. Apparently Prometheus lusted after Izanami, and raped her when he got inside. But, judging by Discord’s expression there was far more to the story.

“Dear Promy then sort of disappeared for a time. Left his empire in the hands of the daughter he had with his wife Aria. From there you get some rumors and some saying he just flat out killed himself,” Discord said.

“And Izanami?” I asked.

“Got preggers from Promy’s little escapade with her. Dear Celestia said they were to be twins but then Izanami runs away in the middle of the night and is never heard from again.”

“How come I’ve learned none of this in history class?” I asked.

“The victor writes the history books, Private Eye. But the sore losers never want to admit they were beaten,” He said cryptically. Then suddenly he grew to a huge size and summoned a towel and shower cap on his head. “Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve been rolling in exposition all day, I think I need a shower.”

“Hold on!” I said, watching him walk off the desk. “You can’t just leave me hanging like that.”

“Trust me, you’re going to want to pay attention for the next part of the story.” Discord said, and then snapped his fingers and vanished before my eyes.

I growled and bucked the desk out of sheer frustration. I swear if Fluttershy didn’t believe he was truly reformed I’d turn him to stone myself.

And what was with leaving me hanging l-

Suddenly I felt like my chest was on fire. I yelled in pain and fell on the floor. I felt pain shoot up my entire body. It felt like a thousand thorns were plunging themselves inside me. I yelled in pain as it only got worse. Then...I heard voices….

Save us!

Help us!

The tree! The tree!

Help us!

We’re dying!

I yelled into pain and it eventually became too much. I slipped into unconsciousness.


When I came too all I could hear was screaming outside. I groaned as I tried to get to my hooves. The pain was gone, just left behind a really sore feeling in my chest and legs. What was that? Something about a tree…?”

I heard a scream outside, it sounding like one of the townsfolk. I got up and ran to the door as best I could…

Nothing could have prepared me for what I saw…

Vines. Big black thorny vines were all over Ponyville, wrapping buildings, threatening the citizens, and generally causing havoc. It was like something out of a nightmare. Probably was to some of the ponies here, but those vines were putting everypony in danger.

My eyes grew even wider as I looked to the sky. The skyline was divided almost completely in half. One side showcasing the sun of morning, the other side the moon of evening. Just what the heck was going on here!?

I watched as one of the thorny vines started moving towards me. I jumped out of the way and fired a magical bolt at it. The plant only seemed stunned before it went to try and ensare my leg. I dodged out of the way and started galloping towards my home. If I could get inside, then I could get my gear to help fight these things!

I ran across town, zapping any vines that got close. I occasionally passed ponies trying to escape the vines too. I managed to run inside my house to find that the vines were already heading towards it.

I dived into the doorway and ran upstairs. The vines followed me but I slammed the door behind myself. I could hear the things trying to knock my door down but I held firm. I sparked my horn, causing the wood from the floor to come up as planks. I turned and used magic to put the planks on the door.

“That’ll hold them,” I said, “At least for a little bit.”

I then opened my closet and pulled out my weapons. I slipped Silver Wolf onto my back. I then pulled out Blackhawk, White Tiger, and Golden Eagle. I slipped all three firearms into my trench coat.

It was at that moment the plants managed to bust down my door. I pulled out Silver wolf at blinding speed and slashed the vines. The blade cut through them quickly. I slashed my way through the plants as I ran downstairs. I had to get to the school, made sure that Tailspin was..safe…?

I ran outside and saw somebody running towards the Everfree forest. He was trying to be hidden but as he ran away from the chaos, one look in his eye told me who he was…


What was I going to do? I couldn’t leave Tailspin. Then again, if he’s at school he should be okay. If Spera was here, trouble would soon follow.

I ran in the direction where he was heading towards the Everfree Forest. When I got there...part of me wished I had stayed in town…

I swear this place had grown darker. Mind you the Everfree Forest had always been foreboding. It was always dark, with a thick canopy of leaves blotting out the sun in most of it, keeping it dark, and rather scary. It was also filled with dangerous creatures that could easily make a meal out of an unwary pony. Manticores, cockatrices, and timber wolves were bad enough. However, I am sure that nopony knows what all is living in there, and what could come slinking out and take us by surprise. Even the cutest, most innocent-looking creature could be a plague. Twilight told me about the parasprites, and about how Pinkie Pie had routed them with an annoyingly catchy polka. Never mind the fact that a lot of wild weather is thrown off from the place, and pegasus weather magic doesn’t seem to work there. All in all, it was a place that most ponies, who had an ounce of good sense, avoided like like poison. Now, though, it seemed like it was ten times worse. Darker, gloomier, more foreboding and fierce, though it could be profusion of large black thorny vines that was adding to that feeling. It was obvious that this was they originated. Lovely. The Everfree was invading Ponyville.

I lost track of Spera in my moment of awe at what was coming. I ventured into the forest, careful to avoid any more of those vines, zapping or slicing any that got too close.

But as I moved on I felt weaker, as if something was draining me. What was wrong with me?

I refocused and looked past a row of bushes. There was Zecora, fighting off some of those vines with her hooves. She was trying to protect a wagon containing her valuables. Seems the forest had gotten to her too.

A pair of vines tried to grab her from behind but I zapped them. I leaped to where Zecora was, smiling. “You alright?” I asked.

“I am well now that you are here. Used to, I could navigate this forest without fear,” Zecora uttered. “Do you know the story behind the vines I see, and why they are taking over the Everfree?”

“Your guess is as good as mine Zecora.” I said, slicing another vine. “These things just keep coming!” I then let out a breath, suddenly feeling the need for air.

“It is a good thing you are strong of will… But your breathing… Do you think you are becoming ill?” Zecora asked with no little concern.

“I-I just feel drained is all,” knowing Zecora’s talent as a healer, I wasn’t about to lie to her.

Zecora moved to her wagon, and began digging around. She pulled out a potion and went over to me. “You are tied to this forest more than you know,” She said, opening the vial. “Drink this and it will help your strength grow.”

As I slashed one of the vines, I downed the red potion and instantly I felt better. Wow! Bottle this and she’ll make millions.

I focused on slicing my way through more vines as I said, “The road is still mostly clear!” I said to Zecora. “Get out while you can.”

“Why should I leave you Private Eye?” Zecora said. “It is not in my best interest to say goodbye.”

“Zecora just trust me,” I said, zapping another vine. “There’s something I need to do here.”

Zecora looked about ready to protest and then just sighed, “You have always been the stubborn sort. I hope you save certain things for a last resort.” She then hooked herself onto her wagon’s lead and began running out of Everfree.

I ran deeper into the forest, dodging and weaving my way around vines as they tried to grab me. One of the vines even opened to reveal a strange type of flower that looked like something straight out of Ridley Scooter’s films. I sliced it before it could get a chance to get at me. The potion filled me with enough energy to keep going.

I had no idea where I was going, but my gut told me I should keep moving into the forest. It was as if something was calling to me. Something was in pain…

Something was dying..and needed my help…

I tripped and rolled down a small incline, I tumbled to the ground and groaned a little. I then looked up and saw the black clad figure standing before me. I noticed for the first time a sword was on his back. It looked like a scimitar.

“So, we meet again Private Eye.” Spera said, lifting the ski mask off to reveal himself. “I think we are past the point of hidden identities are we not?”

“Spera,” I practically growled, getting to my hooves. “I figured you were behind this!”

“Now what would I gain from convincing a dangerous forest to attack it’s neighbor?” Spera said with a smile. “I see you have recovered from your injuries. Good, I’d like to have you in top form.”

“I’m not in the mood for games Spera!” I yelled. “I’m taking you down today!”

“Oh? Is that so?” Spera said, his horn glowing green and the sword slowly coming out. The blade was long, curved, and looked more like a fang than an actual sword.

I got a very bad case of deja vu as I looked at the sword. I had definitely seen that fang before…

“A new toy won’t change the fact I’m going to defeat you this time.” I said, drawing Silver Wolf. “No more games Spera, no more runarounds or tricks! It’s just you, and me! We’ll settle this right here!”

“Very well,” Spera said, brandishing his blade. “Let there be a victor this time around….”

With that, we both charged at each other, and our blades clashed. Signalling the battle about to begin…

Author's Note:

Just a heads up, if you guys were expecting a murder mystery, sorry to disapoint. This case is mostly about the overarching plot becauce there is a lot I have to cover about it. I hope you guys continue to enjoy the case anyways, have fun reading!