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Equestria Noir Season 2 Case 10 "Forest of Death" - Jacoboby1

When the Everfree Forest begins invading, Private discovers that the mysterious land has a lot more secrets to hide then he thought. Private must brave the dark forest that has since come alive in order to discover the truth.

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When I woke up, Twilight found me and explained to me what happened. Turns out Discord was the one behind the ferocious fauna that attacked our town. Well… Not recently. He planted the seeds over a thousand years ago, when he was the reigning lord of Chaos over Equestria. Also, apparently, he sucks at math because he underestimated how long it would take those plants to actually sprout. Luckily nopony was seriously injured. Discord was set to work fixing the town after Fluttershy blackmailed him with her friendship.

I know, I’m a little shocked she was willing to pull that card. Then again, it was probably the only card that would work with Discord.

Luckily my scrapes and bruises from my fight with Spera weren’t serious. Some band aids fixed those real quick. I didn’t think to tell the others about what I saw. I doubt they would believe me. What they also told me was that they had to give up the Elements of Harmony again. I could tell in their eyes it wasn’t easy for them to give up the one thing that brought them together. But Twilight was adamant in her belief they would stick together despite losing the artifacts.

Then, there’s the other thing that came out of this little venture...a box.

That I’ve been trying to unlock for an hour.

Very. Very. Unsuccessfully.

“Damn it!” I yelled, tossing away the broken bobby pin in an ever growing pile. It probably didn’t help that the box had six different locks that, probably, all needed to be unlocked at the same time. And I don’t, exactly, have Rarity’s ability to finely manipulate multiple objects all at once.

I sat in the library with Twilight as she drew her diagram of the box. “Well, it’s magical sealed shut, without the keys this box isn’t going to open.”

I sigh, “I can’t but think this thing was just created to taunt us and inside is a cream pie or something.”

Twilight smiled and walked over to me, “Hey, we’ll figure it out. We always do. So, Private, where were you during all this?”

“I told you,” I said, “I was facing Spera and we-”

Twilight gave me a stern look, “Private, there’s something else wasn’t there? Something you didn’t want to tell the others.”

I couldn’t really lie to her could I? I sighed again and said, “During the fight, I discovered the reason why I felt so weak. Turns out, my Element is directly connected to the tree.”

Twilight blinked, “So the cords of light we keep seeing aren’t really lights, but more like roots? Huh, I guess it make sense now. I’ll need to add that.”

“Add it to what?” I asked.

“Oh, a book about a certain cute stallion.” She said, smugly walking past me to levitate the box onto a table.

“The Conundrum of Private Eye?” I said with a smile.

“The Title now is: The Conundrum of Pretty Much Everything Surrounding Private, Hope, and Ancient Equestrians.” She said with a giggle.

“You forgot, and pretty princess unicorns.” I said, smiling as I snuck up behind her and wrapped my forelegs around her, giving her a kiss. She let out her cute giggle.

“Private, cut it out I gotta work.” Twilight said, continuing to giggle as I kissed along her neck.

“Aw, but I missed you,” I said, nuzzling her sweetly.

“Alright you big lug,” She said, turning around and putting a hoof on my chest. “Just let me record these things, and then...we can have a little..” She then whispered in my ear, “Study session of our own to…”

Sorry Folks, guess you’ll have to use your imaginations here. Gotta keep the Teen Rating ya’know.


Sorry Privy, bye! Lalalala!

Twilight gave me a quick peck on the cheek, and then proceeded to get back to work. I gazed on her, just adoring every part of her. She was getting taller now that she was an alicorn, about my height now. Part of me wondered what I’d do if she did grow big...what if she grew to Celestia’s size…

I then let that thought go by simply thinking, that no matter what Twilight looks like or becomes, I’d love her just the same.

I wonder though...Izanami seemed to hold a special place in her heart for Prometheus...was it really rape that created my line…?

And even with that...Izanagi seemed to be hiding something...he didn’t want to acknowledge what Prometheus was saying back in the flashback.

Just what kind of king was Izanagi…?

And just how much is hidden by the fabric of history…?

I put the thoughts out of my mind for now. Twilight was here, the mystery can wait until after I


I was going to say love her!

Just making sure we are keeping a nice teen rated atmosphere. Can’t let Jacoboby1 get too carried away now!


Ooopsie, let’s go to the next scene before I break the fabric of reality again, I guess it really must be Tuesday…

More like Thursday, but…



Geez, he’s touchy.

Who are you!?

Oh, the guy resposible for your existence, sadly I didn't make you with much a sense of humor.

I know, right, Jake?

You really know how to make him irritable don’tcha guys...hey is that a black hole opening up…


Definitely a Thursday...


Perspective: ???

You failed to defeat him, I’m not surprised…

It wasn’t a fair fight, and you know it.

He was weak, if you wanted to destroy him, you could’ve. Don’t tell me you’ve gone soft Spera…

I don’t understand, did you want me to kill him?

Bah, I knew you wouldn’t. Your arrogance won’t let you. I simply let you released on him, so that we can indeed move forward with our plan.

I still question this...plan. There’s also the matter of...Idreana.

You let me worry about her. She’ll be of no consequence.

I have to ask though, are you certain?

My wife thinks she’s brilliant, but in reality not even she can stop what’s coming…

Malice you mean…

Yes...when Malice rises all will see the true rulers of this world..you’ll get your revenge on the pathetic nobility…

But what do you stand to gain…? I know you despise hybrids, so you can’t be wanting genocide if you are working with me. I know you only brought me into this plan because I too am a descendent of Prometheus. So I must ask, what is it you want Adamus..?

A...proper...heir...and penance...

Author's Note:

Hey guys, sorry it took so long but enjoy this chapter! Also, couldja throw down some ideas for side stories in the comments? Please and thank you!

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Adamus? Damn another new big bad.



So Spera and Adamus are together. But what Adamus means by penance? I mean, penance means he wanted to punish himself for something that he did...but a guy like Adamus wouldn't want to feel sorry for what he did...and by proper heir...who does he want?

Also, I have a good idea for a side story...

True Blue Blood

It would follow Blueblood after the events of 'Murder At The Gala'. The story would be that Prince Blueblood visits his father in prison, where Blueblood confronts Pureblood for why he had done to his family, and questions what he would had done if he had gotten his 'heir'. I also think that maybe, there could be a bit of a romance piece between Blueblood and Squeaky Clean (if that works or anything).

Please reply to this comment and tell me what you think.

4012496 Yeah. I called it too. But wow. This is going to be interesting. Also remember Penance could mean something else. Soleil did believe Faust was a Demon, when I think Malice is the demon in this story. I guess soon we will be see Idrena soon. I can't wait for the next story. I am a big fan of on a cross and Arrow, and the universe spun from it.

4012473 Adamus is Private's grandfather. He isn't new, as he appeared in the case 'Marked' of Season 1.

4012734 I just remembered that piece of shit..... WHAT THE BUCK IS HE DOING HANGING OUT WITH SPERA?!

4012870 You got me. Spera and Adamus seems too unlikely a pairing, given how Adamus hates hybrids. That's what surprised me.

4012881 This can't be good though that's for sure. Bring out the popcorn because Dis Gon B Gud!

4012886 Definitely. But I am wondering what this 'penance' he is talking about. I get the proper heir part, but not the other part.

4012893 It might be the flip element to Hope/Tenacity that Private is. If so Spera is a diffidently good choice.

4012899 I don't know. The term 'penance' wasn't captialized, so I don't think it is an actual object...according to definition, it is self-voluntary punishment for a sin that person did.

4012922 True but the story is up to the author. All will be revealed shortly.

So.....Adamus wants to resurrect Malice (who we know is evil) because he wants penance (implying that Adamus did something bad that he regrets).....I'm really curious as to what he did that could.....oh sh*t. I just had a thought: What if he had something to do with the death of Private's mother?

You know, I think this is the shortest full story in the series. Only five chapters.

4013184 Well, five is usually the minimum, and this served as more of a bridge than anything else.

A conversation between two authors, Pinkie, and Private all at the end. Fillies and gentlecolts, welcome to the mind f*ck.

Hrm... the mysteries deepen and I look forward to the next installment!

4013074 He did have something to do with Private's mother's death. Read Case 15 of Season 1, and you learn that Adamus is somewhat responsible for Irenius giving the fatal dose of mandrake to Sparrow.

And do not forget that Adamus hated Sparrow, so there is probably no way in hell that he would regret killing her. But the question lingers, what regret would the evil racist old pony have?

Well the team-up was unexpected but I enjoyed the bit with Adamus and Spera, looking forward to how their plans unfold.

Nice fallout 3 holotape reference

As for a sidestory, how bout another one on Tyran. I've wanted to know if he took some sort of muscle therapy for some of the withdrawal effects on those glimmer drugs now that they are showing up more. Maybe he might accidentally stumble upon it again, I've always wanted to know if he was forced into a routine of taking that drug. It would be a cool story of him fighting with how his body functions, maybe applebloom could comfort him for support

That joke was just...

*Puts on sunglasses*



Suggestion Box:
Adamus's origin story,

A chronology like I mentioned in the last chapter,

A cute one shot with Snowflake and Red Sickle,

Something with Applesnack. He's like the most vague of all your OCs and I want to get to know Applejack's fella.

Raiden maybe having regret over breaking up with Rainbow and cutting ties with his oldest friend.

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