• Published 13th Feb 2014
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Equestria Noir Season 2 Case 10 "Forest of Death" - Jacoboby1

When the Everfree Forest begins invading, Private discovers that the mysterious land has a lot more secrets to hide then he thought. Private must brave the dark forest that has since come alive in order to discover the truth.

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Chapter 2 "The Wolf and the Lion"

Chapter 2

“The Wolf and the Lion.”

Our blades crashed as Spera and I began our battle. I felt adrenaline rush through me. This guy murdered five ponies and got away with them clean. I wasn’t going to let him get away! I wasn’t going to let him stand there all smug like! I was going to finish him! Here and now! II held my blade against his and said, “I’ll make sure you’re turned in this time Spera! That I swear!”

He just smirked a little, “Be careful what you promise Private Eye, I know how much you despise letting ponies down!” He then shoved my blade away and swung at me.

I barely dodged the blade and pulled out Blackhawk. Spera tried to summon a barrier but when my bullet it shattered the barrier like glass and grazed him along the shoulder.

He grunted in pain and his eyes glowed with dark magic. He fired a bolt at me as I leaped out of the way. Spera wasn’t slouching since the last time we fought. He’s gotten tougher too.

“So you’ve learned some new tricks Private Eye.” He said, looking at me. “But you still hold on to your old ideals.”

“I could say the same to you, you murdering bastard!” I charged at him, bringing about my sword. Our blades sang as they clashed, sliced and parried one another. I could only get a good hit on Spera’s cheek, causing blood to seep down him. But he got a shot on my leg, I grunted from the pain.

But as the fight went on, I couldn’t help but feel weaker still. Every movement just seemed to drain me even more than usual. I was breathing heavily as Spera and I clashed blades again.

“What’s wrong Private Eye? Feeling a little winded?” Spera taunted.

“Shut up,” I growled.

“This is not the battle I had in mind between us. You are weakened…” Spera observed. “You are not fighting with all of your power. Perhaps, there is a link between your newfound weakness and this forest’s invasion after all.”

Maybe he’s right, maybe the fact I’m feeling like crap is somehow connected to this forest. Maybe these weird black plants are the cause. “Either way Spera,” I growled, pushing him back with the blade, “I’m taking you down!”

I reached into my trench coat and pulled out my medallion. This had to do it! I’ll take him down! It ends here!

“HENSHIN!” I yelled, slipping the medallion around my neck, tapping it an-

“GAAAAAHHH!!!” I yelled as a pain shot through my body, something was wrong, very very wrong. I felt like my bones and muscles were being pulled and stretched in all the wrong directions. What was happening? It was always so easy...Hope would’ve given me Nocturne’s ability to handle the change…

I blinked for a moment and found I wasn’t in the forest. I was standing in some kind of large chamber. All around, I could see reflective surfaces, and what looked like faceted crystal. Thankfully the lighting in here was subdued or else I’d have been blinded by all the shiny. Even so, there was something seriously wrong, here. All around me were various ponies of all shapes and colors, but all of them were yelling in pain as vines wrapped tightly around everypony. Something was hurting them! The plants...how could they be hurting the spirits in Hope!?

“Fuck off fucking flora!” I heard Littlepip’s voice say. I turned to find the small unicorn filly with some vines wrapped around her.

“Littlepip!” I yelled, “what’s going on here!?”

“What’s going on is that we are being invaded too!” I followed the sound of the voice and saw Eclipse was being tied up by the vines as well. Beside him looked like the pony version of Swift Sky, My pirate ancestor with long red hair, a grey coat and a horn sticking out of her tricorn hat.

“Ye gotta find the tree, matey! Find the tree and stop these scurvy vines!” She yelled, trying to squirm her way out of it.

“What tree?” I asked.

“Just hurry!” Littlepip yelled and then the whole scene faded. I then was brought back into reality just as Spera hit me with a powerful magical blast. I managed to keep hold of the medallion and weapons as I rolled down a small hill to the bank of a river. Spera came up to me and put a hoof to pin me down on my chest.

“So, it seems your powers are weakened, not nearly what I was expecting Private Eye…” He said, looming over me.

“Go to hell Spera,” I spat. “I can take you down still.”

He pressed hard into my ribs, I felt pain shoot through me. Must’ve been one of the bones that hadn’t healed properly from the shot transformation.

“Whatever that old stallion sees in you to try and fulfill the plan,” Spera said cryptically, “I don’t see it. But, when it all comes to pass you, your friends, your beloved, all will be unable to stop what’s coming.”

“The hell are you talking about?” I groaned, glaring at him.

“And spoil the surprise?” He said, “Tsk tsk Private Eye, where’s the fun in telling you my plans? For you’ll see them soon enough, and you’ll be right at center stage…”

He then lifted his hoof and slammed it into my face. Everything fell to black…


How...long was I out…?

I...don’t know...I feel...terrible…

Spera...beat me again...how….why…

Why do I feel so...powerless…?

I opened my eyes and saw a silhouette against a glorious, heavenly light. A voice came, I’ve heard it before. It was warm, comforting, and ethereal…

“Private Eye, the time has come. I will show you just why your powers are weakening. Your friends are doing everything they can to help. But, while they do so it is time you learned about the past. How you are connected to the Tree of Harmony.”

Tree of...what…? Faust...what are you talking about….

I then felt...warmth….


Ugh. I’ve really got to stop blacking out like that. I open my eyes, again, and look around. Whoa. I’m in a lush, green forest, sunlight streaming through the canopy, small flowers blooming in those sparse patches of sunlight. The forest wasn’t dark, though, just had a subdued lighting. Dim, but you could still see well enough to walk. I could hear birds off in the distance, and creatures moving in the underbrush, but nothing seemed overly threatening. Compared to the Everfree, this place was positively idyllic.

Where am I?

I got to my hooves, the fatigue from the fight earlier was no longer there. I felt lighter and better. This place, it felt like such a normal forest. How did I get here? Last thing I remember was that light, and Faust telling me something abo-

“Are you sure this is the right place?”

I hid in some bushes as I heard a male, refined voice speak up. I peaked out of the bushes slowly and gasped quietly. There was a male unicorn, dressed in a royal purple doublet, which matched his royal purple mane, a golden crown on his head. If I had ever wondered what a stallion version of Rarity would look like, I found it. If you put them right next to each other you would think them brother and sister. He even had curls, stallion-ly curls of course, in his mane and tail. He seemed to lack Rarity’s warmth, though, just my opinion.

Beside him, dressed in a very elegant dark blue kimono, decorated with what looked like a combination of Neighponese characters ancient runes and stars, was another unicorn. She had a purple coat, long dark purple hair, green eyes and a slightly impatient expression. I guess the kimono is what you get when you try to mix arcane wizard and Neighponese fashion? She wore it well, however it came into existence.

She looked at the male unicorn, and huffed. “Izanagi, I told all of them to meet us here, they’ll come,” she said impatiently.

“I still say we should’ve tried to contact Celestia and Luna before we made a decision such as this,” Izanagi replied. “They would have been able to tell us if we should mess with it, Izanami.”

Izanagi?! Izanami!? As in the first two unicorns to ever exist?! The first Unicorn King and Queen!

I was watching two historical figures right before my eyes! Then, if they are here, then this must be the past…

“LOOK OUT BELOW!!!” I heard a male voice cry.

I heard the sound of a missile and watched as a pegasus came to a landing in front of the two unicorns. I say landing in the most liberal term as he sort of tumbled and crashed into the grass. A burly-looking pegasus stood up, shaking himself off, and then grinned cheekily at the two unicorns. He had a light blue coat, and… Seriously? I don’t believe this… A light blue coat and a rainbow-colored mane?! Oh, and he’s dressed like the pegasi from the Cloud Kingdom. How about that. I’m just… kind of stunned that a rainbow-colored mane seems to be a genetic trait.

Izanami smiled and let out a giggle, “Nice hair Askus.”

The pegasus’ grin turned into a frown. “Aw, not you too. Long story short, me and my descendants are going to be stuck with this stupid hair-cut forever!”

“I don’t think it’s stupid…” A delicate and demure voice said. I looked on as a second pegasus came to land beside Askus. A butter yellow mare, with a quiet voice, pink mane, and clothes that look like she would fit right into this forest. I couldn’t really make them out, without giving myself away, but the motif seemed to be vines, and flowers. Kind of like that Gala dress design that Rarity showed me, when I was being told about the whole… fiasco. Or maybe some kind of druid out of Ogres and Oubliettes would fit better.

Askus’ face just seemed to melt into a smile at the sight of her. “Aw Emblem, cut it out,” He said, his cheeks flushed with embarrassment.

“I’m serious!” Emblem implored. “You’ll always be the most handsome and most brave pony I know.”

“Seems little has changed between you two,” Izanagi said with a small smile. “You always would cave to her Askus.”

“Shut up, Nagi, or I’ll wipe that smirk off your mug,” Askus said, his wings bristling with anger.

“Well, all that’s left is-” Izanami began.

“HIIIIEEE!” A voice said from behind me.

I shot into the air and hugged a tree branch. Nobody looked at me so, I guess they couldn’t see me hanging from a tree like a startled cat. I looked down and...no way...

Below me was somebody I wasn’t expecting to see. Then again… Why am I not all that surprised? The mare had the biggest, almost impossible grin on her face. Her bright blue eyes shown with both happiness and mischief, and her dark pink curly mane contrasted with her lighter pink coat. Oh… my… If she wasn’t dressed in the frock of a medieval farmer’s wife, I’d know if she had balloons on her butt… Wait… Pinkie doesn’t usually wear frocks. Whoever you are, please don’t have Pinkie Sense, please don’t have Pinkie Sense… Or any of Pinkie’s other unique abilities… Oh… I just know that she knows I’m here, somehow…

She happily bounced into the clearing and looked back behind her. “Come on Addy! Everybody’s here!”

“Ah’m right behind ya Evey!” A country accented male voice said. Into the clearing stepped… Braeburn? Golden yellow coat, wavy blond hair, and wearing a homespun tunic, with canvas vest, and a broad-brimmed straw hat, all of which was well made, and looked quite spiffy despite the homey materials. After all the others, I was half-expecting a stallion version of Applejack. I guess AJ didn’t take as much after her ancestor as the others.

Soon all six ponies stood together. “It’s good to see you all again,” Izanami said.

“You still didn’t tell us why we all had to be here,” Askus said. “I got a dragon lair that’s being a real pain in the tail to clear out.”

“You can fight dragons after this is over with,” Izanagi said firmly. “This is important.”

“More important than that weird grey pony who’s hugging that tree branch?” Evona suddenly said.


“Honey, what have we talked about?” Adamus said with a sigh.

“That no matter how accurate my predictions are, I can’t keep weirding everybody out with them,” Evona said with a smile.

“Anyways,” Izanagi said, “the reason I called you all here is because recently, one of our kingdom’s scouting parties discovered something that we must attend to.”

“Like some kind of artifact or somethin’?” Adamus asked.

“Is it dangerous?” Emblem said, wrapping her foreleg around Askus’.

“As far as we know it isn’t,” Izanami said. “But everything will become clearer once I show it.”

“I still say we should contact Celestia and Luna,” Izanagi said.

“Hey, those two left so that we could have lives of our own,” Askus said. “We can handle it!”

“Just as stubborn as my wife it seems…” Izanagi grumbled.

“Ain’t we forgetting somepony else?” Adamus asked.

Suddenly the two unicorns got quiet for a moment. Evona was the first one to speak up. “You mean, you didn’t invite Promy?”

“That was my idea,” Izanagi said. “Prometheus’ empire is the youngest of the nations. He shouldn’t be worried about this. Plus, should he ever get captured by some nefarious force, he will not be burdened with the information.”

“Hard to believe the little guy is grown up,” Askus said with a smile. “I remember when we were all kids and he stuck to Izanami like glue.”

Izanami smiled, but I could tell she didn’t exactly agree with her husband on this. “He’s got responsibilities now. Including taking care of that lovely mare Aria.”

“She’ll be good for him, I know it,” Emblem said with a smile.

“I still wonder how he found her,” Adamus said. “He’s been awful tight lipped ‘bout that.”

“However he found her,” Izanagi said. “What is important is that he’s safe, busy and far away from this.”

“So what exactly is ‘this’ that you wanted to show us?” Askus asked.

Izanagi turned and said, “Follow me, I will show you where it is.”

I climbed down the tree as everypony went traveled into the woods. I know they can’t see me, but I kept my distance none the less. I still don’t like how Evona could’ve pointed me out.

I got a little ahead of them and could hear Izanami and Izanagi whispering to one another.

Izanami said, “I still don’t like this.”

“We’ll talk about it later,” Izanagi said. “I told you not bringing Prometheus along was a good idea.”

“Uggh, he’s already feeling bad that I was the only one who showed up during his coronation. He’s sensitive about how distant we’ve been growing you know?” Izanami said.

“He’s a grown stallion now, he can handle his feelings. And like I said, he’s better off not knowing for his own protection,” Izanagi said, quickening his pace a little to get out of the conversation.

“That’s what you keep saying, but I think we should’ve brought him along just to make him feel included,” Izanami muttered to herself.

Izanagi snorted but said nothing more.

The six ponies eventually stopped at the mouth of a large cave. Askus looked at it, “You brought us all the way here to go cave diving?” he said to Izanagi.

“No, Askus, what we seek is inside.” Izanagi said, lighting up his horn to lead the way.

I followed along into the cave and it was dark at first, but then...a light shone. My eyes grew wide at the sight before me. The chamber was hidden in the cave, some lavender crystals or gems embedded in the walls. Water lay on either side of the path, with what looked like cut-off stalagmites peeking up from beneath the surface. Very little vegetation grew down here. Some pink flowers on green vines with broad leaves added some much-needed color down here, while back toward the back was some kind of sparse curly-branched bushes. There in the chamber was… what looked like a crystal tree. Five of the radiating branches had something like spheres. Little crystal disks hung from the branches like leaves, and the trunk of this tree was marked with the sun and the moon, and in the center of all the branches was a six-pointed star.

Was this the tree the spirits of Hope had been talking about?