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Equestria Noir Season 2 Case 10 "Forest of Death" - Jacoboby1

When the Everfree Forest begins invading, Private discovers that the mysterious land has a lot more secrets to hide then he thought. Private must brave the dark forest that has since come alive in order to discover the truth.

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Chapter 4 "First Hoofsteps to Fall"

Chapter 4

“First Hoofsteps to Fall”

“Faust, just what is going on?” I asked the alicorn. “And how am I here? What’s stopping Spera from getting at me?”

“I am, dear Private,” She said, her voice echoing. “He may have knocked you out, but he can’t touch you so long as you are here with me. Right about now he’s fighting an impossible to break barrier to get to you.”

“That’s, somewhat comforting,” I say. “Another thing, what the heck is up with the tree? Is Hope connected to it somehow?”

Faust nodded. “Yes it is, you remember when Prometheus became connected with the Tree in the flashback? That was the point where part of the Star of Harmony, which Hope is made out of, reconnected with the rest of the tree. It unlocked it’s true power, one that allows the user to look into one’s hearts and bring forth strength.”

“Like what Hope does,” I say to myself. “But, at the same time, can it draw out weakness?”

“It can, certainly, Prometheus was able to witness the sins of the other Elements who touched him because he had that connection. He could see why their Elements weren’t working,” Faust said, her voice laced with sadness.

“Because they turned their backs on what their Elements represented?” I said.

“Yes, they did,” Faust said. “By doing so, and refusing to acknowledge it they were slowly weakening their elements. The same will happen to your friends eventually.”

“What! No way! They’d never do that!” I yelled.

Faust closed her eyes. “I wish it were so Private Eye. You make a living out of looking into secrets ponies keep locked away in their hearts. Your friends guard deep and dark secrets, horrible ugly sides to them they keep hidden away because they are scared what will happen when they show…”

“What...what can I do…?” I asked, desperately. “I need to know! If my friends are in danger then tell me how I can save them!”

“You have a kind soul Private Eye,” Faust said with a gentle smile. “But, if I were to tell you now, it would not benefit you. But, there is one thing I can show you…”

“Faust wait!” I yelled, running towards her. “Don’t leave me! Tell me how to save the ponies I love!!”

Soon, my vision was engulfed with a white light.


When the light faded I wasn’t in the white room anymore. I was standing...in a bedroom. It was elegantly appointed, and made of glowing crystal. There was a rich carpet on the floor, and other touches that softened the place. Tapestries on the wall were beautifully woven, and the rich, velvety curtains decorated the windows. The furniture, though, was all cunningly crafted from crystal. I would think crystal would shatter, but the stuff’s stronger than I thought.But the room was also messy, looking like somepony had completely trashed the place. Scrolls laid on the floor, some torn by what looks like sheer anger. There were some burn marks on the wall from what was probably magic…

I then looked at the balcony. I saw Prometheus standing there, looking down on the Crystal Empire from his position. I looked out, the Crystal Empire was smaller than it was in modern times, only looking it was populated by a few hundred rather than several thousand like today.

The expression on Prometheus was one of sheer anger.He glared out at the horizon. “So, even after all I did, all I saw, you still deny me Izanagi! You all still treat me like a child! No matter what I accomplish! I’ll never been equal to any of you!”


“All of you! Not just Izanagi!” Prometheus yelled. “So what am I to any of you!? Just a doll! Just a bird with a broken wing that you don’t want to see fly away!? WHAT AM I!!”

He then stopped his rage and breathed heavily, and then...he smiled…

When he opened his eyes...they were green...like Sombra’s…

“So, all you want me as is a doll huh? Well, maybe it’s about time I show you all...just how much power I have...yes...my Father...Olympus may have abandoned me...but he did not leave me….” He smirked, “Undefended….”

This is where it starts, the corruption...the fall of Prometheus…

It all started with this...because he felt inadequate compared to them…

Compared to the others….

Like you…

What are you saying…? Who are you…? Discord…?

No...I am one who simply refuses to hide the dark truth...you are more like Prometheus then you realize...Private Eye…

Who the hell are you!?

Call me...Malice…



I shook my head and snapped out of it. I then looked to the door, and my eyes grew wide. Standing there was a beautiful Crystal Pony. She had a shining pink coat, a long tri colored mane and the most beautiful blue eyes I’ve ever seen. Notice I said blue eyes, Twilight has violet which is still the best.

She was wearing an outfit very similar to the one Cadence wore at the coronation. She was even decked out in the royal headdress. She had to have been royalty of some kind.

Prometheus blinked and turned around, his eyes their normal blue. “Aria…” He said, shaking his head. “I-I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to worry you.”

Aria...wait, that mare from way back in the Snowlands, this was her?!

She walked to Prometheus and nuzzled him, he nuzzled her in turn. She looked into his eyes and spoke in a gentle voice, “Promy, whatever is wrong you can tell me.”

Prometheus looked down, “I couldn’t ever keep anything from you could I?”

She smiled in turn, “Being with you for this long has allowed me to know you quite well Promy.”

“True,” Prometheus replied. Then he sighed and said. “Aria, I just, had a bad time when visiting the others.”

Aria slowly pulled him into a hug, as she held him she said, “Promy, whatever happens, I will always be with you, know that. Whatever happened to you back there, we can get through it together, okay?”

Prometheus smiled and hugged her in turn, “Yes Aria, I promise...we’ll get through it…”

I then watched as everything faded to white again…


So, this is the one…

What do you think you are doing here? Trying to tempt away prematurely brother…?

Oh sister, it’s so nice to see you again..how long has it been, fifteen or so hundred years? You must know by now to fight me is futile. The stallion will fall, just like every one I’ve touched…

You will not have him, not yet. But when you do have him, you will not hold him for long.

Your faith in these mortals is truly pathetic. How you manage to find fools such as he no matter where you go is truly a sight to behold.

You underestimate me, as you always have.

I just don’t see how you hope to win, if I do…

That would be giving away the end of the story dear brother...because you should know by now. You should always know, just what I’m willing to do for my creations.

Here’s the story and how I see it ending. You pick up yet another pathetic beast that will be destined to destroy everything. I’ll tempt him with power and initiate his true calling, and then he will give in. Your flawed beings only care for one thing and that’s power. Why you continue to put up with such flawed and stupid creatures is beyond me…

Because unlike you dear brother...I saw a broken creation...and I decided to make something grand out of it...I did it with Voidera, I can do it again...watch as I refuse to let this world fall to you...


Just watch...as I make my move…the first stroke of the brush…


I slowly opened my eyes and saw a white barrier around me. Sure enough as Faust said, there was Spera hammering away at it with his sword. He growled in frustration, “What is this! What kind of magic is keeping you in there!”

I smirked, and reached into my trench coat slowly, and pulled out Blackhawk, I aimed it at the barrier and fired, the bullet passed right through the barrier and grazed Spera on the cheek, he yelled in pain.

That would leave quite a scar…

I then leapt through the barrier kept the gun aimed at him. “Forget me Spera?”

“What! What did you do?! What was that!” Spera yelled, glaring at me as he tried to stop the bleeding with a hoof.

“Just a friendly gift from an old friend.” I said firmly, keeping Blackhawk trained on him. “I say it’s about time we finished this!” I yelled and then fired Blackhawk again.

The bullet this time entered into his shoulder, he yelled in pain and fired a bolt of dark magic at me. I dodged out of the way, using my magic to levitate back Silver Wolf. I still felt a little weak, but the power nap helped me regain most of my strength.

Spera was mine…

I sparked my horn and two columns of rock formed out of the ground and wrapped around his hind legs. He yelled in pain and tried to pull them away, but then another pair of columns wrapped around his front legs, keeping him in place.

“While you’ve been wasting your energy on me,” I said with a smile. “I’ve been regaining my strength in there. Now, I think it’s time I dealt you…”

Silver Wolf began to glow as I filled it with whatever magical energy I had left. “NOW FALL!!” I yelled and swung the blade with all my might, sending a sword beam at him.

The beam made contact with Spera and an explosion followed, I shielded my eyes as the dust soon settled. I looked on and saw that Spera was slumped against the tree, he glared at me, spitting out blood, “This, is not over...not by a long shot...I will see you either on my side...or dead Private Eye…”

“I’m taking you in Spera,” I said firmly. “I’ll find some way to prove you had a hoof in everything...but until then I’ll make sure you don’t get aw-”

Suddenly a blinding flash caught in my eyes, I heard a voice...a very familiar voice.

“Come on, let’s get out of here I got you!”

“Sunset, thank you…” I heard Spera weakly reply.

“Save it for when we get out of here!” Sunset replied.

The light faded and I saw they were gone...no...they can’t….get...awa…

I fell over onto the grass...just as the vines started encroaching on me...I could barely lift my hoof at this rate. There was...nothing I could….

Suddenly, the plants contorted, as if in total pain. I watched as they twisted and writhed. Something was happening...I felt...better…

Twilight...it had to be her...she stopped them…

I love you Twilight….

The plants began to wilt...before me...the sky...becoming just...night…

They did it...I don’t know how...but the others stopped this…

But...there were still more questions...who was Malice? Why was Sunset working with Spera…?

Just...how big is this web of madness…?

And when...will it all end…?



Daddy I love you...we’ll see each other...promise…

Twinkle...I’ll...see you…

See you daddy...rest now...I love you…

I love you too sweetheart...I can’t...wait...to meet...you…

I closed my eyes and fell into unconsciousness….