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Equestria Noir Season 2 Case 10 "Forest of Death" - Jacoboby1

When the Everfree Forest begins invading, Private discovers that the mysterious land has a lot more secrets to hide then he thought. Private must brave the dark forest that has since come alive in order to discover the truth.

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Chapter 3 "Prometheus"

Chapter 3


“What is it Izzy?” Askus asked as he stared up at the tree.

“I’ve never seen a tree like this before, and I’ve seen a whole bunch of them.” Emblem said, staring at it as well.

Izanami smiled at the group and said, “Everypony, this is the Tree of Harmony.”

The other four ponies all dropped their jaws in shock. I did too, a Tree of Harmony? I’ve never heard of anything like that before. May as well add it to the growing amount of things ponies should include in history textbooks.

“That can’t be right.” Adamus said, coming up to the tree. “It’s just a fairy tale, a story that Celestia told us when we asked where our Elements came from.”

“Wasn’t it from some star?” Askus asked.

“Technically yes.” Izanagi explained. “Izanami and I have a theory, that the star that contained all of our elements was actually a seed. It crashed here thousands of years ago and brought the Elements of Harmony here in their jeweled state.”

“Oooh! It’s all sparkly!” Evona said, her eyes wide.

Izanami giggled and said, “Yeah, it is Evona. But, it glows like that because it isn’t water that flows through it’s roots, but almost pure magic itself.”

“Can we, ya know, have that translated for us non…” Askus tilted his head. “Ya know, we need a name for ponies like Izzy and Nagi who are too smart for their own good.”

“Egghead?” Evona suggested.

“Yeah like that!” Askus said with a smile.

Izanami frowned and said, “As I was saying, it basically has a lot of power attached to it. That’s why it’s still alive this entire time. I’m guessing by staying in this cave it survived the cataclysm just like we did.”

“So this is all well and good,” Adamus began. “But did ya’all really bring us here just to look at a tree that doesn’t have apples on it?”

“You and your apples Adamus,” Askus said with a roll of his eyes. “I swear, you’ll descendents won’t be able to survive without at least fifteen of them a day.”

Adamus just chuckled at that.

“The real reason why we have brought you all here,” Izanagi began, “is that I’m sure you have noticed it has become harder to harness your inherent Element powers.”

All of the ponies slowly nodded.

“I was trying to use my power to cheer up our little village,” Evona said. “But then it didn’t work for some reason. Luckily just pouring flour on my head seemed to do the trick.”

“Yeah, mine stopped working during a raid.” Askus said. “My troops and I were lucky to get out alive.”

“Mahn stopped working too,” Adamus said.

“All of the little bunnies stopped liking me all of a sudden,” Emblem said, her wings drooping. “I tried hard but they just wouldn’t listen to me.”

“That could always just be Gabriel being a jerk,” Askus said.

“Gabriel is not mean, just, spirited,” Emblem said with a smile.

“My fetlocks would disagree with you…” I heard Askus mutter.

“Can we focus please?” Izanami said, “This is serious.”

All were quiet as Izanagi went on. “As I was saying, our powers are becoming more of a challenge to use. I surmised to Izanami here, that the reason our powers are dying is because our Elements have been away from the tree for far too long.”

“So what’re you saying?” Askus said. “We just, give out Elements to the tree?”

“That’s exactly what I’m saying.” Izanagi said.

“By putting our Elements in the tree, we will allow them time to regain their power and strength.” Izanami said.

“But how long will it take?” Emblem asked nervously.

“I have no idea,” Izanami said, giving a helpless shake of the head. “It could be anywhere from a month to a thousand years. But, it’s what has to be done. Our Elements are what will protect this world should anything try to destroy it again. I’d rather our Elements be at their full power just in case.”

So, this was where the Elements came from. I wonder...just what caused the Star of Harmony to fall here specifically…?

Maybe Faust had something to do with it…

Izanagi looked at each of them. “Give Izanami your elements everyone, Magic will help seal it.”

Slowly but surely, all of them reached into their clothing and pulled out very familiar looking necklaces. The gold parts were very familiar. I guess that’s the default shape for them. The shapes the jewels were in, though, were very different. Everypony but Izanami had different colors; orange, blue, red, purple, and yellow. I could not see Izanami’s necklace, or jewel, though.

Izanami then closed her eyes and I watched as a very familier looking tiara formed on her head. Twilight’s Element! Magic! It was the same design! Even the shape of the jewel was the same!

I watched as Twilight’s ancestor slowly began ascending into the air, the Elements all coming around her. It was a sight to behold as each gem seemed to radiate with magical power. The others watched her as one by one, the jewels all were placed on the various branches. Izanami then floated slowly towards the center of the tree, and removed the tiara from her head, gently placing it on the trunk. The tiara then seemed to get absorbed into the trunk of the tree, forming a star shaped mark in it’s place…

Twilight’s cutie mark…?

The branches all curved protectively around the other Elements, a small light shining from each of them before they returned to rest. Izanami then slowly touched down on to the ground. Izanagi caught her before she could fall over, probably from the strain of using what had to be a complicated spell. She then smiled at Izanagi and said, in a tired voice, “It’s done.”

“Amazing as always my love.” Izanagi said, helping Izanami to her hooves.

“So, they really are gone huh,” Askus said. “It certainly, feels weird without them.”

“Look on the bright side Askus,” Adamus said. “When our children’s children need da Elements, we know where to tell them to look.”

“Yeah but, it’s still going to tough,” Askus said, and then gave a smile that reminded me all too well of his descendent, “But we’ll get through it right?”

“Course we will silly,” Evona said.

“All of us in it together right?” Emblem said.

“Indeed,” Izanagi said with a smile.

Suddenly, I heard a voice behind me.

“All in it together right?”

I turned and my eyes grew wide, it couldn’t be…

A gray stallion with a black mane stood there, a discontented look on his blue-eyed face. He was wearing armor made of interlocking metal plates that covered his neck, and the fronts of his fore and hind legs. A saddle blanket of red trimmed with a white fuzzy material covered his back.He certainly looked younger compared to the others, but was certainly an adult by the looks of him.

All six stood rather awkwardly, an uncertain look in each of their eyes...except for Izanagi’s for some reason…he just looked like he wanted to punt the stallion to next year.

It was Izanami who spoke first, walking towards the young stallion. “Hello Promy, long time no see.” She said, trying to sound friendly.

Prometheus. That’s who this had to be. I had seen him once before back in that weird alternate reality, but, now it’s confirmed. This is the stallion who was the original owner of Hope. Somehow he was tied to everything…

He certainly didn’t seem happy.

“How did you find us Prom?” Askus said, hovering over.

“I wanted to give a surprise visit to all of you.” Prometheus said. “But, when I arrived at Izanami’s house I was told by one of the servants you were heading here.”

All of the others looked at each other. They were all probably coming up with a polite way to put it. Izanami spoke again, “Promy, listen, had I known you were coming I would’ve…”

Promy shook his head, “I’m not upset about that. I understand you all are very busy. But, you all were giving up your Elements...I got here just as you had finished.”

It was Izanagi who spoke next, and not in the gentle way Izanami did. “We didn’t tell you for a very specific reason, now run off back to your Empire, Promy.”

“Nagi!” Izanami yelled.

“Hey, man,” Askus said, “I know you didn’t want to tell him to protect him, but come on, he knows now.”

“And ya know how Ah hate lyin’ tah him,” Adamus said.

“I told you all before, we had a very specific reason for not telling him,” Izanagi said. “It was to keep him safe should some nefarious villain try to use him to find out where the Tree is.”

“Well now I do know,” Prometheus yelled. “So, are you going to let me in as to what is going on?”

Izanami spoke again, “Promy, our Elements weren’t working anymore. We wanted to put them somewhere they can recharge.”

“But not my Element,” Prometheus said, “As you always said, mine was different.”

“Which is precisely why you should return to your Empire and forget you ever saw this Tree,” Izanagi said, “for your own safety, Prometheus.”

I saw Prometheus shake his hoof a little, there was an anger inside him just waiting to come out...and not in a good way…

“Please try to understand Promy,” Emblem said gently. “We were all just trying to protect yo-”

“Shut up!” Prometheus suddenly yelled, stunning everypony. He glared at all of them, “I’m not a foal anymore! I’m an adult just like each and every one of you! I built an empire, defended it, and my children with Aria are populating it and are strong. I grew up, but apparently none of you have let go of the image of me as a helpless colt!”

“Come on, Promy,” Evona said worriedly. “Let’s just try to calm down.”

“No forget it!” Prometheus yelled. “I’m sick and tired of all of you treating me like a little foal! I don’t ask for anything! I don’t want money, jewels or anything like that! I just want to be treated with the same respect you guys treat each other!”

“With that childish attitude you’d be lucky if that ever happens…” Izanagi said coldly.

“THAT’S IT!” Prometheus yelled, suddenly tackling the other unicorn.

The two scuffled towards the tree of Harmony, fighting like two timberwolves.

“Quit it you two!” Izanami tried to say.

“Get off me, colt!” Izanagi yelled, trying to shove Prometheus off, but it was clear that Prometheus was physically stronger.

“No! I’m not going to be talked down by you anymore Nagi!” Prometheus was about to raise his hoof to punch Izanagi…

When suddenly the tree glowed.

All stopped, Izanagi took the opportunity to get out from under Prometheus and stared at the Tree of Harmony.

“What is goin’ on…?” Adamus said nervously.

“I, have no idea,” Izanami said.

I then shielded my eyes as the tree emanated a bright light. The light lasted for about five minutes...and then I saw Prometheus was floating before the Tree. He had a silver variation of the Element necklace around his neck, a diamond in the center...that was Hope! Or, Tenacity as it’s probably called now.

Prometheus slowly closed his eyes as he floated before all of them. A cord of light connected the young stallion to the Tree of Harmony.

“Promy…?” Izanami said nervously.

Suddenly, the cord of light shone brightly, and the light moved along the branches towards where the individual gems were resting. Then cords of light shot forth and connected to each of the other ponies. Then, countless other cords of light came out from them and flew outside the cave…

The same thing happened when I fought Lunard. It went out to everybody, gave them the courage and strength to fight back. Was this the initial connection? Is this how the Tree of Harmony and I are connected?

Just how many mysteries does my Element hold…?

The cords of light slowly began vanishing and slowly but surely, Prometheus lowered from his position and collapsed onto the ground. Adamus was the first to get over the awe of the moment and rushed over. “Promy? Are you okay…?”

Suddenly Prometheus stiffened as Adamus put a hoof on his shoulder, Prometheus’ eyes shot open and they seemed to be..somewhere else. He shook his head, and stared in shock at Adamus.

“Promy? Why are ya lookin at me like that?” Adamus said, a worried look in his eyes.

Promy’s face turned into one of concern. “You, promised though.”

“Promised what?” Evona said. “What is he talking about Addy?”

“What do you mean Ah promised?” Adamus said.

Promy looked down, and then back up, “When, you touched me...I...saw you with the cider bottle again…”

Adamus’ eyes grew wide.

Evona looked at Adamus in anguish, “You PROMISED Addy! How could you!”

“Ah was gonna give it up Ah swear!” Adamus said, looking at his mate. “But, Ah-Ah just lost control one night, the bottle was jus’ too temptin.”

Evona looked like he just smashed her heart into a million pieces. “Why didn’t you tell me…?”

Adamus looked down, there were no words that could make it right, and he knew it.

“Adamus, I didn’t mean it…” Prometheus said, backing away.

“Ah should’ve told you, Evona... Golly Ah’m so sorry.” Adamus said, walking to Evona and hugging her tightly.

Evona’s eyes slowly became teary as she hugged him back. “Oh Addy, I promise we’ll try harder. We’ll make sure you never act mean again…”

Prometheus looked at his hooves, and then watched as Askus flew up to him. “Hey pal, what was that for? You can’t just go spouting secrets like that in front of everypony!” He then touched Prometheus on the head, probably in preparation to conk him.

Prometheus stiffened again...then he slapped Askus across the face. “YOU DID WHAT!?” He yelled.

“The hell Promy?!” Askus said, getting to his feet.

“Does Emblem know?!” Prometheus yelled. “About how you killed that wolf even when she asked you not to?!”

Emblem’s eyes grew wide again, looking at Askus in horror. “Askus, say it isn’t true…”

Askus looked at his mate, his eyes heartbroken. He then sighed and said, “Yeah...I did do it. But, the wolf was rabid, he was going to hurt so many...I had to put him down…”

“He had a family!” Emblem said in an uncharacteristically loud voice. “I told his wife he was just missing! I can’t believe you didn’t tell me this!”

“What was I supposed to say?” Askus said. “I knew you wouldn’t understand. There are a lot of ways to interpret kindness.”

“Askus…” Emblem said, crying now.

“I didn’t want to hurt you, so I lied.” Askus said. “But, I realize now that was the biggest mistake of my life.”

Emblem just stared at him, and then walked over to him, putting a hoof to his cheek. She simply whispered, “Never do that again, please.”

Askus simply clinged to Emblem tightly. He obviously didn’t care about being seen as ‘sappy’ he just wanted Emblem's forgiveness. Emblem slowly hugged the warrior in turn.

Prometheus just stared as the two couples held each other. “What have I done…?” he said to himself.

“Promy…” Izanami said, trying to get closer.

Prometheus moved back away from her. “Stay back! I don’t want to ruin your life too! Anypony but you Izanami…”

Izanami looked at Prometheus, an almost motherly concern in her eyes. She wanted to help him, but knew his newfound power scared him. It pained her to not be able to help him…

I can relate…

“This is ridiculous!” Izanagi said, coming over to Prometheus. “These are quite enough games Prometheus! You can stop your spell now!”

“I don’t know how I’m doing it Nagi!” Prometheus said, his voice in anguish. “I don’t want to hurt any of you!”

“Then get out!” Izanagi yelled, and then, touched Prometheus as he shoved him away.

“Promy!” Izanami yelled as Prometheus fell back, and stiffened again.

When Prometheus moved again, it was to glare at Izanagi with vicious looking eyes. “YOUR OWN PEOPLE!”

“What?” Izanami said.

“Ignore him!” Izanagi said. “He’s a danger to everypony in this state!”

“How could you extort your own people Izanagi!” Prometheus yelled. “Are hundreds of jewels, piles of gold, and a wardrobe that could be a small house worth it when your people suffer?!”

“How dare you accuse me of such a thing!” Izanagi yelled.

“How dare you call yourself the bearer of Generosity!” Prometheus yelled back.

Suddenly a magic spell forced both of them apart. Izanami stood between them. “That’s enough, both of you.”

“Izanami…” Izanagi said, looking up at her, his eyes teeming with betrayal.

“I won’t have two of our family fight like this!” Izanami said. “Promy needs our help! Whatever his Element did to him, he needs to be taken back to his Empire to receive care. Away from anypony who would continue to antagonize him.”

“Let him go back then.” Izanagi said, standing. “It’s clear his ‘powers’ are upsetting everypony here.”

Izanami then turned to Prometheus, careful to use her magic in helping him up. It apparently didn’t activate Prometheus’ strange powers…

I wonder though, back during that Discord case, I knew what to say to each of the others to get them hurt...was this power a prelude to that?

Prometheus stood, and looked guiltily at Izanami. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt everypony.”

“It’s not your fault, Promy,” Izanami said. “Come on, let’s get you some air.”

“Izanami! He is more than capable of walking out himself!” Izanagi yelled.

“Unlike you, Nagi, I’m actually willing to help a friend,” Izanami said coldly.

I watched as the pair passed right through me. I couldn’t help but notice...the fury in Izanagi’s eyes…

Suddenly, everything faded to white…


I found myself standing in a white area again. My hooves touching an unseen floor. I looked around and said, “Where am I?”

“Specifically, you are asleep on the riverbed still,” I heard a voice say. A voice like a gentle breeze that passed through my soul...I knew that voice…

I turned, and my eyes grew wide… There before me was a pure white unicorn with a long red mane and tail. She had blue eyes, and a inkwell and quill cutie-mark, and was looking at me with an air of sadness. The glow around her was nothing short of holy. I felt her sadness in me.

When she spoke, it was that same gentle voice, but I could hear her sorrow in every note. “It pains me when my children fight...it never gets easier…and you will find out Private Eye...just why it pains me to this day.”

Author's Note:

Wow, this chapter was depressing to write. I apologize for not getting this out sooner, between school and personal issues, I've been having less time to really focus and write. But now, we can hopefully see me back on track. Let's hope shall we?