• Published 16th Nov 2013
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Ice Daggers And Lava - PinkLemonLimeSprinkles

Two Ponies. One ancient power thought to be gone forever. One mistake.

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On the other side of the freezing mountain, was the abandoned Wonderbolt Derby Racetrack. No shows today, but inside the building, deep in the very back, was Spitfire's office. The orange Pegasus was pacing, and fast. She was sweating bullets and wearing her whistle and dark sunglasses. She kept looking at her watch, and the sky. She continued to pace, and then, in a cloud of lavender, appeared a letter. Spitfire grabbed it fast, and read it with pleasure.

"Dearest Spitfire,
I'm ready for your arrival. Please be cautious. You're not going to like what you see. I know you must be so worried, but don't worry. I'm fine, as is my husband. I figured you'd be in your office, so I told Chamila to send it there. I also sent one to your house, in case. It was quite an ordeal. But I can't wait for you to get here.

Your loving older sister,


Spitfire leaped into action. She grabbed her bag, slung it over her shoulder, and flew out the door in a haste. She flew high, and flew close to the castle where the Forbidden Ice Mountains were. She shrugged the chilled feeling off, and then came to rest upon a house with a telescope in the window. She knocked twice, and a green Pegasus with red hair and green eyes opened the door. He smiled. "Oh, hello Spitfire. Please, come in....." Spitfire nodded and flew in, seeing her sister, a yellow Pegasus with light green and orange hair and blue eyes on the couch with a baby bassinet next to her. She saw Spitfire, and brightened. "Spitfire!" she walked to the Pegasus, and hugged her. "So great to see my baby sister!" Spitfire blushed. "Aw, shucks, Hothead, I just came to see my new niece/nephew!" Hotfire grimaced at her childhood nickname. Then she grinned uncomfortably. "Uh, yes....the....baby...."

Spitfire was grinning madly as she fluttered over to the bassinet. She looked inside, and was grinning even more. The baby was male. He was a bright yellow, exactly like Spitfire and Hotfire. He had red hair like his father, and blue eyes like his mother. He yawned and smiled at his aunt. She smiled. She turned to Hotfire. "Can I pick him up?" she asked. Hotfire slowly nodded. Spitfire cradled the child, and cooed at it. But then, she noticed something. She didn't feel fluttering wings against her arms. She turned the child over, and.....no wings....

Spitfire was shocked, angry, and doubtful. She quickly placed he child back into the bassinet. She turned to her sister. "Want to explain this?" Hotfire began to cry. "I know, Spitfire. I don't know why he's not a Pegasus! I'm so shocked!" Spitfire was still angry, and took off her sunglasses. "I hope you're not thinking of keeping it." Hotfire now looked at her sister, angry. "Just because he's not a Pegasus, doesn't mean I don't love my Melting Sun!" Spitfire's eyebrow went up. "Ugh, you pick the worst names." Spitfire walked toward the door. "I don't want anything to do with it. I don't want to know how it's doing, I'm going to pretend that he's not my nephew, and you and I are done. No more sisterly love. It's over." Spitfire flew out, and slammed the door, making Melting Sun fuss. Hotfire was crying while cradling the child. She loved her little sister, and her son, but she couldn't love both. She decided it was her son, and nuzzled him. "Don't worry. She's no longer part of this family." Melting Sun cooed into his mother, and fell asleep.