• Published 16th Nov 2013
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Ice Daggers And Lava - PinkLemonLimeSprinkles

Two Ponies. One ancient power thought to be gone forever. One mistake.

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In the great town of Manehattan, there is a girl who is always with a new stallion. She is beautiful, known for beauty and kindness. She is peaceful, and doesn't fuss about her stallions. But a great mistake has changed her.

The female pushed and pushed, for she was on the bed, and her face was red. She was plump, and her mascara cascaded down her cheeks. She was crying and panting. She was giving birth. She pushed harder and harder, until POP. The baby fell out. The pony fell back in exhaustion, her eyes blurry. She then heard a shrill wail from in between her legs. She saw the child. It was a pure white, with wings that were bigger than most foals. There was tiny ice blue hairs on it's head, and the child was on its stomach, bawling. The female pony, who was a green Unicorn with navy hair and purple eyes, grabbed her child. The child felt warmth against it's skin. It began to coo, and the Unicorn sighed in relief. The Unicorn picked the child up, and laid it on its back, to check its sex. It was a girl. The Unicorn smiled and laid the child on her upper legs, allowing her to suck on the milk-filled nipples. She relaxed, but remembered that she couldn't take care of this child. She had decided a long time ago that she would give it up for adoption. She sighed, and tickled the foal's nose. The foal started laughing. First soft, and then louder. Soon, her legs were flailing. She was erupted in laughter, and then, something strange happened. In one move, in one hoof wave, an ice dagger pierced through the foal's fore hoof, and struck into the wall, breaking. The Unicorn was stunned. She looked at the child, who she saw had her purple eyes. She backed away from the child. "Monster...." she stated. That was it.

The next morning, the Unicorn dressed in a green hoodie, and placed the child inside a blue snow bag. She zipped the bag shut, and ran as fast as she could to the train station. When she got on the train, she ran to the bathroom and changed the filly, let her suckle, and changed her into a blue jacket. 7 hours later, the Unicorn got off the train, and began to hike up the Forbidden Ice Mountains where the native Eskiponies lived.

She climbed and climbed, and the snow began to fall, making the filly excited. She released several ice daggers, and had much fun. Finally, the Unicorn reached the top of the freezing mountain. She walked around, the blistering snow smacking her in the face, until she saw an ice cave. She walked inside, seeing pictures of ice ponies and religions. She looked only a moment, and then dropped the bag in the cave, let the filly suckle once more, and the ran out. The filly, confused, began to wail. Tears streamed down the filly's cheeks, and the wails just echoed off the cave walls, making the child's wails even louder.

The child finally shut up, and slept peacefully. She dreamed of shooting ice daggers in the snow, smiling as she threw snowflakes into the air, and played with a sparkly crown atop her head. "Over Here!" she heard in her dream. She continued to throw snow. But then, she saw an orange glow...it was fire! The fire swept up the snow, and sizzled the metal of the crown, making the snow into water, drowning the filly, making her flail. She felt hooves around her as she shot multiple ice daggers at the sky.

She awoke, her heart beating. She rested a moment, until she saw the orange glow close to her face. She squealed, and almost fell backwards. She was in the hooves of an Eskipony, who was looking at her with curiosity. She sniffed the filly. "Papa!" she cried. A brown Eskipony with a white beard came up to his daughter. "Papa, child lost." she said. He held a torch, glowing with fire, to the filly's face. The filly shrank back. The Eskipony holding the filly smiled. She was brown, with black hair and blue eyes. She looked to her father. "Papa, keep?" she asked. Her father, an old brown Eskipony with white hair and blue eyes nodded. "Snowflower, keep." Snowflower smiled and hugged her papa.

Snowflower carried the filly through the snow, until they got to a camp. Papa, or as he was normally called Granted Wishes, called out. "Eskiponies, come!" He was the leader of the ponies, and called out. Many sleepy brown Eskiponies rubbed their eyes, and stepped out of their tents. They looked curiously at the new filly, who was confused. She wiggled, wanting down. Snowflower put the little one down, and the filly sat on the snow, curious. She was only 2 weeks old, so she couldn't understand. Granted spoke. "Hail, Eskiponies. Hail, little White Shard." The ponies looked at each other, curious. Granted noticed their looks, and spoke again. "Eskiponies, watch." He tickled the child's nose until she laughed so hard, she flailed her legs. Out popped two ice daggers. The Eskiponies watched in amazement. "Hail, White Shard." they said in unison. Snowflower looked to her father. "Papa, Snowflower keep?" Granted looked to his daughter. She was old enough to care for a filly, and could not bare children. Since she was barren, she was not allowed to be married. Granted smiled. "Snowflower keep White Shard." Snowflower hugged her father, and took the filly inside her tent, making the filly warm. A mother Eskipony came in later, nursing the filly. The mother dipped her head to Snowflower and left, and Snowflower removed her brown coat hood. She had long, beautiful black locks, and her ears were nice and medium. She took little White Shard, and put her next to her belly, flopping her long tail across her baby. White Shard blinked, and then happily fell asleep in Snowflower's warmth.