• Published 16th Nov 2013
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Ice Daggers And Lava - PinkLemonLimeSprinkles

Two Ponies. One ancient power thought to be gone forever. One mistake.

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Ways Of The Tribe

Many years had passed. White Shard was now 5 years old, and on her 6th birthday, she would be assigned a tribe job. But, until then, she had to go to school.

Inside a deep ice cave, White Shard, or Shard, as everypony called her, ran inside to the classroom, where she sat on the snow, alongside five other children. The teacher, A brown Eskipony with red hair and grey eyes smiled at the children. "Welcome class. I'm Miss Icy." The children said good morning, and then Miss Icy pulled out a small ice dagger. Across the giant wall of ice, she wrote, "Eskipony Jobs" She turned to the children. "Now children, who can tell me the five jobs that a pony can get?" She waited, until a small white hoof wove in the air. "Yes, Shard?" Shard stood up. "I know two of the five. I know Educator, and I know Cave-Builder." Miss Icy smiled. "Yes, thank you, Shard." A brown hoof shot up. "Yes, Duncie?" Duncie stood. "There are three more. Food/Water Maker, Weapon Inventor, and Fire Creator." The teacher smiled.

"Yes, let's start with Cave-Builders. Cave-Builders create the caves we use today as nurseries, schools and storage. It is a great process of the strong ponies who carry large boulders, and thrown them at ice sheets and walls, until it breaks, and they carve smooth edges into the cave. The process, my dear children, can take months to do. But it is worth it when we have extra shelter and other luxuries."

"Next, Food/Water Makers. They create the food we eat every evening. Every morning, they go picking for snowflowers and other winter plants, such as frozen mint, speargum, and harsh bite. In the afternoon, they gather the ingredients and mix them up, and cook them over a fire. That way, we can enjoy a delicious meal. So remember to say thank you to a Food/Water maker."

"Next, we have Fire Creators. Fire Creators go every morning, and search for trees. The search is long and hard, but then we use our ice weapons to kill the tree, and make it into wood chunks. After wards, they cut it down smaller, until they can make a fire for the Food/Water Makers. Then they make the big fire, so we can stay warm"

"There's also Weapon Inventor. They create special ice weapons like swords, daggers, and bows in the Laboratory. These weapons protect our rightful home against the troll, Princess Celestia. Remember, children. Never trust Celestia. She tricks young Eskiponies out of the mountain, and they never come back."

"Lastly, there's Educator. These special ponies teach younger ponies how to be Eskiponies. They work in large caves, and prepare young fillies and colts for their Eskipony job at age 6. I'm sure you all know what you want to be, but remember, not all little ponies get exactly what they want."

The teacher signaled for recess, and Shard ran outside with her best friend, Cocoa Bean. Cocoa was brown, with black hair, and grey eyes. Shard smiled at her friend. "What do you hope you get?" Cocoa looked at her a moment, and replied. "I want to be a Weapon Inventor!" Shard giggled. "I want to be a Fire Creator." Cocoa looked at her strange. But, your power? Shouldn't you want ice?" Shard shook her head. "I want to be a Fire Creator, I want to marry a Fire Creator, and I want to give birth to a Fire Creator!" Cocoa rolled her eyes. "Whatever, Shard."

Shard walked home to her tent, to find her mother was gone. She walked to the nearest Cave-Building site, and sure enough, Snowflower was there, throwing boulders. "Mama?" she asked. Snowflower smiled. "Hi, Shard! Mommy's just going to be home in a bit. Go home and play with a friend." Shard smiled and ran home. But instead of getting Cocoa to come over, she yawned, rolled into a bun, and slept peacefully on the tent floor.

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3496573 Yeah, sure. I'll be working on Chapter 4 later.

Can you work on it now? If so, WORK ON IT! I like how it is going so far. Spitfire abandons family? What is wrong w/ her?

3498441 Spitfire cares about the Wonderbolts. Tat's it.

where is chapter 4? :raritydespair::raritycry::applecry::pinkiegasp::twilightoops::flutterrage::flutterrage:

Finally got around to reading this, was going to wait for more chapters but what the hay.
First off I feel slightly offended at having not noticed any mistakes on my first read through, even in over-edited stories I can still find a few pretty easy so good job there.
Story seems interesting thus far and although I don't mind it, it still seems like you're putting more effort into shard's part of the story then molten. Although I still couldn't care less because Shard sounds adorable.
Lastly... um... oh, good story and keep up the good work. :twilightsmile:

3519011 Well, Melting Sun isn't the one being raised by a tribe.:twilightsmile:

I am fire not ice

more Molten please :twilightsheepish:

Wow your best story yet!

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