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Hello! You might know me from Youtube or Fanfiction.net. I am a 19 year old woman, who loves parties, studying, and apples. My main OCs are Lemon-Lime, Celery Stalks, and Pink Sprinkles.


After Princess Twilight Sparkle came back from her journey, Flash Sentry, the new guard, is having a new feeling towards Twilight. But so is Human Flash. He's coming to get his love, no matter what the cost.

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I'm kinda liking this... But at the same time, I'm a little scared of the idea of accidently running into a clopfic :fluttershbad:


Right. You do know she is going to come back right? There is NO way any pony would survive without Twilight!

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Great story go to see more Twilight X Flash stories. It will interesting to the two Flashes with each other.

:pinkiesmile: you're better than the other author by some degree but you still need alot of work. it lacks many detials. a real starting point, and some of it is easy to get lost and confusing. i'd say go over it abit and add more details. while the idea is great, i like the direction it's going in too but it's WAY too fast paced and lacks the kind of fillers and details a multiple chapter story , like this and of this magnitude, needs.

really it's a great idea. after seeing EG before, it's promising and interesting but it needs to be rewritten

*reads over comments* wow. deleting comments? it's just gonna get you more hate.

2815753 I know. I made this before I started my real skills. If you want a good story, read my Secret Core story. I worked hard on that one. DON'T READ CHAPTER 3! It is not finished yet.

It's an interesting idea, but bear in mind that not many people will give it much thought without proper fleshing-out. The minimum chapter length for many people is around 1,200 words.

Great chapter please update soon.:twilightsmile:

Love the story so far. Just one thing I feel that the chapters could be a little longer but the length is up to you :twilightsmile:

I like it! :twilightsmile: But maybe you should start working on the other stories first so you don't end up like me :twilightsheepish:

You need to have correct tags. This obviously has flash, thus why I had filtered him out, yet this still showed up because he wasn't tagged. Not going to downvote just because I dislike him, but also not going to read.

... This was VERY rushed. not really a good chapter, sorry. I don't think I can read anymore. The thing this story lacks is character development. I mean, sure, Twi was attracted to Flash, but to have the romance escalate so quickly? to the point that Twi wanted to lose her virginity right there? Nah...

This has been an interesting story. I hope if gets updated soon.

Okay, so, let's start with what I liked about it so far...
It's a Flashlight ship with a moderate amount of potential.

Uhm... yeah...

Onwards, I must admit that this story, so far, couldn't carry weight. Even if it was given a bucket to do so. The character development is sorely lacking. Leaving much of what any of the characters do seem spontaneous and random. All of the moments which are suppose to hold emotional impact are being severely hindered by this rushed writing style. All of the scenes I wished for there to be descriptive writing saw little more than negligence, and every scene I didn't need extra information in seemed to have the most effort in detail overall. Lastly, the basis of the story, or "plot" if you will, holds about as much presence as a lit candle exposed to a strong wind. It feels terribly under-developed. And, from what I can tell, is little different than the plot of the EQG movie itself. Which was, "Bring back the element of magic, because it's important."

Despite all that, the story holds a moderate amount of potential. It desperately needs some deeper thought, and a lot of fleshing out, but still has potential. However, as the story stands right now, I wouldn't recommend this to my five-year-old cousin. Not to be offensive, I just can't find it in myself to promote such a low level of literature.

good chapter so far, can't wait to see where this gos:pinkiehappy:

2810024 don't worried I will read along and tell you if it is or not :pinkiehappy:

3590411 agreed. Oh but it is still good I wonder what happens in the last chapter...

2810077 wow spoiler:pinkiesmile: I am only at chapter five and no I know how it ends,
Still reading

Fluttershy walked out, alongside with Sunset Shimmer. Fluttershy saw Spike, and grabbed him up. "Spiky! Cute puppy! Sweet baby! Eat the bacon treats I have!"

Omg flutters we are one in the same!!!!

Okay the ending is soon familiar...

Will there be more? Please say yes please say yes...:pinkiehappy:

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