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Hello! You might know me from Youtube or Fanfiction.net. I am a 19 year old woman, who loves parties, studying, and apples. My main OCs are Lemon-Lime, Celery Stalks, and Pink Sprinkles.

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In an alternate universe, Prince Sombra and Princess Twilight are the future rulers of Canterlot Kingdom. Prince Sombra has a gift. He can make black crystals! But when his powers injure his sister, his parents lock him up away from her.

After their parents pass, Coronation Day comes, naming Prince Sombra the new King. But when an accident causes his powers to slip, he puts a curse on the kingdom, and flees. Now, Princess Twilight is headed out to go find him. She is accompanied by a Crystal Pony/ Snowman named Cadence, an Earth Pony named Big Macintosh, and his dog, Winona.

But what she doesn't know is that King Sombra has not just put a curse on the kingdom, but himself.

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A Pegasus, born on accident and left to die in the freezing blizzard of the Forbidden Ice Mountains. Adopted by Eskiponies, and then kidnapped. For 6 years of torture, she lived, until she discovered her power to create ice daggers with a wave of her hoof. Gone into hiding, for fear, until she is accepted as the Wonderbolt's student.

An Earth Pony, born to a Wonderbolt Family. Thrown out as an outcast, he ran away, finding himself at the edge of the world, and falls into a pit of lava. Amazed that he's alive, he finds he has the power to create fire and lava with a wave of his hoof. He goes into hiding, until he meets the pony of his dreams. His life seems happy, but his power still haunts him.

One mistake from both ponies, is about to change everything. Equestria is about to crumble, and they are the only ones who can stop it.

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Granny Smith is growing ill, Big Mac has had a foal with Fluttershy, only to find his foal is disabled. Applejack is in shambles, remembering her parents death. Applebloom is no better, her family half gone, how can she survive this?

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When Rainbow Dash won't answer Twilight's letters, Twilight goes to look for her friend, going on a scary adventure.

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After Princess Twilight Sparkle came back from her journey, Flash Sentry, the new guard, is having a new feeling towards Twilight. But so is Human Flash. He's coming to get his love, no matter what the cost.

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