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Rarity discovers Sweetie Belle reading an inappropriate comic and decides that it is her moral obligation to tell the world that it's not allowed to exist due to immoral material, but not all of her friends are on board.

Will she succeed? Or will Rarity realize that she's blowing things out of proportion.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: I'm not sure if this is a good idea or a bad one. All I know is I had the idea to write it at three in the morning and I did so in one sitting so let's see if my tired brain is smarter than my not-so-tired brain? Not just a reflection of recent events so much as my view on censorship as a whole.

AUTHOR'S SECOND NOTE: I did not intend this as a trolling thing or anything, but I have to say the reactions I am getting from this fic are positively delicious! Your collective love/hate is enough to make this writer shed tears of joy!

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Is this based on something that happens to be a tumblr?

Sorry, but I stopped paying attention after the rape whistle.
Apparently Rarity reads Twilight.

I like this. My only nitpick is that this doesn't have a comedy tag;much of this is hilarious.

Fluttershy should be a diplomat.

The amount of meta tho'... :rainbowderp:

Not that it's a bad thing, I quite enjoyed reading this. :twilightsmile:

You should change the Alicorn Twilight with a Rarity tag. This fic, as I can tell from the description, seems to be about Rarity, not Twilight

Loved it. Makes me wish that more SJWs could actually be swayed, like Rarity.

Not gonna downvote, don't wanna start a big argument, but... you do realize nothing that happened to Ask Princess Molestia was censorship? And that nobody at any point argued in favor of censoring it? John Joseco is still perfectly free to make all the Molestia art he pleases, and to post them online, and nobody has tried to stop that.
A lot of people on the internet do not seem to understand what "censorship" actually means. If the artist hasn't been punished, had the art destroyed or tampered with, or been forbidden from creating and distributing the art, then censorship has not happened. Having a Tumblr-account closed down doesn't really quality.

Freedom of speech cuts both ways. You can't be for the right to tell risque jokes, but against the right to object to them. Or even against the right to boycott them, or to try to persuade the publisher that they do not want to be associated with them. You can disagree with those efforts, but comparing them to using the force of the government to prevent those jokes being made or distributed is... not an accurate reflection of reality.
That's my two cents worth. Have a nice day.

He also was going to delete the blog himself, before Hasbro did it instead.

Liked and fav'd.
This was excellent, and I don't even care about the Molestia blog. This fic is just perfect for what it is.

Honestly, even if Hasbro did shut down the tumblr, it's still not censorship per se, it's copyright.

Censorship is: You can't draw sexy animals or animals in sexually suggestive situations because it may offend people.

Copyright is: You can't use the likenesses and personalities of characters that I own and you do not as fodder for your sexy comic. Yes, there are points in the law for parody, but there are also grounds for suits based on damage to the original product. The sheer follower size and, therefore, effect on the fanbase may have been enough to sway them.

It's still fair to be miffed, granted.

Also worth mentioning: Censorship is not: I'm sorry, sir or madam, but we have chosen to decline. We find that your comic/book/art, while technically very well done, is too graphic in nature and involves subject matter that we do not approve of. We feel that it is not in the best interests of this company to carry your work.

You are free to pursue sponsorship elsewhere, or we may discuss a revision with oversight from this company. (Exec speak removed) If you expect to have the resources, money, experience and reputation of our business to be put on the line and back your work, especially on your first professional outing without a vetting process, then you are sadly mistaken.(/Exec speak removed)

At worst, that's selling out.

Rarity acts like an anti brony :derpytongue2:.

is this going be one chapter or more?

Wait what?


But this was hilarious...

I have only one (minor) complaint about the story.

Well Actually two.
Twilight and Rainbow.

If I understood correctly, they've known from the start that what Rarity was doing wrong, That Rarity was giving half truth to AJ to get her on her side, that Rarity was using sweetie belle for child pure image yada yada.... and they basically stood there doing nothing for a whole month before lashing out on Rarity......

:twilightsmile: : "Let's wait for the moment the wrong can't be undone to finally do something, RD!"
:rainbowdetermined2: :"After you, Twilight!"

... A bit odd from both of them...:unsuresweetie:

Anyway, other than that detail, the rest of the story was just excellent, and I agree with the need of a comedy tag:raritywink: I see it's incomplete, I can't wait if you decide to add something:twilightsmile:

"Rarity discovers Sweetie Belle reading an inappropriate comic and decides that it is her moral obligation to tell the world that it's not allowed to exist due to immoral material, but not all of her friends are on board.

Will she succeed? Or will Rarity realize that she's blowing things out of proportion."
kinda reminds me of all this femenisim (or just about every other whiney shits in some other group) bullshit going around lately...

Well, at least Rarity realized she was wrong in the end.

I've been around in fandom for years now- almost a decade, to be exact (and this is not a get off my lawn you damn kids rant), and in my experience, the SJWs don't ever really admit that they might have gone too far. I've seen them dox people, harass minors to the point of self-harm, and pile on people who have English as a second language because they didn't know the proper academic terminology. And they don't apologize for it, ever.

Personally, I think there is a huge difference between pointing out that "hey, this thing is kinda sketchy" or even "hey, this thing is actually pretty sexist/racist/what have you" and "WARGARBLEBLARGLE THIS THING IS EVIL AND ANYONE WHO READS IT/ENJOYS IT IS EVIL KILL YOURSELF NOW YOU SCUMFUCKER."

I don't know too much about what happened to Ask Princess Molestia, because honestly, it wasn't really my kind of humor so I didn't pay much attention to it. But from what I understand, from what I've seen several people say, criticism of it started out as the first kind, and then some rather well-known SJ Warriors got involved, and the dialog rapidly degenerated to the second kind. Maybe someone who knows more about what happened would be able to correct me if that's wrong?

However, I also feel that I should probably mention that what happened wasn't censorship, exactly- the government wasn't involved, and as the copyright holder, Hasbro does have the right to send a cease-and-desist to anyone who they think is infringing on their copyright, or is representing the brand poorly. We can all debate about whether or not they should have done that until the universe ends, but the fact is that technically, it's not censorship.

All that aside, though, this story did get a laugh out of me. Upvote for you, sir/madam.


The SJW are taking credit and celebrating because Hasbro (or them, some believe it was them) took down Molestia. It was seen as a dick move by many, and there is a flame war between PinkiePony (tumblr), /mlp/ (4chan), Derpibooru and some others.

Yeah, pretty much. PP in general is constantly talking shit about Bronies with endless slander, mud-slinging and shit-talking, calling Bronies "rape apologists" and "brony scum", but then acts like she's morally superior to us. Seriously, there is something very wrong with that girl.

I mean, just like you, I don't mind people saying "I don't like this" or "this might be morally sketchy", but there is a MASSIVE difference between simply "not liking something" and "becoming a SJW and waging a war against something that nobody is forcing you to look at, while constantly slandering huge groups of people and starting drama".

Hopefully, outsiders will take away from all this that most bronies are pure of mind and spirit, and it was just a small group of black sheep that supported Molestia. From a selfish perspective, I don't want friends and family assuming that I support sexual assault just because I'm an adult who likes the show.

While the comics were funny, and I enjoyed reading them, both sides are at fault. Tumblr was the wrong site to post it, because people could easily stumble upon it without meaning to through an untagged reblog, and Molestia is the kind of thing that should only be seen by people who knowingly and willingly seek it out. PP had good intentions, but it was unfair of her to expect one artist to shoulder all the blame for a much bigger issue.


I think you're both missing the fact that there is more than one definition of censorship.

As defined by the law, no, what happened to the blog was not censorship.

But as defined by the word 'censorship', which applies to the suppression (or attempted suppression) of something regarded as objectionable, then what happened could be classed as censorship. In the same way that fimfiction's decision to remove all NSFW images could be classed as censorship; it doesn't matter whether the expression occured on a privately-owned medium, or whether the entity expressing their opinion had the protected right to express their opinion, the supression of such could be regarded as censorship.

That doesn't mean that the censoring party is wrong, though.

Twilight should check her alicorn privilege.


Good intentions? She tried to abuse the tumblr's report system to take JJ down, she tried to do so to show people she meant business, instead of educating on the "supposed" effects of jokes on rape culture. Proof of her hypocrisy is literally everywhere.

I'm conflicted.

On one hand, assuming your classical lib or classical con, I agree with you ideologically, but, darn it, did it have to Sweetie Belle or one of the younger ponies for you to make your point? I mean, as Sweetie Belle's guardian since their parents are more or less not around, I'm fairly certain she's well within her right to take away that comic she's reading and tear it up into a crisp. Not within her right to burn down the publisher, assuming that's what happens, but if you wanted to make your point, wouldn't it have been better if Rarity found a friend of hers, who she has no authority over and is equal to her, reading said comic and THEN have her become an embodiment of Nanny Stateism?


Funny how the folks with 'good intentions' tend to be Utopians, and it's the Utopians that tend to be history's greatest monsters, ain't it?


Utopias dont exist. Humans need to go through pain to learn and become better. I am not saying that humanity MUST suffer, but a life without suffering... well, its not rewarding.

A safe haven not only would make people ignorant, but would make them depend too much on the system to be happy, rather than themselves and their capacity to adapt and avoid awful situations.

I'm sorry, but the wrong site to post it? It's a social site that allows us to express who we are and what we want to do in any way, shape, or form. You may not like it, but that's what freedom is.

And honestly, I don't see why PP had to do what she did. Kids are always gonna find porn because most parents nowadays don't know how to control their kids from searching them. Have you even seen all the porn blogs?


Ummm...I agree. I said UtopIANS exist, but not Man made UtopIAS.

Non man made paradises however...

Rape is basically somebody making somebody do the nasty with them without consent.
What PP did to JJ is similar. She forced him to take down the blog without consent.
While the impact between the two scenario differs greatly, it still follows the same concept.

EDIT: Lol. look at all the dislikes.


Eh...while I agree that what happened is assining, I don't think taking it THAT far is helping your position which is my position as well.


Oh... OH...

Oh geez, how embarrasing. :twilightblush:


Uhm...you say "impact" but they arent both rape. One is rape, the other is harrasment, albeit not sexual.


So, you ever see that one episode of Star Trek where Kirk destroys a machine that's keeping a bunch of humans happy and content on a planet in a hedonistic Utopia?

I'm guessing from your posts, you seem to strike me as a guy who, in theory, like myself, would be willing to destroy that machine as well, correct?

Speaking of machines and hedonistic Utopias, what do you think of Trans-Humanism?

Yeah, as I said, I was sleep deprived when I wrote this, so I may have insanely clicked the wrong button. :pinkiecrazy:

Downvote away! One does not write a fic like this expecting everyone to love it; I just had a moment where I simply didn't care! Anyway, it's not all just about the Molestia thing (even though that did play a role in it) so much as it is about my feelings on Censorship in general. The rest is a 'your mileage may vary' thing. :twilightsheepish:

Yeah, I know, but this is My Little Pony, where everyone learns a lesson in friendship! .... Even if I've otherwise marred the entire concept.... I'm a bad person. :pinkiesad2:


I don't know PP, nor do I waste precious time viewing her stuff. All I know is that there is actual harm being done out there, people being hurt and suffering, and instead of using her enthusiasm for justice to become a cop or do something meaningful, she's content to shout out mean words on the internet in her own little form of power play. Proud as she might be, everyone will remember her for it, and in the end it may bite her in the ass when nobody in this world will respect or take her seriously.

Somepony misread the message. :pinkiehappy: Terribly.
Buuut I don't intend to argue with anybody about this. Interpret the comic however you like; just know that to me it sounds like you misinterpreted it.


"Uhm...you say "impact" but they arent both rape. One is rape, the other is harrasment, albeit not sexual."

Pretty much. Look, PP (assuming that's the one who was doing the harassment) was being a clown, she didn't do anything illegal or as terrible as raping JJ. She was just being a big fat nanny statism, and while I don't like rape either and think that, if you drop that bomb in a story, you DROPPED THAT BUCKING BOMB and I hope you hit the target dead center, as a form of dark comedy for story or a skit that isn't trying to play anything straight faced and/or endorse the act, what's the problem? I can think of far more offensive dark humor from people, especially in the realm of dead baby jokes.

Hasbro didn't shut down the tumblr. Tumblr did because it was reported.

Except PP didn't do anything. She was one person that thought that sending emails to Hasbro would get something done, but Hasbro had nothing to do with the tumblr shutting down. It was reported, and Tumblr shut it down. So far, PP thinks it was Hasbro, and that is false.

I don't care. My statement holds some truth to it. Social justice warriors are rarely friendly, and are rather blunt.
The thing about PP and her DWM is that they believed that they were doing a great deed by getting rid of the PMolestia blog, but really there are better ways to deal with the issue at the core. Seriously. I never heard of any of them holding charities or going to protests to stop rape.
What they did was petty.

PP did not have good intentions. She was stupid. The tumblr never once condoned rape, and while the material was sexual, it did not do anything that PP wants to think it did.

And you do realize that there are tumblrs that strictly produce porn, right? Molestia was nothing.

Yes, but she was the ringleader that rallied all this negative attention to Princess Molestia. In the end, a precious blog was taken away from us. PM, although sultry, was completely harmless. If people were being butthurt about it, they could have just ignored it. But apparently nooo. They just had to play hero and barrage the blog with hateful comments.

And now they're tooting their own horns all over Tumblr. It's hard to ignore that when they pressed it all up in your face.

Interestingly enough, I don't think she rallied any negative attention to APM. I never even knew she existed until APM was taken down, and I started being a brony due to tumblr.

Oh trust me. She got an unnatural lot of supporters. And most of them are very, very nasty to talk to.

You pretty much accurately described PP right there. Instead of going out and doing things about actual humans being harmed, she just sits behind her computer and shouts mean words over the internet to gain an imaginary moral superiority to everyone else. :ajbemused:

I don't even need to read this to upvote, favorite, and watch, (I did read it though, and found it to be quite amusing.) because I am sick of people framing this as some kind of "Moral Discussion" when all it is is censorship by the mob.

Lolita, the book, is art. Naked pictures of Greek Gods is art. Hentai Manga is art. Blue is the Warmest Color is Art. Like it or don't fucking like it, when you attempt to have it forcibly destroyed or removed, you are being a censor. Period.

If you are any kind of artist, and you support this kind of action, you are tacitly saying that if someone came along someday and found YOUR art to be morally objectionable, then they are in the right to lead a crusade to destroy it, and you have no right to object to them.

My most favourite pony becoming my least favorite thing?!
I don't know if I dare read on!
I don't like how you portrayed her here. It offends me and gives people the wrong idea about her and I demand you take it down. It's only moral after all. Think of the children and all that fucking bullshit.

Seriously though, loved it. I can't sum up my feelings towards SJW's better than the rest of them main six characters did at the meeting.
If I had a nitpick with the story, it would be the ending was a bit... sad. Would've kind of liked for it to have ended with some clear forgiveness, but that's just me being a sappy bastard.
Still though, excellent representation of Social Justice Warriors, excellent explanation of why what they do is arrogant and self-serving, excellent story all together. Definitely a site favourite.

It's funny; despite being 'morally upstanding people', SJWs are more often than not very unpleasant to talk to, and usually very combative, and occasionally even outright violent. That's the reason I'm convinced such acts are nothing more than an attempt to take power themselves.

Not sure I follow your trail of thought here, but you seem to be anti-censorship, which is good. :pinkiehappy:

Freedom to speak means freedom to speak against.

That's all I've gotta say.

You're not a bad person at all! And I wish that the SJWs would start to become more like Rarity here and realize when they've gone too far.

I know someone who almost became a SJW. Almost. Some of my other friends barely managed to steer her off that path, but she still feels extremely sensitive about that kind of material.

They can't. Or at least, they can't both realize they've gone too far and remain SJW's. The ideological framework of such people is one that endorses this kind of behavior.

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