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The two Zeno Samas the kings of everything throughout the multiverse had announced that it was finally time for Beerus the God of Destruction to finally retire so that they can choose a new God of Destruction for Universe 7. Beerus has been called to Lord Zeno Sama's Palace in preparation for his "Honorable Exile". Beerus will be allowed to keep all of his powers but he will be sent to a pocket universe which holds the world of Equestria. Beerus makes a small request that Whis will accompany him and serve the purple cat in his retirement but unfortunately gets his request denied by the Past and Future Zeno deity. Whis needs to stay behind to find and train another candidate for the role of being the next "God of Destruction" of Universe 7. After a few words and goodbyes, Beerus gets sent by Zeno Sama to Equestria and in Canterlot of all places during the preparation for the first Friendship Festival.

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A magical disturbance is found in a different world possibly Demigra's dark magic, Trunks and Supreme Kai of Time assigned Kei and his partner, Wylie, to finding out what is causing the disturbance. Is Demigra really back or is it something else? Takes place after the Demgira Saga.

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Once a upon a time... in the magical world of Equestria.
Yes, you know the story... or do you?

Sora was gone for quite a while. When he comes back, it's a secret. But what is this secret. You're about to find out.
After failing his Mark of Mastery Exam in the events of Dream Drop Distance, Sora decides to go back to the Realm of Dreams to train. After he gets done, he departs back to the Mysterious Tower. Unfortunately, he takes a wrong turn and finds himself in the magical world of Equestria, where magical ponies that include unicorns, pegasi, and earth ponies. He meets Twilight Sparkle, the protégé of Princess Celestia, who leaves for Ponyville to prepare the Summer Sun Celebration. They also meet Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Fluttershy, and Pinkie Pie! But Twilight is reluctant to make friends.
However, a darkness begins to loom over Equestria, as Nightmare Moon, the evil alicorn from a book Twilight has read about prepares to plunge Equestria into an Eternal Night. Seeing the world in danger, Sora offers his help to Twilight, and together, along with their new friends, journey to the old Castle in the Everfree Forest to find the Elements of Harmony. Can Sora, who suddenly finds himself powerless, help the ponies save their home?
Sora's secret will now come to light in this special crossover, ultimately leading up to Sora's grand adventure in Kingdom Hearts III!

This re-tells the events of the first two episodes, but from Sora's point of view.

Characters belong to Square-Enix and Hasbro!

HAPPY 17th Anniversary Kingdom Hearts!

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Sunset Shimmer, the most antisocial student at Canterlot High School. No one would guess that she's actually the mysterious vigilante, Blacksun. But what happens when someone enters her life and flips her world upside down by asking to be her friend.

Will Sunset, A.K.A. Blacksun, be able to save who she needs to save with this wants-to-be-friend wasting her precious time? Or will Sunset learn that she's the one who needs saving?

Throughout their journeys, Sunset will fight threats both in school and out of school. And along the way, maybe the two will find that they like each other more than friends? Or Sunset's become delusional.

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Set in between Movie Magic and after Mirror Magic, the Rainbooms resume their high school life while making sure no Equestria Magic causing any mischief around Canterlot Town. A new student was transferred to Canterlot High after his parents found a job around Canterlot Town, Chrono Blaze, a silent and loner boy who only cares about is the mecha from the series Mobile Suit Gundam. However, when he begins to find the rumor of 'unknown energy', a new battle begins as the Rainbooms must face a new danger that's far beyond the Magic of Friendship can handle, that will pit magic against machines and the fate of their world.

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Book 1 of My Little Pony Equestria Girls - Gundam Extreme Versus Magic series

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The elements of harmony the, most powerful weapon in Equestria. When Discord the god of chaos appeared and create chaos in Equestria, Celestia and Luna used them to seal Discord in stone. Everything was fine in two hundred years but when the ponies began to ignore the night that Luna created she became jealous of her older sister, the ponies played during the day sleep during the night. Luna wanted the night to last a little longer so they could enjoy it but her sister would not listen to Luna, then the Nightmare came. When Nightmare Moon took over Luna body because of Luna's jealousy over her sister, Celestia used the elements of harmony on her sister in hope that the elements could cure her. It work but in the progress the element was destroyed, who will now protect Equestria?

Mlp/Pokémon crossover, I own nothing.

I would like to thank Cyanjames2819 for the drawing.

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Sombra was defeated by the Royal Sisters many moons ago, cast away forever.

However, he left one thing in Equestria that would guarantee his return. One thing that would let him rule not only the Crystal Empire, but all of Equestria

And he did return...and lose. Thanks to one, small, miniscule baby dragon.

That just means one thing...

His weapon is getting stronger even now.

In the world of Remnant, Roman Torchwick has been arrested, the efforts of the White Fang have been halted, and the tournament has begun. Things are looking up for Team RWBY otherwise known as, Ruby Rose, Weiss Shnee, Blake Belladona, and Yang Xiao Long.

However, on their way to see their friends, Team JNPR, fight in the first round, Team RWBY find themselves being pulled into not only a new world, but a new conflict.

Oh, and they are all ponies now.

Can the Mane 6 and Team RWBY overcome Sombra's forces?

Or will shadows of past sins plague the land forever

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Ta-da! My first story!

(The following story contains elements of Rooster Teeth's series, RWBY. For those readers who do not know what RWBY is about, it can be simply summed up as a show about a group of friends that attend and live on campus at a school that trains monster hunters.)

One day, Team RWBY receives a strange mirror from the local Dust shop in Vale. Meanwhile, in Ponyville, Twilight Sparkle and the rest of the Mane 6 are studying both the box from the Tree Of Harmony and the Mirror from the Crystal Empire to see if there is a possible connection between the two.

After both RWBY and the Mane 6 realize they can see one another in the mirror, Nora dives right in, with the rest of the girls not far behind.

When Remnant's youngest Huntress' in training arrive in Ponyville they find that one small detail has changed.

They're now ponies.

However, what seems like a burden to the girls what actually be the key to saving Ponyville and Equestria from a alliance of Remnant's foes and Equestria's villains. Both the Mane 6 and RWBY will need to team up if they want to take down this league of evil.

Looking for Editors and or Pre-Readers! Any grammar help is greatly appreciated.

To note: I realize I'm not the first person to think of doing a crossover between MLP and RWBY. However, I wanted a story that plays to both series strengths: RWBY's high intensity action and MLP's characterization. My hope is that this story is the combination of both without ruining either series charm.

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Twilight crosses the mirror portal to pursue Sunset Shimmer after the theft of the Element of Magic. She finds herself in a world of odd two-legged creatures, and for some reason they're all obsessed with a card game called "Duel Monsters." Twilight soon learns that the only way to get her crown back is to win it in the school's semi-annual duel tournament, of which Sunset has been the reigning champion three rounds running. The tournaments have divided the school, and split up a group of five friends similar to Twilight's friends in Equestria.

Twilight now faces her biggest adventure yet. She must master Duel Monsters, reconcile these other versions of her friends, and defeat Sunset to win the Autumn Crown. And she has only three days to pull it off. It's time to duel!

Pre-read by The Albinocorn and RTStephens. Cover art by EGStudios93

View Twilight's deck here. View Sunset’s deck here.

Reading by Martialartfruituser here

Artwork of the Harmony Spirits by Ajustice90. View them on DA here and here.

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A crossover between My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, and Roosterteeths RWBY. Human versions of the My little Pony cast with a RWBYverse version of Equestria, complete with monsters, and gun-blades.

Twilight Sparkle is set to attend the prestigious Starswirl Huntsman Academy in Ponyville, headed by Headmistress Celestia. Forced to work with her new teammates, together they must learn to work together, slaying Grimm, and defeating various threats to Equestria itself.

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