Fun and Friendship or Invasion and Destruction? A My Little Pony Movie x Beerus Crossover!

by MarlonCalpe4000

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Beerus arrives at the King of All's Palace where Present and Future Lord Zeno gives Beerus an honorable exile for his retirement in Equestria. He gets teleported in the city of Canterlot for the first ever Friendship Festival is going to take place.

The two Zeno Samas the kings of everything throughout the multiverse had announced that it was finally time for Beerus the God of Destruction to finally retire so that they can choose a new God of Destruction for Universe 7. Beerus has been called to Lord Zeno Sama's Palace in preparation for his "Honorable Exile". Beerus will be allowed to keep all of his powers but he will be sent to a pocket universe which holds the world of Equestria. Beerus makes a small request that Whis will accompany him and serve the purple cat in his retirement but unfortunately gets his request denied by the Past and Future Zeno deity. Whis needs to stay behind to find and train another candidate for the role of being the next "God of Destruction" of Universe 7. After a few words and goodbyes, Beerus gets sent by Zeno Sama to Equestria and in Canterlot of all places during the preparation for the first Friendship Festival.

Beerus Retirement and his Honorable Exile!

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On Beerus planet the mysterious Whis is walking slowly with a serious look. As he arrives in Beerus' bedroom, alarm bombs are exploding, but Beerus continues his slumber. The god of destruction usually takes a 39 year cat nap or 50 years for most of history. But ever since he had sampled the different foods that earth has to offer,Beerus had started on his sleeping habits that usually takes 9 to 12 hours of slumber. Ever since Goku and Vegeta had been coming to his planet to be trained by Whis, They usually bought him Ice cream, Pizza, Sushi, Russian octopus balls, Pudding and Instant Ramen.

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"Lord Beerus its time to wake up!" Whis says as he cleans the left shoulder of his tunic to remove any small debris that was caused by the alarm clock explosion earlier. Beerus shoots awake and proceeds to slide down from his bed atop a floating rock and into the floor.

"Lord if i may ask, Why did you set the time to wake up at this hour?" Asks Whis. Beerus, now cleaning his fur, states an exciting package that he is expecting from two loyal obedient lackeys that he calls it. "Well if you must know, I am just excited about the next food package that Goku and Vegeta are going to deliver here for their training!" Beerus lets out his tounge and drools a bit much to the amusement of his attendant Whis. "They promised me that they are going to bring me a dim sum feast with peking duck and fortune cookies! I don't know what that is but I'M SURE ITS AN EXPLOSION OF DELECTABLE GOODNESS!!" Beerus says jumping into his daydream of food and firework explosions.

At the kitchen Whis is cooking Stir-Fry on Beerus's planet. Whis's staff goes off. "Lord Beerus can you get that call please?" Whis asks while he is busy with the cooking. "No! Tell him that we are too busy!! Just ask whoever that is to call later! Don't they know that this is too early to be making prank calls?! " Beerus snaps from being disturbed while he is reading the paper. "

Suddenly the staff floats over to the middle of the table and Zeno appears before him. "Beerus and Whis! I want you to come to the palace immediately!" "L...L...LORD ZENO??!!! Y...Y... Yes? W...W...What is it My Lord?" Beerus asks as his eyes literally bulged out of his sockets about the size of dinner plates.

"What..W.. What can i do for you My Lord?" Beerus quickly bows down in front of Lord Zeno smashing his head through the side of his table in the process. Whis appears beside Beerus and greets Zeno. "Good Morning Zeno Sama! What can we do for you?" Whis asks with a bow. "Hello Whis! We need you to and Beerus Sama to come here immediately! Thank you!" The Lord Zenos responded as they turn off the call.

"Lord Beerus Zeno Sama wants to meet us in his palace immediately". Whis explains. "Does that mean were not getting Goku and Vegeta's food delivery for their scheduled training today?" Beerus groans in annoyance.

At Zeno's Palace

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"We are here Lord Zeno. What would you like us to do?" Whis asks as he greets Lord Zeno with Beerus bowing down in front of the Omni King in deep respect and fear. "Excuse me but where the other Ze... I mean future Lord Zeno?" Beerus asks tapping a claw under his chin. "Oh him? Don't worry he is just taking a nap in the Royal Bedroom, Now lets get down to business" Lord Zeno jumps off from his throne in front of them with his two palace guards keeping an eye on the visitors with Daishinkan Sama (Grand Priest) standing beside Beerus and Whis.

"Lord Beerus it has come to my attention that it is time for you to retire and for me to find a new God of Destruction in Universe 7 to replace you." "R..R.. Retire My Lord?!" Beerus asks as his eyes grew wide, his forehead starts sweating like rapids and waterfalls as his knees and legs start shaking "I... I... If you are going to remove me as God of Destruction t...then what will happen to me?" Beerus asks nervously in front of Lord Zeno as he starts chewing on his claws "You are given thanks for your services and as such i will give you an honorable exile Former God of Destruction Beerus of Universe 7!" The King of All says with a high voice of seriousness echoing throughout the entire Palace. The place was so eerily quite for the next few minutes that you could cut the tension with a knife, No one dared to speak.

"T...T... Thank you Lord Zeno Sama!!!" Beerus says as he gets down on all fours and performs a Dogeza on the palace floor relieved that he is not going to be erased but still afraid of where Zeno Sama will sent him or do to him. "Please sign here" Zeno Sama says levitating a contract agreement written in parchment as well as a quill and ink in front of him. "O...Oh.. Yes! Right away Zeno Sama..!!" Beerus says as he quickly signs his name at the bottom part of the parchment".

"Okay then, now that the agreement is signed, You are set for retirement, You had a good run Lord Beerus! Former God of Destruction of Universe 7!" Zeno Sama blasts a strange white ki energy in the corner of the palace as Beerus cowers in fear wondering what it is. "You are hereby sentenced to exile in a pocket universe World Planet Equss to be exact" B..B...But Zeno Sama what about my strength..? Are you going to take away my powers as a Former God of Destruction...? Wha... What about my Immortality..? You and i know very well that i am 75 million years old! And I..." Beerus what about to ask more questions about his "Final Retirement" and his so called "Honorable Exile" to settle down but Zeno Sama cuts him off.

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"You will have all of your God of Destruction powers when you stepped into this portal as well as your Immortality but you will be cut off from the rest of Universe 7 from this final destination on out!" Lord Zeno Sama explains with such authority and power to his words that no one dared to question or object to his announcement. Beerus tried to speak and break the tension one last time, He was the first one to have asked this in an entire millennia of rulership of the Omni King. "Would you allow Whis to go into exile with me your Lordship?" Beerus asks with hope and nervousness in his voice, This was the very first time that he would be all alone without Whis ever since his god attendant has adopted and took care of him and the time that Vados has adopted and taken care of Champa.

"No absolutely not! Whis the angel shall be staying in order to find and train the next candidate for the "God of Destruction of Universe 7" to bring balance to this universe since you have not mentioned or recommended any such being that would be fit for the job! Now is that all?" The Omni King asks Beerus as he taps his finger repeatedly on the side of the throne awaiting his next response. "No... That is all your highness" Beerus replies as he slowly starts walking over to the portal of white and yellow lights as memories of past slowly flash between his eyes with this final goodbye to his respected teacher and mentor Whis whom he had loved like a father.

"W..Wait... WAIT!!" Beerus exclaims before running up to Whis and giving him one last hug "Y.. You have my thanks for being a great teacher and a trainer.. Thank you for being a great caretaker... Thank you for being a great parent... Thank you for everything Whis... Your love means alot to me... I know that its really stupid to say this but... Thank you for the love you gave me... I wouldn't be right here if it wasn't for you..." Beerus says trying his hardest to hold back tears as Whis hugs him back with tears in his eyes remembering memories of long time past.

"Its been an honor serving you My Lord". Whis releases the hug from Beerus and bows down in front of him with a teary smile of a wave good bye as Beerus runs off into the portal closing it as an emotional music of brass instruments play in the background as a proper send off to Beerus and his new life into another universe.

"He was such a nice....son.... i would have ever had... Well treated and loved like a son" Whis could not help but cry in a sad smile before the Grand Priest gives him a box of tissues and wipes off his tears with a white handkerchief. "Pardon me but could i be excused for a moment...?" Whis says as he exits Zeno Sama's throne room silently crying with Daishinkan Sama following him as Present Day Zeno Sama has his head down low on the palace floor with shadows covering his face making an excuse to go see his Twin Brother Future Zeno Sama but runs off out of the Palace Throne Room crying out making the two palace guards a bit concerned for their ruler.

Beerus starts to feel really dizzy as he falls down into the portal of this unknown pocket universe as if he were falling into a really really deep cliff with no end to it, except it was all different lights of white and yellow that it would have given anybody else a seizure if they didn't wear glasses but with his training, he seems to pull it off as he just keeps falling and falling until he finds himself into a realistic looking sky like the one back on earth in Universe 7.

Beerus was confused for a second there because he thought he had just saw a horse... with... wings? He thought for a second that this was a bit peculiar like a something from a children's storybook. "Well no matter, I guess it isn't as strange as the other races in Universe 7 and from other galaxies!"

Beerus flies down behind more clouds to see an aerial view of the large city of Canterlot which was sitting on the edge of a mountain with a waterfall beneath it as well as a large decorated castle in sight while Beerus stays hidden from some pegasi in the clouds waiting in silence, observing and thinking about his next move as a memory of a talk from King Kai enters his mind.


King Kai: Earth... I mean your not planning to destroy it or anything... Are you?

Lord Beerus: As long as nothing happens there that annoys me... As long as nothing there happens that annoys me...

~End of Flashback

"As long as nothing there happens... That annoys me...". Beerus thought for a second before a making a decision of going into the city to make his presence known as he sighs and groans".

To be continued...

Is it a Friend or a Foe? A Feline with a figure of a God and a Power to Destroy!

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City of Canterlot

In the city of Canterlot ponies from all over Equestria have gathered for the first ever Friendship Festival and Spike runs through town with an armful of scrolls just as he runs over to Lord Beerus and falls down dropping his bundle of scrolls. "A..A...Ahhh!! Im so sorry sir! I didn't see where i was going and...I" Beerus cuts him off putting a claw to his lips. "Oh thats quite alright!, Here let me help you" Beerus picks up the scrolls of paper that Spike dropped" Usually he would not be for doing favors and other menial talks for lesser beings than himself but since he is a retired Destroyer deciding to settle down, Guess he would give it a try this time.

"Oh where are my manners? Let me introduce myself, I am Lord Beerus. Charmed to meet you" Beerus gives the baby purple dragon a small bow in courtesy. Spike was flabbergasted that this unusually tall purple feline was actually bowing down to him! "L...L...Lord Beerus?" Spike widens his eyes in amazement before he recompose himself after a few seconds. "My name is Spike! Its an honor to meet you Lord Beerus" Spike says shaking the feline's claws and giving him a bow in return which greatly amuses Beerus reminding him of his reign of terror and chaos in Universe 7 where everyone respects him as they should in fear and intimidation.

"So can you tell me where i am Spike?" Beerus asks trying to acquire information from this small dragon, Normally he would not remember names and just try to call someone he is speaking to a strange nickname or anything that comes first into his mind but he tries to make exceptions for a certain few that knows how to respect him and know their place in line, Just the same as anybody else who made a good first impression in his book. Beerus thought. "Well your in Equestria, Canterlot to be exact." Spike says as he held out his claws showing Beerus alot the majestic buildings that surround the city as well as the various ponies that are setting up their stalls like the waffle cart, the hay dog vendor and the hay burger stand as well as the ice cream joint etc.

As Spike and Beerus walked by the streets of Canterlot, Lord Beerus notices that alot of ponies are giving him odd looks which gives him a slight irritation. "Spike, Pardon me for asking but why does the majority of your pony population here looking at me in strange ways?" "Oh don't worry about it Lord Beerus! They don't bite hehehe". "I hope not..." Beerus eyes Spike with suspicion fueling his anger with his God Aura but stopped at the last second, remembering to just take it all in. Thankfully not being noticed by Spike as he continuous to ramble on and on along the way.

"I think that its just that your new here and ponies here haven't seen your kind before but don't fret" Spike reassures with a smile. "Ponies here are usually welcoming of new citizens especially if they are a visiting Lord from beyond the borders of Equestria". Spike taps Beerus on the torso. "Oh don't worry about it Lord Beerus, All you have to do is show them that your cool and everypony will see what a cool guy you really are!" Beerus stops for a minute on his tracks as he scratches his chin in thought "Cool.... Cool... Cool..?" "Here Lord Beerus! Let your pal and most number one assistant Spike help you out" Spike says as he pushes Lord Beerus in the middle of the street, not having a clue on what this baby dragon is up to.

Spike runs off to a nearby vegetable vendor and asks to borrow a megaphone for a moment and back to where Lord Beerus was standing. "HEY EVERYPONY! THIS RIGHT HERE IS LORD BEERUS! HE IS A VISITING NOBLE OUTSIDE EQUESTRIA AND NOW HE IS GOING TO AMAZE US WITH HIS SKILLS!!!" Everypony stopped what they were doing for a moment to watch this unusually tall purple feline who unbeknownst to them is the terrifying Former God of Destruction who busted planets outside their dimension. Beerus smirks as he starts break dancing in the middle of the street along to the music courtesy of Vinyl Scratch also known as DJ Pon3 whom Spike settled a deal earlier through some extra bits.

Everypony was cheering, clapping and stomping their hooves in excitement as they watch Lord Beerus dance, jump, twist, turn and do some free fall acrobatics in mid air while this former God of Destruction was using a bit of his ki to tumble up and land unto the ground upside down using only one hand to balance on the concrete.

"Thank you! Thank you!" Beerus exclaims. "Now this is a welcome". Beerus thought. Everypony bows down to him, not forgetting to acknowledge his title of Lord Beerus from the way Spike had introduced him earlier. This reminded him of the dancing showdown that he did when he was attending Bulma's Birthday Party at Capsule Corp back on earth. Beerus felt a warm feeling within himself that these ponies from another world are treating him with respect and fear like they should be but providing a good audience that appreciates and cares for his certain efforts in return.

"Did you see the that tall purple feline dance?" A light yellow pegasus asks her friend. "He was like Uhh... Yeahh! Yeaahh..! He was spinning and twirling in mid air! And you know what happened next? He managed to balance on one arm... Uhh i mean hoof! Hehehe". The excited yellow pegasus exclaims also doing some turns in the air. "He was pretty amazing, A visiting Noble from outside Canterlot!" The light pink pegasus mare with a dark purple mane replies to her friend. "Where do you think he's from?" "I don't know.. Abyssinia maybe? Well he is a cat!" Her yellow pegasus friend answered. The two shared a giggle before flying off.

Beerus and Spike were walking through the streets of Canterlot back to the castle he was supposed to be going to accomplish Twilight's errands while carrying an armful of scrolls but keeps getting distracted along the way as he introduces Beerus to each and everypony that they knew and Beerus gets a taste of some of the finest cuisines and sweets Equestria has to offer.

"I will see you later your Highness, It was nice meetin ya." Applejack takes off her hat and gives a bow to Lord Beerus in respect. "You know that we are going to be meeting later Miss Applejack, Those Apple Pies were the best in the world!! THAT SWEET APPLE ACRE CIDER IS A DRINK THAT PACKS FULL OF FLAVOR RIVALING ALL OTHER DRINKS THROUGHOUT THE COSMOS!!" This makes Applejack blush a bit and chuckles, completely flattered by this Noble Lord's comment. "I'll catch yall later you to!" Applejack says as she waves off to display more Apple Products on her stall. "Well Goodbye Applejack!" Beerus says as he carries another large apple pie and eats it in one bite, spitting the pie tin inside a trashcan perfectly much to the amazement of more ponies.

Meanwhile inside Canterlot Castle

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At the castle, Princess Twilight Sparkle nervously prepares for a meeting with the other princesses when Spike enters the castle Hallways running in a hurry because he was a bit late with all that has happened outside the streets of Canterlot when he met Lord Beerus and also from spending the time stuffing their faces with food all the while Twilight was waiting.

"Oh Spike! There you are! Thank Celestia your back!! Where have you been?! I have been waiting hours for you because you were supposed to help me prepare the presentation and proposal for the Princesses!! And furthermore..." Twilight Sparkle was cut off when she notices the tall purple anthropomorphic cat that was standing beside Spike.

"Ummm... Spike...? Who is... y...y...your friend...? Here...?" Twilight asks nervously sensing some sort of strange and unknown powerful energy from this purple feline that she could not identify somehow as she smiles awkwardly at this new powerful being. Beerus slowly approaches Twilight Sparkle, reaching out a claw to shake her hooves. "Lord Beerus the God of Destruction, Charmed to meet you".

"I...I...I... Wha...What...I mean...." TWILIGHT!!! Spike quickly rushes over to the fallen alicorn princess who seems to have fainted from hyperventilating a while ago and is now unconscious much to the amusement of Beerus who didn't know what happened as he starts laughing. "Hahahaha!! Now this is quite a Welcome!! Maybe this place doesn't seem too bad after all"

To be continued...

Before Friendship comes Destruction! Twilight and the Princesses meet Beerus.

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The Hallways of the Canterlot Castle

"Twilight...? Twilight...? Are you okay now...?" Spike asks while tending to the Purple Princess of Friendship who is now sitting on a beach chair while noticing for a sec that she has an ice pack on top of her head. Beerus is not the one for taking orders from other worldly lesser beings, much less a pony.

He hated that idea for the fact that he should be the one that would be treated like a King, Even more so a God compared to all of these strange equines. He doesn't like it one bit, Irritated that he is now serving a glass of iced tea and a sandwich to this pony princess named Twilight.

Nevertheless, He keeps reminding himself not to loose his cool and also for the fact that he is doing this for Spike, A great friend to him that showed him a good time today at Canterlot and someone he feels he could trust.

"Huh..? Oh, H...Hi Spike! What happened..?" Twilight asks her drake assistant, feeling a bit better now after drinking a glass of iced tea. "Oh im glad that your okay now Twilight. It seems that you have fainted once again after one of your panic attacks because you were nervous on what the Princesses might say to your creative plan to make this the best Friendship Festival ever in Canterlot!".

"Oh and Spike?" "Yes Twilight? What is it?" Answers Spike with curiosity. "Who's your friend and why is he still here?" Twilight asks. Beerus groans in pain as a small vein popped on his forehead, One of his greatest annoyances is that he doesn't like to repeat himself to anyone or anybody. Anyone that has tried to push his buttons may as well receive a punch in the gut or a Hakai attack to the face. Its one of his greatest annoyances that drives him crazy.

"Well if you must know, My name is Lord Beerus the Destroyer from the 7th Universe of the Outer Dimension" Beerus exclaims crossing his arms in front of the purple pony princess in front of him. Twilight sighs remembering his panic attack from earlier and trying to be careful that it doesn't happen again.

"Well Lord Beerus, My name is Twilight Sparkle, The Princess of Friendship! Welcome to Equestria and let me say its very nice to meet you!" Twilight says with a warm smile as she shakes hands with Beerus. "If i may please ask Lord Beerus. What are you doing here in Equestria?" Asks Twilight.

"Well if you must know Miss Twilight, You could say that i was meant to be here. I am the Former God of Destruction of Universe 7 from the outer dimension and Lord Zeno The King of All had finally announced my retirement and sent me here for my.... Honorable exile". Beerus says as he looks away from Twilight and Spike with a somewhat somber look in his face. Twilight and Spike quickly turns over to their new friend to give him a nice warm hug to comfort him. "Friendship.. After living for millions of years... Why haven't i thought of that..?" "Lord Beerus are you... Okay..? " Asks Spike? "Oh! Uhh... Umm.. Yes..! Its okay Spike!... Its just that...! Its been millions of years and i haven't quite grasp yet this understanding of the concept you call Friendship..."

"Well if you must know then..." Spike says as he brings out a Prench Horn like he is ready to sing another musical number. "A one..! A two...! A one two three...!" Spike was about to sing when Twilight suddenly cuts him off! Less singing and more walking Spike! We are already late and behind schedule as it is to meet the Princesses! I have to tell them my perfect plan for the celebration of this year's first ever Friendship Festival and maintain my image as a Princess!

I have a reputation to maintain for crying out loud!!" "Is she always like this whenever there is a huge party involved..?" Beerus leans over to Spike and whispers in his ears. "Oh don't worry about it Lord Beerus.. You get used to it after a couple of years living with her" "Ohh... Yes... Yes... Whoopee Doo..." Beerus answers in a sarcastic manner"

"Oh you should have seen it when Twilight Sparkle was nervous for not sending a Friendship report on time!" Spike says while creating imaginary drawings in the air that Beerus could somewhat understand in any way, shape or form. "Oh please do tell! Im intrigued..!" Beerus smiles in amusement of the story ready to listen. "Okay! This is what happened.. So it all started that morning when..."

Throne Room of the Royal Pony Sisters

Twilight Sparkle enters the throne room as a Royal Guard announces their presence inside the throne room with Spike and their new visitor on hoof. "Announcing the arrival of Twilight Sparkle the Princess of Friendship!" The Royal Guard taps the bottom pole of his spear two times as he lets them enter. Twilight Blushes from all of this unnecessary formality that just because she is a princess doesn't meant that she is better than anypony else."Together with the Princess is her Royal Assistant Spike the Dragon!! And...".

"Excuse me sir but.. What is your name..?" Asks the Royal Guard as he turns to the tall purple anthropomorphic cat who is wearing some sort of attire from Neighypt and could rival Princess Celestia in height. "Me..?" Asks Beerus in wide amusement to the Royal Guard as he gives him an intimidating somewhat evil smile on his face with black and purple aura surrounding him. "Call me Lord Beerus the Destroyer! God of Destruction of Universe 7 from the outer dimension beyond time and space itself!!"

"Oh okay!" The Royal Guard quickly fixes his composure as he taps the bottom part of his spear two times creating a loud echo in the throne room. "P..P... Presenting Lord Beerus the God of Destruction!!" Beerus turns around and glances at the Royal Guard with a smirk as the Royal Guard quickly nods and runs off in fear. "D...D...Destroyer..! G..G...God of Destruction!! Waaaahhh!!" The Royal Guard keeps running off as his whines could be heard echoing in the throne room.

"Good Morning Princesses!" Twilight Sparkle greets the three rulers of Equestria. Princess Celestia, Princess Luna and Princess Cadence who were waiting for her. "I would like you all to meet Lord Beerus!" Twilight exclaims as she and spike move aside as if they were announcing the arrival of a prince.

Celestia's attention directed to her new guest. When she stood to her full height, the being known as Lord Beerus was eye level with her. She smiled and bowed her head respectively. “It’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance Lord Beerus,” she rose back to her full height, “I am Princess Celestia of Equestria, and I humbly welcome you to my kingdom.”

Princess Luna steps forward to Lord Beerus and gives her a respective bow. "My name is Princess Luna, The Princess of the Night and the Guardian of dreams to everypony!". "It is a pleasure to meet you Lord Beerus, I wish that you could enjoy the food and festivities that we have for you as a visiting Noble from Equestria's borders. I hope that your stay here in Equestria would be enjoyed to your heart's content!

Princess Cadence trots over to Beerus and bows down in front of him before raising to her full height. "My name is Princess Mi Amore Cadenza, But you can call me Cadence for short." She gives Lord Beerus a warm smile to make him feel welcome in the castle. "I am the Princess of Love and Ruler of the Crystal Empire". "I hope that you have a great time visiting Canterlot in this year's first ever Friendship Festival?"

"Charmed" Beerus said as bows down respectfully to the three Princesses in front of him. "Thank you very much for giving the warm welcome your majesties, I'd say that the city of Canterlot is so lively this time of year with all of these parties and the delicious aroma of food in the air! Its just so Exquisite!" The three rulers of Equestria were amused and surprised that the silent purple feline finally start talking, Just seconds earlier he was stunned by the grandiosity and elegance of his supposed red carpet welcome into this enormous castle that looks like something out of a children's fairytale storybook.

"Well now that introductions are over, How would some food?" Beerus asks the three princesses as he hears his stomach rumbling. "Because all of that fancy schmancy red carpet introductions sure has made me hungry...! Oh and im sure that your burning to show your creative proposal whatever this is to the three Princesses so get on with it!" Beerus points to Twilight who was itching to tell her three princess companions on how to make this the Best shindig ever.

Princess Celestia motioned for a guard to come near and whispers into his ear to bring the tea, cakes and deserts on the double. After a few moments, a royal guard trots up to Beerus and sets down the tea set complete with a fresh scarlet rose and a tray of assorted desserts right in front of him to chow down on as Princess Twilight trots over to the white board to show her bizzare plans to the princesses.

Twilight takes a deep breath and relaxes herself before starting on this lecture. "Good morning, Princesses. Thank you all for seeing me. I have an idea that I think will make our Friendship Festival the most wonderful celebration Equestria has ever seen!" "Yes, Twilight! We are very excited!" Says Princess Celestia with a warm smile. Beerus is seen in the background drinking tea and having doughnuts by himself as he decides to throw some of them to Spike who catches them in his mouth. Beerus regards Spike as a best friend ever since he came to Canterlot from some outer dimension.

"Ponies have been arriving from all over all morning". Says Princess Cadence amazed at the number of ponies that had come for the celebration. "I'd like to think it's to see us, but Songbird Serenade might be the bigger attraction." Says Princess Luna as she was planning to get an autographed photo of the famous popstar sooner or later on to add to her collection being a big fan herself.

"Yes, she is the... "mane" event!" Twilight giggles "And to make it extra special, I could use your help. Spike?"

As Twilight was calling Spike, she notices that the baby dragon was sitting down on the couch with Lord Beerus stuffing his face with cakes, pies, eclairs, ice cream, tarts, cinnamon rolls and other desserts, Much to the annoyance of Twilight.

Spike...? Twilight tries to call one more time but the baby dragon was on a eating contest with Beerus, Chugging down tea and hot chocolate as well as seeing who can eat more doughnuts, jelly rolls and cakes as they washed it down with more milk shakes on the side.

Spike...??!! Twilight calls out on a louder voice but Spike was too busy chowing down bowls after bowls of ice cream and Triple Chocolate Banana Split sundaes with Beerus, each testing their own limits while facing off each other in an ultimate chow down of frozen desserts.

SPIKE!!!!! Twilight Screams as she uses the Royal Canterlot Voice much to the sdden surprise of the other princesses, considering that Twilight rarely uses her Royal Canterlot Voice compared to the other princesses, except Princess Cadence on occasion. "Oh Sorry! Hehehe!" Spike chuckles and smiles sheepishly as Twilight as he starts to wipe off the whipped cream and chocolate from his face with his arms and slobbery tongue. After Spike licks himself clean of the molten food stuff, he wheels in the whiteboard.

Twilight sighs and gives Spike a smile before continuing with her presentation. "Songbird Serenade's performance is not scheduled to start until after you begin the sunset. And based on my precise calculation, to get the very best lighting for the stage, Princess Celestia, I was hoping you could make sure the sun stays about 28.1º to the south, and, Princess Luna, if you could raise the moon 62º to the north at the same time, it would reflect the sunlight on the other side and really frame the entire stage perfectly!" "Wait... I" Princess Luna tries to voice out but unknowingly gets off cut again by Twilight.

"But wait! There's more! Cadance, if you could use your crystal magic to create an aurora above the stage, the sun and the moon will shine through it and create a truly amazing light show!"

Twilight says as she continues to scribble down on the white board as Spike presents a puppet show of Songbird Serenade much to the boredom of Lord Beerus who was sitting on the sidelines for now. "Presenting Songbird Serenade!" Spike tries to balance on top of the white board while doing his little puppet show plays. "Yeah, yeah, yeah!" Spike struggles to keep his little balance, trying his hardest to stay on top of the plastic white board. "Whoa-ho!" "Whoa!" Spike falls down to the floor and smiles weakly trying to end his little show and tell for the princesses with a bang. "Ta-da...."

"So you're saying you want us to move the sun and the moon for the party..?" Asks Princess Luna. "Well, I'd do it myself, except I don't have your magic." Twilight snorts in annoyance. Princess Celestia trots over to Twilight and wraps her forehooves against her in a warm embrace.

"Twilight, each of us uses our powers to serve Equestria in our own way. You are the Princess of Friendship. You already have all the magic you need". Princess Cadence and Princess Luna trots over to Twilight as they caress her mane gently. "So... that'd be a no?" Asks Twilight who was now dissapointed.

"Everything is going to be turn out okay Twilight, You'll see! All you have to do is believe in yourself!" "Because we are here for you no matter what! We will always be there for you!" Princess Luna assures much to the disappointment of Twilight.

"I can help you with your little light show for today's show if you want Twilight". Beerus states as he was now picking his teeth using his claw after such a big meal. Really? How..? Twilight asks as she was now interested on what this purple feline was talking about now. "God Powers Twilight... God Powers of a Destroyer..." Beerus says with a dark tone to his voice as purple god aura starts to envelop him.

To be continued...

Beerus and his vacation in ruins..?! We got this together Twilight!!

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Outside in the streets of Canterlot

In the wonderful city of Canterlot, ponies are still putting on the finishing touches to the food stalls and other food carts that have been arranged after a mere distraction from a dance performance by Lord Beerus earlier.

Beerus walks through the streets of Canterlot while putting his arms at the back of his head in a relaxing manner with Twilight and Spike as they discussed matters on what still needs to be done while Beerus could only think about food at this point thanks to the sweet aroma of flavors reaching his nose.

"Hey is it okay for me to exploring more food stalls while you two talk things out?" Beerus asks permission from Twilight and Spike in front of him even though he could have sneaked out just as easy but since these two act like two friends he could trust, It would be nice to cut some slack lower down the god status every once in a while. "Sure Lord Beerus, Have fun!" Twilight smiles waving to her new friend as Spike was about to join the purple feline. "Hey buddy wait for...!!" Spike was about to run and join Lord Beerus on his food escapades when he felt a magenta aura of magic pulled him back. "SPIKE!!" Twilight gives Spike a scolding look before the drake begrudgingly follows Twilight on his inspections for the festivities. "Fine....." Spike says as he walks beside Twilight and pulls out a gem from his pocket, tossing it into his mouth to calm himself down.

"Oh yeah! Done and done!" Rainbow Dash says as did some twists, turns and even impressive backflips in the air. "Sky's cleared and ready for the festival!"

While Rainbow Dash basks in his accomplishment, Pinkie Pie tries to blow more animal balloons and creates one in the size of Discord before it deflates and zips through the air before hitting Beerus in the face who was trying out some Neighpon Ramen Noodles by the stand causing him to freak out and accidentally hit his face on the bowl of hot noodles he was enjoying. Even though Beerus was ticked off, he politely asks the stallion behind the noodle cart to get him some cold water but he accidentally poured the hot tea on himself.

"Oh no! Wait sir...!! Thats...!!" The stallion manning the cash register was about to warn Beerus but it was too late. Beerus starts to get really angry as a strange purple aura known as God Ki starts to sorround him, failing to control his temper this time. "N..NOW....!!! YOU....!!!....MADE.... ME.....MAD!!!" Beerus screams as the ground starts to shake and tremble causing several ponies to run off and hide.

"Sir here is your..." The stallion behind the noodle cart tries to give him a glass of cold water but Beerus just slaps it out of his hooves as it shatters on the floor leaving the stallion shocked as Beerus gave him a death glare signifying that he was about the annihilate somepony"

"PINKIE....!!!!.....PIE....!!!!" Beerus screams loudly alerting everypony to duck and hide in fear of getting destroyed or even getting caught in the crossfire before Twilight runs off to stop whatever commotion that was happening.

Beerus whats going on?! Why... are you doing this?!" Twilight gallops off to where Beerus was channeling his anger before she notices Spike daydreaming his brains out munching on a chocolate drizzled vanilla gem cupcake as Twilight gives him a scolding look. "SPIKE!!!!" "W...Whaa?! I mean... Hehehehe!" Spike quickly tucks away his gem cupcake before he looks at Twilight laughing nervously". "Alright... Alright Twi im coming!" Twilight sighs and levitates Spike on her back running off to stop Beerus before its too late.

Beerus charges straight for Pinkie Pie to give him a piece of his mind knocking off some ponies unto their hooves in the process. "Now i got you you little piece of furball..!!" Beerus was about to charge up a Hakai Blast at Pinkie Pie who was oblivious to what was happening around her when suddenly....

"B...B... BEERUS...!!!... N....NO.....!!!!" Shouted Twilight as she runs up to Beerus with her wings flared up and her horn glowing with magic. Twilight was determined to put a stop into these menial and petty motives of destruction and face Beerus herself but Pinkie Pie had other plans. "W...W...WAIT.....!!!" Everypony turned to look at Pinkie Pie, who had broken off from the group, and was now rummaging around inside her picnic basket. After digging deeply, she smiled.

“Found it!” Pinkie Pie pulled out a box and opened the lid. Beerus immediately lowered his hand as a smell hit his nostrils. He sniffed a few times and then did a deep inhale. Pinkie approached him and raised the box toward him, inside were six jumbo grade cinnamon buns.

Pinkie Pie smiled sweetly up at the cat, “Here, try one! As I always say, ‘when you’re feeling mad, have a cinnamon bun to sweeten your mood!’”

Beerus sniffed the container again, “A cinnamon bun you say,” he raised an eyebrow as he stuck one of his claws in the center most one and lifted it out.

Pinkie was still smiling while the others held their breath in both shock and confusion. Beerus gave one last sniff before he took a bite out of the pastry. He stood still for a moment and swallowed, a tremble went up his spine, and a massive smile spread across his face as his eyes lit up.

“IT’S DELICIOUS,” he practically screamed, “the golden brown and perfectly baked texture mixed with the grandness of the cinnamon is only rivaled by the sweetness of the frosting,” his tail whipped back and forth happily as he closed his eyes and savoured the taste, “It’s baked perfection!”

Pinkie squeed and handed him the container, “Here you go then, “ the girls stared in utter confoundment as Lord Beerus sat cross legged on the ground and started to slowly eat the pastries.

Twilight approached Pinkie as the ponies seated themselves from Beerus, “Pinkie….how did you?”

Pinkie giggled, “Come on Twilight, everypony knows that nopony can stay mad when they eat great food!”

Beerus glanced up at the girls for a moment, and then went back to eating his pastries.

Twilight exhaled in relief, “Well at least we avoided a disaster,” she stared at Beerus, “I hope.”

Lord Beerus rubbed his stomach in satisfaction, “Ah that was superb. Oh Pinkie Pie!,” he said as he looked at Pinkie, “Thank you for the meal.”

Pinkie smiled, “No problem.”

Twilight cleared her throat, “Um…Lord Beerus.”

Beerus started to pick his teeth with a claw, “Yes?”

“You’re….not going to punish Pinkie Pie anymore….are you?”

Beerus stared at Pinkie Pie, then sighed in minor irritation, “Nah, I think she learned to respect the terror that is Lord Beerus,” He smirked at the pink mare with a cotton candy mane who was cleaning up the sweet mess that Lord Beerus had just made in the center of Canterlot around everypony who was just now starting to asses the situation and come out of their hiding places like the hayburger stalls, waffle stands and other food carts. , “Just as long as she never does it again.”

Pinkie Pie nodded with a genuine smile on her face, “Of course, my Lord.” Lord Beerus stands up and starts to check out the other desserts that are being served during the Friendship Festival that he is just dying to try, tasting each one of them and just having a good time.

"Hey, y'all!" Applejack calls out as she was hauling a cart filled with their Sweet Apple Acres World Famous Apple Cider. Applejack was about to pull out a megaphone when Rainbow Dash quickly zips by Applejack's cart to grab a hoof of the drink and gulp it down in one go, returning the empty cider up to her in one swift dive in the air."Ah! Thank you! Loved it!" Rainbow Dash says before rocketing up into the air once more.

Applejack trots up to Rarity to check on how the decorations were going along to prepare for the arrival of the popstar Songbird Serenade. "Wow, Rarity. It's a fine job you're doin' there. 'Course it might not get done 'til after the concert." Rarity turns to Applejack while she continues to sort different kinds of jewels and fabrics to decorate the stage very carefully, bit by bit and in a precise manner. "Applejack, darling, anypony can do "fine". Twilight asked me, so clearly, she's going for fabulous, and fabulous takes time."

"Fabulous takes forever! But "awesome"..." Rainbow Dash says as she zips by Fluttershy who got startled and gets wrapped in ribbons in the process. "...can get done in four seconds flat! Faster if I do my sonic rainboom!" Rainbow Dash exclaims while she tries to explain to Rarity that her plan is way better annoying Rarity in process who is already scrutinizing every ity bity detail. "Aah! Nono, oh no! Don't you dare, Rainbow Dash! It looks wretched enough already."

"Oh come on, it's fine!" Rainbow Dash retorts. Rarity replies hoping not to offend Applejack who was nearby. "If you were raised in a barn! Ahem, no offense, Applejack." None taken." Applejack smiles taking the pun quite lightly. "Especially since I wasn't raised in a barn. My family just happens to have a barn. Where I was born. And... spent most of my formative years..." Applejack says as she was just about to pour herself another mug of Apple Cider when Rainbow Dash zips by taunting her "Raised in a barn!" Before she speeds up into the sky.

While all of these was going on, The God of Destruction Beerus was lying down on a beach chair while wearing a bathrobe for some reason and sun glasses over his eyes. He was being fanned down by four maid ponies on his side, two on his right and two on his left. They were given high orders from the princesses to look after Beerus and to always keep him happy, not to argue with him in any or form lest the festivities would be ruined.

After a long while of just sitting around, He takes off his bathrobe and sun glasses walking over to Twilight who was just about to be greeted by her friends.

"Okay, just two hundred and eighteen things left to do and we're ready." Twilight says while checking her list of preparations for the celebrations with Spike following her begrudgingly because he had to follow and assist Twilight. Not that he didn't want to, Of course he would! He is Princess Twilight's number one assistant ever since in like.. Forever! For now, He just feels like hanging out with his buddy Lord Beerus the Destroyer, Eat and just have a good time and maybe hear more stories about his past in the outer dimension as a God of Destruction.

"Hey, Twilight!" The five elements of harmony call up to Twilight huddling in front of her while Spike gets a heartfelt greeting from Rarity making him blush uncontrollably. "How'd it go with the other Princesses? They like your idea?" Applejack asks as Pinkie Pie jumps into the air and bounces in place. "I bet they loved it!" Twilight sighs looking at the floor glumly as she drops her quill and parchment in the process. "Not exactly. They think I can make today perfect without their magic."

Rarity trots up to her and puts a foreleg on her shoulder "And they are absolutely right, darling. This festival is your brilliant idea and we know you're up to the task!"

Twilight starts worrying about every detail of the celebration, getting nervous and hyperventilating in the process "But what if I'm not?! What if Songbird Serenade hates the stage?! Or nopony makes a new friend?! And if I fail at the festival, then who am I?!"

Twilight keeps hyperventilating much to the annoyance of Pinkie who gave her a disapproving look hits her on her head with her right forelead. "Hey!! What was that for Pinkie..! You could have....!!" Twilight starts babbling incoherently much to the slight amusement of Beerus who was silent all this time before Pinkie puts her hoof in Twilight's mouth to shut her up.

"Twilight, look at me! This will be the biggest celebration Equestria has ever seen! As the Princess of Friendship, you cannot fail! This day will define who you are! The pressure is intense! It's almost too much for any single pony to handle!!" Pinkie Pie screams as her five friends gasp much to the enjoyment of Beerus who missed seeing terrified faces who tremble in fear and cower in front of him as a God of Destruction who could possibly end all life, with a tap of his finger.

Beerus has a flashback of what King Kai tells about him as the picture fades in "The inevitability of his existence does not give meaning to what he does. Beerus acts only on his own whim. He is nothing but bottled chaos." Elder Kai says describing Beerus before the flashback ends.

"But you have us!! So stop worrying." Pinkie Pie says as she hugs Twilight to comfort her before the rest of her friends join for a group hug. Twilight looks up to Beerus who simply gave her a thumbs up and a warm smile to show that she is doing a pretty good job.

Twilight was still nervous about the certain events that were happening around her but despite her nervousness, her friends have the utmost confidence in her. Beerus sighs as he walks over to Twilight and gives her a warm smile. "Look... I don't know how you do things around her, How you do your job or whatever. All i know that if your friends believe that you can do it then you better show them that you can! We can never be in one place without the ponies that believe, Yes im talking about your friends! Sometimes they have to be there for us as we have to be there for them! Now get out there and show these ponies how you handle these things because you know as well as us that we are behind you all the way!!" Beerus says tapping Twilight on the shoulder once more and igniting the confidence inside her once more.

"Wow Beerus! When did you get all sentimental?" Asks Applejack in bewilderment that a God of Destruction from the outer dimension would be capable of such a feeling. "Mehh.... I have my moments" Beerus shrugged while putting his arms behind his head. "Wait...!! How old are you again...?" Rainbow Dash asked while hovering in front of Beerus not noticing that suddenly there was a large crowd of ponies surrounding them waiting for his answer. "Well about 75 million years if you must know Dear Rainbow Dash"

"W....W...WHAT...??!!!!" All of the ponies around them including the Mane 6 but Spike fell down on their hooves in astonishment which made Beerus chuckle

Beerus walks over to Twilight and helps her get up unto her hooves. "Come on Princess Twilight! Maybe this would be a great encouragement for you!" Beerus says as he calls up to her drake friend "Spike??" "On it!!" Spike saluted before running off to Vinyl clearly understanding what Beerus meant, even surprised that Beerus could even be a chill feline at times.

The Mane Five stand up and sorround Twilight clearly showing signs that they support her as they huddle up to start a song while Beerus stands beside them somewhat happy about his new friends and that made him smile.

Suddenly a giant party cannon shot out a giant cake and it landed on Twilight. “PINKIE!” Twilight shouted before a candle landed on her horn as Beerus laughs at her messy antics.

This is the best honorary exile that i have ever experienced! Well as long as nothing happens here that annoys me, "Maybe i won't have to do any destroying just this once... Maybe just this once... This ONCE... No one... Pony or whatever creature would pissed me off.." Beerus thought laughing to himself while taking a look at his scenery, hoping that this would be the best day of his life.

To be continued...

Songbird Serenade is here! Don't anger the God of Destruction! You will regret it..

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Outside in the streets of Canterlot

While everypony was on their food stalls, shops and in their respective places, Beerus was walking through the streets of Canterlot. He passed by Trixie's magic stage and decides to entertain himself with a show thats intriguing enough for him. Beerus sits down in front of the crowd of ponies where mares and stallions awaited with fillies and colts within their hooves. Beerus throws away the hayburger wrapper in the trashcan as he looks at the stage in boredom waiting for the show to start.

Trixie gallops off to the side of the stage where she lights up another around of Fireworks with Starlight Glimmer at her side as the ponies in the crowd cheer for the entrance of the "Great and Powerful Trixie" and her astounding magic show. The fireworks burst into the sky to the enjoyment of everypony but Beerus as one of the Trixie's fireworks shoot into Beerus mouth much to his annoyance.

Beerus spits up the firework in his hand but the rocket was still ignited as it explodes in his face as everypony bursts into a loud fit of laughter except Starlight who was fidgeting in place, afraid of the inevitable that is to come. She knows what Lord Beerus the God of Destruction was capable of based from the stories and rumors she heard from Spike and other ponies. Starlight couldn't forget what just happened earlier when Lord Beerus almost lost his temper just because a deflating balloon from Pinkie Pie hit the purple feline in the face earlier, causing him to ruin his Neighpon Ramen Noodles.

Beerus feels a vein throbbing in his forehead as purple God Aura starts to envelop his body in rage mode but he calms himself down after a while that as long as he is staying in Equestria, He should cut it some slack and drop the god act this time and let ponies do there thing, I mean its just an accident right? Its not like anypony is provoking him to anger, Everything would be just peachy, He thought.

Starlight breathes a sigh of relief as she sees Lord Beerus power down and float over to the front of Trixie's magic stage with the other decent amount of ponies as Trixie starts her grand introduction to her audience.

"Come one, come all! Come and witness the amazing magic of the Great and Powerful Trixie! Watch in awe as the Great and Powerful Trixie performs the most spectacular feats of magic ever witnessed by pony eyes!" Trixie exclaims as she spins around the stage in her hat and cape as fireworks around the stage and fanfare blasts everywhere much to the boredom of Lord Beerus.

"My, my, my! What boasting!" Rarity exclaims clearly flabbergasted at Trixie's performance on the stage on trying to make herself look better than anypony else.

"Come on, nopony's as powerful as Lord Beerus the God of Destruction!!— Oh!" Spike clears his throat as he notices Rarity trotting with Coco Pommel beside him and their other friends. "Hey, Rarity, I, uh— I was just wondering if you would like to go have some popcorn and soda later while watching Songbird Serenade's concert?" Spike asks while blushing red all over his face and putting his claws behind his back while his right dragon leg is twirling on the ground, quite shy that he was about to ask her out.

"Oh why of course My Spikey Wikey! Its the least i can do after all the help that you have done for me!" Rarity exclaims as she gives Spike a kiss on the lips making him red all over his face as spike rockets up into the air and zips down into the ground like a deflated balloon. "Duuhh... Duuhh...! Duuuhh...! Duuhhh...!!" Spike says as he gets lost in his words with large red hearts pumping in and out of his eye sockets and his tounge stucked out while another mare keeps jumping up and down unaware of what she was stepping down much to the astonishment of Coco Pommel.

"Umm does he have a fetish for mares stomping on his tail on something?" Asks Coco Pommel as she slowly starts backing up from Spike and hiding behind Rarity"

"Applejack whats a fetish?" Applebloom asks with innocence and curiosity in her eyes, excited to learn a new word from her sister and their friends.

Applejack starts turning redder than the freshest apple harvested in their orchard as she faces Applebloom while blushing uncontrollably. "I...I...Umm... I'll tell you about it when your older Sugarcube!" Applejack gives his little sister an akward smile as she glances back and forth frantically. "B...B...But Applejack i..." Applebloom was about to pull off her irresistible pouty face but Applejack cuts her off.

Applejack's left eye twitches as she blushes right red which makes Applebloom concerned about her big sister as she was sure that her big sister was hiding something for her to close the subject like that.

"There's nothing wrong with being talented, is there?" Asks Coco Pommel. "Just because one has the ability to perform lots of magic does not make one better than the rest of us." Rarity replies as she styles her mane.

Rainbow Dash dive bombs from the air performing some twists, turns as well as back flips in the air leaving behind a bright and colorful rainbow trail much to the disappointment of her friends that her ego has gone up to her as well. "Especially when ya got me around being better than the rest of us. Hahahaha! Eh, I mean, yeah, uh, magic shmagic. Boo!"

Trixie notices again the Mane 5 with their tiny dragon friend minus the purple pony Princess of Friendship. She decides to have a little more fun as she calls out to them once more taunting them."Well, well, well, it seems we have some neighsayers in the audience. Who is so ignorant as to challenge the magical ability of the Great and Powerful Trixie? Do they not know that they're in the presence of the most magical unicorn in all of Equestria?"

"What about you strange anthropomorphic purple feline? Cat got your tounge?" "What are you even doing here?! Your not even a pony!! How can you even have any magic?!" Trixie says as she waves her wand at Beerus as she taunts the purple feline god of destruction by waving her flank at him. "And whats with the outfit anyway huh? Your wearing over sized genie pants now? Why you look just like the hobo i saw on the side of the street the other day! Why he was...."

"Come on ya'll! Lets get out of this charade, We've been over this like a rattlesnake chasin a tumbleweed all day!" Applejack beckons to the rest of her friends that they wouldn't put up with this anymore. "I couldn't agree more Darling! I have better things to do like making sure that the decorations on the stage are of utmost pristine condition!" Rarity says as she follows Applejack and the rest of their friends who just couldn't stand the bragfest of provocation anymore.

"Yeah! I'd rather take a short cloud nap in order to prepare for Songbird Serenade's biggest concert later on! Me and the Wonderbolts are gonna perform some sick moves and i have been in charged of performing my world famous "Sonic Rainboom" later on!" Rainbow Dash exclaims while crossing her forehooves as she grins with excitement. "Yes, Yes Rainbow Dash. Me and Pinkie as well as everypony else will be there for you cheering you on" Rarity says with a serene smile on her face. "Why was she ever like that since flight camp Darling?" Rarity asks Fluttershy who had all kinds of differents love birds and butterflies on her pretty pink mane. "Why yes Rarity! Yes she have!" Fluttershy says with a sweet laugh.

"Why what are going to do without you Rainbow Dash?" Asks Spike with a sigh before getting a hearty laugh from all the mane 5 as well through the streets of Canterlot trying to find out where Twilight had gone to and what was she up to this time.

"Hey does anypony noticed somepony errr.. creature thats missing?" Spike asks the group of five mares before they heard a large explosion by the site where Trixie's Magic State were supposed to be as they galloped off more to investigate and tell Twilight about another problem concerning Beerus the Destroyer.

Play for an authentic experience!

Lord Beerus slowly rises up in the air as he charges up an energy sphere ready to blow up Trixie along with the entire land of Equestria when he heard Starlight Glimmer cowering on the ground in front of Trixie's wagon pleading for mercy to Lord Beerus with tears streaming down her eyes. "Please stop this right now Lord Beerus!! Im begging you, Please Lord Beerus!! There would be nothing!! NOTHING LEFT AT ALL!! PLEASE LORD BEERUS!!!"

Twilight starts galloping over to where Starlight Glimmer and Trixie as she flies over to Starlight Glimmer and Trixie who was unaware of what was happening thinking this was just a bluff using a light show to see who was the better magician. Trixie was not impressed of this planetarium slash laser show that Beerus was trying to pull off thinking that she could do better. "Trixie could do better than that a thousand times more than you..." Trixie was cut off by Starlight who put a hoof into her mouth, getting a look from her best friend with sadness and anger with tears in her eyes"

"Starlight! What happened?" Twilight ask from all of the running around. "I...I... Its Lord Beerus... He got really angry after hearing alot of boasting and mockery from Trixie while she was doing her show!" "A...A...And now... w...we...were all gonna be..." "Sssshh...." Twilight cut her off as she put a forehoof on Starlight's mouth and gives her friend a warm hug which seems to calm her down. "Don't worry Starlight! Im your friend! I wont let anything bad happen to you or to anypony" Twilight gives her a reassuring smile as she levitates a white handkerchief and wipes Starlight's tears away. "Everypony is gonna be safe because im here to talk things out!"

"B...B... BEERUS...!!!... N....NO.....!!!!" Shouted Twilight as she runs up to Beerus with her wings flared up and her horn glowing with magic. "STOP THIS MADNESS RIGHT NOW...!! YOU CAN'T JUST GET ANGRY AND DESTROY FOR EVERY ITTY BITTY PETTY LITTLE THING!! Please Beerus!! Please... Think of all the lives that everypony has here... Think of what everypony came here for... Would you really want to destroy this Festival of Friendship along with our lives here? Think of what our friends are going to say! Think of what Spike would say!! He's your best friend right...?" "You remember who they are Lord Beerus.. And you remember who you are..." "Please be yourself Beerus... Your true good self... I know that behind your terrifying and intimidating composure.. You have a heart..." "So please do the right thing Lord Beerus... Follow what your heart truly wants" Twilight gives him a warm smile before putting his right forehooves on Beerus cheeks.

That seems to calm down Lord Beerus and think about his life's actions for a bit. Twilight still has her horn igniting with magic but she runs off to give Beerus a warm hug of comfort, completely seeing his motives for this action and feeling sorry for him. "Alright Princess Twilight.. For the sake of your Friendship... and Spike's Companionship... Ill spare this world once more..." Beerus stops charging his sphere of destruction and blows on it, Completely annihilating it in the process.

Twilight smiles as Beerus lowers her down to the ground gently much to the relief of the ponies who slowly start to come out of hiding once more and celebrate to enjoy mingling with the others. "Oh and Lord Beerus?" Beerus asks as he slowly turns to glance at the purple pony princess "Yes Princess Twilight your majesty?" Beerus asks with intrigue at he raises an eyebrow at her. "You can just call me Twilight if you want, Just because im a Princess doesn't mean that im better than everypony else". "Yes Twilight.." Beerus says with a light smile this time that made Twilight giggle.

While Twilight was off once again to look for the popstar Songbird Serenade, A red stallion spots her just arriving with 2 bodyguard always at her side. "Songbird Serenade? Is it really her? It is, it is!" A large mass of ponies gathered around the popstar idol, hoping to see her or maybe even get a photo and autograph to welcome her arrival.

"Hiya. I'm lookin' for the pony in charge? I need to set up for my sound check." The idol popstar says as she didn't mind posing for a couple of photos for newspapers, magazines or even her adoring fans.

Princess Twilight quickly fixes up her crown as she still had some icing on herself which he accidentally flings splattering some sweet confectionary substance on Songbird's Jacket. "Ms. Songbird Serenade? Um, I was just going to check on you. Hehehehe..!" Twilight laughs nervously before she recompose herself infront of the popstar idol "I'm Princess Twilight, and sorry about the mess. I'm usually not so..."

"Caked in cake?" Songbird asks before the two of them share a laugh of chuckles, Ignoring the female pony that was telling Twilight about her supposed embarrassing behaviors .

"You have visual on buttercream?" Vinny the bodyguard pony asks on their headphone speakers. "Visual confirmed. Go for cleanup." replies Whinnyfield sending a static message back to the other guard through radio speakers.

Upon hearing the arrival of the popstar idol Songbird Serenade, Beerus couldn't help but meet the famous star pony as he levitates near Songbird and gives her a large boquet of roses, courtesy of the earth pony mare Roseluck. "Hello there! My name is Lord Beerus" Beerus says as he gives a bow of respect to Songbird Serenade who just shakes his claws in return. "Oh my! These are so pretty! Thank you for these roses but im more into hoof shakes silly!"

Twilight couldn't believe it on how Lord Beerus was so natural in approaching the famous popstar idol Songbird Serenade and he even left out the God of Destruction part! How could he?! Twilight wondered in his mind as Beerus the Destroyer was now sharing a laugh and a wonderful chat with Songbird over tea and doughnuts as the popstar idol was playing the love game "Catch my hoof on the table if you can!". Seeing those two tag around their little dinner setup somehow made Twilight uncomfortable.

"Jeaaaaloouuusss...?" Spike ask as he nudges Twilight on the shoulder causing her to suddenly snap. "NO IM NOT SPIKE!!!... IM NOT...!!!" Twilight shouts as her wings flared up and her horn ignites with magic but the bright red blush on her face did not hide clearly seen by Spike as well as Pinkie Pie, Applejack, Rarity, Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, Starlight Glimmer and Trixie who did not even flinch but were giving her smug smiles.

"Alright! Alright everypony! Ill tell you okay?" Twilight says while fidgeting in places and twirling her right forehoove on the ground. "I...I... I have a crush... on Lord Beerus the God of Destruction okay? I have a crush on him and its not like... I like the physique of his body or anything like that..!!"

The eight mares could not believe their ears on what they were hearing as they stood there silent for about a minute but then they started chanting again. "Twilight has a crush! Twilight has a CRUSH!! TWILIGHT HAS A CRUSH...!!" The eight mares continue chanting and cheering on for Twilight who had an awkward smile on her face and a bright red blush on her cheeks. "Soo doo you love him Twilight? Do you? Do you? Do you? Huh? Huh? Huh?!"

"PINKIE...!!!!" Twilight screams in embarrassment while the eight mares continue their little chanting and cheering for their friend who was in love much to Twilight's surprise.

To be continued...

Tempest meets her match! The attack on Canterlot!

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At the City of Canterlot

Everypony was enjoying the party, games, music and food at the First Ever Annual Friendship Festival. The ponies were having a good time, even Beerus the God of Destruction had calmed down while he was lying down on his beach chair with a bathrobe on, a sunglasses over his head and enjoying a glass of orange juice with a bendy straw on his hand. Beerus the destroyer was about to take another nap when he zip past the crowd of ponies after smelling the delicious aroma of Tokoyaki Balls from Neighpon all the way from the other side of the street.

It had been a pretty nice day for him so far with his interactions with the popstar idol Songbird Serenade but she had to excuse herself for a while because she had to prepare the equipment at the stage needed for her concert. Everypony gathered in one place to await the entrance of the Princesses when all of a sudden, a black storm cloud appears in the sky over Canterlot.

Twilight gasps as she saw the sky darkening around her. "Storm clouds? I ordered perfect weather! Rainbow Dash?!"

"Uh... I... don't think those are storm clouds." Rainbow Dash says staggering as she was more afraid of how Beerus the Destroyer would react to the thick smog of darkness when she was clearly assigned to clear the weather for the festivities.

Beerus walks over to Twilight and the others who were gathered at the plaza. "Hey.. whats going on here Twilight..?! I thought you ponies were better than that! I was just relaxing myself and trying to have a good time when all of a sudden, I get no sunlight!! Whats with you ponies?! Even if i was to destroy something, I don't do it in darkness!!" Beerus exclaimed cupping his fists in a furious rage as a purple aura of God Ki sourrounds him scaring ponies around him as stallions and mares hold fillies and colts around them.

Pinkie Pie sat down beside Lord Beerus and Twilight tapping her chin with a forehoof completely curious. "Soo... How do you destroy entire worlds Lord Beerus sir?" "Do you really want to know..?" Beerus asks back with a low dark tone to his voice and a wicked grin on his face" "Oh yes most certainly sir!!" Replied Pinkie Pie with glee. "PINKIE!!!" Shouted the Mane 6 and Starlight protesting in anger.

Beerus unleashes his God Ki as purple aura as Beerus starts to levitate higher and higher into the sky as he surrounds his body with a sun-like energy sphere, then fires a purple energy wave from his palm aiming it at all the ponies below until....

"BEERUS STOP THIS INSANITY RIGHT NOW..!!!" Twilight ordered Beerus in her Royal Canterlot Voice as the crowd of ponies looked at her in shock. Beerus didn't even flinched but reluctantly disintegrate his sun like energy sphere by flicking a small hakai energy at it destroying it out of sight.

A large, ominous airship emerges from the clouds and lands on the festival grounds.

Everypony was shocked at the sight. Some were frozened with fear, others placed their young behind them, and other fainted at the sight.

"The evil gods? Looks like i have some cleaning up to do." Beerus exclaims with a dark tone and wicked grin on his face scaring the ponies who are already intimidated by him and confused on who they should be more afraid of.

"Ooh! I bet those are the clowns I ordered!" ” Pinkie said optimistically until the ship landed and smashed party favor’s balloon stand. “Or definitely not the clowns I ordered.”

“That’s a blimp warship Pinkie Pie.” Beerus said annoyed. “And their are going to be more of them coming.”

Once the ship landed the hatch door opened pulling out a ramp and it squished the last balloon standing. Everyone gasped.

“Brian NOOOO!” shouted party favor.

A small hedgehog named Grubber comes out of the ship to announce his arrival on behalf of the Storm King. Grubber recomposes himself for a bit fixing his spines as he clears his throat and speaks into the Storm King megaphone that transformed from the small metal box he was carrying earlier. "Ponies of Equestria, we come on behalf of the fearsome, the powerful, the almighty... Storm King!"

"Pfftt... Amateurs..!!" Beerus scoffs mockingly. Grubber gets angry after hearing this offensive comment and snarls at the anthropomorphic purple feline. "You shut your damn mouth..!! You scrawny punk..!!!" "What did you just say..?!" Beerus says snarling back as he starts to stomp towards the airship where Grubber was, each of his heavy steps creating a huge crack underneath his feet.

Twilight quickly teleports in front of Beerus as she was putting her forehooves on his chest as Twilight gives the God of Destruction a pleading and sympathetic look that actually softened him up a bit. "BEERUS PLEASE...!! Please... Stop this... please...". "If you won't do it for everypony else, would you just do this for me...? Please...

"Alright fine... I'll stop this attack.. Just as long as nobody hurts you" Twilight smiles as she hugs Beerus who calmed down for now. "T.. Thank you L..Lord...I... I mean Beerus". Beerus shares a sympathetic look with Twilight as his heart starts pounding in a strange manner causing him to hug back with a genuine smile on his face.

"Awwww... They look soo sweet" Said a mare in the crowd which caused all of them to cheer loudly seeing the Princess of Friendship in love. "Hey...!! Hey..!! Hey...!! Stop that...!! Be scared you fools!!!" Witnessing the scene around them, the ponies start getting into a love hug frenzy, something you would see at a sleepover after a night of pillow fighting or watching a romantic movie and getting all mushy. "Hey... Hey...!! Hey!! Stop being so happy!!" Grubber tried to break them up but to no avail, The ponies are just ignoring him, up to the point where the hedgehog felt that he had enough. Grubber was so mad that he was going red all over his face and steam was coming out of his ears and nose as he puts a thermometer on his mouth causing the mercury to fill it up to the very brim and explode. "Hey! Hey...!! Hey!!! HEY!!! STOP GIGGLING!!!!" All of the ponies turn to him giving him a sly smile and smug grins on their faces.

Grubber recomposes himself as he pulls out his megaphone getting ready for another entrance. "And now, to deliver the evil, evil methage, put your hooveth together for..."

"Ooh, ooh, more guessing games!" Pinkie Pie lightheartedly surmised. "Um, Hokey Smokes! How about...Queen Meanie! No! Black Snooty, Black Snooty-"

An apple from Applejack quickly muffled any other answers from the pink mare.

"Ooh! Me next! I want a turn!" Minuette waved. "Midnight Sky? Blacken Cloudy? How about Duchess Darkness? Am I warm or-"

An apple fritter from Lemon Hearts shut this one up.

"Commander Tempeeeesst!" Grubber shouts his showdown entrance for Tempest on the Storm King Megaphone as out stepped a dark purple pony with and a red Mohawk mane and what would appear to be a broken horn.

"Yes.. Yes.. How scary! A dark purple unicorn with a broken horn and a chicken mane.. Ohh puh leaasee..!! You think you can intimidate someone like me..? " Beerus steps forward to where Tempest was stepping down from the dark airship spitting on the side which breaks a row of bottles on a shooting gallery stall much to the shock of the ponies around them as tensions rise between him and the princesses aside from the strange newcomer into the scene.

“Is that a unicorn?” Twilight asked.

“I think so but what happened to her horn?” Spike asked

Play for an authentic experience.

I knew i shouldn't have gotten out of bed today..! Diamond Tiara groans in frustration. I wonder what Silver Spoon is up to? Diamond Tiara wonders.

Meanwhile at Silver Spoon's Family Mansion

Silver Spoon was lying down on a beach chair in front of the family pool with hayburger, hay fries, hay dogs, waffles and a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice beside her while she was watching her favorite Power Ponies Cartoons. 'Would that be all Miss Silver Spoon?" Her young butler asks. He was a a teenage stallion with a white coat and a black mane styled in a pompadour with a spoon and fork for a cutie mark. "Oh yes of course! Oh and also take this bag of bits as a tip". The butler pony gladly recieve the bag of bits from Silver Spoon. "Oh and one more thing butler." 'Yes?" Her butler asks. "You can take the rest of the day off!" Silver Spoon says gladly as the Butler happily trots off outside the pool area thanking her to have plans in buying something for his marefriend.

Now back to the reality of the situation!

"Step aside Equines, This is my bidding, A business concerning the God of Destruction". "Hey!!" Princess Celestia shouts feeling disrespected as she gets shoved to the side by a great force from Beerus as the same with Princess Luna and Princess Cadence as they fell to the ground. Nevertheless they picked themselves up. "Please keep him from doing anything destructive!!" Princess Cadence whispers to Twilight who nod in return as the princesses trot over behind Beerus to face Tempest Shadow.

Lord Beerus the God of Destruction from Universe 7 of the outer dimension walks forward to meet this self proclaimed Storm King who refused to show up along with his minions the hedgehog and this dark purple unicorn mare with the broken horn who thinks she can scare and intimidate any of the ponies here which was supposed to be his job as a former destroyer. As he faces this supposedly weapon of a pony, there was a flashback unbeknownst to him was being played by Pinkie Pie in the projector which got everypony's attention including the princesses.

At the end of the short film flashback by Pinkie Pie, All of the ponies in Canterlot started to fear the terror that is Lord Beerus the Destroyer as fillies and colts start to tremble and hide behind their parents only to be hugged and comforted, hoping that this purple feline God of Destruction is on their side as a result of Twilight's friendship.

Princess Celestia trots forward to greet Tempest Shadow."Tempest" is it? How may we help you?"

“I’m so glad you asked.” Tempest said. “How about we start with your complete and total surrender?.”

Twilight soon went to the princesses hoping to talk to tempest. “Hi there, Princess of Friendship. Not exactly sure what’s going on, but I know we can talk things ou....” Beerus the God of Destruction steps in cutting off Twilight as he puts an arm in her face much to her annoyance. "Shut up mere pony!! Who are you to give me orders?!!" Beerus snarled in anger making some ponies scared.

"Don't you realize the predicament that you mere feline and your low little pony friends got yourselves into?!' Tempest barked back. "A PURPLE KITTEN LIKE YOU IS GONNA BE SLAUGHTERED REALLY EASY!!!" Tempest snarled getting in Beerus face as her as lightning starts to ignite from her horn.

Oh, goody. All four Princesses. Here's the deal, ladies. I need your magic.

Give it up nicely, please,

or we make it difficult for everyone"

Beerus cuts off Tempest as he rushes off to the purple mohawk mare and punches her in the face sending the lieutenant of the Storm King tumbling hard down into the ground much to the shock of everypony. Tempest coughs up some blood as she glares at Beerus. "I... I... was... hoping... you... c...choose...difficul..." Beerus cuts her off as he keeps punching her in the barrel and in the face. "SHUT UP...!!! YOU DONT KNOW, YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW ME!!!" Beerus takes flight into the air grabbing her at jet speeds and throws her to the ground and proceeds to slamming her face repeatedly in the concrete for a dozen more times."

"SHUT UP!!! I KNOW WHAT YOUR TRYING TO DO!!! YOU WANT TO TAKEOVER THIS CITY OF EQUINES CANTERLOT HUH?!!!" Beerus keep slamming Tempest's head in the ground with his left arm while he keeps punching Tempest on the face over and over again into the concrete until the crater on the pavement keeps getting deeper and larger much to the shock of the horrified ponies as some of the adults tried to hide the fillies and colts behind their flanks at the sight of such violence as to what a God of Destruction is capable of. Even Fluttershy starts to feel pity for the purple mare as she starts to sob as Rarity hugs her trying to comfort the butter yellow pegasus.

"WELL FIRST OF ALL YOUR GONNA HAVE TO GO THROUGH ME!!! GOT IT...???!!! Got it...??!!! got it...??!!!" Beerus shouts as his words echoed to everypony present in the city centre. All of the ponies and even all the storm guards were paralyzed in shock for a moment at the horrendous amount of blood spilled on the city concrete.

"How the mighty have fallen..." Beerus says as he grabs Tempest in the neck and looks into her half lidded eyes. "Beerus you don't have too..." Princess Twilight was about to intervene when Beerus cuts her off with a hard in her face. "SHE'S THE EVIL MARE RIGHT?! SHES THE VILLAIN!! THE EVIL EQUINE WHO WANTS TO TAKE OVER CANTERLOT!!!"

"Thats an evil look in your eyes i see... How terrifying..." Beerus scoffs dryly in a mocking manner as he slams Tempest Shadow into the other side of the road as he kicks her in the Barrel and stomps at her hind legs, putting extreme pressure not protected by her armor as she screams loudly in pain. "HOW COME!!!! WHERE ARE YOU NOW??!!! COME UP HERE AND FIGHT ME!!!!". "WHO DO YOU THINK YOUR SPEAKING TOO??!!!" Beerus starts punching her rapidly in the stomach like a gatling gun with his fists infused with purple God Ki aura. "WHO..??!!!" "WHO...??!!!" "WHO???!!!!" Beerus screams in her loudly, his voice echoing in her head with a purpose to deafen and finishes her off with a kick to her gut with just enough consciousness to call out for help .

Beerus the Destroyer stands tall, all high and mighty before his defeated foe, Tempest Shadow as well as all the ponies around him with a speech of his own "Hahahahaha! The beginning is upon us! I suggest you prepare! Were setting off in a new era where the true fighters will survive! The weak should run while they still can or be swept away by the tides of time! As we roll back to reveal a new era of champions! BWUHAHAHAHAHA!!!"

"Tempest!! hang on!!" Grubber runs over to his lieutenant to see how she was doing in her obvious bad condition. "I... I... n... need... Energy Enhancers.." Tempest was struggling for breath when Grubber goes beside Tempest and gives her an Energy Echancer which are magical strengthening gumballs which restores any pony to full health and gaining more physical power, speed power and magical power when eaten, a must in the Storm King's Army but eating too much can tear the body apart as it must only be used in emergency situations. "It looks like we have to use... that THING after all.. Tempest exclaims". "I guess that purple feline is a lot more powerful than i thought... If i run into them again with that purple pony princess... They're dead..!!! DEAD!!!!" Tempest stomps her hoof down on the concrete floor hard, creating a large crack in it.

Beerus was on his way to the Canterlot Gardens for some well deserved R and R when Twilight suddenly teleports in front of him. "Hold on mister! What do you think your doing?" Twilight accuses him angrily. "Well i just saved your behind thank you very much!" "By the way YOU'RE WELCOME!!!" Beerus sarcastically snaps back growling in Twilight's face.

"All you have to do is subdue her long enough for us to interrogate her on what her motives are! You don't have to shed so much blood in front of these ponies!!" Twilight answers back trying to convince him that this is an unnecessary action. "What?! Do you want to be her next victim?!" "Well im sorry Twilight Sparkle! Im a destroyer..!! Its kind of what i do okay?!" "I have been living for millions and millions of years and my specific job was to destroy planets in my old world to keep the balance between the universe!! Do you understand me..?! I mean... Gaahhhh!!" Beerus slams a tree in frustration, knocking the entire thing down in one chop and throws a stone into the ground, disintegrating it instantly.

"Because you could have hurt somepony..." Twilight puts his forehooves on Beerus shoulders and looks at the purple feline god with pleading look in her eyes and gives him a warm comforting hug. "Please just promise me that you won't make any more violent actions against other ponies okay..?" You are living a new life here in Equestria and i just want you to be yourself.. Please be your true self Beerus.. I know for a fact that you have a heart, Thats why i know that your capable of love and caring for somepony...". "Please be the pony.. er creature that you truly want to be, not just the creature who is bounded by rules of what he is supposed to do in the old world..Beerus you have a heart that is capable of doing the right thing so please.. Do what is right okay?"

Twilight hugs Beerus tightly with tears forming in her eyes that made Beerus felt a little bit sorry as Beerus slowly lets her go and wipes the tears in her eyes with a handkerchief. "Just please... Think about what other ponies will say.. Think about what Spike.. Your best friend will say and..." Twilight was about to get sentimental again before Beerus cuts her off midsentence. "Yes... Yes... Friendship and flowers and bunnies and all of that mushy sappy stuff... I get it..!!" Beerus sighs in irritation which made Twilight giggle, seeing his funny expressions on that despite being a powerful and terrifying figure.

Back at the City of Canterlot

"And why should we cower before you?" Luna said bravely. "There's one of you and hundreds of us."

Suddenly more airships came out from the smog carrying a lot of Storm Guards of the Storm King. Everyone was shocked.

"Its a raid!! Its an all out raid!! DUCK AND OVER PEOPLE!! ON TO BATTLESTATIONS!!!" Grubber shouts the commands over his Storm King megaphone.

“MAN YOUR STATIONS RED ALERT RED ALERT!!! “TAKE COVER!” Grubber says as he orders the Storm Guards to hold every position and capture everypony in sight.

Soon, Tempest leaped in the air and kicked an orb straight at the princesses. Cadence put up a shield to try and stop the orb but it broke through and began freezing her in obsidian.

“What’s going on here!?” Beerus asks quite shocked what happened when a Energy Weakening Bracelet was cuffed into his leg, completely weakening the purple feline destroyer god in the process. "This one's on you Twilight!! Go and save all your pony friends..!! A..and don't forget to set me free!!" Twilight was about to question this decision when Beerus throws her in the direction where her friends were completely trusting this situation on her.

Twilight gasped seeing what happened.

“Cadence!” Celestia said.

“I can’t stop it!” Cadence said as she was completely frozen in obsidian.

Tempest dashed towards them.

“Luna quick, go south beyond the badlands. Celestia quickly instructed her sister. “Seek help from the queen of the hippo- arrrgh” Before she could finished, another obsidian orb hit her and froze her as well. Luna gasped and tried to fly away but she was also hit by and orb that freezed her as well. she almost fell but twilight caught her in time.

“URRRGH, Luna!” Twilight said in distress.

Soon Tempest launched another orb at Twilight.

“Twilight!” shouted somepony who pushed Twilight out of the way. But Tempest believed she got her.

“Easy as pie.” Tempest gloated.

“Ohhh I love pie.” The hedgehog said. “Ohh you totally got the last Princess Tempest.”

But It was revealed to be Derpy who saved twilight.

“That’s not the princess.” Tempest said in a fiery rage. “Grubber, GET HER NOW!.

Grubber ran to tell the others of the orders as Tempest crushed a crown under hoof.

“Over here ya'll” Applejack shouted to the others.

"Wait everypony! Girls take us with you!!" Starlight Glimmer said as he tried her hardest to buck down a Storm Guard who was out to get her. "Yes! Yes..!! Please..!! Trixie doesn't in any way want to be here right now more than you do!!" Trixie makes a run for it with Starlight as she throws a few smoke bombs on the Storm Guards to distract them from the sidelines and buck them down.

"Twilight the key..! The key!! Get it now to unlocked these Energy Weakening Bracelets..!! Go! Go!! GO!!! COME ON!!!" Beerus exclaims as he points to a Storm Guard near him with a key hanging by his torso. "Twilight gives Starlight and Trixie a serious nod as they work together to distract the lone Storm Guard using smoke bombs from Trixie and a game of Tag from Starlight as they both buck him down really hard on the the balls while he was lost and distracted in the smoke making the Storm Guard fell down unconscious while holding down unto his family jewels.

"Thanks Starlight! I guess all those time learning to Applebuck on AJ's farm really paid off" Trixie says being grateful to her Best Friend as they finally free Beerus from his Energy Weakening Bracelets with the key that they stole from the unconscious Storm Guard. "Awww shucks, You know i would do anything for my friendship with you". Trixie holds unto the Magic Weakening Bracelet and the key as she hides it under her hat. Starlight and Trixie nuzzle each other for the moment before two Storm Guards are heading down with their weapons towards Starlight and Trixie before each of them get knocked out by the two unicorn mares from being bucked down hard in the balls screaming in pain.

Lord Beerus, Trixie and Starlight soon caught up with Starlight screaming her head off and Trixie mocking the Storm Guards.

“HA HA, try and catch us now you stupid- huh?” she said before he notice a bunch of them. “AHHHH!!!”

“Run faster Trixie.” Starlight told her. Soon the ten of them were running from the Storm King's army. They got to the bridge before being cut off. Starlight and Trixie screamed and Twilight tried to use her magic but it was deflected and broke the bridge causing them to fall in the water and fall off a waterfall. Canterlot was conquered by the army of the Storm King. Grubber and a couple of Storm Guards looked over the side of the waterfall.

“Which one of you guys is going down their?” Grubber asked.

“*Grunt*” said one of the guards.

Grubber sighed. “I would but I just had a big meal and I will but i would have side cramps.”

“*Grunt*” Said the other soldier.

“I’m very big boned.”


“ I will sink quick.”

They soon left to give Tempest the bad news.

To be continued...

Travelling through the Harsh... Lands...

View Online

At the Canterlot River Side

At the bottom of the waterfall, The Mane 6, Spike, Starlight, Trixie, and Beerus had just escaped the Storm King's Army, but Canterlot was conquered by the Storm King’s forces and all of their friends had been captured by them. Applejack got her hat out of the river from when it fell off during their escape when they fell in the river.

“Everypony ok?” Applejack asked.

“ I think my bottoms on backward.” Rarity said.

"I... I've drank too much... w... water..!!" Starlight hits her chest with her left forehoof to spit out water on the river side while Fluttershy helps her out by giving her a comforting back rub. "Thanks for that Fluttershy" Starlight gives her a small smile. "Oh no problem! I do this for Harry as a medical procedure like that one time when he choked on a fishbone!". "Anyway thank you again... I owe you my life Fluttershy...". "Oh no problem at a..." Fluttershy was cut off as a teary eyed Starlight gives her a warm embrace as Fluttershy hugs her back.

"I think i shattered my abacus!!" Trixie exclaims loudly catching the attention of everyone else who gave her a confused look whilst Pinkie Pie had a grin and Beerus who was somehow amused and popping a few blueberries into his mouth which he found on the bushes.

"Your what?" Starlight asks. "My abacus." Answers Trixie as she takes out the abacus from her hat and starts sliding the beads back and forth with a smile of relief to her best friend like someone who had just had cigarette break. "Nope. Seems okay..."

"Oh you have an abacus too?" Asks Pinkie Pie who pulls out her abacus from her mane and starts sliding the beads on the mathematical device back and forth. "Why yes! Yes... I do! In fact Trixie... WOAH...!!! SWEET CELESTIA!!!!" Trixie was cut off as she looks at Pinkie's abacus as her eyes were literally the size of dinner plates and her jaw drops to the ground. "Pinkie Pie your abacus is made from oak wood! Trixie recognizes it!! Its one of the rarest pieces of antiques ever!!" "Why yes!" PInkie Pie smiles as Trixie recognizes one of the pieces to the antique collection. "I have the rare abacus which is made of Oak Wood while yours is made of Red Wood which is like the hardest type of wood in all of Equestria!"

"Do you have any more fun stuff down there?" Trixie gives Pinkie a sly smile as she starts ruffling through the pink pony's mane much to the surprised of Pinkie Pie. "Well... actually, there was a railroad convention in town last week, and I bought myself this nifty conductor's cap". Pinkie takes out the hat from her poofy pink mane and puts it on much to the surprise and amazement of everypony else but Twilight who were laughing, distracted by Pinkie and Trixie's antics.

"What else did you buy at this convention? Your very own locomotive?" Trixie put both her forehooves on her mouth trying to suppressed her laughter. "Pfffttt... bwu hahahahaha..!!! Ha!! Ha!! Ha!!! BWU HAHAHAHHAHA!!!" Trixie falls down to the ground laughing loudly as She flails around, hitting the ground with her forehooves as everypony else had their own share of laughs and giggles.

Pinkie Pie pulls up a toy train from her pink poofy mane with a wide smile on her face much to the astonishment of the other ponies and creatures in their search party.

"Ha! Ha! Ha! What the...?!!" Pinkie, now shrunk down to the train's size, climbs into the train, toots the horn and drives the train on a track going past Trixie, Starlight, Spike and the other ponies. It then goes into what appears to be a tunnel.

"Now then as i was saying..." Twilight was shocked that none of her friends were listening to her babble on and on about the current situation in Canterlot about the attack of the Storm King. "Girls...? Girls!!!.. PINKIE!!! TRIXIE!!! FOCUS!!!!"

Trixie who also shrunk down was about to hop a ride on Pinkie's Toy Train but then she met Twilight giving her a scolding look. "Hehe... Hehehehe..." Trixie gives Twilight a nervous smile as the purple alicorn princess turns back to explain their current situation. "Don't worry Trixie, We can always play later after all of this is over". "Really..?" Trixie asks as she gives the Pink Pony a hopeful look. "Of course Silly Billy! Its always more fun to share with a friend!" Pinkie assures her friend giving Trixie a warm hug as the magician pony hugs back with tears in her eyes in a heartfelt moment. "Thank you Pinkie Pie.. Trixie is grateful for the life she's given because of ponies like you"

"You know we're all here for you Trixie" Trixie turns around as she felt a third pony hug which was her best friend Starlight Glimmer and Beerus the God of Destruction who somehow started warming up to her and wearing Trixie's hat with a knowing smile.

"Now where were we again..?" Twilight asks as Pinkie Pie taps her chin a few times as a smaller Pinkie Pie was seen inside her head ringing a large bell. "Ohh... Okay... Now i remember..."

"We just got our cupcakes handed to us by the worst party crasher ever!!" Pinkie said in distress.

“We got to go back their and fight!” Rainbow Dash said.

"Well, you saw the size of those goons!!" Spike protested. "You seriously wanna go back?!"

"Beerus has been humiliated..." Beerus grumbled under his breathe as he throws a stone into the river at high speeds creating a huge splash but not drenching the ponies judging by the distance of the shot. "Beerus...? Did you say something buddy..?" Spike gets concerned for his best friend as he taps his shoulder but there was no sign that the God of Destruction Beerus was calming down anytime soon.

"I said that Beerus... HAS BEEN HUMILIATED...!!! FOR....!!!! THE... LAST...!!!! TIME...!!!" 'WON'T YOU DIE NOW..!!! WONT...!!! YOU...!!! DIE...!!! NOW...!!!!" Huff... Huff... Puff... Puff.... Beerus punches a tree, knocking it down and creating ground fissures as he slams the tree over and over again before throwing the rooted wood far off until it was a mere shooting star in the sky much to the shock of the scared ponies around him as Fluttershy was seen sobbing on the ground being comforted by Rarity.

Rarity gets brave and tries to calm down Beerus as to try and face him. "Beerus Darling please calm down, Your scaring our Dear Fluttershy here". Fluttershy was literally sitting down on her hooves and hiding behind her mane, She had never been this scared before, except for the time she faced Nightmare Moon or that time confronted a snoring dragon.

"Beerus... Please... Let's not get things too violent here..." Twilight tries to defuse the situation as she puts a foreleg on Beerus torso but it seems like this isn't cooling down anytime soon. "I will give that coward Storm King as well as his pathetic troops a war Twilight... I will give them A WAR THEY DO NOT WANT...!!" "B..But.. Lord Beerus..."

Beerus slaps away Twilight's forehoof on him as he turns to face her with a look of pure anger and hatred in his eyes that speaks murder. "WHAT...?!! DO YOU WANT TO BE HER NEXT VICTIM..?!!" "No... B..But i... i.." Twilight stutters "YOU WANNA DIE HUH..???!!! YOU WANNA DIE...??!!!" Beerus punches the ground using his right fist with all of his force that it creates a large crater in the land, the shock waves knocking the ponies down on their hooves as the after shock was felt even as far back as the Canterlot Castle. "WELL...??!! WHAT DO YOU WANT HUH..??!!!" Twilight looks into the eyes of the true personality of Lord Beerus bearing the eyes of pure anger and hatred, like a murderer with insane bloodlust for his enemy.

Lord Beerus runs off to a nearby massive boulder as he tries to carry it on his shoulders as his entire body gets surrounded by the energy of destruction and throws it with all of his strength at the direction of Canterlot City just up above the ranges of the waterfalls. "ggyyaa..GYAAAAHHHH..!!!! "TEMPEST..!!!! TRY BLOCKING THIS ONE..!!!!" Twilight, Pinkie Pie, AppleJack, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Fluttershy, Trixie and Starlight just stood in their places as their eyes grew wide, not being able to comprehend what they just witnessed from a power of a God.

Twilight turns away from him for a second as the other ponies huddling together just stood there trembling on their pony legs, too shocked and scared to intervene on the current situation.

"Look... Im sorry okay...?" Lord Beerus looks away from Twilight as he sits on a lone rock by the river. "I don't know how it works with you ponies around here but im on a lot of pressure right now..!!" "Im stucked here in this lone dimension of Equines, sent for an Honorable exile by the supposed to be Ruler of Everything thinking that this is the perfect world for me to settle down with no problems to bother me with but then some pest always has to ruin it!!". "Don't you all understand my situation?!!, I cannot destroy this universe completely for the sake of survival and asking the question, Where would i go? What would i do?! Where will i stay if i am stuck here and there is nothing left at all?! Don't you see my predicament?! DON'T YOU UNDERSTAND HUH?!! WHAT I'M REALLY GOING THROUGH?!!! "I'M STANDING HERE STUCKED WITH NEW PROBLEMS LIKE A LEGLESS CRIPPLE ANO NO ONE GIVES A FLYING FEATHER ABOUT IT!!! DO YOU SEE YOURSELF THROUGH ME NOW HUH?!!!"

"Lord Beerus... Im so sorry... I didn't know that this was all really hard for you to take in... Im sorry that we could not give you the best stay for your honorable retirement... I can't imagine living for millions of years and tasked with keeping the balance of the universe by destroying entire worlds... I..." Twilight was about to go on a monologue about the entirety of the situation to Lord Beerus but the purple feline cut her off. "Please shut up Princess... I don't need your pity right now".

"Then at least please let me do this". Twilight without another word starts trotting over to Lord Beerus to give him a comforting hug as she starts tearing up trying to comprehend what he must have been through all his life. "Im sorry that this happened to you Lord Beerus.. Being away from someone you love and care about.. and... being forced to do what the superior beings order you to do... instead of being your true self... By your heart...After all of these years...". "Sparkle..?" "Yes Lord Beerus...? What is it...?". Beerus wraps his arms around Twilight's Barrel with his head hung low as shadows cover his eyes. "Just call me Beerus... Okay...?" "Yes Beerus..." Twilight gives the purple feline one more smile even though tears could be seen flowing from her eyes as she hugs the purple anthropomorphic feline once more.

Soon after Lord Beerus felt more envelope him in a group hug starting with his Best Friend Spike as well as Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Rarity, Starlight Glimmer, Trixie and even Pinkie Pie who suddenly turned all Pinkamena with her Poofy Mane flattened and straightened out. Lord Beerus felt alot better with this change of world view about the supposed power of Friendship he felt he had experienced for the first time and it felt really good...Deep inside his beating heart.

The ponies, the dragon and the purple feline shared a heartfelt moment for what seemed like 5 minutes... before the talks had begun to plan and strategize on what do to.

"So now what?" Applejack asked. "We can't hide here forever. And let's be honest, we can't go back. Look at what they did to the Princesses. We gotta keep them from Twilight."

“Well as Trixie would say it, we’re doomed.” Starlight spoke up.

"Hey don't sell yourself short, You and i both know that you two are more than capable of defending yourselves". Beerus walks over to Starlight and Trixie caressing their manes like a playful cat would in a normal manner. "Besides you two ponies are the one who saved my tail back there at Canterlot". Beerus to give Starlight and Trixie back relaxing massages with his hands which Twilight did not appreciate apart from the pep talk that the purple feline did to the two mares.

"Jeaaloouuss..??" Pinkie Pie asked as she keeps nudging Twilight in the shoulder who was blushing madly trying to look away from the funny scene in front of her. "I bet she's jealous because Trixie and Starlight are the ones who get to grab their hooves this time on those Godlike bodybuild and biceps.

"No i'm not! Hahahaha!!" Twilight pouts as she gives them a fake laugh while trying to look at the scenery in front of her as Starlight was sitting Beerus left lap trying to feed him Strawberry Jelly Rolls while Trixie was sitting on Beerus right lap and feeding him her favorite Peanut Butter Crackers. While Twilight might deny about her new crush on this God like figure Lord Beerus, Her friends can see through it all especially Applejack.

Meanwhile while the others were talking, Twilight was thinking of what to do when she remembered what Princess Celestia told Princess Luna.


“The Queen.” Twilight said remembering.

“Yeah the Queen!!.” Pinkie said bouncing but soon realized she had no idea what that meant. “Uhhhh what Queen?” she asked.

“Celestia told Luna to find the Queen of the....hippos.” Twilight explained. “Luna can’t, so I have to.”

"Uh, hippos? Seriously?" Rainbow asked.

“I heard they’re surprisingly graceful for their size.”Pinkie said. “But their always hungry.”

“Hungry?” Spike said.

“Hippos?” Applejack said.

Rarity and Fluttershy just looked at each other confused while Starlight scratched her head. "Isn't that the new package that was released at the Ponyville Toy Store last week?" Starlight asks as Pinkie caught on to what she was saying and trotting over to Trixie. "Well if you must know i just happen to have...." Trixie was about the pull out another toy from under her hat when Twilight suddenly cut her off as she puts a hoof into the blue unicorn's mouth. "At! Tat! Tat! Tat! TAT!! TAT!! No more distractions okay Girls? Trixie can this wait until after we save Equestria?". Trixie muffled an okay as she nods her head "Mhmmm!" as Twilight sighs in relief.

“Their somewhere south, pass the Badlands.”Twilight said.

"That means we'll have to... leave Equestria. Oh!.” Fluttershy said nervously.

"Oh you don't have to worry about that, We'll be here to protect you Fluttershy, We're your friends and we would never leave you behind" Starlight said as she caress Fluttershy's Mane gently. "Okay, Thank you so much Starlight". Fluttershy smiles confident that she is safe with Starlight and her friends by her side doing this.

"And besides we have the Former All Powerful God of Destruction Beerus the Destroyer of the 7th Universe of the Outer Dimension!". "Wow thats such a long title! I can't believe i've memorized that out loud!" Starlight said as she puts her right forehoof on her chin.

"Yeah and if anypony messes with us, He can just beat his flank or make him Kaboom!" Rainbow Dash says as she starts doing punches and kicks in the air. "Hiya! Hiyaa!! HIYAAA!!"

"Oh don't worry Fluttershy, if there is any creature here that messes with you, Well lets just say it won't end nicely for them" Beerus steps forward as he picks up a large stone, Beerus taps the stone igniting his God of Destruction energy, quickly dematerializing the stone into sand as Beerus has a brief flashback with his mentor Whis.


All of the ponies set their eyes on the amazing technique especially Spike who was clapping loudly. All except Twilight who didn't quite like Beerus methods of fighting which are unorthodox for her.

"You know, Beerus might be the most destructive creature that i have ever since but at least he's easier to handle than Discord! Well i mean.. Discord is the lord of chaos and he can bend reality and all that but i bet this guy can give his flank a good kicking and he wouldn't even know what hit him!". Rainbow Dash

"Well if that guy tries anything funny, We know who to call!" Trixie says with a smirk.

" Discord? Hmmm... I wonder what Discord is up to now" Fluttershy smiles wondering where he is and what he's up to.

Meanwhile at Discord's current whereabouts..

In a flash Discord teleports himself to The Crystal Empire to foalsit a certain young filly while her mother was away for the Friendship Festival in Canterlot. Discord snapped his claw once more, this time inside the palace, but once again not in his desired location. Instead he comes in contact with aquamarine blue eyes. The filly look like she wanted to scream at that moment, but Discord quickly silences her. “Calm down, it's just me Flurry Heart.

Flurry silently nodded and the draconequus unzipped her mouth.

“What are you doing here Discord?” Flurry Heart asks out of curiosity.

“Oh, I'm just here to foalsit you on the request of your father Shining Armor who is in the office right now while your mother is away.” Discord said.

“Oh, um okay while you are here would you like to play? I was currently having a tea party with my snail Wammy, but I wasn't aware of another guest coming.” Flurry gave Discord a toothy grin.

Discord tried not to gag at how girly it seemed, but then again he didn't really want to break the young filly’s heart. “Hmm fine, a quick mini tea party game then i have to prepare your food in the kitchen according to this schedule given to me by your father.

Discord snaps into a slick tuxedo, but Flurry insisted that he wears a light yellow tutu with a silver princess tiara. “I really hope nopony sees me like this.” Discord chuckles, pouring himself some tea.

Now back to the reality of the situation with our heroes!

“I’m not even packed.” Rarity said in a panic.

"Oh don't worry about it! Trixie has you covered! "But what about..." Rarity was about to question further when Trixie shoves a peanut butter cracker in her mouth which got her munching in delight. "Mmmhmm.. Mmhhmmm... My goodness! That tastes heavenly Darling!". "Trixie told you she has great tastes!" Trixie smiles offering Rarity one of her signature Handkerchiefs with Trixie's face on it labeled T.G.A.P.T.

"And i got this for you Rarity!" Spike walks over to Rarity giving her a water canteen full of cool fresh water. "Why thank you Spikey Wikey!" Rarity smiles as she gives Spike a peck on the cheek which makes him blush all over. "Hehehe! No problem Rarity!"

“I understand your scared,-” Twilight said. “-and no one else has to go, but I have to find this queen. She might be our only hope.” She then started to walk off.

“Twilight, If we have to journey beyond our home to save it, then I’m with you.” Starlight said with courage in her voice trotting over to Twilight and standing by her side.

“If my Best Friend Starlight's going, I’m going to.” Trixie said confidently trotting over to Starlight.

"Well, you're not getting all the glory. We're in this together". Rainbow said.

"We got your back". Applejack said.

"Indeedy!" Pinkie said.

"I am ready to save Equestria!" Rarity joined in.

“Yay.” Fluttershy spoke softly.

“We’re all behind you Twilight.” Spike said.

Everyone then looked at Beerus."What are you all looking at me for? Of course im going you little horses!!" Beerus says a little bit annoyed since he's way out of his comfort zone now."ITS PONIES..!!!" Everypony but Spike corrected him. "Whatever..." Beerus shrugged and levitates using his Ki Flight Technique hovering in front of the other ponies just beside Twilight.

“Let’s go find this hippo.” Pinkie said bouncing off.”

Uhhhhhh, south? Spike ask.

Pinkie went on the right direction and everyone went off to start their long journey ahead of them.

"Hehe! Whee!" Pinkie Pie giggles as she bounces on the dirt road. "Whee! Boingy-boingy-boingy-boingy-boingy! Anypony up for a game of "I Spy"?

"Uugghhhhh.... PINKIE..!!!" Almost everypony groaned as only Starlight and Trixie agreed to it.

“I spy with my little eye something orange.” she said.

“Is it a Cheddar Cheese Hay Burger? Starlight asked.

“Nope.” Pinkie responded.

“A Tangerine?” Trixie asked.

“Nope.” Pinkie said.

“Nachos?” Starlight asked again.

“Nope.” Pinkie said.

“Give up?” Pinkie asked.

Starlight and Trixie nodded.

“It’s you Applejack!!.” Pinkie giggled.

The three then laughed about it.

To be continued...

Canterlot Falls and Tempest's Legions enter the City of Light! Through the Desert of Death to Klugetown!

View Online

At the City of Canterlot

Meanwhile, back in Canterlot, most of the ponies have been captured and put in chains while there were ones that were bound in ropes as they were forced to mine rocks and move huge stone blocks for them with a crack of a whip as well as build statues and other structures for the Storm King to fulfill his lust for power.

At the North Side

A random pony stallion was struggling to carry a large sack of cement on his back as he stumbles down and a Storm Guard whips his back as the pony scream in pain.

"Get up old man!! PUT YOUR BACK INTO IT!!" The Storm Guard pushes Randolph who is Diamond Tiara's butler up the scaffolding for the Storm King's Statue that was being constructed. Randolph was carrying a hollow block on his back the best way he can with the strength he has as the Storm Guard threatens to whip him. "FASTER!!! FASTER!!!"

Dr. Whooves was being walked by two Storm Guards to his designated location bound in ropes when he heard a cry of pain from an elderly stallion. "Ahhh!! Uhh... Ahhh!!!" Randolph screams as the elderly butler gets pinned down into the ground by the Storm Guard as he receives the pain from the crack of whip over and over again from the Storm Guard. "I said hurry!!!" The Storm Guard gives Randolph a glare before threatening to send pain into the old pony through the crack of a whip. "Stop it..!! Please! Somepony stop this!!" Berry Punch cried out but Amethyst Star tried to stop her from drawing more attention to the Storm Guards as they were assigned to give liquor like hard apple cider and wine to the Storm Guards. "Berry Punch!! Will you please..!!!" Amethyst Star yells as she grabs her friend putting both of her forehooves in her face before looking at her with a dejected look. "There's nothing we can do..."

"Ahhh!! Uhh... Ahhh!!!" Randolph screams as the elderly butler gets tortured from the repeated crack of whips by the Storm Guard as Dr. Whooves is having non of this any longer as he bucks down the two Storm Guards walking him by the rope and punches the other two Storm Guards in front of him knocking them to the ground before biting off his ropes and galloping forward to where Randolph was getting more and more beaten.

"Ahhh!! AHHH!!! AHHHH!!!" Everypony just closed their eyes and trembling in fear as the screams of the elderly stallion echoed in their ears, scared that they might be next if they don't work faster.

"Stop..! Stop it..!! Leave that pony alone!!!" Dr. Whooves quickly gallops up the scaffolding for the Storm King's Statue and strikes the Storm Guard at the back with a swift kick sending him down into the ground killing him.

A group of ponies gathered around the dead body of the Storm Guard as one of the troops pushes past through them. "Out of my way! Out of my way! Move..!!!" "Who... Did this..?!" The Storm Guard asked as he gives the group of ponies a glare terrifying most of them. "Up there! Up there! Its him!!" One of the Storm Guards pointed out pointed out as Dr. Whooves makes a run for it.

Dr. Whooves gallops down from the scaffolding of the Storm King Statue being constructed as he throws down every Storm Guard right in front of him, punching them in the face or bucking them in the stomach. Dr. Whooves was almost out of the city when a Storm Guard strikes him with a lightning spear rendering him unconscious.

Everypony in the crowd gasps as Dr. Whooves gets taken away by four Storm Guards who decided to step in as the brown coated stallion was thrown into the electric cage.

At the South Side

The ponies stepped off to the side in fear as a large orange stallion with a messy scarlet red mane and a cowboy hat for a cutie mark was panting heavily as he walks by with a large collar on his neck. The stallion bumped into Carrot Top who fell to the ground in front of him. "O..Oh..!! I.. Im so sorry..!! W..Wait..!! What are you..?!" Carrot Top was cut off as she gets picked up by the stallion on the neck much to the surprised of everypony who gasped.

"No...!! I didn't mean to... Stop..!! Stop it please..!!" Carrot Top was struggling by the stallion's grip on her neck trying to squirm through and get out.

"You better help me!" The stallion looks into her eyes pleading for life."Huh?" Carrot Top looks into the stallion's eyes as he suddenly gives her a fearful and begging look for mercy.

"Im begging you! Get it off..!!! Get this thing off me..!!!" Carrot Top gives him a confused look as the orange coated stallion grabs hold of his collar, trying to get it off.

"I... I just want to leave..!! I... I JUST WANT TO GO BACK HOME..!!!" The Stallion screams loudly scaring everypony else around him.

"ANYPONY PLEASE..!!! JUST... JUST GET ME OUT OF THIS DAMNED THING..!!!" Carrot Top tries to get away from the Stallion's tight grip on her neck but to no avail. "BRING ME SOMETHING!! SOMEPONY BRING ME A DAMN TOOL..!!" Everypony gasped in shock not knowing what to do but be frozen in place out of fear. "AN AXE..!! A SAW..!! SOMETHING TO GET THIS THING OFF ME..!!!"

"ALL I WANT.. IS TO GO BACK HOME..!!! PLEASE..!! I DON'T WANT TO HURT ANYPONY..!!!" Carrot Top starts crying as she tries to free herself from the grip of the captured stallion as she looks at him in the eye "Please sir.. Let go... Don't kill me..." The stallion looks at her one more time before she throws her into the ground with a yelp. "I GIVE UP! I DON'T WANT TO GO A ADVENTURE ANYMORE..!!!". "PLEASE..!!! I'VE GOT A WIFE AND KID BACK HOME!!! I'M BEGGING YOU HERE..!!!". "MY LITTLE COLT.. I LEFT WHEN HE WAS JUST A FOAL HE DOESN'T EVEN KNOW WHAT I LOOK LIKE..!!". "HELP ME!!! PLEASE!!!" The large stallion throws himself down on the ground kneeling and begging for everypony's help with tears streaming down his face.

The ponies felt deep sympathy for the enslaved stallion but they could do nothing but start backing off concerned as more Storm Guards move in to neutralize the situation "I WANT TO GO HOME..!!! THAT'S ALL THAT MATTERS NOW..!!! I WON'T HURT YOU..!!!" The enslaved stallion keeps trying to get the collar off as it starts ticking like a time bomb "This Collar!! If... I can only... Get this thing off my neck..!!! STOP IT PLEASE..!!! STOP TICKING!!!!" "DAMN IT..!!! DAMN IT!!! GET IT OFF..!!! GET IT OFF ME!!!" The Slave Stallion starts running off out of Canterlot but the Slave Collar on his neck explodes sending shrapnel everywhere much to the shock of the other enslaved ponies around them as four Storm Guards arrived as they approach the runaway slave and electrocute him using their Lightning Spears before throwing him into a separate Electric Cage.

The enslaved stallion with the collar on his neck inside the electric cage looks at the other enslaved ponies out breathing heavily in pain from his wounds. "Please... Help me... Just let me go home to my family... I... I don't want to be an adventurer anymore..."

At the East Side

One of the Storm Guards pounces into the air and pins down Bon-Bon Aka: Sweetie Drops on the ground as another Storm Guard points a Lightning Spear at her. "N..No... Please...Somepony... Anypony out there..!! Please save me..!"

"YES!! YES!! YES!! GIVE ME!! GIVE ME!! GIVE HER TO ME NOW!!" The Storm Guard cheers before he slowly walk towards Bon Bon laughing maniacally. "Re hehehehe..!! Re HEHEHEHEHE!!! REHEHEHEHEHE!!!"

"Hey!! What do you think your doing to my Best Friend you Jerks!! You can't do that you BASTARDS!!!"

"I'd like to see you try pony!!" The Storm Guard picks up BonBon who was frozen in fear up to his face as Bon Bon pleads for her life. "W..Wait.. W... What are you doing?! W..Wait..!! Please..!! N..No!! I have a special somepo.." The Storm Guard puts his lips on Bon Bon's muzzle as he starts kissing her roughly with his claws on her cheeks by force as Bon Bon tries to pull away but to no avail. "The Storm Guard finally lets go of Bon Bon as she starts crying softly putting her hooves in her face as the other troops of the Storm King just laughed at her.

Lyra Heartstrings was struggling through the chains between her four hooves as she was walked by four Storm Guards doing the best she can to kick her hooves around trying to save her Bossom Buddy when one of the Storm Guards puts a mouth guard on her muzzle as she gives the Storm Guard a vicious death glare. "HEY SHUT UP PONY!!!" The Storm Guard who put a muzzle on her turns to face the Sea Green Unicorn and slaps Lyra hard on her flank where her Cutie Mark is as it starts turning red. "When i get out of here.. Your gonna pay for this! With your life!!!" Lyra says loudly in her thoughts as she gives the Storm Guard a Demonic Angry Glare.

One of the troops picks up BonBon holding her tightly as she tries to squirm and struggle, flailing her hooves around but to no avail. "Please let go of me!! Stop it!!" Bon Bon cries out. "Take her to the airship for me" The Storm Guard who kissed her commands to the other guards as they responded. "Yes sir!"

At the West Side

The Storm Guard executioner walks around the guillotine stand giving the signal to the other Storm Guard to Whip the gray earth pony mare who was known as "Octavia Melody". "When the Master gives you something, You take it! He gave you a name! Its a nice name! Its Basilisk! And its going to be yours till the day you die. Now i know you understand me, And i want to her it!!... AGAIN!!!" The Storm Guard slashes Octavia with the crack of the whip causing her to cry in pain.

The executioner of a Storm Guard walks over to Octavia leaning his face close to her "I want to hear you say your name. Your name is Basilisk. Whats your name?"

"Octavia.. My name is Octavia Melody you screw loose of an old fart, Or you can call me Tavi but scratch that, Your not worthy of calling me that you Perverted Furball!" Octavia gives him a smug look even in the face of danger as she spits in his face causing the Executioner to signal to the other Storm Guard to whip her three more times.

"Waaahh..!!.. AHHHH!!! AHHHH!!!" Octavia cries out with tears streaming down her eyes like a waterfall after the third time of getting whipped by a Storm Guard as she faces everypony on what seems to be a guillotine but after a while, she turns a brave face towards all of the Storm Guards around her and everypony else.

"Sweet Celestia i hope somepony out there saves us..!! They are gonna put her dead!! Please just say that name right now so they can stop!!" "Please Tavi im begging y.. AHHHH!!!" Vinyl Scratch gets shocked by the Lightning Spear holding by the Storm Guard standing who was grunting in annoyance getting really ticked off of how loud this pony is.

"WHAT'S YOUR NAME..?! ITS BASILISK!!" "SAY IT!!!" "BASILISK!!!" "WHO ARE YA?! SAY YOUR NAME!!!" The Executioner gives another signal to the Storm Guard by the Guillotine and slashes her with the crack of a whip causing Octavia to scream out cries of pain that can be heard from all over the streets of Canterlot as her tears stream down from her bloodshot eyes and into the concrete floor of the streets.

"So whats your name?" The Storm Guard asks the grey mare on the Guillotine Stand as she can't stop crying from all the pain thats irritating and getting a sting on her back. "B..Basilisk.." Octavia answered while struggling to choke between tears.

"Aye... Say it... SAY IT AGAIN SO THAT THEY OLE CAN HEAR YA!!! WHAT'S YOUR NAME??!!" The Executioner snaps as he faces Octavia glaring at her as he points a Lightning Spear to her face igniting with blue lightning.

"B..Basilisk... My name is Basilisk.." Octavia faces against her tormentor with bloodshot eyes from all the crying after he gaver her this name that tarnished her or even anypony for that matter.

"Aye... Now thats a good pony mare" The executioner exclaimed after caressing Octavia's cheeks as he turns to the other Storm Guards. Now take her down and put her in the airship!"

Inside the Canterlot Castle

Inside one of the cells of the Canterlot Dungeons Lieutenant Tempest Shadow was doing push ups with every count eating a Energy Enhancer Gumball until she hoped to achieve this body of a god fit for combat needed to defeat this purple feline called Beerus the Destroyer but that was an afterthought for her, She thought that Twilight and her friends as well as that purple feline called Beerus were dead for they would not be able to survive that fall from the bridge earlier or in the earlier battle they had.

Tempest Shadow starts doing sit ups and pull ups from the upper bars of the prison cage with one hoof before proceeding to do push ups on the floor with one hoof while eating another Energy Enhancer Gumball steroids to strengthen her body once more.

As Tempest was about to finish her workout by having an energy drink that she snatched from the Castle's Royal Kitchen, Her assistant Grubber walks into the dark prison chambers of the Canterlot Dungeons where Tempest doing her rough and rigorous daily workout and training exercises. "Ehemm..!!" Grubber holds a Storm King's Handbook as he informs Tempest of the meeting. "Commander Tempest, Its Time". "Yes Grubber I'll be there!"

As Tempest walks out of the Canterlot Castle and inside a Royal Carriage, She rides off into the City Hall where she gets greeted by a Battalion of Storm Guards playing Military Marches with the instruments they acquired from the captured ponies earlier.

The Battalion of Storm Guards are holding up their Anti Magic Shields and their Lightning Spears for Commander Tempest with their usual stoic postures as well as flags of Storm King's face and the Storm Kingdom as even Grubber gets honored as one of the Storm Guards put a suit jacket on the assistant hedgehog with gold epaulettes on the shoulder sleeves flowing in the wind as the lone Storm Guard receives a salute from Grubber.

At the Canterlot City Hall

At the Canterlot City Hall, Commander Tempest is celebrating one of the National Holidays which the Storm King declared which is the Anniversary of his conquest of the Kingdom of Abyssinia.

"All hail Commander Tempest!! ALL HAIL OUR LEADER TEMPEST!! LONG LIVE COMMANDER TEMPEST!!! All hail Commander Tempest!! ALL HAIL OUR LEADER TEMPEST!! LONG LIVE COMMANDER TEMPEST!!! " All of the Storm Guards inside Canterlot City Hall rise up in a thunderous applause in honor of their leader serving the Storm King as Tempest steps up into the podium to calm them down by lowering her right hoof.

Tempest taps the microphone twice as she starts her speech"...and if some fool asks, If you have taken Equestria, why is there still fighting in the streets? I reply that it is not worth another world war. It is immaterial to me, whether it takes one, or two, or three months to smoke out the last of these rat's nests! Since we will be in Canterlot for a thousand thousand years!!!"

All of the Storm Guards present in the Canterlot City Hall once again rise up to give a thunderous applause and loud cheering that could be heard from outside the city streets. Grubber stands up at the side of the podium as he gives a military salute to Tempest Shadow and encouraging the rest of the Storm Guards to do the same with a loud voice. ""All hail Commander Tempest!! ALL HAIL OUR LEADER TEMPEST!! LONG LIVE COMMANDER TEMPEST!!! All hail Commander Tempest!! YEAAHHH!!!" Tempest salutes back to the ever loyal Storm Guards as the Storm Troops kept clapping loudly.

After the speech that Tempest made, all of the Storm Guards present in the Canterlot City Hall were talking to each as she starts to walk out of the building for some fresh air seeing that everyone was enslaved by the Storm King's Army. "All this power wasted on parties when there are far greater uses". She said. “When their are far greater uses.” She then heard a ringtone for a jar of liquid that acted like face time that Grubber brought in.

“YOU!” she shouted at Snips who was her prisoner.

“Waaah, what?” He asked in fear.

“Answer it.” she ordered.

"Hey come on!! You do this one!!" Snips urges Snails to come forward who begrudgingly follows her command. “Ummmm ok.” He said not knowing how to use it but he took it from Grubber and inspected it wondering how to activate it. “Ok how am I going to do this? Uhhhhhhhh.” He wondered until he found a cork, opened it and pored the liquid into the gauntlet it then erupted into a fiery blue flame with the Storm king trying to fix his.

“Where am I supposed to be looking? Oh come on, I never understood how these things worked.” He said. “TEMPEST!!”

Snips and Snails was disturbed by his appearance.

“Over here your Excellence.” Tempest said.

“Where?” He asked trying to find the part of the flame communicator where she was. Tempest, Snips and Snails directing him to find the spot till he found it. “Oh there you are. I see you got yourself some mediocre prisoner losers.”

“Mediorce?” asked Snips and Snails in unison.

"Oh. There you are. Here's the deal. I'm in the middle of a big re-brand here. "The Storm King" is tracking well as "intensely intimidating", but you know what? I need to back it up. You know what I need to back it up with? A storm! That would be great! You promised me magic that could control the elements, and right now, I'm holding a what? A branch. A twig. Bleh!

"Uh, that would be the Staff of Sacanas, Your Excellency, and it will... the magic of the four rulers of this land. You'll soon have the power of a hundred armies". Tempest told him.

So that would be a yes on your locking down the four Pegacornicuseses, or whatever you call them?

“Alicorns.” Tempest corrected him. "Give me three days. I'll have everything ready for your arrival.

As they conversation continued, the Storm King starts talking with a dark tone to his voice giving Tempest a low growl. "Remember, Tempest. Only I have the power to make you whole. Make this twig work, and you'll get your reward. Fail me, and your horn won't be the only thing that's broken".

“It will be done.” Tempest said.

"Great! I'm ready to power up, crash and bash, and be the biggest, baddest bugaloooooo..." The Storm King became so upbeat that he decided to wear a black suit with a black fedora but something was disrupting the call.

“Sorry bad spell service. You want me to call him back? Grubber asked.

“Do you have the Princess?” Tempest asked.

"Well, uh, funny story. It kinda seem like she... she might've like, you know, got away... a little bit. I know you're disappointed, but I got some words for you.. Uhhh... You want a sponge cake?"

Tempest wasn't amused by this joke of a nonsense as she gives Grubber an angry glare and blasts him with her lightning as he cries out in pain. "Ahhhhh!!"

Tempest wasn’t happy about it but Snips and Snails laughed before being shocked by Tempest’s broken horn as well..

"Owwww..." Snips said as he falls down on the floor Canterlot City Hall as black and burned from being electrocuted while Snails keep jumping up and down holding his flank. "Owww!! Owww!! Owww!! Owww!!" Snails desparately looks for a place to cool off until he sees the punch bowl and jumps inside it. "Ahhhh... Much better..."

“I need all four for the staff to work.” Tempest angrily said.

I know, I know.” Grubber told her. “I want the Storm king to fix your horn as much as you do. It looks like a crackly chipped tooth on top of your head. We know you don’t look good in that.”

Snips and Snails gulped worrying grubber made Tempest angry, and she was.

"That Princess is not gonna keep me from getting my horn back! Prepare my ship!" She ordered Grubber and he ran off to do that.

"Please. How far could one little pony get on her own?" Tempest scoffs.

“And you two.” she turns towards Snips and Snails.

“ME!?” Asked Snips and Snails in Unison.

"Go have some cake.." Tempest turns to the banquet table with different types of cakes, pastries and other desserts inside the Canterlot City Hall as Snips and Snails mouth watered at the enormous amount of food.

"Oh and one more thing colts, Here's a little something for your compensation" Tempest Shadows whistles a quick call as a Storm Guard approaches her holding a largest sack of bits anypony had ever seen before. "Enjoy Boys" Tempest Shadow leaves before ordering the Storm Guard to take care and protect them at all costs.

"So long Boys". Tempest says to Snips and Snails who jumped into the enormous sack of bits. "Have a safe trip Commander Tempest!!" Snips and Snails replied with a proud salute to their heads to the Storm King's Lieutenant.

Out in the desert, our 10 heroes bravely, but tiredly pressed on through their journey but they were really hot and tired. Starlight and Trixie were tiredly cheering of saving the day while Pinkie was going crazier than usual.

“Huff.. Pant.. “Are we there yet?” Trixie asked still tired as her hat starts to get wet and droopy from all of the sweat.

“We must be close by now.” Starlight breathed heavily until she spotted a sign with some dirt on it, covering some words, mostly a part of a word that she and the others believed it was the full word. “Guys look!” She shouted. “We’re doing great. The kingdom of the hippo- is only two days away.

But a bush flew off revealing more info.

“By any aircraft vehicle.” Trixie said.

"You know im the fastest creature alive here since Im also the most powerful God of Destruction back in my home universe". Rainbow Dash crossed her hooves and sticks her tongue out at her not liking the purple feline's big bad intro about him being a Destroyer God and all about how powerful and mighty he is.

"I can easily carry you all on my back if i so wish" Lord Beerus smirks with a proud remark as he crosses his arms over his chest.

"Really? Oh thats great!" Twilight exclaimed with stars and hearts in her eyes as she starts dancing in a circle with Starlight, Trixie and Pinkie as the pink mare brings out her party cannon and fires it exploding confetti everywhere "Oh Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Were saved guys! Were saved!"

"There's just a teeny tiny bit problem with that" Beerus exclaims as he gives the group of ponies his ever rare look of nervous smiles. "Really? Whats that?" Twilight asks with a smile. "Im sure its nothing we can fix right girls?" "Right!!" All of the mane 6 join in on the group hug excluding Spike celebrated with Starlight and Trixie dancing the Mexicolt Mariachi with them.

"Yeah.... About that... Beerus exclaims as he wipes off a sweat from his brow. "I don't exactly know where this Hippo Kingdom is... That your talking about Purple Princess".

"WHAT??!!!!" Everypony and Everycreature fell down face first into the desert sand in Anime Chibi Form.

Starlight groan in frustration and they pressed on.

“Saving *pant* Equestria. Pinkie said letting out an insane laugh. “Oh look, maybe this guy knows where to go.”

Pinkie picked up a vulture skull and held it to her ear waiting for a response while a spider crawled across Pinkie's face. Everyone but Trixie had though Pinkie had officially lost it. “Hey! My friends talking to you! Trixie panted at the skull. A moment of silence past till Pinkie spoke.

“What's that friend? We’re lost?” Pinkie insanely laughed, then coughed up sand, then giggled insanely, then fainted.

Trixie wasn’t doing so good either. “Must..*pant* keep..going. *cough*”

Spike then weakly spoke. “We.....Could be going in...circles. Endless...sand. *gasp* Nothing for miles.....but sand *pant*....and this rock *Cough* and this cactus. *Long gasp* .....and this road.” He gasped then lied on the road.*gasp* this roooooaaaaad.”

“Trixie got to get out of here.”Trixie weakly said then coughed as Starlight quickly trots over to her friend letting her drink from a Water Canteen. "There, there! Everythings going to be alright Trixie... there.. there... Im here for you, We're in this together okay?" Trixie nodded with a small smile as Starlight takes off the Magician's hat and squeezes it tightly draining all of the water off the hat and putting it back on her best friend's head, good as new.

"Oh please put a sock in it!!" Beerus replied with his snarky sarcasm. "I've been rougher environments and survived far harsher planets than this!!". "Yeah... Yeahh.. God of all things purple feline, We get it okay?!!"

"What did you say punk...?! Do you know i can pound you to dust if i ever so wanted to?!" Beerus exclaimed as he gives Rainbow Dash a nasty glare. "I'd like to see you try Cat Face!! All I'm seeing now is a kitty who's going to get his clock cleaned!!"

"Why you??!!!... Grrrr.... GRRRR!!!!" Rainbow Dash and Beerus were now butting heads face to face as lightning starts to strike between their foreheads.

"Girls..?!" Twilight sighed as she tried to ease the situation as he pinches her forehead and yells one more time. "GIRLS..!!!" "What is it Twilight?! Everypony and Everycreature asked as Beerus and Dash little scuffle quickly ended in a heartbeat.

Twilight then realized. "Hmm? A road? Where there's a road, there's a..." Twilight gasps.

Starlight quickly realized what Twilight was saying and hurried to the nearest rock near the road with moss on it.

“Hmmmm. I think towns this way. Moss always points north.” Starlight said.

“The pioneers?” Twilight said amused.

"Well Twilight if you must know is that the ponies from my village are pioneers if you already observed how ponies lived in "Our Town!" Starlight exclaimed putting her right forehoof on her chest.

"Yeah and my family basically travel alot thats why I'm basically considered a pioneer! Me and my family do magic shows at different cities, Manehattan, Phillydelphia, Las Pegasus, Trottingham, Saddle Arabia, Canterlot.. I basically live in my wagon same as all the other members of my family who are basically on the road most of the time".

"Yeah Twi! How come you didn't know about Pioneers?" Applejack asked bewildered. "Didn't i already told you that Granny Smith is a pioneer and that she is the founder of Ponyville?"

Twilight looks to her friends with a nervous smile as sweat starts to run down her forehead and in a funny manner as all of her friends were confused at one moment except for Beerus who was amused of Twilight's facial expressions right now. "W..Well i... I...". "Yes Twilight we're mighty confused as well". Trixie turns to Twilight and gives her a smug look as she puts her left forehoof on her shoulder. "Is the Great and Powerful Twilight been slacking off on her studies recently since she's now the Princess of Friendship?"

Applejack trots over to Twilight and she looks at the purple pony princess with a raised eyebrow. "Next time you and me talked with Granny.. We're gonna have a little pop quiz if you REALLY KNOW WHO GRANNY SMITH IS...AND THE HISTORY OF PONYVILLE".

"ANYWAYS..." Twilight says as she tries to change the subject as Applejack was getting uncomfortably too close to her.

And Starlight was right. When they go to the next hill, they found on the horizon a city. Everyone was amazed and relieved to find civilization.

“Ooooo, A city.” Pinkie said happily. “We’re doing it you guys.”

“You know what they say!” Rarity said excitedly. Where theirs a city, theirs a spa!”

“Who says that?” Rainbow dash asked.

“Well i say if there is a City, There is food! Wonderful, Sweet Smelling, Delicious Food!! FOOD!!!. Beerus exclaims excitedly

“You may seem to have forgot we’re on a mission to save Equestria.” Applejack told Rarity.

"Oh relax Applejack!" Rainbow Dash says as she starts flying up into the air at breath taking speeds and starts doing punches and karate kicks up high. "If there are any bad guys around, Well just smacked them around and beat like always".

"And don't forget that we have a God of Destruction on our side to blast any evil away like we always do! Hihihi!" Pinkie says with a smile as she bounces off with the group.

“And I can multi task!.” Rarity told her.

To be Continued...

Somewhere in the middle of Nowhere.. Enter Klugetown!

View Online

At Klugetown

When they got to the city, they soon found out it was a retched hive of scum and villainy. They had to be cautious. They place was filled with shady to bizarre characters.

As he was walking with the group Beerus sniff the air with a dark tone to his voice. "Ahhh... Nice.. It smells like home". "Umm Lord Beerus...? What do you mean?" Starlight asked. "This place looks and smells like my home universe, This place is nothing compared to the planets I've been through, as I've said... I have survived far harsher environments compared to this place".

"Just out of curiosity, Trixie wants to know whats it like back in your alien home planet... universe...whatever..." Asked Trixie. "Well planets that serve no purpose whatsoever whether it has life or none at all gets destroyed by me, no questions asked but the ones that are valuable to other life forms get traded in for money". Beerus says with a low dark tone to his voice that made everypony else except Trixie and Starlight backed away from him a bit every time they see Lord Beerus with the red glow in his pupils and fire around his eyes. "Trading planets is a very profitable business back in my outer dimension because you always need land to support every life form".

"WOW... Trixie is quite intrigued hearing this for a villain of an alien like you! Trixie meant no offense". Trixie suddenly wields back as she suddenly covers her mouth with her hooves and gives Beerus a nervous smile. "None taken..." Beerus sighs as they keep walking when.. "HEY LOOK!! THAT GUYS SELLING CHURROS!!!" As Beerus pointed to a Churros Stand being watched over by a fish creature.

Soon everypony and everycreature is eating churros on the side of the street next to the food stand.

Beerus is happily eating his churros while dipping it in his large cup of chocolate syrup being held up by his tail while Starlight and Trixie are feeding each other churros. Spike is getting his churros coated with small gems while the Mane 6 are just munching happily on more sticks of churros while dipping them in chocolate syrup especially Twilight and Pinkie Pie who felt like they died and went to Elysium since they haven't a treat of a delicacy like this before!

"Don't worry, little one, we'll let ya go!" Said a Random Pig Creature as his partner holds a large sack of bits in his arm. "To the highest bidder!" Says his partner as a crowd of laugh and cheer with them as they pull out their pouch and sacks of bits as well as thick stacks and bundles of the Storm Bucks Currency. "Very Nice! Hahahahaha!!" Says the leader of the hogs.

"Storm King bobbleheads!!" Called out one of the fish creature vendors from his stand where he was also selling Storm King Plushies, Action Figures, Posters, and other merch courtesy of the Evil Satyr Dictator. "Ooohh!! Pretty!!" Pinkie was about to bounce to where that gift shop was when she felt her tail suddenly being pulled by Twilight's magic. "No! No! No! No! No! We've already wasted enough time here Pinkie! We have to get going and find the queen of the.."

"Ooh. Hey! You with the horn, you selling?" Asks another creature pointing to Twilight as she and her friends started to get scared while Beerus looks like he was bored out of his mind. This vendor was selling different horns from different kinds of ponies and other sorts of dead wildlife. Whether he scavenged them from cemeteries or how he acquired them, We may never know.

Fluttershy trots over to some Bird Cages where she heard birds squawking loudly like they are calling out for help. "Ooh! Hello there my birdies! Don't worry! I'll let you out as soon as possible! You'll be free once more!" Fluttershy gives her new feathered friends a warm smile that seems to calm them down as she gives them her leftover churros sticks.

“Hi there.” Twilight said to a Pushkin trying to stack some barrels but they fell over. “Oh I'm sorry. Let me help you with that.” Twilight said using her magic to re stack the barrels. Meanwhile a few feet away from them, a Anthropomorphic Cat who was light brown and wore a red coat took notice of what was happening.

“HEY, NO MAGIC AROUND MY MERCHANDISE!!” He yelled as the ponies started screaming and running off to the other side of the street. Beerus was the only one who didn’t ran as the purple feline starts walking forward to confront him. "I find you dreadfully annoying.." Beerus states as he looks at the Pushkin with an intimidating look. The God of Destruction looks at him straight into the eye with his pupils glowing bright red as fire starts to burn from his eyelids and a purple aura appears making him look shinier and fierce looking as the earth starts shaking causing several creatures on the streets to get knocked out from the God's terrifying power.

"Beerus please... Don't do this... For the safety of everycreature here and all the lives that are at steak... PLEASE..!!" Twilight yells pleading as she starts to tear up pulls Spike closer to her chest while the rest of her friends starts cowering beside her. "Don't worry Twilight.. Im doing this for you.. This turtle or whatever the hell he is doesn't know how to either RESPECT and APPRECIATE..." Beerus says in a loud harsh tone as Applejack turns to Twilight putting her hooves on the friend's shoulder and looks at her in the eye. "I think Beerus will just knock some sense into that there fella how not to mess with us if he ain't got no respect! Now i know that you think he don't show it that much but i know that he's telling the truth about keeping his promise to ya Twi, Yah just gotta trust the guy..". "Okay Applejack... Thanks for letting me understand.." Twilight gives Applejack a small smile and gives her a warm hug while Pinkie starts cheering for Beerus while wearing a cheerleader's outfit complete with props. "Go! Go! Go! You can do it!!"

"Don't get so cocky you Feline Bastard!!!" The Pushkin pulls out a spiked bat and proceeds to bash the purple feline god on the head but Beerus easily dodges and uses instant transmission to appear behind the Pushkin as he immediately knocks him down with a pressure-point jab in the shoulder rendering him unconscious. Disappointed by the subsequent lack of challenge, Beerus walks back to his friends while whistling what seems to be "Pinkie's Parasprite Polka".

"WHAAAT??!!!" Shouted everycreature in the area who were too shocked... Frozen in fear turning all white and unable to comprehend what just happened.

Everypony and everycreature just stood there mouth agape at the sight of such extreme scale of power in a street brawl which wasn't even a fight to begin with except Pinkie Pie who had a grin. "Come on lets go..!!" Beerus waves his hands forward as the rest of our heroes follow him still astonished about what just happened. "Y...Yes oh Great and Powerful Beerus!!!" Trixie suddenly yells out while following suit which gets a smile from Beerus.

Meanwhile a few feet away from them a anthropomorphic cat who was light brown and wore a red coat took notice of what was happening. "Hmmm... Cornish Rex and six multicolored ponies... Very interesting..."

"Okay. We just gotta stick together." Twilight told the others. "Be careful who you talk to. And try to blend in".

Then some of the locals got into a fight.

"Can I have your attention please?! Huh?! Can anypony take us to the Queen of the Hippos?!" Pinkie yelled.

“Oh boy....” Beerus said while Twilight groaned.

"You want something? You gotta give something!" Mori said.

“Well how about a big warm hug from a grateful pony friend?” She asked but the fish refused, so she continued asking. random creatures. “How about this comb I never used? A picture of my sister, Maud? This breath mint? Seriously buddy, help me help you.” But the pig belches letting out rancid breath causing Pinkie to faint.

“Pinkie, you can’t just take off.” Twilight whispered to Pinkie through clenched teeth. “You don’t need to announce to-”

“Relax Twilight.” Pinkie told her. “I got it under control.”

“How much for the giant gecko? Louise asked while more creatures started crowding around the group. "Huh?" The Mane Six asked around whos the gecko these strange creatures are reffering to. “Who are you calling a gecko!?” Spike told off Louise. "Uh, Spike isn't for sale". Twilight says with a deadpan look.

“I want that fancy purple hair!” Vera said. “I’ll give you two storm bucks for it!”

“Two Storm Bucks? It’s worth more than that!” Rarity said in offense while Twilight looked confused as they come across various creatures bidding against each other.

"Gimme that pink one!" A deer creature asked while two pig creatures are looking like they are about to start a brawl. "I'll take the blue one!" One pig creature yells out. " No! want the blue one!" Says his opponent as he prepared to duke it out with this other fat hog. "I need that lizard!" Yelled Louise while two strange creatures fights over to bid for Pinkie Pie's stuff. "I'll take that picture of your sister!" The Deer Creature pushes aside the monster as he tries to outbid this scrawny fellow. "I want all seven for my collection!"

Play for an authentic experience!

Everyone kept crowding around wanting each of them for something as Beerus who starts to get really angry as a vein starts to pop his forehead emits an invisible wave of ki from his palm knocking out the fishmen as well as the other creatures surrounding them and rendering them unconscious as they crashed into different barrels, crates, cages, leaving the town buildings with a variety of broken walls and windows.

"Okay.... Uuhhmm... Everybody just leave the Cornish Rex i guess..." Says a random fish creature as the rest of the citizens were too paralyzed with fear try to step back from the commotion thats currently going on.

A light brown cat wearing a red coat steps in and decides to neutralize the situation. "Back up, everyone! Back it up! Y'all in some serious danger! Now you didn't touch any of them, did you? Just look at all those colors! You think that's natural? They're infected with "pastelis coloritis".

"Now, you listen here, fella, there ain't—" Applejack tried to say before the cat covered her mouth with his tail.


Everyone turned to look at Pinkie Pie, who had broken off from the group, and was now setting up a stage complete with colorful lights, banners, streamers, smoke fog machines, speakers as well as wireless microphones and headsets for everyone which she conjured up from nowhere using her Mysterious Fourth Wall Breaking Powers.

While Pinkie Pie finished setting up the stage for her Impromptu concert, Starlight and Trixie teamed up to set up the fireworks which Trixie has conveniently hid under her hat for some reason much to the confusion of Beerus and everypony else especially the residents of Klugetown.

"Pinkie what are you..?!" Twilight gets cut off as Pinkie pushes her to the center of the stage and gives her the introduction cue cards. "Can you please just do this for me Twilight? Friendship isn't just for us but everycreature needs to learn the Magic of Friendship!" Pinkie puts her right forehoof on Twilight's shoulder and shows her the current surroundings. "When we leave our home and run into this town, However bad they may be..These creatures are poverty stricken Twilight!! Seriously.. Don't you think they've been through enough already..?!" Pinkie sighs and gives Twilight that serious look saying she wants to do this. "Your right Pinkie! Friendship should be spread to everypony and everycreature out there! Its my duty as the Princess of Friendship! And... I know because... Thats what Princess Celestia would have wanted..." Twilight sighs before she felt a hoof on her shoulder as Pinkie Pie gives her a sad smile. "Alright Pinkie lets do this!! All of these creatures deserve the Magic of Friendship and we are going to give it to them while were here!!" After a moment of anticipation, the crowd cheers loudly as Twilight begins to speak with enthusiasm.

"Welcome everyone to this year's Friendship Festival Super Play! Uhh... Written.. Directed... and.. Produced by Pinkie Pie!" All the residents of Klugetown claps and cheers loudly, some of them even whistling as Twilight steps off the stage as Pinkie Pie steps to the center stage and pulls out a movie projector showing the events of Pinkie Pride as she starts to sing holding the mic in her hooves and giving the audience a sincere smile as Beerus sits at the side of the stage while eating cheese flavored popcorn and a soda with bendy straw courtesy of Pinkie.

"Your seat is right over there sir!" The fish creature Mori says acting as a Ticket Clerk as the Random Porcupine walks off to join the rest of the audience that were holding pink light sticks, banners with Pinkie's face on it as well as slogans saying "We Love You Pinkie!" and the other creatures who were holding sign boards saying "Go Pinkie!" or "Pinkie Pie 4 the Win!" as well as holding Pinkie Pie figures and plush toys. Fish Man and Land Creatures alike flock over to the gift shop which is just a wooden stand now selling Pinkie Pie bobbleheads and other merch. The Storm King brands however were thrown into the fire for hobos to warm their cold claws on.

The crowd of fish creatures as well as land dwellers cheer loudly after Pinkie Pie finished her heartfelt solo as the pink mare gestures the rest of the Mane 6 to come on stage to sing one final song for every creature out there about the truth of friendship. Each of the ponies hold unto a microphone as the projector flashes the events of Magical Mystery Cure on the white screen spread across the stage.

While Twilight, Pinkie Pie, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Rarity and Fluttershy were taking turns in singing their part, The Fish Creatures and Land Dwellers of Klugetown start to put their arms in one another's shoulder in a huge group concert hug, some of them even shedding tears at the heartwarming scene before them.

The concert ended as Spike lits up the fireworks set up by Trixie and Starlight causing the sky to light up in different colors as Rainbow Dash performs a Sonic Rainboom. The crowd of Fish men and Land Dwellers were simply astonished as they erupted into a thunderous applause, throwing flowers to the Mane 6 and some of them even cheering and whistling loudly in the crowd as Fluttershy releases all the birds in the cages with a key from Pinkie Pie as they all fly away into the sky in a display of colorful feathers.

Play for an authentic experience!

After the "Friendship Festival Super Play!" concert, Everycreature assuming from the depths of the sea as well as the land creatures enjoyed the party. "Wow this party is great!" Said one of the fish creatures. "Yeah! The food smells really good!" Replied his land dweller friend who was a porcupine. There were fish creatures who enjoyed playing in the shooting gallery and winning plush toys of the pony heroes. Other fish creatures were eating at the food stalls enjoying pop corn, peanut brittle, chocolate bars, pretzels, churros, hay fries, hay dogs, hayburgers, waffles etc. Land dwellers like deers were enjoying the cupcakes, ice cream, tarts, caramel flan, doughnuts as well as other tasty treats made by Pinkie Pie with their sea friends. On the other side of the party Fish Creatures were getting together on the photo booth set up by Rarity as she helps them fit into different outfits and costumes for a picture perfect photo as Trixie was performing some magic in front of the residents with some assistance from her best friend Starlight and Beerus who reluctantly agrees just because he gets to enjoy the best food along the way. Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Applejack, Twilight, Spike and Pinkie just sit down on the ground for a nice picnic celebration for a job well done.

After the party was over Capper walks up to the gang of heroes who were just about ready to leave to resume their mission.

Capper’s the name, charming’s my game.” The light brown cat said. Rarity was charmed indeed but spike was jealous of him.

"Beerus the Destroyer. God of Destruction from the 7th Universe of the Outer Dimension. Charmed to meet you". Beerus takes a step towards Capper as the two felines look like are about to take a standoff as they stare each other down with narrowed eyes each to their faces.

"Abbysinian Cat" Beerus says through clenched teeth.

"What a lucky guess to your description of my species, Cornish Rex.." Capper says with a low growl to his voice as the two look like they are going to fight it out.

The ponies and the baby dragon closed their eyes, afraid of what might be the outcome of this fight but it turns out that they are going to shake hands.

"Its so nice to see another cat in the bag here such as yourself" Beerus smiles as he shakes Capper's hand.

"Likewise Lord Beerus, Someone with your power and strength needs a certain degree of respect, especially someone who's willing to put his life on the line for his friends.". Capper says as he bows down in front of Lord Beerus.

Lord Beerus and Capper firmly shakes each other's hands one more time before the purple feline heads off to talk to Starlight and Trixie.

"Your quite charming!" Rarity says as she giggles while Spike huffs in annoyance obviously showing signs of jealousy of Rarity's interactions with Capper.

“Hi!” Starlight greeted.

“So.. The Great and Powerful Trixie wants to know what kind of guys like you doing in a town like this?” Trixie asked.

Capper glances off to the side and sighs. "Last i checked me and my friend Chummy were managing this Kibble Stand in order to pay some debts i had with a certain gang.. And thats when the Storm King invaded the Kingdom of Abbysinia and we lost everything..."

“Sorry to hear that Capper.” Starlight said putting her hoof towards Capper's chest to give him a hug which made him feel a bit better.

“Uhhh are you sure about these guys?” Twilight whispered. “I don’t know if we should trust them.”

“Well they seem nice enough.” Starlight said optimistically.

“Besides We could definitely use a friend out here.” Pinkie agreed.

Capper then came to them as he prepares to sing a little number."You know what? Little Cotton Candy Hair is right. And, if I do say so myself..."

They soon headed up to Capper’s place where everypony and everycreature made themselves comfortable. "Welcome, my little ponies, to my little manor".

"Ooh! A sort of a roco-hobo-Bohemian hodgepodge". Rarity said admiring the warm and cozy lounge of Capper's.

"Apologies for the state of my litter box. I wasn't expecting guests." Capper says as he tries to the dust off some of the furniture around them especially the seats.

"Ooh! So many fun breakables!" Pinkie Pie starts looking around at the antiques displayed.

"Y'all sure y'all want the Hippos?" Capper asked confused. "Yessirree! The Queen of the Hippos!" Pinkie Pie answered with a grin. "Not like the Queen of the Lions, or Tigers, or Bears?"

"Oh my!" Fluttershy was surprised to hear that there was a Queen of the Lions, Tigers or Bears around from Capper.

Twilight did some browsing while the other stared chatting with each other. "Huh? Whats this?" Twilight wonders as she sees a book that might be helpful to their quest, Unknowing that Needy was at a pay phone.

“Hello operator? Get me Verko.” Needy said.

"I know where you are Tempest Shadow.. I can sense your Ki all the way from here.. No enemy in my sights escape me Tempest.. Never forget that..! Before this war is over im going to take you down.." Beerus... Twilight says in a worried tone as she hears the purple feline's voice crystal clear even if was in a low tone.

To be continued...

The hunt is on!! Meeting Terror Birds in the Sky?!

View Online

At Klugetown

Meanwhile in the middle of the city after the party died down Tempest, Grubber and two Storm Guards that have made their way through town. These Storm Guard have magenta colored streaks in their fur and tail meant to be Tempest's escort and security.

"Hey your not allowed in here! The only ones allowed to barge in are the mayor and his..." A fish creature tries to stop the Storm Guard and Tempest from entering the city but the Storm Guard pushes her to the side"MOVE IT..!!! I KNOW YOUR HIDING THOSE PONIES HERE!!!"

"I swear were not!!" Pleads a anthropomorphic bear in the crowd.

"Hey you can't go inside!!!" Says a fox as he tries to throw a tomato at the Storm Guards but his wolf friend quickly stops him from doing anything stupid that they might get noticed.

"Hey Princess Twilight and her friends are heroe.." One of the deer creatures tried to speak up out of fear but his porcupine friend quickly covers his mouth with a claw. "Hey Shut up!!!"

“Tempest, are you sure their around here?” Grubber asked munching on a caramel apple. “I mean they could have just pass through by now.”

Tempest sniffed the air smelling an aroma of sweet treats and notice it was a strand of Pinkie’s hair. “Oh their here.”

“HEY LISTEN BUSTER!” A fish creature said interrupting Tempest “I don’t know what scheme you got with Capper, but I ain’t falling for it again.

"Grubber?" Tempest looks at Grubber as her assistant hedgehog nods his head back in response as he pulls out a Energy Enhancer Gumball Steroid throwing it into the purple pony's mouth she chews it for a while, getting a close up of her teeth and swallows.

Tempest stopped him before he could say anything else . “Look I’m just looking for an alicorn princess, Just tell me where she is.” She told him.

“Or something really bad is gonna happen.” Grubber finished but the fish came closer and was real big so Grubber backed away from him.

“You don’t wanna mess with me.” The fish creature said and tried to attack but tempest kicked him with her leg thats glowing light blue and coated with lightning knocking him backwards as he screams in pain, grabbed his tail with her mouth and flipped him and slams him into the ground leaving behind several large cracks and leaving the fish man with broken ribs and spitting out a tooth as he coughs up some blood.

“OHHHHHH fish man just got dropped!” Grubber said.

“So...About this Capper,” Tempest said darkly.

Meanwhile while Twilight was investigating some of the books to find what they were looking for, everyone was hanging around talking about their adventures.

“Your kidding, a Sonic Rainboom?” Capper said not convinced.

“Yep, let me show you.” Rainbow said about to do it before Capper stopped her.

“No, no, no, no,no I believe you.” He said.

While having was sitting down for a conversation, Lord Beerus was serving tea to Fluttershy who was lying down on a pillow. "Oh thank you so much Lord Beerus". "No problem". Beerus says with smile as he serves a slice of strawberry cake and a plate of chocolate chip cookies to Fluttershy.

Meanwhile Starlight and Trixie walks out of the kitchen to refill the tea set and silver tray of deserts while wearing maid costumes courtesy of Pinkie Pie.

Capper was about to whisper something to him when he notice a bluish glow around his coat. “Hey, Hey.”

“Just hold still.” Rarity said.

Capper took notice as Rarity fixed a torn sleeve he had on his jacket.

“Woah.” Capper said.

“Here you go.” Rarity said giving him two gold buttons. “I do apologize, if we were back home, I could have done something truly fabulous.

“Ok, whats the catch?”

“Nothing, After all that you done for us, consider it a thank you.”

Capper was surprised. No one has ever did anything nice to him before.

“Oh, Don’t thank me, really.” He said ashamed.

Capper felt bad when he realized that they were having a good time. He began to quiver at what they had done to his new found friends.

"I’ll go get everyone refreshments.” Capper tried to brush off this thought as he was about to walk over to the kitchen to get some more food for everyone.

Guys!” Twilight said holding a map while everyone gathered around the table. “We’re looking for the wrong queen. We don’t need the queen of the hippos, We need the queen of the hippogriffs. Part pony, part eagle.

“Ohhhhh that makes more sense in my mind.” Trixie said as she was dipping peanut butter crackers into the milk and popping them into her mouth.

“Oh the hippogriffs.” Capper said. “Now the trouble with that is no one knows where they are.”

“Says here, there on the top of Mount Eris.” Twilight corrected him.

“You mean the mountain outside the window?” Pinkie said pointing to the very mountain.

“Well that’s convenient.” Starlight said.

“Objects in windows maybe less mountainous than they appear.” Capper said giggling nervously.

“Let’s go everyone.” Twilight said but Capper knew Verko could be waiting for them right now. He had to make sure they didn’t end up with him.

“WAIT!” Capper said blocking the door. “You can’t make it by yourselves, you need an airship, and lucky for you, I can get you a ride.

Twilight still didn’t trust Capper. “I think we can get their on our own.”

But when she open the door..

“Here’s Verko” laughed a crooked teeth guinea pig. Twilight gasped and Starlight was shocked.

Verko was pleased with what he saw. “These ponies better shoot rainbow lasers out of their eyes if their gonna settle your debt. I brought a big cage. Let’s load em up.”

Everyone gasped.

“WHAT?!” Starlight said.

"HE WAS GONNA SELL US OUT!!!" Beerus snarls as he was about to punch Capper with his fists that was heated up glowing red orange like heated metal but Starlight stopped him as she runs in front of Capper putting her hooves to the side to block everypony else.

"Wait!! Lets try to hear him out first please!!" Starlight yelled out

"Im selling you out" Capper said in a nonchalant manner.

“You were going to sell us!?” Rarity said.

“I KNEW IT!! Twilight shouted. “We gotta get out of here.”

“Silly little fools.” Tempest said as she came into the picture.

“AAHHHHHH TEMPEST!!!!” Starlight screamed followed by another scream from Trixie.

Tempest approached them before Verko came to her. “Oooooo Look at you with your broken horn and scowling eyes.” He said grabbing her face. “What tricks do you know my little pony wony?” Verko said before Tempest shocked him. “Not bad.” He said before falling over revealing the Mane 6, Spike, Starlight, Trixie, and Beerus who were tugged by Twilight's magic who were now escaping as Starlight threw their ruined maid outfits as a blinding distraction while Trixie threw smoke bombs at them to cover their escape route.

"Get that Princess and the Cornish Rex!!" Tempest teleports around the smoke coughing as she she looks for her prize when Beerus instantly appears shooting her with a Simple Ki Blast as she gets thrown to the wall smashing it as several breakables shattered on the floor. Beerus was about to knock her lights out when the God of Destruction gets yanked by Twilight's magic. Not that he bothered anyway but since this is Twilight calling, The Princess of Friendship who he had grown to trust as a friend and somepony to fell for, he decided to escape with her this time just to please her.

He would have to spare her.. "For now.. FOR NOW..." Beerus thought as he flies back to Twilight and his friends.

"B..But i want to fight her!!" Lord Beerus said in protest but Twilight was having none of it as she drags off the purple feline."No more fighting till i deem its necessary! You got that Mister?!" "Yes Princess Twilight.." Beerus says in a defeated manner blushing bright red seeing as Twilight was doing that thing again when she puts her face too close in his face every time they would argue and have a disagreement. Beerus then levitates into the air beside Twilight, Still keeping that promise of refusing to fight back until a shot was fired at Twilight or the rest of his friends.

“GO!, GO!” Twilight shouted before flying off with the map.

“Get... her... NOW!” Tempest ordered as she tries to get up from the debris of the broken wall.

“You gonna be scared now ponies!” Grubber said.

The gang soon got on the windmill holding on to one of its blade one of the guards got a hold on the bottom.

“DON’T JUST STAND THERE!” Trixie shouted. “SAVE US!”

Twilight and Rainbow Dash began trying to push the windmill till eventually it stared spinning real fast causing everyone but Beerus to scream as he was levitating in the air. The windmill eventually broke off causing it to spin out of control over town.

I’m-gonna-be-sick. Applejack said.

Everyone jumped on a balcony running from the windmill as the balcony collapsed, so they jumped to another one and kept running from the collapsing floorboards till they jumped to an entrance on normal ground. Then Twilight noticed an airship.

“We have to get there, to the docks! Twilight told the others as they raced up the stairs. The ship began to leave as they got there, but luckily Rainbow grabbed a rope in the nick of time so they could get across. First Rarity, then Applejack, then Starlight, then Trixie, then Spike while Fluttershy flew as Beerus was levitating in the air. Pinkie jumped on the rope causing her and Spike to fall. Spike held on to the rope while Pinkie fell, and Twilight flew in to save Pinkie from falling and got her on to the ship.

“Best escape plan EVER!” Pinkie said in excitement.

“WHAT!?” Twilight shouted till Starlight covered her mouth and shushed her. Pointing up showing that their were others on board.

“What now?” Trixie whispered. But no one knew what to do but Starlight noticed something.

Back at the city, Tempest was interrogating Capper as a bunch of Storm Guards surround him.

“Ok, Ok, No need for violence.” Capper said. “They’re heading-” But he paused for a moment when he saw the buttons Rarity gave him earlier and remembered her generosity to him, making him not want to betray her again. “They’re heading east to Black Skull Island.”

“Yep that’s where their going.” Capper said giggling nervously.

Tempest and Grubber weren't so sure he was telling the truth.

“So, uh, glad to be observance to his Majesty, the Storm King, I'll just be on my way.” Capper said before he was stopped by Tempest’s Guards.

“ When I get my Princess,” Tempest said. “Until then, your fate is still in the air.”

“Oh your going in to spair, which is a boat, an airboat.” Grubber said as Capper sighs in defeat.

We make a great team. I love it how you said his fate with "up in the air", and then I said, "you're gonna be in the air on an air-boat!"

"Does he ever shut up..?" Capper groans he is being watched by Tempest's Security. "Ohh... Don't even get me started on him.." Tempest sighs in annoyance as she rubs her temple.

The gang was hiding from the crew of Sky Pirates which oddly consisted of anthropomorphic parrots as a ship horn blows and some bells clang in the background.

“What do you think Twilight?” Applejack whispered to her. “Should we ask them to take us?”

“Hey guys, come check this out.” Boyle said as the other crew members came to see what’s going on.

“Looks like a group of stowaways.” Mullet the parrot with the eye patch said.

“What are we suppose to do with them?” Lix Spittle the female parrot asked while another parrot with a metal beak Squabble squawks in curiosity as well.

“Well we could rid them of their innocence.” Boyle said as he looks at Starlight Glimmer running a claw down on her mane. "H.. Hey!! W.. What do you think your doing?!... Back up Jack!!" Starlight bucks Boyle with her hind legs right under his chin which causes the green parrot to fall down and hold unto his bleeding beak."This here's feisty one if you asked me..."

“What about starving them.” Mullet said causing Trixie to gasped.

"I think we tie 'em up!" Boyle said causing Applejack to gasp.

“Or we clip their wings.” Lix Spittle said causing Rainbow to flinch.

“No, we scar them.” Mullet said causing Rarity to scream a bit. “Emotionally...” He finished causing Fluttershy to cry.

"Wai-wai-wai-wait. What say the book, Captain Celaeno?" Mullet asked.

Then a female pegged leg parrot approached everyone holding a book with the same symbol of the Storm King. She opened the book finding the rule of what to do with stowaways. “Storm King's rule says..........Throw them overboard.”

"If you take any step closer to me, I swear to hell i'll..." Beerus stands up as he held out his starts attempting to blast these feather brains off with his Hakai technique as God Aura starts to envelop his hands and everypony else starts to cower and lay down on the floor with their hooves on top of their heads and necks shaking in fear including Spike.. but not before Twilight teleports in front of Beerus as she slowly puts a hoof on the purple feline's arm trying to neutralize the situation once again with a reassuring smile as Lord Beerus sighs and stops his destructive attack but he was still pretty pissed off.

"W.. W.. What just happened?!" Asked Captain Celaeno as she breathed a sigh of relief seeing that her crew of Sky Pirates went from tough and rough to quickly hiding behind her back like a mouse running away from a cat.

"Please just keep him happy okay?! If not for us then just please do it for yourselves!!" Twilight says as her legs start shaking and her mane all frazzled while she starts kneeling to the floor pleading them.

"He's a Freaking God! Don't pissed him off!! Please..!!" Rainbow Dash says as her eyes turn to pinpricks just looking at Beerus, What he will do to you and.." Pinkie Pie cuts off Rainbow Dash as she starts to run up to Captain Celaeno with that rare look of fear that ever struck her when she really becomes paranoid.

"And the whole entire world.. NO!! THE WHOLE ENTIRE UNIVERSE GOES KABLOOEY!!!" The rest of the Sky Pirates look over to Starlight and Trixie who just nodded without a word as Starlight quickly hides behind Trixie's cape.

"So whats it going to be this time huh?" Beerus asks as he starts to walk towards the scared bird pirates as Twilight teleports beside the purple feline of a God. "What he means to say that.. Im sure there's a way we can talk things out right?" Twilight asks with a sheepish grin on her face.

Captain Celaeno was about to give her answer since the other members of her crew to speak out in fear until the union whistle blew loudly.

“ALRIGHT, THAT’S LUNCH!!!” Captain Celaeno shouted as the rest of her sky pirate crew run off from her screaming with fear and into the kitchen of the ship to prepare their meals much to the confusion between the ponies. They have to be extra careful since they are serving a god that has the potential to destroy their world with a tap of a finger as they have just witnessed.

"Cooking up grub for me crew to keep their mind off this horrible squall!" Captain Celaeno sings as she chops some vegetables and made a salad. Then she peels a potato and adds it to the soup on the stove. She then takes a petal from a flower and adds it to the soup. Then she added some spices which formed in the shape of a heart as it flies in the soup. Meanwhile on the other side of the kitchen Lix Spittle was making a cucumber sandwich with the crusts off and Mullet was just about to finished decorating the cake.

Play for an Authentic Experience!

The other Sky Pirates quickly serve the food at the table in front of Twilight and her friends. "Lord Beerus please help yourself!" Captain Celaeno says rubbing both of her wings in a hopeful manner. "All of the plates are delicious. They were prepared by the finest chefs on this airship."

"Oh yeah? These plates? Hmmm..." Beerus asks quite skeptical of this remark

All of the ponies as well as the baby dragon in the airship were giving each other scared looks especially Twilight and Starlight meanwhile Captain Celaeno's pirate crew were just standing at the sidelines equally scared themselves as the ponies as Beerus starts poking the salad with the fork as well as sniffing the soup and the cucumber sandwiches with no crust, last but not the least he sticks his finger into the cake and tasted the frosting.

"I think this is delicious" Beerus continued. "I like the mixture of ingredients in here, definitely to my liking"

"So this pirate ship is.." Captain Celaeno asks but Beerus cuts her off with his answer. "Yes.." Beerus replied slightly amused that these band of Sky Pirates can cook.

"YAY!!! WOOHOO!!!" Everyone in the ship cheered loudly at the success of the cooked meals and how everyone's lives were spared. Were mostly Captain Celaeno and her pirate crew's lives were at steak.

The next thing Twilight, Pinkie Pie, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Fluttershy, Starlight, Trixie, Spike and Beerus knew, They were having lunch with Captain Celaeno and her pirate crew. There was vegetable salad, egg and corn soup, cucumber sandwiches and for dessert they have strawberry shortcake which for some Applejack refused to try because it wasn't apple.

"Whoa whoa whoa! So you were about to toss us overboard and you stopped for a lunch break?" Rainbow Dash asked.

Twilight was annoyed at Rainbow because she needed time to convince them not to do that.

Storm King only allows one break a day for meals, then it's back to hauling goods. Boyle said.

“So your delivery guys?” Spike asked.

“And gals,” Celaeno said. “The uniforms aren’t doing us any favors.”

Then can you deliver us to Mount Aris? Twilight asked.

“Sorry, we only do the Storm King's orders, or we suffer his wrath.” Celaeno said.

“Right.” Twilight said. “Still going overboard.”

“Well, Don’t take the overboard thing personal.” The Lix Spittle said. “Pudding?”

“Yes please Trixie would love that! Thank you very much!.”

"Sure thing guys and galls! I'll be right back!" Captain Celaeno heads over to the kitchen and comes back after a few seconds with a fresh batch of Pudding Flan for everypony and everycreature especially Beerus.

“Theirs pudding?” Rarity said in delight as the plate of Sweet Desert and a cup of tea was set down right in front of her and everypony else. Rarity felt like she was madly in love when she saw this dessert and took her first bite while Trixie happily toast their bowls of caramel pudding with Starlight as they start eating.

"There's pudding?! Give me! Give me! Give me!! I haven't tasted that confectionery of EPIC PROPORTIONS SINCE FOREVER!!" Beerus exclaims his love for pudding.

"Gladly" Captain Celaeno exclaims with a proud smile as she hands over to Lord Beerus his own share of Caramel Pudding complete with Ice Cream, Whipped Cream, Strawberry Slices as well as different assortment of fruits. As Lord Beerus took a bite of his dessert, He felt the sweet heavenly sensation of how the Sweet Caramel of the Sugar and Eggs from the based of the Pudding Flan blended so well with the Vanilla Ice Cream and the Whipped Cream rivaled only by the Fresh Fruits giving off a contrasting flavor but perfect nevertheless!

“You weren’t always delivery birds, were you?” Rainbow asked. “What about before the Storm King?”

“Yeah, we use to be much more adventurous.” Celaeno answered a bit depressed. She removed a Storm King poster revealing a flag with a skull and crossed bones behind it.

“Oooo, I met that guy at the desert.” Pinkie said since the skull was a bird skull. Rainbow was amazed.

“Woah, you use to be.....Pirates?” Rainbow said.

“Uh we prefer the term swash buckling treasure hunters.” Mullet said.

“So pirates...” Rainbow said as Squabble Squawks loudly in response.

“Well that shouldn’t stop you!.” Starlight said. “You can’t let the hard times and all these things stop you from being who you really are!”

“Starlight is right!.” Rainbow Dash supported. “You guys have a choice to make. You can let some cloven hoof Storm King tell you how to live your lives, or,-” She said tearing the Storm King poster down revealing the pirate flag. “-You can be awesome again.”

“Rainbow Dash, this isn’t the time for a-”Twilight said before Rainbow started singing. “-Her special number.”

Soon, The ship was back to it’s normal self, no longer under control by the Storm King. To celebrate, Rainbow did her signature Sonic Rainboom and did swirls around the ship, which everyone cheered on as Starlight and Trixie even sets off some fireworks which the magician pony pulled out of her hat.

But Twilight was horrified that Rainbow, Trixie and Starlight might have given away their position to Tempest with the Sonic Rainboom and the fireworks. And unknowingly, she was right.

Back on Tempest’s ship, Grubber was about to eat a sponge cake till he noticed the Sonic Rainboom far off in the distance.

“Look at that Rainboom, look at that Rainboom. Woah that’s so cool.” Grubber said in amazement.

Tempest saw it and was also amazed, but at the same time realized something. “Yeah, of them to alert us. Funny though, They don’t seem to be heading to Black Skull Island.” She said turning to Capper.

“Like haha funny or Ha-ha-” Capper said

Soon Tempest steered the ship and chased after them.

Meanwhile back at the Sky Pirate's airship Rainbow Dash and Captain Celaeno were doing more pirate things like practicing sword fighting as their swords clang together. "Yeah! Ha ha!" Captain Celaeno as she was about to pin Rainbow Dash to the floorboards but Rainbow Dash gets up and corners Celaeno to the wall. "Nice Swordplay there! Hahaha!" The two continued their sword practice when they heard Squabble squawking loudly and the ship's bell union started ringing.

“Storm guards, looks like they found you.” Captain Celaeno said in alert.

To be Continued...

Beyond the waters of the Abyss, Lies the kingdom of Sequestria!

View Online

At Captain Celaeno's Sky Pirate Ship

“TEMPEST!” Twilight shouted in fright.

“SECURE THE RIGGING, LOCK DOWN THE CARGO, AND PREPARE TO BE BOARDED!!!” Captain Celaeno commands as as the large parrot led the Mane 6, Spike, Starlight, Trixie, and Beerus to a cellar to hide them.

"Normally i would be fighting the enemy right now and she wouldn't stand a chance but right now im hiding in this cellar with you and sticking to your plan.. I'm only doing this for you Sparkle" Beerus groans in annoyance as he starts pinching the bridge of his nose.

"Thanks for keeping your promise Lord Beerus" Twilight gives the purple feline a smile as Beerus just sighs.

"Oh my goodness!" Gasped Fluttershy.

“You think she saw my Sonic Rainboom?” Rainbow asked awkwardly.

“Uhhh” Trixie said nervously thinking.

“ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!” Twilight told Rainbow angrily.

Tempest used the ship's grappling hook to latch on to the ship rocking everyone around roughly. The ship approached its target with Tempest and Grubber standing on the very front. They soon jumped on Captain Celaeno's ship with two guards escorting them. The entire crew was afraid of their presence.

“Well, I’m looking for someone. someone important. Hmmm... Where is the Pony Princess and the Cornish Rex?” Tempest said darkly.

"Princess"? Prin-Cess, Prin-Cess... Nope. All we're hauling is Storm King merchandise. Celaeno said while Grubber held a bobble head of the Storm king. Meanwhile under the top, the gang was trying to figure out what to do to try to escape. Twilight saw some stuff and had an idea.

"Yeah thats right! We're just being delivery birds as usual!" Captain Celaeno nervously laughs as Squabble squawks in response.

"You do realize that if you were to shelter fugitives, the Storm King would be quite... explosive." Tempest explains as Captain Celaeno gulps in fear.

"We have to get off this ship before they tell Tempest we're here!" Twilight whispering loudly to the group.

"We helped them get their mojo back! They're not gonna give us up!" Rainbow whispers back as Rarity starts hyperventilating.

Fluttershy is shivering, Applejack sighs while Pinkie gets startled as the Storm Guards starts trashing the ship upstairs while trying to look for them.

"I've got this!" Twilight finally exclaimed.

“Well lets just see about that.” Tempest said. She look around suspiciously until she heard a door opened. She looked in the cellar only to see an open trap door below with some supplies that appeared to have fell out.

It turned out Twilight used the trap door so she and the others could escape but they were falling from the air. Pinkie at first was screaming but then found it exciting and started to have fun. Trixie stopped screaming for a second in mid air to drink some soda before going back to screaming.

“OH MY GOODNESS!!!” Fluttershy gasped covering her eyes.

Rarity screamed but saw her self in the mirror and corrected herself to scream properly (and dramatically).

“HANG ON RESCUE BUDDY!” Starlight told Trixie holding on to her as they both screamed.

Twilight used her magic to first catch Rarity, then Spike, then Fluttershy, then Pinkie and Applejack, then Rainbow Dash (Even though she could fly but Twilight got her anyways), then Starlight and Trixie except Beerus who was floating around in mid air with a bored look on his face as he watches this commotion going on. She place them all in a crate then got some rope.

“What the hay is she doing?” Applejack wondered.

Twilight then got the cloth and tied the rope around it, then around the crate tying a knot, and then she used Spike’s fire breath, all of which transformed it into a hot air balloon, saving everyone from plummeting to the ground. As the balloon takes off into the air, Twilight suggested that land first on the piece of ground they see to further discuss the next step of the plan.

Everypony and Everycreature sigh in relief as the makeshift balloon landed safely on the ground.

“Way to go Twi.” Applejack congratulated.

Twilight cheered in triumph.

“That was fun!” Pinkie said enthusiastically. “Can we do it again?”

“NOOOOOO!!!!” Trixie screamed still horrified of what could have happen.

"Don't worry everyone, I got this" Starlight said with a light smile as she trots over to Trixie and starts caressing her mane. "There.. There.. Everything's going to be alright Trixie, I'm here for you, We're all here for you".

"R..Really..?" Trixie asked as she whimpers in fear as Starlight pulls out a box of peanut butter crackers to munch on and a glass of warm milk courtesy of a certain pink mare who decided to sit down beside Trixie and comfort her.

"Yes Trixie." Starlight answered with comforting smile on her face. "We're all here for you and we would never leave your side, A..And if we somehow fail this mission.. It was fun while it lasted but we'll all go down together". Starlight says with a smile as she looks Trixie in the eye and gives her best friend a warm hug that calms her down for some reason.

"Come on everyone! Lets cheer up Trixie and lift her spirits up!" Twilight exclaims as she puts her hooves around Trixie in a warm and comforting hug.

"Everypony and Everycreature who's great and powerful?" Twilight asks to boost some confidence into Trixe.

"Why you are Trixie! Trixie is great and powerful" Pinkie chirped.

"Who's great and powerful?" Twilight asks again with a confident smile on her face.

"Why you are Darling! Well at least in your own way, You are". Rarity chimed in.

"We'll the fact that you decided to join us on this mission and the fact that you made it this far makes you great and powerful in my book, I'm still the fastest flyer in Equestria though." Rainbow smirks as she puffs out her chest and crosses her hooves.

"We believe in you Trixie.. Oh i mean the great and powerful Trixie! Yay..!" Fluttershy says in the best cheer she can muster.

"Well we know that you can be a great big show off and a self absorbed performer like Rainbow sometimes". Applejack exclaims..." Applejack exclaims.

"Hey!!!" Rainbow butts in giving Applejack a snarky look but the apple farmer ignored her.

"But i've seen the way you protected Starlight from those Storm Guards back there in Canterlot, I'd say your getting better already from practicing those martial arts you keep telling me about.. It looks like all of those applebucking lessons i've taught you has already paid off. You might be an egotistical pony sometimes but i can see that your trying and its only a matter of time before you grasped the whole meaning of friendship. In these last few days that you've shown me patience, understanding and honesty, I can saw your pretty great and powerful in your own way pardner". Applejack replies.

"Well you do bring out the pizzaz and the razzle dazzle of entertainment to everypony so that makes you great and powerful for a performer, Even though they are just parlor tricks". Spike says with a smile.

"See Trixie? You are great and powerful in your own way when you have you have us, Your friends behind you." Twilight says as she looks at Trixie and puts a hoof under her chin. "We're your true friends and true true friends means that nopony gets left behind".

"Alright everyone! Who's great and powerful?" Twilight asks as she goes on top of a small rock to encourage everyone to chant on.

"You are!! You ARE!! YOU ARE!!" Shouted everypony and Spike.

"I can't hear you!! Who's great and powerful?" Twilight chants even louder as she looks at Beerus in the eye for a sec. "You two Lord Beerus.."

"Me?! But I'm supposed to be the Great and Powerful Lord Beerus! The God of Destruction from the 7th Universe of the Outer Dimension! I've destroyed planets! I've let every being fear me and subject others to my whim! I..." Beerus stopped when he notices Twilight looking at her with one of her eyebrows raised.

"B..But Twilight I.." Beerus tried to answered back when he suddenly sees Twilight right in his face growling with anger.

"Your the Great and Powerful Trixie! It takes some guts to face your death in front of me earlier so i'll give you that. I believe in you as well blue horned horse thing.." Beerus said with a hint of respect to Trixie who starts to lighten up and wipes off her tears.

"Darn those charming eyes of yours" Beerus muttered as Twilight quickly caught on to what the purple feline was saying. "What was that?!" Twilight says in a scolding tone that she uses when Spike gets into trouble and talks back to her as the Princess of Friendship tackles Beerus on the ground.

"Huh..?! T.. Twilight what are you..?!" Beerus was caught off guard for a second as he was tackled down by Twilight to the ground and was now looking into her face blushing as his heartbeat starts to get faster and faster.

"Well... I... Um... I was just.." Twilight stutters as she looks at Lord Beerus in the face as her cheeks starts to turn red and the next thing she notices was the purple feline who starts to hold her face and play with her mane. "Maybe this can be the start of something better, Don't you think?" Beerus asks with an amused look as he starts twirling his claw unto Twilight's mane.

"Yes it is.. Lord Beerus.. Yes it is.." Twilight replies as she slowly close her eyes to prepare a kiss for Beerus much to the amazement of everypony and everycreature when...

"Hey cut out the mushy stuff! Can't it wait till the mission is over? Hello?! Saving Equestria remember?" Rainbow Dash cuts in much to the annoyance of everypony else especially Twilight and Beerus.

"Awww..." Everypony cooed with delight but Rainbow Dash was quick to cut out the mushy stuff. "RAINBOW?!!"

Sigh... "Its okay Everypony... I understand..." Twilight slowly gets up as she turns to Lord Beerus. "Can this wait till we're done with the mission?" Twilight asks with a sly smile on her face. "Why of course Miss Sparkle". Beerus answers back with an amused smile on his face, trying hard to hide the redness on his face which everypony else can see.

"Um.. Twilight..?" Trixie asks as she turns over to Twilight with another set of cape and hat for her.

"Yes Trixie?"

"Well Trixie wants you to tell her how you feel when you wear her cape and hat for yourself". Twilight looks up at Trixie and at the second set of outfit she is levitating in her magic, amazed that she took the time to make a second outfit for herself.

Twilight takes one look at her friends before she dons the outfit as everypony nods at her with genuine smiles on their faces as she slowly takes the magician's hat and cape from her and puts it on. "I guess I'm the great and powerful Twilight then hehehe!" Twilight takes one look at Trixie and everycreature else as she smiles at Trixie and starts to tear up.

Pinkie pulls out a megaphone from her mane and encourages the rest of her friends to cheer on. "Three cheers for the Great and Powerful Twilight!! Hip Hip Hooray!! Hip Hip HOORAY!! HIP HIP HOORAY!!"

"Well then, Now on to the mission all we have to.." Twilight was cut off by a loud growling from her stomach. She turns to her friends and saw that their stomach was rumbling with hunger as well.

Twilight was going to ask Starlight if she knows a place where they can eat when Pinkie suddenly appears behind the purple princess wearing a large Pinkie Pie mascot. "Ooh are you guys and gals hungry? Luckily i always travel with an Lets celebrate with cheering Trixie up cake!" I also have goodie bags!"

"Uhh Pinkie I don't think we have time for cake.. We're only an hour away from Mount Aris..." Twilight said in disbelief.

"EAT.... THE... CAKE..." Pinkie gets into Twilight's face with the pink mare's eyes as big as dinner plates.

"Er, Are we just going to ignore that costume?" Asks Starlight with a confused look on her face.

"Please don's ask about it..." Rainbow groans in annoyance with a facehoof.

The next thing was everypony and everycreature was eating and enjoying Pinkie's cake with Starlight and Trixie feeding her other with the sweet dessert.

"Well... A short break won't hurt our schedule... And we do need to keep our strength up! Thank you, Pinkie!" Twilight chirped while she licks her lips of the delicious cake and Beerus wipes off her face with a handkerchief.

"You asked. Why did you ask...?" Rainbow groans in annoyance as she was now wearing a large Rainbow Dash mascot. Applejack smirks while Fluttershy just looks at her friend in complete disbelief.

One picnic later...

“Next spot Mount Eris!” Rainbow said pushing the balloon for take off to their destination. They believed to be home free. But little did they know Grubber found some clues that showed that the gang was on the ship, so Tempest showed her terrifying power to Capper, Captain Celaeno, and Sky Pirates by destroying their ship.

Meanwhile, the gang finally made it to Mount Eris, they were tired but had to keep going in order to find the hippogriffs and save their home. Starlight then noticed a sign that gave him the chills. “Warning: Mountain Height: 8,848 meters.

“Mountain climbing humor.” Pinkie laughed.

Everyone had awkward faces on them now knowing each of them carrying one trait that the sign said. Trixie then hid behind a rock. “I can’t do this.” she said whimpering. “I’m just a fearful coward, I can’t-” Before she could finish, Starlight grabbed and smacked her.

“Get a hold of yourself!” Starlight shouted. “ Trixie we've been over this! Sorry about the smack, but your acting like we got no chance of this. I am terrified beyond belief of that mountain but if we don’t take this risk, We can kiss our world goodbye! I’m not giving up, no matter how scarred I am.”

"Sorry! Hehehe!" Trixie gives Starlight a sheepish smile.

“Starlight is right.” Twilight said. “We have to do this, despite the warnings and danger.”

“But climb all they way up their?”Trixie said. “Why can’t we just have Rainbow, Fluttershy and you fly us up there?”

“Because that’s more risky than them climbing it.” Twilight answered.

“Well, I think I know how we can make it easy.” Applejack said. “Follow me.” they made their way to the mountain with one last sign saying ‘I warned you.’

“You ready Trixie?” Starlight asked again.

“Yes.” Trixie reluctantly answered.

“Trixie. It’s this way.”

“W...w...w...where?” Trixie was now being a scaredy cat despite acting tough in the past against Twilight and everypony else.

“Here.” Starlight sighs as she points Trixie to the right way up.

“Oh, coming.” Trixie just got caught up with the group as Applejack began to explained her plan to climb the mountain.

One hour later...

Rarity was panting all tired like. “Can’t go on like this! The bad guys have won! I’m so sorry.”

"Ohh will you please..?!! GAAHHH!!!" Beerus starts getting annoyed despite agreeing to walk up this mountain with everypony else as a vein popped in his forehead. Everypony yelped as Beerus quickly grabbed everypony else including Spike and puts them on his back to fly up the mountain in great speeds.

“Hey, we’re almost there!” Rainbow shouted in excitement as she rode the purple feline's back.

“Will you stop saying that!?” Rarity said.

As Beerus flew to the top of the mountain, He gently set everypony else down and stands to the side rubbing his fists on his stomach and blowing on it.

"Thank you so much for flying us up there Lord Beerus" Twilight says as she sighs with relief. "Why didn't i think of that before?"

"Ohh yes... yes... Why indeed..?" Beerus into chibi form facepalms in a comedic manner.

“She’s right!” Starlight said. “We’re here!” Everyone was relieved and excited to finally get the help they needed. But they were unaware of what awaited them, and it wasn't teaming with life.

The gang soon made their way into the kingdom excited that their journey was almost over. But as they walked through the town, all they saw was destruction and deserted buildings with the only living things being trees. It was a sad site to behold to see what was once a great kingdom now destroyed.

“Are we sure this is the right place?” Rarity questioned.

“Hello!?” Starlight called out. “Anyone home?”

“No Hippogriffies here.” Pinkie said as she looked in random places. “Or here, or here, or here, or here, or here.”

Twilight sighed then spoke. “But Celestia.....The map.....They have to be here.” She said while looking around.

“Face it Twilight! They’re probably long gone. I knew it was hopeless to stop the Storm King from the very beginning.” Trixie said in a low tone mixture of defeat and shame.

A moment of silence took place till Trixie spoke up. “Well, this is the end.” Trixie said and lied down on the floor.”

“No it’s not Trixie.” Starlight said not wanting to give up.”

“It’s not?” Trixie said who was engaging in a "Emotional Eating" with Rarity who was crying her tears out and ruining her makeup while shoving spoonfuls of ice cream into their mouths while Lord Beerus and Pinkie decides to join them just for the sweets and giggles of the moment.

“We can’t just give up because we don’t have any help.” Starlight said. “and besides, maybe we’ll end up finding them.”

“Starlight, something terrible must have happen here.” Spike said. “Something that turn this whole place into a ghost town.”

"A g-g-g-g-ghost town?!" Fluttershy was then shivering in fear.

Then they all heard a faint singing voice behind a pile of rocks in front of a building. They had make a tight squeeze to get in. But they soon got to the other side and could hear the voice much clearer and it was a beautiful singing voice coming from a flower on a lily pad. Everyone was curious of what it was.

“Well were not going to find out what that is standing here. I'll go see what it is” Beerus exclaimed catching the attention of the voice.

*Gasp* What was that?!” It said then dove in the water.

“Hey, wait up. Pinkie said before doing a cannonball on the water. “Cannonball!!.”

“My turn.” Trixie said doing the same. “CANNONBALL!”

“Pinkie!” Twilight shouted chasing after her.

Trixie!” Starlight shouted chasing after her. They all went in the water with Trixie popping up first.

“What?” Trixie asked then Pinkie came up.

“She’s gone.” Pinkie said. Then they heard a noise as if a trap door opened.

“Now what?” Twilight asked. then a giant whirlpool appeared and started sucking them in.

“I hate epic adventures.” Rarity said annoyed.

At that moment, Pinkie realized the others were in danger. “HOLD ON EVERYONE!!” Pinkie shouted to them and started looking through her mane as the whirlpool washed them under. Twilight and the others except for Lord Beerus who posses powerful lungs were running out of air fast until....

“AHA!” Pinkie said as she found her bubble supplies in her mane and blew 6 air bubbles for everypony and Spike as well as Beerus so they could breath.

“Way to leave it to the last minute Pinkie” Trixie said panting.

“Sorry, my fault.” Pinkie said. Then something swam pass them in the darkness.

“What was that?” Beerus said as his ear twitched.

“Hello?” Twilight called out. “We’re looking for the Hippogriffs.”

“How do I know I can trust you?” The voice asked.

“Please, the Storm king invaded our land, and we need their help.”

“The Storm king?”

“Yes.” Starlight said. “They froze the princesses and they enslaved everypony else. Please help us!”

The strange figure swam from the shadows and was revealed to be a yellow seapony. This was Princess Skystar. “I’m so glad I met you guys. I’m totally taking you to my mom.”

Everyone was surprised at her unique appearance, even Beerus who only arrived in this realm for a day.

“Does your mother know where they are?” Twilight gasps.

“She might have an idea!” The seapony said all bubbly like.

“We’re almost there." Princess Skystar said.

"You’ll surely love this.” Skystar said as they all swam to the Kingdom and it was incredibly beautiful.

“Incredible.” Beerus said in amazement. Everyone was amaze by it’s majestic beauty as they swam up to the castle. some sea ponies took notice in curiousity of what was going on.

Everyone soon enter the throne room to the ruler of the under water world.

“Mother, look what I found!.” Skystar said.

“Is it another shell?” Queen Novo asked. “Because I’m telling you if it’s another shell I am- *gasp* Princess Skystar, what have you done? You know surface dwellers are forbidden here! Guards!

The guards surrounded the Mane 6, Starlight, Trixie, Spike and Beerus who just looked at these troops with a bored expression on his face.

“No, No, No, Mom please.” Princess Skystar said defending them. “It is so not like that. The Storm King is trying to destroy their home too.”

“You mean Equestria?” One of the Guard Sea Ponies asked Starlight.

“That’s terrible.” Another guard seapony said.

“Yep, Probably the entire world.” Starlight answered.

"We need to find the Hippogriffs." Twilight said. "Do you know what happened to them?"

Well, of course I know. I'm the queen. I know everything. Queen Novo said.

“Oh it’s such a good story.” Princess Skystar said.

“Don’t you dare tell them.” The queen ordered her daughter.

"Once upon a time, like, a while ago." Skystar began showing glowing images while she spoke. "The Hippogriffs did live on Mount Aris."

Everyone was amaze by it so far.

"Did I not say don't tell them? But hey, I'm just the queen. Don't mind me." Queen Novo said in a annoyed voice.

“I know how you feel sister.” Trixie said as Starlight raised an eyebrow to her friend.

“Same. I’m right their with you.” Beerus supported which made Twilight narrowed her eyes at the purple feline.

"Fine! I can't tell you! But if I could tell you, I'd say that that horned beast did show up to steal their magic!" Princess Skystar explained.

“Awwwww. That's a shame you can’t.” Trixie sneered which made Starlight punched her lightly on the shoulder.

"Ouch!! Sorry!" Trixie says as she was not expecting Starlight to keep her in line.

“Seriously?” Queen Novo said.

"But, to keep it out of his clutches, their brave and majestic leader, Queen Novo, hid them deep underwater where he could never go! We are... Well, we were the Hippogriffs! Ta-da!" Hehehe! "But I totally did not tell you that!" Princess Skystar said whispering to everypony and everycreature around.

“Well, I guess the pearl is out of the oyster now.” The Queen said. “I am Queen Novo.”

“Wait a minute?” Trixie said. “Starlight, I think the sea ponies are the long lost Hippogriffs.”

"Way to go Trixie! Im so glad that you didn't lose your focus there for a second!" Twilight applauded her as everypony else cheered for the pony magician.

"I knew i could count on you to study when i brought some books from Twilight's Castle to your wagon the other day". Starlight said as she starts to ruffle Trixie's mane resulting in the two Besties sharing some laughs and giggles.

"And thats why your my number one student in the Lessons of Friendship!" Twilight says, proud of her student which made Starlight blush.

"Hold on now. Lemme get this straight. When the Storm King came, you just abandoned your entire city and fled?" Asked Applejack.

“We didn’t flee, we swam.” Skystar said. “You know in order to flee.”

“How did you do it?” Starlight asked.

"Oh! Can we show them?" Skystar asked her mother. "Huh? These are the first guests we've had in, like, foreveeerrr! Can we, can we, can we, can we, can we, can we, can we, can we, can we?"

"Well, I suppose I should make sure it still works." The Queen chuckles.

She and Skystar then got out a glowing orb and used its magic around the Mane 6, Starlight, Trixie, Spike and Beerus. Soon the Mane 6 were Sea Ponies while Spike was transformed into a Puffer Fish and Lord Beerus in a Great White Shark.

“These fins are divine!” Rarity said in excitement.

“Hey Applejack, I’ll race you to that coral.” Rainbow challenged.

While Applejack and Rainbow Dash are getting ready to race, Princess Skystar approaches Lord Beerus and whispers some kind of plan into his ear which got him kind of amused for some reason.

“Your on.” Applejack said and they began racing but they suddenly bumped into Beerus who was transformed into a great white shark with Princess Skystar trying to hide from everypony else on his back. "Hey watch where your going seapony!"

"S...S...S...Shark!!" Applejack shrieked as she starts swimming over to Rainbow to warn everypony else. "Rainbow! S.. Shark! There's a Shark over here!!"

"Shark?!" Rainbow quickly swam over to Applejack in fear as they flip their fins away from Lord Beerus alerting alot of Sea Pony Guards who stand in attention holding their lightning spears, ready to neutralize the situation.

"Now i can finally live the dream of terrorizing the seas!! Hahahaha!!" Beerus starts chasing everypony else to the corner as Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Spike, Starlight Glimmer and Trixie huddle up as keep shaking in fear ready to get 'eaten' by Lord Beerus.

"Now i finally got you little ponies where i want you and i.." Beerus was about to open mouth to show his razor sharp teeth when Twilight suddenly swam in front of Lord Beerus looking at him straight in the eye. "T.. Twilight?! W.. What are you doing here and why are you..?!"

"No excuses! Now come over here and we're gonna discuss your tendencies of scaring everypony else!" Twilight says as she looks at the purple massive shark Beerus clearly in a bad mood. "B..B..But how did you..?!" Beerus stutters as he looks at Twilight in the eyes as he gives the purple princess a nervous smile.

"I know its you Lord Beerus.. I saw you transform with us back there with everypony else". Twilight says clearly not amused.

"B.. But why aren't you scared?! Shouldn't you be terrified that im a shark and your a seapony who's clearly much bigger and stronger than you..?" Beerus was cut off when Twilight suddenly put her fins to the purple shark's cheeks causing Beerus to blush red and his heart to beat a little faster.

"Because i know that you won't do it.. That you value everypony else as much as you value me ever since you came here, That you have a heart just like everypony else and.. that all you need is some love.. Because when you love somepony, You value them because they matter to you just like all the little things that you care about. Twilight looks at the purple shark with gleam in her eyes.

"Princess Twilight I.." Beerus was about to say something when Twilight cut her off and kisses Lord Beerus right in the lips causing the purple feline to be taken aback he kisses back Princess Twilight much to everypony and everycreature's amazement as they start cheering for Twilight and Lord Beerus even the Queen herself.

One of the Sea Pony Guards approaches Queen Novo and bows down in front of her. "If i may ask your majesty, Why didn't you do anything to neutralize the situation when its dire?"

"Why would I..? Everyone knows this is all one great big entertaining show! Look!" Queen Novo points the guard to Lord Beerus and he sees that Princess Skystar was riding on the purple shark who calls himself Lord Beerus. "Yes My Queen! I understand!" The Sea Pony Guard swam off from the Queen to join his other mates on their laughter.

"Say why didn't you all tell me that this was all for show earlier?" Asked the Seapony Guard who just reported to Queen Novo.

"What do you mean?" Asked the General who was clearly amused. "Everypony knows that if you want in on Princess Skystar's joke, You have to ask her yourself and its all in good timing Lieutenant! Hahaha! Seriously! Everypony knows that the Princess can be a great prankster from time to time! Hahahaha!"

The Lieutenant Sea Pony Guard just sighs as he downs his drink with his other mates in the guard.

"Soo.. Would you like to go hang out once all of this shenanigans and trouble is over" Beerus asked.

"Its a date!" Twilight gives him a wink and kisses the purple shark in the cheek one more time before swimming away causing him to smile as the purple princess swims away to talk to the Queen.

Lord Beerus swims away with Princess Skystar as they start to talk more openly about pranks and other things. "So as i was saying..." Beerus prattles on with the bubbly princess.

"Oh really..? Wow! Thats so delightful!" Princess Skystar smiles with glee.

A few moments later...

"Wow! I'm loving this new look already! Its not everyday you get to explore underwater with this aquatic body!" Starlight said as she stars doing flips and twirls in the water.

"This is amazing! With this form, Maybe Trixie can do a second magic show in here!" Trixie says as she starts doing loop de loops in the water to test out her new abilities for a new kind of show she is thinking of.

"Really? You do magic shows? I'd love a good trick!" Princess Skystar giggles as she swam over to Trixie.

"Why Trixie thinks it would be my pleasure to perform a Sweet Princess like you!" Trixie exclaims as baby blue colored sea pony starts to do more tricks like drifting and doughnuts in front of her new friend.

As Starlight swims over to Trixie, She gets caught up between her bestie and Princess Skystar who sandwiched them both in a hug. "Im so glad that the three of us are going to be the best of friends!" The three sea ponies hugged each other sharing more jokes for laughs and giggles.

“Wooohooo, try it Fluttershy!” Pinkie said swimming around

Fluttershy just did a slight little motion with her fin. “Yay.”

“Guys, guys?” Spike shouted seeing he was a puffer fish. “what is *puffs* happening?

“Awwwww so cute.” Fluttershy squealed.

"This is amazing!" Twilight said in excitement. "With this, we could transform everypony at home into something powerful enough to face the Storm King's army!"

“Like the team of power ponies to see if they can become something more so when they need us, we can fight the battles no one ever could?” Spike asked.

“Or demolition ponies that can blow up a bunch of stuff and have so many explosions that everypony can’t tell whats going on?” Trixie suggested.

“I like that one.” Beerus smirked.

"Or it could end up in his greedy claws!" Queen Novo said refusing.

“But-” Twilight said.

"Honey, I'm sorry about your home. I truly am. But my responsibility is to protect my subjects. The pearl... is not going anywhere". Queen Novo said as she was putting the pearl back in the right place.

"But we've come all this way. And you can't just hide down here! Trapped forever! There's so much you're missing!" Twilight tried to reason.

“She’s right.” Starlight said. “Theirs so much your missing.”

We are one hundred percent okay with that! Queen Novo said still refusing.

Then a Octopus Butler Jamal came up informing Queen Novo of something.

Jamal: *chitters*

"Yes, Jamal?" Asked Queen Novo

Jamal: *chitters*

"Ooh! Time for my seaweed wrap." Queen Novo chirped excited for her meal.

Jamal: *chitters*

"Yes, a massage, too. Mama needs her deep tissue." Queen Novo delighted as she is swims off to her daily R and R.

"So that's it?" Applejack said. "We left home for nothin'?"

“Well we’ll help you out.” Trixie said.

“Of course we will.” Beerus supported. “It’s our home too.”

“That’s great to hear.” Starlight said. “ Now we need to think of a plan to save the day.”

"Oh, my gosh! Best... idea! You can stay with us! Forever!" Princess Skystar laughs. "There are so many things we can do! We can make friendship bracelets out of shells and... picture frames outta shells and... decorative wastebaskets out of shells... Oh, I have so many projects that involve shells, haha! Now I have someone new to share them with! I mean, aside from my friends, Shelly and Sheldon. Right? "Shelly"?"

"And "Sheldon"? Get it?" Princess Skystar chuckles much to Pinkie's delight who starts giggling with the yellow sea pony.

“Rarity then began to speak with the princess. "That sounds lovely, Darling, but you must realize, we can't stay."

Applejack then spoke. "We've gotta get back to our families."

Princess Skystar realize Applejack was right. Otherwise they wouldn’t have risk their lives coming here.

"Oh, no. Of course. Of course. Heh. Of course you have your own friends back home. It's fine. It's fine. Heh." Shelly and Sheldon get jealous anyways. Heh. It's probably for the best. Yeah, I'll just, um... I'll get Mom to, uh, turn you back so you can go home." Skystar sighs as she began to swim away.

Her voice seemed to be one of both sadness and disappointment which made Pinkie and Trixie sad.

“I know we have to go, but you know how disappointed Princess Skystar was.” Pinkie said.

“Yeah.” Trixie agreed. “Can’t we just stay a little longer and play with her?”

Twilight then got a idea as Starlight began to speak.

“Trixie, as much as I want to as much as you, But we just don’t have time to-”

“Oh no, no, no. Pinkie and Trixie are right.” Twilight interrupted.

"Say what now?" Rainbow asked.

"Well, we still need to come up with a plan to get back." Twilight explained. "A few minutes won't make a huge difference. And if there's anypony who can cram a lifetime of fun into a blink of an eye, it's Trixie and Pinkie Pie!" “So go ahead, and show Skystar the best time ever.”

“We’ll give her the best DAY ever.” Pinkie said proudly as she fires off her party canon spreading cupcakes, confetti, balloons and other party decorations everywhere.

"Trixie will give her the GREATEST and most POWERFUL Day Ever!" Trixie says as she throws her signature smoke bombs and fireworks start to go off around the place much to the surprise to everyone else as they giggle.

“We won’t let you down.” Pinkie said as she runs off with Trixie to cheer up Princess Skystar.

“I’m counting on it.” Twilight said as she pushed the others away while Pinkie lead the others in a march.

“Are you with me on this Pinkie Plan Sugarcube?” Applejack asked.

“Yes I am Darling! Of Course!” Rarity answered with her posh and elegance as always.

“Are we gonna do this thing or what?” Rainbow Dash asked getting impatient.

“Hey can we join?” Starlight said bringing along the purple shark Lord Beerus.

“OF COURSE!” Spike and Pinkie said gesturing them to come along.

“YIPEEE!” Starlight said. “Come on Lord Beerus! I know you want to do this too!" Starlight invites her purple shark.

“*Sigh* Coming.”Lord Beerus said dragging along.

None of them were aware of what Twilight was about to do. But she felt it was their only chance now to save the world.

Princess Skystar was quietly sobbing that her new friends had to go home. “It’s probably for the best.” She told herself, but it didn’t change the fact that she wanted to be with them. It just broke her heart thinking that.

Little did she know about the special musical number that everypony and everycreature prepared for her as Pinkie approached her seapony friend with a delightful sing song voice.

Queen Novo and a hand full of her subjects had overheard the song and ended up having a lot of fun. Everyone was laughing, hugging, and having a good time.

Soon a bunch of Sea ponies were clapping and cheering on Princess Skystar for the song on the Grand Concert Extravaganza set up by Pinkie, Trixie and everypony else. She couldn’t believe Starlight and the others would do this for her. She realized the joy of having true friends and she was more happy than she was in a long time.

Princess Skystar swims over to Pinkie Pie and Trixie as she sandwiched them both in a hug. "Awww thanks for everything you two! Hehehe! You guys and gals are the best!"

"Yeah.. Thanks for making me realize that i was talented with percussion instruments, Now i aside from waiting on concerts from different pop stars, I can actually live my dream of being a musician and being interrupted by orders of a higher being from my Old World of the Outer Dimension." Beerus smirks with a tap of a snare drum and a cymbal.

"Oh your very welcome! I'm happy to be your very best friend to share my laughs, giggles and tears with anytime of the day". Skystar said happily as she hugs the purple shark.

"We love you Lord Beerus!!" Everypony and Everycreature swam in and give Beerus a big hug much to the delight of the Queen and her subjects.

"Yeah, If everything else fails then you will be your secret weapon to defeat those big bad meanie pants!" Pinkie chirped.

"Yeah! He's a much better, polite, civilized and civilized fellow than the Lord of Chaos Discord guy ever was!!" Rainbow Dash exclaimed while leaning with her hooves on Beerus shark gills.

"HEY!!!" Fluttershy snarked causing everypony and everycreature to laugh.

"Hehehe! Sorry about that Flutters!" Rainbow apologized as she gives Fluttershy a sheepish smile.

“We're just happy your happy.” Starlight told her friend and everyone had a good laugh. But then Skystar noticed something.

"Well, I guess there is one small thing we can do". Queen Nova smiles as everypony and everycreature looked at the queen with gleaming eyes and a hopeful smile on their face.

“Uh Guys, Where’s Twilight?” Skystar asked. Everyone looked around but Twilight was no where to be seen. Suddenly, An alarm went off causing everyone to gasp.

"The pearl alarm! Oh, no, the pearl alarm!" A female sea pony faints as a pair of sea pony parademics take her to infirmary while Twilight was yelling in the distance.

Everypony and everycreature gasped while Beerus facepalms in disappointment as he figured out what happened.

“It’s not me this time!!” Starlight said as everypony else except Beerus looked at her with a confused look on their faces as light pink unicorn tries to brush of bad memories of "Our Town" as she shivered at the very thought of it.

“It’s coming from the throne room, Quickly everyone!” Beerus shouted. Everyone swam back to the throne room to be shocked to find that Twilight was trying to steal the magic pearl but got tangled while trying to. Queen Novo was furious.

“TWLIGHT STOP!!!” Starlight shouted. “This is wrong!! What your doing is wrong!!”

Queen Novo swiped the pearl from Twilight before she could get it.

“NO!! PLEASE!!” Twilight begged believing the pearl was the only hope left.

“All of this so you could sneak in and take the pearl!?” Queen Novo accused and she grabbed Princess Skystar.

“This is why we don’t bring strangers into our home!” She then turned her gaze to Twilight and the others would both distraught and confused. “You don’t deserve to be one of us.” She then used the pearl turning them back to normal.

To be Continued...