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Fun and Friendship or Invasion and Destruction? A My Little Pony Movie x Beerus Crossover! - MarlonCalpe4000

Beerus arrives at the King of All's Palace where Present and Future Lord Zeno gives Beerus an honorable exile for his retirement in Equestria. He gets teleported in the city of Canterlot for the first ever Friendship Festival is going to take place.

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The hunt is on!! Meeting Terror Birds in the Sky?!

At Klugetown

Meanwhile in the middle of the city after the party died down Tempest, Grubber and two Storm Guards that have made their way through town. These Storm Guard have magenta colored streaks in their fur and tail meant to be Tempest's escort and security.

"Hey your not allowed in here! The only ones allowed to barge in are the mayor and his..." A fish creature tries to stop the Storm Guard and Tempest from entering the city but the Storm Guard pushes her to the side"MOVE IT..!!! I KNOW YOUR HIDING THOSE PONIES HERE!!!"

"I swear were not!!" Pleads a anthropomorphic bear in the crowd.

"Hey you can't go inside!!!" Says a fox as he tries to throw a tomato at the Storm Guards but his wolf friend quickly stops him from doing anything stupid that they might get noticed.

"Hey Princess Twilight and her friends are heroe.." One of the deer creatures tried to speak up out of fear but his porcupine friend quickly covers his mouth with a claw. "Hey Shut up!!!"

“Tempest, are you sure their around here?” Grubber asked munching on a caramel apple. “I mean they could have just pass through by now.”

Tempest sniffed the air smelling an aroma of sweet treats and notice it was a strand of Pinkie’s hair. “Oh their here.”

“HEY LISTEN BUSTER!” A fish creature said interrupting Tempest “I don’t know what scheme you got with Capper, but I ain’t falling for it again.

"Grubber?" Tempest looks at Grubber as her assistant hedgehog nods his head back in response as he pulls out a Energy Enhancer Gumball Steroid throwing it into the purple pony's mouth she chews it for a while, getting a close up of her teeth and swallows.

Tempest stopped him before he could say anything else . “Look I’m just looking for an alicorn princess, Just tell me where she is.” She told him.

“Or something really bad is gonna happen.” Grubber finished but the fish came closer and was real big so Grubber backed away from him.

“You don’t wanna mess with me.” The fish creature said and tried to attack but tempest kicked him with her leg thats glowing light blue and coated with lightning knocking him backwards as he screams in pain, grabbed his tail with her mouth and flipped him and slams him into the ground leaving behind several large cracks and leaving the fish man with broken ribs and spitting out a tooth as he coughs up some blood.

“OHHHHHH fish man just got dropped!” Grubber said.

“So...About this Capper,” Tempest said darkly.

Meanwhile while Twilight was investigating some of the books to find what they were looking for, everyone was hanging around talking about their adventures.

“Your kidding, a Sonic Rainboom?” Capper said not convinced.

“Yep, let me show you.” Rainbow said about to do it before Capper stopped her.

“No, no, no, no,no I believe you.” He said.

While having was sitting down for a conversation, Lord Beerus was serving tea to Fluttershy who was lying down on a pillow. "Oh thank you so much Lord Beerus". "No problem". Beerus says with smile as he serves a slice of strawberry cake and a plate of chocolate chip cookies to Fluttershy.

Meanwhile Starlight and Trixie walks out of the kitchen to refill the tea set and silver tray of deserts while wearing maid costumes courtesy of Pinkie Pie.

Capper was about to whisper something to him when he notice a bluish glow around his coat. “Hey, Hey.”

“Just hold still.” Rarity said.

Capper took notice as Rarity fixed a torn sleeve he had on his jacket.

“Woah.” Capper said.

“Here you go.” Rarity said giving him two gold buttons. “I do apologize, if we were back home, I could have done something truly fabulous.

“Ok, whats the catch?”

“Nothing, After all that you done for us, consider it a thank you.”

Capper was surprised. No one has ever did anything nice to him before.

“Oh, Don’t thank me, really.” He said ashamed.

Capper felt bad when he realized that they were having a good time. He began to quiver at what they had done to his new found friends.

"I’ll go get everyone refreshments.” Capper tried to brush off this thought as he was about to walk over to the kitchen to get some more food for everyone.

Guys!” Twilight said holding a map while everyone gathered around the table. “We’re looking for the wrong queen. We don’t need the queen of the hippos, We need the queen of the hippogriffs. Part pony, part eagle.

“Ohhhhh that makes more sense in my mind.” Trixie said as she was dipping peanut butter crackers into the milk and popping them into her mouth.

“Oh the hippogriffs.” Capper said. “Now the trouble with that is no one knows where they are.”

“Says here, there on the top of Mount Eris.” Twilight corrected him.

“You mean the mountain outside the window?” Pinkie said pointing to the very mountain.

“Well that’s convenient.” Starlight said.

“Objects in windows maybe less mountainous than they appear.” Capper said giggling nervously.

“Let’s go everyone.” Twilight said but Capper knew Verko could be waiting for them right now. He had to make sure they didn’t end up with him.

“WAIT!” Capper said blocking the door. “You can’t make it by yourselves, you need an airship, and lucky for you, I can get you a ride.

Twilight still didn’t trust Capper. “I think we can get their on our own.”

But when she open the door..

“Here’s Verko” laughed a crooked teeth guinea pig. Twilight gasped and Starlight was shocked.

Verko was pleased with what he saw. “These ponies better shoot rainbow lasers out of their eyes if their gonna settle your debt. I brought a big cage. Let’s load em up.”

Everyone gasped.

“WHAT?!” Starlight said.

"HE WAS GONNA SELL US OUT!!!" Beerus snarls as he was about to punch Capper with his fists that was heated up glowing red orange like heated metal but Starlight stopped him as she runs in front of Capper putting her hooves to the side to block everypony else.

"Wait!! Lets try to hear him out first please!!" Starlight yelled out

"Im selling you out" Capper said in a nonchalant manner.

“You were going to sell us!?” Rarity said.

“I KNEW IT!! Twilight shouted. “We gotta get out of here.”

“Silly little fools.” Tempest said as she came into the picture.

“AAHHHHHH TEMPEST!!!!” Starlight screamed followed by another scream from Trixie.

Tempest approached them before Verko came to her. “Oooooo Look at you with your broken horn and scowling eyes.” He said grabbing her face. “What tricks do you know my little pony wony?” Verko said before Tempest shocked him. “Not bad.” He said before falling over revealing the Mane 6, Spike, Starlight, Trixie, and Beerus who were tugged by Twilight's magic who were now escaping as Starlight threw their ruined maid outfits as a blinding distraction while Trixie threw smoke bombs at them to cover their escape route.

"Get that Princess and the Cornish Rex!!" Tempest teleports around the smoke coughing as she she looks for her prize when Beerus instantly appears shooting her with a Simple Ki Blast as she gets thrown to the wall smashing it as several breakables shattered on the floor. Beerus was about to knock her lights out when the God of Destruction gets yanked by Twilight's magic. Not that he bothered anyway but since this is Twilight calling, The Princess of Friendship who he had grown to trust as a friend and somepony to fell for, he decided to escape with her this time just to please her.

He would have to spare her.. "For now.. FOR NOW..." Beerus thought as he flies back to Twilight and his friends.

"B..But i want to fight her!!" Lord Beerus said in protest but Twilight was having none of it as she drags off the purple feline."No more fighting till i deem its necessary! You got that Mister?!" "Yes Princess Twilight.." Beerus says in a defeated manner blushing bright red seeing as Twilight was doing that thing again when she puts her face too close in his face every time they would argue and have a disagreement. Beerus then levitates into the air beside Twilight, Still keeping that promise of refusing to fight back until a shot was fired at Twilight or the rest of his friends.

“GO!, GO!” Twilight shouted before flying off with the map.

“Get... her... NOW!” Tempest ordered as she tries to get up from the debris of the broken wall.

“You gonna be scared now ponies!” Grubber said.

The gang soon got on the windmill holding on to one of its blade one of the guards got a hold on the bottom.

“DON’T JUST STAND THERE!” Trixie shouted. “SAVE US!”

Twilight and Rainbow Dash began trying to push the windmill till eventually it stared spinning real fast causing everyone but Beerus to scream as he was levitating in the air. The windmill eventually broke off causing it to spin out of control over town.

I’m-gonna-be-sick. Applejack said.

Everyone jumped on a balcony running from the windmill as the balcony collapsed, so they jumped to another one and kept running from the collapsing floorboards till they jumped to an entrance on normal ground. Then Twilight noticed an airship.

“We have to get there, to the docks! Twilight told the others as they raced up the stairs. The ship began to leave as they got there, but luckily Rainbow grabbed a rope in the nick of time so they could get across. First Rarity, then Applejack, then Starlight, then Trixie, then Spike while Fluttershy flew as Beerus was levitating in the air. Pinkie jumped on the rope causing her and Spike to fall. Spike held on to the rope while Pinkie fell, and Twilight flew in to save Pinkie from falling and got her on to the ship.

“Best escape plan EVER!” Pinkie said in excitement.

“WHAT!?” Twilight shouted till Starlight covered her mouth and shushed her. Pointing up showing that their were others on board.

“What now?” Trixie whispered. But no one knew what to do but Starlight noticed something.

Back at the city, Tempest was interrogating Capper as a bunch of Storm Guards surround him.

“Ok, Ok, No need for violence.” Capper said. “They’re heading-” But he paused for a moment when he saw the buttons Rarity gave him earlier and remembered her generosity to him, making him not want to betray her again. “They’re heading east to Black Skull Island.”

“Yep that’s where their going.” Capper said giggling nervously.

Tempest and Grubber weren't so sure he was telling the truth.

“So, uh, glad to be observance to his Majesty, the Storm King, I'll just be on my way.” Capper said before he was stopped by Tempest’s Guards.

“ When I get my Princess,” Tempest said. “Until then, your fate is still in the air.”

“Oh your going in to spair, which is a boat, an airboat.” Grubber said as Capper sighs in defeat.

We make a great team. I love it how you said his fate with "up in the air", and then I said, "you're gonna be in the air on an air-boat!"

"Does he ever shut up..?" Capper groans he is being watched by Tempest's Security. "Ohh... Don't even get me started on him.." Tempest sighs in annoyance as she rubs her temple.

The gang was hiding from the crew of Sky Pirates which oddly consisted of anthropomorphic parrots as a ship horn blows and some bells clang in the background.

“What do you think Twilight?” Applejack whispered to her. “Should we ask them to take us?”

“Hey guys, come check this out.” Boyle said as the other crew members came to see what’s going on.

“Looks like a group of stowaways.” Mullet the parrot with the eye patch said.

“What are we suppose to do with them?” Lix Spittle the female parrot asked while another parrot with a metal beak Squabble squawks in curiosity as well.

“Well we could rid them of their innocence.” Boyle said as he looks at Starlight Glimmer running a claw down on her mane. "H.. Hey!! W.. What do you think your doing?!... Back up Jack!!" Starlight bucks Boyle with her hind legs right under his chin which causes the green parrot to fall down and hold unto his bleeding beak."This here's feisty one if you asked me..."

“What about starving them.” Mullet said causing Trixie to gasped.

"I think we tie 'em up!" Boyle said causing Applejack to gasp.

“Or we clip their wings.” Lix Spittle said causing Rainbow to flinch.

“No, we scar them.” Mullet said causing Rarity to scream a bit. “Emotionally...” He finished causing Fluttershy to cry.

"Wai-wai-wai-wait. What say the book, Captain Celaeno?" Mullet asked.

Then a female pegged leg parrot approached everyone holding a book with the same symbol of the Storm King. She opened the book finding the rule of what to do with stowaways. “Storm King's rule says..........Throw them overboard.”

"If you take any step closer to me, I swear to hell i'll..." Beerus stands up as he held out his starts attempting to blast these feather brains off with his Hakai technique as God Aura starts to envelop his hands and everypony else starts to cower and lay down on the floor with their hooves on top of their heads and necks shaking in fear including Spike.. but not before Twilight teleports in front of Beerus as she slowly puts a hoof on the purple feline's arm trying to neutralize the situation once again with a reassuring smile as Lord Beerus sighs and stops his destructive attack but he was still pretty pissed off.

"W.. W.. What just happened?!" Asked Captain Celaeno as she breathed a sigh of relief seeing that her crew of Sky Pirates went from tough and rough to quickly hiding behind her back like a mouse running away from a cat.

"Please just keep him happy okay?! If not for us then just please do it for yourselves!!" Twilight says as her legs start shaking and her mane all frazzled while she starts kneeling to the floor pleading them.

"He's a Freaking God! Don't pissed him off!! Please..!!" Rainbow Dash says as her eyes turn to pinpricks just looking at Beerus, What he will do to you and.." Pinkie Pie cuts off Rainbow Dash as she starts to run up to Captain Celaeno with that rare look of fear that ever struck her when she really becomes paranoid.

"And the whole entire world.. NO!! THE WHOLE ENTIRE UNIVERSE GOES KABLOOEY!!!" The rest of the Sky Pirates look over to Starlight and Trixie who just nodded without a word as Starlight quickly hides behind Trixie's cape.

"So whats it going to be this time huh?" Beerus asks as he starts to walk towards the scared bird pirates as Twilight teleports beside the purple feline of a God. "What he means to say that.. Im sure there's a way we can talk things out right?" Twilight asks with a sheepish grin on her face.

Captain Celaeno was about to give her answer since the other members of her crew to speak out in fear until the union whistle blew loudly.

“ALRIGHT, THAT’S LUNCH!!!” Captain Celaeno shouted as the rest of her sky pirate crew run off from her screaming with fear and into the kitchen of the ship to prepare their meals much to the confusion between the ponies. They have to be extra careful since they are serving a god that has the potential to destroy their world with a tap of a finger as they have just witnessed.

"Cooking up grub for me crew to keep their mind off this horrible squall!" Captain Celaeno sings as she chops some vegetables and made a salad. Then she peels a potato and adds it to the soup on the stove. She then takes a petal from a flower and adds it to the soup. Then she added some spices which formed in the shape of a heart as it flies in the soup. Meanwhile on the other side of the kitchen Lix Spittle was making a cucumber sandwich with the crusts off and Mullet was just about to finished decorating the cake.

Play for an Authentic Experience!

The other Sky Pirates quickly serve the food at the table in front of Twilight and her friends. "Lord Beerus please help yourself!" Captain Celaeno says rubbing both of her wings in a hopeful manner. "All of the plates are delicious. They were prepared by the finest chefs on this airship."

"Oh yeah? These plates? Hmmm..." Beerus asks quite skeptical of this remark

All of the ponies as well as the baby dragon in the airship were giving each other scared looks especially Twilight and Starlight meanwhile Captain Celaeno's pirate crew were just standing at the sidelines equally scared themselves as the ponies as Beerus starts poking the salad with the fork as well as sniffing the soup and the cucumber sandwiches with no crust, last but not the least he sticks his finger into the cake and tasted the frosting.

"I think this is delicious" Beerus continued. "I like the mixture of ingredients in here, definitely to my liking"

"So this pirate ship is.." Captain Celaeno asks but Beerus cuts her off with his answer. "Yes.." Beerus replied slightly amused that these band of Sky Pirates can cook.

"YAY!!! WOOHOO!!!" Everyone in the ship cheered loudly at the success of the cooked meals and how everyone's lives were spared. Were mostly Captain Celaeno and her pirate crew's lives were at steak.

The next thing Twilight, Pinkie Pie, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Fluttershy, Starlight, Trixie, Spike and Beerus knew, They were having lunch with Captain Celaeno and her pirate crew. There was vegetable salad, egg and corn soup, cucumber sandwiches and for dessert they have strawberry shortcake which for some Applejack refused to try because it wasn't apple.

"Whoa whoa whoa! So you were about to toss us overboard and you stopped for a lunch break?" Rainbow Dash asked.

Twilight was annoyed at Rainbow because she needed time to convince them not to do that.

Storm King only allows one break a day for meals, then it's back to hauling goods. Boyle said.

“So your delivery guys?” Spike asked.

“And gals,” Celaeno said. “The uniforms aren’t doing us any favors.”

Then can you deliver us to Mount Aris? Twilight asked.

“Sorry, we only do the Storm King's orders, or we suffer his wrath.” Celaeno said.

“Right.” Twilight said. “Still going overboard.”

“Well, Don’t take the overboard thing personal.” The Lix Spittle said. “Pudding?”

“Yes please Trixie would love that! Thank you very much!.”

"Sure thing guys and galls! I'll be right back!" Captain Celaeno heads over to the kitchen and comes back after a few seconds with a fresh batch of Pudding Flan for everypony and everycreature especially Beerus.

“Theirs pudding?” Rarity said in delight as the plate of Sweet Desert and a cup of tea was set down right in front of her and everypony else. Rarity felt like she was madly in love when she saw this dessert and took her first bite while Trixie happily toast their bowls of caramel pudding with Starlight as they start eating.

"There's pudding?! Give me! Give me! Give me!! I haven't tasted that confectionery of EPIC PROPORTIONS SINCE FOREVER!!" Beerus exclaims his love for pudding.

"Gladly" Captain Celaeno exclaims with a proud smile as she hands over to Lord Beerus his own share of Caramel Pudding complete with Ice Cream, Whipped Cream, Strawberry Slices as well as different assortment of fruits. As Lord Beerus took a bite of his dessert, He felt the sweet heavenly sensation of how the Sweet Caramel of the Sugar and Eggs from the based of the Pudding Flan blended so well with the Vanilla Ice Cream and the Whipped Cream rivaled only by the Fresh Fruits giving off a contrasting flavor but perfect nevertheless!

“You weren’t always delivery birds, were you?” Rainbow asked. “What about before the Storm King?”

“Yeah, we use to be much more adventurous.” Celaeno answered a bit depressed. She removed a Storm King poster revealing a flag with a skull and crossed bones behind it.

“Oooo, I met that guy at the desert.” Pinkie said since the skull was a bird skull. Rainbow was amazed.

“Woah, you use to be.....Pirates?” Rainbow said.

“Uh we prefer the term swash buckling treasure hunters.” Mullet said.

“So pirates...” Rainbow said as Squabble Squawks loudly in response.

“Well that shouldn’t stop you!.” Starlight said. “You can’t let the hard times and all these things stop you from being who you really are!”

“Starlight is right!.” Rainbow Dash supported. “You guys have a choice to make. You can let some cloven hoof Storm King tell you how to live your lives, or,-” She said tearing the Storm King poster down revealing the pirate flag. “-You can be awesome again.”

“Rainbow Dash, this isn’t the time for a-”Twilight said before Rainbow started singing. “-Her special number.”

Soon, The ship was back to it’s normal self, no longer under control by the Storm King. To celebrate, Rainbow did her signature Sonic Rainboom and did swirls around the ship, which everyone cheered on as Starlight and Trixie even sets off some fireworks which the magician pony pulled out of her hat.

But Twilight was horrified that Rainbow, Trixie and Starlight might have given away their position to Tempest with the Sonic Rainboom and the fireworks. And unknowingly, she was right.

Back on Tempest’s ship, Grubber was about to eat a sponge cake till he noticed the Sonic Rainboom far off in the distance.

“Look at that Rainboom, look at that Rainboom. Woah that’s so cool.” Grubber said in amazement.

Tempest saw it and was also amazed, but at the same time realized something. “Yeah, of them to alert us. Funny though, They don’t seem to be heading to Black Skull Island.” She said turning to Capper.

“Like haha funny or Ha-ha-” Capper said

Soon Tempest steered the ship and chased after them.

Meanwhile back at the Sky Pirate's airship Rainbow Dash and Captain Celaeno were doing more pirate things like practicing sword fighting as their swords clang together. "Yeah! Ha ha!" Captain Celaeno as she was about to pin Rainbow Dash to the floorboards but Rainbow Dash gets up and corners Celaeno to the wall. "Nice Swordplay there! Hahaha!" The two continued their sword practice when they heard Squabble squawking loudly and the ship's bell union started ringing.

“Storm guards, looks like they found you.” Captain Celaeno said in alert.

To be Continued...

Author's Note:

What do you think will happen next in this deviation? Find out in the next chapter!

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