• Published 16th May 2020
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Fun and Friendship or Invasion and Destruction? A My Little Pony Movie x Beerus Crossover! - MarlonCalpe4000

Beerus arrives at the King of All's Palace where Present and Future Lord Zeno gives Beerus an honorable exile for his retirement in Equestria. He gets teleported in the city of Canterlot for the first ever Friendship Festival is going to take place.

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Travelling through the Harsh... Lands...

At the Canterlot River Side

At the bottom of the waterfall, The Mane 6, Spike, Starlight, Trixie, and Beerus had just escaped the Storm King's Army, but Canterlot was conquered by the Storm King’s forces and all of their friends had been captured by them. Applejack got her hat out of the river from when it fell off during their escape when they fell in the river.

“Everypony ok?” Applejack asked.

“ I think my bottoms on backward.” Rarity said.

"I... I've drank too much... w... water..!!" Starlight hits her chest with her left forehoof to spit out water on the river side while Fluttershy helps her out by giving her a comforting back rub. "Thanks for that Fluttershy" Starlight gives her a small smile. "Oh no problem! I do this for Harry as a medical procedure like that one time when he choked on a fishbone!". "Anyway thank you again... I owe you my life Fluttershy...". "Oh no problem at a..." Fluttershy was cut off as a teary eyed Starlight gives her a warm embrace as Fluttershy hugs her back.

"I think i shattered my abacus!!" Trixie exclaims loudly catching the attention of everyone else who gave her a confused look whilst Pinkie Pie had a grin and Beerus who was somehow amused and popping a few blueberries into his mouth which he found on the bushes.

"Your what?" Starlight asks. "My abacus." Answers Trixie as she takes out the abacus from her hat and starts sliding the beads back and forth with a smile of relief to her best friend like someone who had just had cigarette break. "Nope. Seems okay..."

"Oh you have an abacus too?" Asks Pinkie Pie who pulls out her abacus from her mane and starts sliding the beads on the mathematical device back and forth. "Why yes! Yes... I do! In fact Trixie... WOAH...!!! SWEET CELESTIA!!!!" Trixie was cut off as she looks at Pinkie's abacus as her eyes were literally the size of dinner plates and her jaw drops to the ground. "Pinkie Pie your abacus is made from oak wood! Trixie recognizes it!! Its one of the rarest pieces of antiques ever!!" "Why yes!" PInkie Pie smiles as Trixie recognizes one of the pieces to the antique collection. "I have the rare abacus which is made of Oak Wood while yours is made of Red Wood which is like the hardest type of wood in all of Equestria!"

"Do you have any more fun stuff down there?" Trixie gives Pinkie a sly smile as she starts ruffling through the pink pony's mane much to the surprised of Pinkie Pie. "Well... actually, there was a railroad convention in town last week, and I bought myself this nifty conductor's cap". Pinkie takes out the hat from her poofy pink mane and puts it on much to the surprise and amazement of everypony else but Twilight who were laughing, distracted by Pinkie and Trixie's antics.

"What else did you buy at this convention? Your very own locomotive?" Trixie put both her forehooves on her mouth trying to suppressed her laughter. "Pfffttt... bwu hahahahaha..!!! Ha!! Ha!! Ha!!! BWU HAHAHAHHAHA!!!" Trixie falls down to the ground laughing loudly as She flails around, hitting the ground with her forehooves as everypony else had their own share of laughs and giggles.

Pinkie Pie pulls up a toy train from her pink poofy mane with a wide smile on her face much to the astonishment of the other ponies and creatures in their search party.

"Ha! Ha! Ha! What the...?!!" Pinkie, now shrunk down to the train's size, climbs into the train, toots the horn and drives the train on a track going past Trixie, Starlight, Spike and the other ponies. It then goes into what appears to be a tunnel.

"Now then as i was saying..." Twilight was shocked that none of her friends were listening to her babble on and on about the current situation in Canterlot about the attack of the Storm King. "Girls...? Girls!!!.. PINKIE!!! TRIXIE!!! FOCUS!!!!"

Trixie who also shrunk down was about to hop a ride on Pinkie's Toy Train but then she met Twilight giving her a scolding look. "Hehe... Hehehehe..." Trixie gives Twilight a nervous smile as the purple alicorn princess turns back to explain their current situation. "Don't worry Trixie, We can always play later after all of this is over". "Really..?" Trixie asks as she gives the Pink Pony a hopeful look. "Of course Silly Billy! Its always more fun to share with a friend!" Pinkie assures her friend giving Trixie a warm hug as the magician pony hugs back with tears in her eyes in a heartfelt moment. "Thank you Pinkie Pie.. Trixie is grateful for the life she's given because of ponies like you"

"You know we're all here for you Trixie" Trixie turns around as she felt a third pony hug which was her best friend Starlight Glimmer and Beerus the God of Destruction who somehow started warming up to her and wearing Trixie's hat with a knowing smile.

"Now where were we again..?" Twilight asks as Pinkie Pie taps her chin a few times as a smaller Pinkie Pie was seen inside her head ringing a large bell. "Ohh... Okay... Now i remember..."

"We just got our cupcakes handed to us by the worst party crasher ever!!" Pinkie said in distress.

“We got to go back their and fight!” Rainbow Dash said.

"Well, you saw the size of those goons!!" Spike protested. "You seriously wanna go back?!"

"Beerus has been humiliated..." Beerus grumbled under his breathe as he throws a stone into the river at high speeds creating a huge splash but not drenching the ponies judging by the distance of the shot. "Beerus...? Did you say something buddy..?" Spike gets concerned for his best friend as he taps his shoulder but there was no sign that the God of Destruction Beerus was calming down anytime soon.

"I said that Beerus... HAS BEEN HUMILIATED...!!! FOR....!!!! THE... LAST...!!!! TIME...!!!" 'WON'T YOU DIE NOW..!!! WONT...!!! YOU...!!! DIE...!!! NOW...!!!!" Huff... Huff... Puff... Puff.... Beerus punches a tree, knocking it down and creating ground fissures as he slams the tree over and over again before throwing the rooted wood far off until it was a mere shooting star in the sky much to the shock of the scared ponies around him as Fluttershy was seen sobbing on the ground being comforted by Rarity.

Rarity gets brave and tries to calm down Beerus as to try and face him. "Beerus Darling please calm down, Your scaring our Dear Fluttershy here". Fluttershy was literally sitting down on her hooves and hiding behind her mane, She had never been this scared before, except for the time she faced Nightmare Moon or that time confronted a snoring dragon.

"Beerus... Please... Let's not get things too violent here..." Twilight tries to defuse the situation as she puts a foreleg on Beerus torso but it seems like this isn't cooling down anytime soon. "I will give that coward Storm King as well as his pathetic troops a war Twilight... I will give them A WAR THEY DO NOT WANT...!!" "B..But.. Lord Beerus..."

Beerus slaps away Twilight's forehoof on him as he turns to face her with a look of pure anger and hatred in his eyes that speaks murder. "WHAT...?!! DO YOU WANT TO BE HER NEXT VICTIM..?!!" "No... B..But i... i.." Twilight stutters "YOU WANNA DIE HUH..???!!! YOU WANNA DIE...??!!!" Beerus punches the ground using his right fist with all of his force that it creates a large crater in the land, the shock waves knocking the ponies down on their hooves as the after shock was felt even as far back as the Canterlot Castle. "WELL...??!! WHAT DO YOU WANT HUH..??!!!" Twilight looks into the eyes of the true personality of Lord Beerus bearing the eyes of pure anger and hatred, like a murderer with insane bloodlust for his enemy.

Lord Beerus runs off to a nearby massive boulder as he tries to carry it on his shoulders as his entire body gets surrounded by the energy of destruction and throws it with all of his strength at the direction of Canterlot City just up above the ranges of the waterfalls. "ggyyaa..GYAAAAHHHH..!!!! "TEMPEST..!!!! TRY BLOCKING THIS ONE..!!!!" Twilight, Pinkie Pie, AppleJack, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Fluttershy, Trixie and Starlight just stood in their places as their eyes grew wide, not being able to comprehend what they just witnessed from a power of a God.

Twilight turns away from him for a second as the other ponies huddling together just stood there trembling on their pony legs, too shocked and scared to intervene on the current situation.

"Look... Im sorry okay...?" Lord Beerus looks away from Twilight as he sits on a lone rock by the river. "I don't know how it works with you ponies around here but im on a lot of pressure right now..!!" "Im stucked here in this lone dimension of Equines, sent for an Honorable exile by the supposed to be Ruler of Everything thinking that this is the perfect world for me to settle down with no problems to bother me with but then some pest always has to ruin it!!". "Don't you all understand my situation?!!, I cannot destroy this universe completely for the sake of survival and asking the question, Where would i go? What would i do?! Where will i stay if i am stuck here and there is nothing left at all?! Don't you see my predicament?! DON'T YOU UNDERSTAND HUH?!! WHAT I'M REALLY GOING THROUGH?!!! "I'M STANDING HERE STUCKED WITH NEW PROBLEMS LIKE A LEGLESS CRIPPLE ANO NO ONE GIVES A FLYING FEATHER ABOUT IT!!! DO YOU SEE YOURSELF THROUGH ME NOW HUH?!!!"

"Lord Beerus... Im so sorry... I didn't know that this was all really hard for you to take in... Im sorry that we could not give you the best stay for your honorable retirement... I can't imagine living for millions of years and tasked with keeping the balance of the universe by destroying entire worlds... I..." Twilight was about to go on a monologue about the entirety of the situation to Lord Beerus but the purple feline cut her off. "Please shut up Princess... I don't need your pity right now".

"Then at least please let me do this". Twilight without another word starts trotting over to Lord Beerus to give him a comforting hug as she starts tearing up trying to comprehend what he must have been through all his life. "Im sorry that this happened to you Lord Beerus.. Being away from someone you love and care about.. and... being forced to do what the superior beings order you to do... instead of being your true self... By your heart...After all of these years...". "Sparkle..?" "Yes Lord Beerus...? What is it...?". Beerus wraps his arms around Twilight's Barrel with his head hung low as shadows cover his eyes. "Just call me Beerus... Okay...?" "Yes Beerus..." Twilight gives the purple feline one more smile even though tears could be seen flowing from her eyes as she hugs the purple anthropomorphic feline once more.

Soon after Lord Beerus felt more envelope him in a group hug starting with his Best Friend Spike as well as Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Rarity, Starlight Glimmer, Trixie and even Pinkie Pie who suddenly turned all Pinkamena with her Poofy Mane flattened and straightened out. Lord Beerus felt alot better with this change of world view about the supposed power of Friendship he felt he had experienced for the first time and it felt really good...Deep inside his beating heart.

The ponies, the dragon and the purple feline shared a heartfelt moment for what seemed like 5 minutes... before the talks had begun to plan and strategize on what do to.

"So now what?" Applejack asked. "We can't hide here forever. And let's be honest, we can't go back. Look at what they did to the Princesses. We gotta keep them from Twilight."

“Well as Trixie would say it, we’re doomed.” Starlight spoke up.

"Hey don't sell yourself short, You and i both know that you two are more than capable of defending yourselves". Beerus walks over to Starlight and Trixie caressing their manes like a playful cat would in a normal manner. "Besides you two ponies are the one who saved my tail back there at Canterlot". Beerus to give Starlight and Trixie back relaxing massages with his hands which Twilight did not appreciate apart from the pep talk that the purple feline did to the two mares.

"Jeaaloouuss..??" Pinkie Pie asked as she keeps nudging Twilight in the shoulder who was blushing madly trying to look away from the funny scene in front of her. "I bet she's jealous because Trixie and Starlight are the ones who get to grab their hooves this time on those Godlike bodybuild and biceps.

"No i'm not! Hahahaha!!" Twilight pouts as she gives them a fake laugh while trying to look at the scenery in front of her as Starlight was sitting Beerus left lap trying to feed him Strawberry Jelly Rolls while Trixie was sitting on Beerus right lap and feeding him her favorite Peanut Butter Crackers. While Twilight might deny about her new crush on this God like figure Lord Beerus, Her friends can see through it all especially Applejack.

Meanwhile while the others were talking, Twilight was thinking of what to do when she remembered what Princess Celestia told Princess Luna.


“The Queen.” Twilight said remembering.

“Yeah the Queen!!.” Pinkie said bouncing but soon realized she had no idea what that meant. “Uhhhh what Queen?” she asked.

“Celestia told Luna to find the Queen of the....hippos.” Twilight explained. “Luna can’t, so I have to.”

"Uh, hippos? Seriously?" Rainbow asked.

“I heard they’re surprisingly graceful for their size.”Pinkie said. “But their always hungry.”

“Hungry?” Spike said.

“Hippos?” Applejack said.

Rarity and Fluttershy just looked at each other confused while Starlight scratched her head. "Isn't that the new package that was released at the Ponyville Toy Store last week?" Starlight asks as Pinkie caught on to what she was saying and trotting over to Trixie. "Well if you must know i just happen to have...." Trixie was about the pull out another toy from under her hat when Twilight suddenly cut her off as she puts a hoof into the blue unicorn's mouth. "At! Tat! Tat! Tat! TAT!! TAT!! No more distractions okay Girls? Trixie can this wait until after we save Equestria?". Trixie muffled an okay as she nods her head "Mhmmm!" as Twilight sighs in relief.

“Their somewhere south, pass the Badlands.”Twilight said.

"That means we'll have to... leave Equestria. Oh!.” Fluttershy said nervously.

"Oh you don't have to worry about that, We'll be here to protect you Fluttershy, We're your friends and we would never leave you behind" Starlight said as she caress Fluttershy's Mane gently. "Okay, Thank you so much Starlight". Fluttershy smiles confident that she is safe with Starlight and her friends by her side doing this.

"And besides we have the Former All Powerful God of Destruction Beerus the Destroyer of the 7th Universe of the Outer Dimension!". "Wow thats such a long title! I can't believe i've memorized that out loud!" Starlight said as she puts her right forehoof on her chin.

"Yeah and if anypony messes with us, He can just beat his flank or make him Kaboom!" Rainbow Dash says as she starts doing punches and kicks in the air. "Hiya! Hiyaa!! HIYAAA!!"

"Oh don't worry Fluttershy, if there is any creature here that messes with you, Well lets just say it won't end nicely for them" Beerus steps forward as he picks up a large stone, Beerus taps the stone igniting his God of Destruction energy, quickly dematerializing the stone into sand as Beerus has a brief flashback with his mentor Whis.


All of the ponies set their eyes on the amazing technique especially Spike who was clapping loudly. All except Twilight who didn't quite like Beerus methods of fighting which are unorthodox for her.

"You know, Beerus might be the most destructive creature that i have ever since but at least he's easier to handle than Discord! Well i mean.. Discord is the lord of chaos and he can bend reality and all that but i bet this guy can give his flank a good kicking and he wouldn't even know what hit him!". Rainbow Dash

"Well if that guy tries anything funny, We know who to call!" Trixie says with a smirk.

" Discord? Hmmm... I wonder what Discord is up to now" Fluttershy smiles wondering where he is and what he's up to.

Meanwhile at Discord's current whereabouts..

In a flash Discord teleports himself to The Crystal Empire to foalsit a certain young filly while her mother was away for the Friendship Festival in Canterlot. Discord snapped his claw once more, this time inside the palace, but once again not in his desired location. Instead he comes in contact with aquamarine blue eyes. The filly look like she wanted to scream at that moment, but Discord quickly silences her. “Calm down, it's just me Flurry Heart.

Flurry silently nodded and the draconequus unzipped her mouth.

“What are you doing here Discord?” Flurry Heart asks out of curiosity.

“Oh, I'm just here to foalsit you on the request of your father Shining Armor who is in the office right now while your mother is away.” Discord said.

“Oh, um okay while you are here would you like to play? I was currently having a tea party with my snail Wammy, but I wasn't aware of another guest coming.” Flurry gave Discord a toothy grin.

Discord tried not to gag at how girly it seemed, but then again he didn't really want to break the young filly’s heart. “Hmm fine, a quick mini tea party game then i have to prepare your food in the kitchen according to this schedule given to me by your father.

Discord snaps into a slick tuxedo, but Flurry insisted that he wears a light yellow tutu with a silver princess tiara. “I really hope nopony sees me like this.” Discord chuckles, pouring himself some tea.

Now back to the reality of the situation with our heroes!

“I’m not even packed.” Rarity said in a panic.

"Oh don't worry about it! Trixie has you covered! "But what about..." Rarity was about to question further when Trixie shoves a peanut butter cracker in her mouth which got her munching in delight. "Mmmhmm.. Mmhhmmm... My goodness! That tastes heavenly Darling!". "Trixie told you she has great tastes!" Trixie smiles offering Rarity one of her signature Handkerchiefs with Trixie's face on it labeled T.G.A.P.T.

"And i got this for you Rarity!" Spike walks over to Rarity giving her a water canteen full of cool fresh water. "Why thank you Spikey Wikey!" Rarity smiles as she gives Spike a peck on the cheek which makes him blush all over. "Hehehe! No problem Rarity!"

“I understand your scared,-” Twilight said. “-and no one else has to go, but I have to find this queen. She might be our only hope.” She then started to walk off.

“Twilight, If we have to journey beyond our home to save it, then I’m with you.” Starlight said with courage in her voice trotting over to Twilight and standing by her side.

“If my Best Friend Starlight's going, I’m going to.” Trixie said confidently trotting over to Starlight.

"Well, you're not getting all the glory. We're in this together". Rainbow said.

"We got your back". Applejack said.

"Indeedy!" Pinkie said.

"I am ready to save Equestria!" Rarity joined in.

“Yay.” Fluttershy spoke softly.

“We’re all behind you Twilight.” Spike said.

Everyone then looked at Beerus."What are you all looking at me for? Of course im going you little horses!!" Beerus says a little bit annoyed since he's way out of his comfort zone now."ITS PONIES..!!!" Everypony but Spike corrected him. "Whatever..." Beerus shrugged and levitates using his Ki Flight Technique hovering in front of the other ponies just beside Twilight.

“Let’s go find this hippo.” Pinkie said bouncing off.”

Uhhhhhh, south? Spike ask.

Pinkie went on the right direction and everyone went off to start their long journey ahead of them.

"Hehe! Whee!" Pinkie Pie giggles as she bounces on the dirt road. "Whee! Boingy-boingy-boingy-boingy-boingy! Anypony up for a game of "I Spy"?

"Uugghhhhh.... PINKIE..!!!" Almost everypony groaned as only Starlight and Trixie agreed to it.

“I spy with my little eye something orange.” she said.

“Is it a Cheddar Cheese Hay Burger? Starlight asked.

“Nope.” Pinkie responded.

“A Tangerine?” Trixie asked.

“Nope.” Pinkie said.

“Nachos?” Starlight asked again.

“Nope.” Pinkie said.

“Give up?” Pinkie asked.

Starlight and Trixie nodded.

“It’s you Applejack!!.” Pinkie giggled.

The three then laughed about it.

To be continued...

Author's Note:

What do you think will happen next in this deviation? Find out in the next chapter!

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