• Published 16th May 2020
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Fun and Friendship or Invasion and Destruction? A My Little Pony Movie x Beerus Crossover! - MarlonCalpe4000

Beerus arrives at the King of All's Palace where Present and Future Lord Zeno gives Beerus an honorable exile for his retirement in Equestria. He gets teleported in the city of Canterlot for the first ever Friendship Festival is going to take place.

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Is it a Friend or a Foe? A Feline with a figure of a God and a Power to Destroy!

City of Canterlot

In the city of Canterlot ponies from all over Equestria have gathered for the first ever Friendship Festival and Spike runs through town with an armful of scrolls just as he runs over to Lord Beerus and falls down dropping his bundle of scrolls. "A..A...Ahhh!! Im so sorry sir! I didn't see where i was going and...I" Beerus cuts him off putting a claw to his lips. "Oh thats quite alright!, Here let me help you" Beerus picks up the scrolls of paper that Spike dropped" Usually he would not be for doing favors and other menial talks for lesser beings than himself but since he is a retired Destroyer deciding to settle down, Guess he would give it a try this time.

"Oh where are my manners? Let me introduce myself, I am Lord Beerus. Charmed to meet you" Beerus gives the baby purple dragon a small bow in courtesy. Spike was flabbergasted that this unusually tall purple feline was actually bowing down to him! "L...L...Lord Beerus?" Spike widens his eyes in amazement before he recompose himself after a few seconds. "My name is Spike! Its an honor to meet you Lord Beerus" Spike says shaking the feline's claws and giving him a bow in return which greatly amuses Beerus reminding him of his reign of terror and chaos in Universe 7 where everyone respects him as they should in fear and intimidation.

"So can you tell me where i am Spike?" Beerus asks trying to acquire information from this small dragon, Normally he would not remember names and just try to call someone he is speaking to a strange nickname or anything that comes first into his mind but he tries to make exceptions for a certain few that knows how to respect him and know their place in line, Just the same as anybody else who made a good first impression in his book. Beerus thought. "Well your in Equestria, Canterlot to be exact." Spike says as he held out his claws showing Beerus alot the majestic buildings that surround the city as well as the various ponies that are setting up their stalls like the waffle cart, the hay dog vendor and the hay burger stand as well as the ice cream joint etc.

As Spike and Beerus walked by the streets of Canterlot, Lord Beerus notices that alot of ponies are giving him odd looks which gives him a slight irritation. "Spike, Pardon me for asking but why does the majority of your pony population here looking at me in strange ways?" "Oh don't worry about it Lord Beerus! They don't bite hehehe". "I hope not..." Beerus eyes Spike with suspicion fueling his anger with his God Aura but stopped at the last second, remembering to just take it all in. Thankfully not being noticed by Spike as he continuous to ramble on and on along the way.

"I think that its just that your new here and ponies here haven't seen your kind before but don't fret" Spike reassures with a smile. "Ponies here are usually welcoming of new citizens especially if they are a visiting Lord from beyond the borders of Equestria". Spike taps Beerus on the torso. "Oh don't worry about it Lord Beerus, All you have to do is show them that your cool and everypony will see what a cool guy you really are!" Beerus stops for a minute on his tracks as he scratches his chin in thought "Cool.... Cool... Cool..?" "Here Lord Beerus! Let your pal and most number one assistant Spike help you out" Spike says as he pushes Lord Beerus in the middle of the street, not having a clue on what this baby dragon is up to.

Spike runs off to a nearby vegetable vendor and asks to borrow a megaphone for a moment and back to where Lord Beerus was standing. "HEY EVERYPONY! THIS RIGHT HERE IS LORD BEERUS! HE IS A VISITING NOBLE OUTSIDE EQUESTRIA AND NOW HE IS GOING TO AMAZE US WITH HIS SKILLS!!!" Everypony stopped what they were doing for a moment to watch this unusually tall purple feline who unbeknownst to them is the terrifying Former God of Destruction who busted planets outside their dimension. Beerus smirks as he starts break dancing in the middle of the street along to the music courtesy of Vinyl Scratch also known as DJ Pon3 whom Spike settled a deal earlier through some extra bits.

Everypony was cheering, clapping and stomping their hooves in excitement as they watch Lord Beerus dance, jump, twist, turn and do some free fall acrobatics in mid air while this former God of Destruction was using a bit of his ki to tumble up and land unto the ground upside down using only one hand to balance on the concrete.

"Thank you! Thank you!" Beerus exclaims. "Now this is a welcome". Beerus thought. Everypony bows down to him, not forgetting to acknowledge his title of Lord Beerus from the way Spike had introduced him earlier. This reminded him of the dancing showdown that he did when he was attending Bulma's Birthday Party at Capsule Corp back on earth. Beerus felt a warm feeling within himself that these ponies from another world are treating him with respect and fear like they should be but providing a good audience that appreciates and cares for his certain efforts in return.

"Did you see the that tall purple feline dance?" A light yellow pegasus asks her friend. "He was like Uhh... Yeahh! Yeaahh..! He was spinning and twirling in mid air! And you know what happened next? He managed to balance on one arm... Uhh i mean hoof! Hehehe". The excited yellow pegasus exclaims also doing some turns in the air. "He was pretty amazing, A visiting Noble from outside Canterlot!" The light pink pegasus mare with a dark purple mane replies to her friend. "Where do you think he's from?" "I don't know.. Abyssinia maybe? Well he is a cat!" Her yellow pegasus friend answered. The two shared a giggle before flying off.

Beerus and Spike were walking through the streets of Canterlot back to the castle he was supposed to be going to accomplish Twilight's errands while carrying an armful of scrolls but keeps getting distracted along the way as he introduces Beerus to each and everypony that they knew and Beerus gets a taste of some of the finest cuisines and sweets Equestria has to offer.

"I will see you later your Highness, It was nice meetin ya." Applejack takes off her hat and gives a bow to Lord Beerus in respect. "You know that we are going to be meeting later Miss Applejack, Those Apple Pies were the best in the world!! THAT SWEET APPLE ACRE CIDER IS A DRINK THAT PACKS FULL OF FLAVOR RIVALING ALL OTHER DRINKS THROUGHOUT THE COSMOS!!" This makes Applejack blush a bit and chuckles, completely flattered by this Noble Lord's comment. "I'll catch yall later you to!" Applejack says as she waves off to display more Apple Products on her stall. "Well Goodbye Applejack!" Beerus says as he carries another large apple pie and eats it in one bite, spitting the pie tin inside a trashcan perfectly much to the amazement of more ponies.

Meanwhile inside Canterlot Castle

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At the castle, Princess Twilight Sparkle nervously prepares for a meeting with the other princesses when Spike enters the castle Hallways running in a hurry because he was a bit late with all that has happened outside the streets of Canterlot when he met Lord Beerus and also from spending the time stuffing their faces with food all the while Twilight was waiting.

"Oh Spike! There you are! Thank Celestia your back!! Where have you been?! I have been waiting hours for you because you were supposed to help me prepare the presentation and proposal for the Princesses!! And furthermore..." Twilight Sparkle was cut off when she notices the tall purple anthropomorphic cat that was standing beside Spike.

"Ummm... Spike...? Who is... y...y...your u...um... friend...? Here...?" Twilight asks nervously sensing some sort of strange and unknown powerful energy from this purple feline that she could not identify somehow as she smiles awkwardly at this new powerful being. Beerus slowly approaches Twilight Sparkle, reaching out a claw to shake her hooves. "Lord Beerus the God of Destruction, Charmed to meet you".

"I...I...I... Wha...What...I mean...." TWILIGHT!!! Spike quickly rushes over to the fallen alicorn princess who seems to have fainted from hyperventilating a while ago and is now unconscious much to the amusement of Beerus who didn't know what happened as he starts laughing. "Hahahaha!! Now this is quite a Welcome!! Maybe this place doesn't seem too bad after all"

To be continued...

Author's Note:

What do you think will happen next in this deviation? Find out in the next chapter!

Dragon Ball is created by Akira Toriyama.
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is created by our Lovely Lauren Faust.